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Boxing Hall of Fame History & Gift Shop
by Aurel Radulescu

For many years, the world of sports celebrated athletes in various other competitions by
inducting them into halls of fame. Baseball, basketball and football were among the most
popular of these shrines, but boxing was somehow left out of the equation. Professional boxing
champions have always been among the most fan-celebrated athletes in history but, until
1989, there was no permanent structure to celebrate the true legends of the sport.

The thoughts of a boxing hall of fame were first generated from a town’s love for it’s hometown
boys who later went on to become the world’s champions. In 1982, Canastota, NY residents
chose to honor Carmen Basilio, one-time welterweight and middleweight champion, and his
nephew Billy Backus, 1970 welterweight title holder. Residents of the city raised funds for a
showcase that would celebrate their love and the achievements of these two local boxing

It was this single project that sparked the enthusiasm needed to explore the possibility of
creating boxing’s inaugural hall of fame and museum. In 1989, the project was completed with
two dozen former boxing champions on hand. The International Boxing Hall of Fame held it’s
ribbon cutting ceremony on what is a major tourist attraction to this day. One year after it’s
creation, the first class of boxing legends were inducted. Among them, legendary boxing great,
Muhammad Ali. Since that time, the International Boxing Hall of Fame has added an additional
wing to the museum and an event pavilion, which sits adjacent to the hall. Each year, in early
June, the International Boxing Hall of Fame holds it’s annual induction ceremony to highlight
the four-day celebration of the sport of boxing and it’s legendary athletes.

One of the most impressive aspects of the International Boxing Hall of Fame is it’s memorabilia
shop, which offers a rare opportunity for autograph collectors to own some amazing items. A
certificate of authenticity is issued with each purchase. Everything from autographed boxing
gloves to a post, robe or speed bag is available for purchase. One of the most popular items
available for sale is The Championship Glove, which sells for $195.00. A collage of
autographs, which are featured on one single red Everlast glove, includes Arguello, Basilio,
Buchanan, Carbajal, Chacon, Chuvalo, Corrales, Griffith, Hagler, Danny Lopez, McGuigan,
Minter, Mosley, Norris, Norton, Olivares, Pryor, Leon Spinks, Starling, Stracey, Torres and
Ward. If this is out of a collector’s price range, single autographs can be purchased on an
Everlast glove for $85.00 each. The Everlast boxing robe, which sells for $275.00, features 23
autographs and is available through the International Boxing Hall of Fame’s website.

Whether you are looking for the perfect vacation getaway for the boxing fanatic or you are a
collector looking to add some impressive autographs to your collection, the International
Boxing Hall of Fame is definitely worth your time.

For additional information or to place an order, collectors may write to: Boxing Hall of Fame, 1
Hall of Fame Drive, Canastota, NY 13032. Or, they may call 315-697-7095 or fax
315-697-5356. The International Boxing Hall of Fame can be accessed online at

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