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       Family of missing Lithonia woman keeps hope alive
      by Andrew Cauthen                                                                                                                McLeod called a niece who                                                                                                       then called and sent a text

                                                                                                                                   message to Shawndell. When the
             adicea McLeod knew                                                                                                    niece received no answer, she
             something was wrong when                                                                                              went to Shawndell’s house and
             her 35-year-old daughter                                                                                              found the home locked up, with
      did not call her on Sept. 25.                                                                                                the car missing and a newspaper
         “Normally she would call in,”                                                                                             in the driveway.
      McLeod said. “She would check                                                                                                    “When my niece called
      in with me every day, [sometimes]                                                                                            Shawndell’s employer, the family
      two or three times a day.”                                                                                                   was told she was ‘no call, no
         DeKalb County Police                                                                                                      show.’”
      are looking for Shawndell                                                                                                        “And that’s not Shawndell,” her
      McLeod, who was last seen at                                                                                                 mother said.
      approximately 12:15 a.m. on                                                                                                      When the family reported
      Sunday, Sept. 25, by a male friend                                                                                           Shawndell missing hours after
      at her home on Golod Way in                                                                                                  they discovered her disappearance,
      Lithonia.                                                                                                                    McLeod said, she was told by an
         McLeod was scheduled to be at                                                                                             investigator that it was too soon to
      work at 3 a.m., but never arrived.                                                                                           file a missing persons report.
      Police have found her 2011                                                                                                       “If she didn’t want to be

                                                   WHYIS SHE
      Nissan in the metro Atlanta area,                                                                                            bothered, she would tell me,

                                                   WHYIS SHE
      but would not say exactly where.                                                                                             ‘Well, Mommy, I don’t want to be
      Her family believes that she is in                                                                                           bothered but I’m OK,’” McLeod
      danger.                                                                                                                      said. “Most time, if she’s got a
         “Where they found the car,                                                                                                problem, she would come to my

                                                      HAPPY ?
      she would never go to that area,”                                                                                            house and stay.”

HYIS SHE                                             SO
                                                       HAPPY ?
      said McLeod, who last saw her                                                                                                    Approximately six years
      daughter on Sept. 23.                                                                                                        ago, Shawndell moved out of
         “She comes very often,”                                                                                                   her mother’s Stone Mountain
      McLeod said. “She visits me very       Shawndell McLeod, left, 35, of Lithonia, has been missing since Sept. 25, after be-   home and began working as the
      often.”                                                                                                                      head cook at Life Care Center

                                             ing a “no call, no show” at a Gwinnett job. She also missed a planned meal at the
         But, on Sept. 25, Shawndell did     Stone Mountain home of her mother, Badicea McLeod. Photo by Andrew Cauthen            of Gwinnett, a nursing home in
      not check in with her mother. She                                                                                            Lawrenceville. Recently, she
      was supposed to have lunch at her      didn’t call me?’ So I called her.          nap. When McLeod awoke, her                started an extra job working part-

                                                                                                                                   WHYIS SHE
      mother’s house that day.               And when I called her, it went             daughter still had not arrived.            time at Unihealth Post Acute Care
         At 2 p.m. when there was no         straight to her voice mail.”                  “Then I started to get worried. I       in Brookhaven.
      word from her daughter, McLeod            McLeod assumed her daughter             said, ‘This is not Shawndell. She’s            Born in Guyana, South
      called her.                            had gone to the gym and would              supposed to call me and she didn’t         America, Shawndell came to the
         “I said, ‘How come Shawndell        stop by later, so she took a               call me.’”
                                                                                                                                      HAPPY ?
                                                                                                                                   United States at age 13 with her
                                                                                                                                                See Missing on Page 15A

      International festival hopes to spark economic development
      by Robert Naddra                       2-8 p.m. at the General Motors       possibility off sparking economic     genres. Admission to the event                 plant in Doraville, highlights the   development, Watson sees the          is free, with fees for food and
                                             multi-ethnic population of DeKalb event as a way to promote the            beverages.
         Imagine a festival that             County. Watson said the event        diverse culture within the county         Proceeds from the event will
      celebrates the food, music and         can be a boost to the county’s       and to showcase the on-the-market benefit the Police Athletic League
      culture of countries in Asia,          economic development and             GM site.                              and the DeKalb Police Alliance.
      Africa, the Caribbean and beyond.      tourism.                                “This is a great opportunity           Watson, along with DeKalb
         County commissioner Stan               “We have such a diverse           for people to come in and taste       County CEO Burrell Ellis,
      Watson has such a vision and has       community,” Watson said. “I          different foods, and see the          honorary chairwoman Liane
      garnered support from DeKalb           thought ‘what can we do to           different cultures and diversity      Levitan and Doraville Mayor
      County, the county’s Convention        showcase economic development        represented in the county,” Watson Donna Pittman, among other
      and Visitors Bureau and Chamber        and tourism?’ Maybe the              said.                                 officials, toured the former GM
      of Commerce, and the city of           international market is where we        Visitors to the festival will      site on Oct. 7.
      Doraville.                             need to go.” gets her news updates online from the The Champion. Because she gets her news updates online from the The[the
                                               Because she                        be able to sample food from               “Any positive attention Champion.
         The inaugural DeKalb                                                      online the the The Champion.
                                                 Because she gets her news updatesaround fromworld, and hear poetry site] gets can’t hurt,” Pittman said.
                                                Ethnic groups from 32
      International Food and Music           countries are represented in         readings and live entertainment       “You never Follow us.
                                                                                                                   And you can too! know who’s going to
      Festival, scheduled for Nov. 12,        And you can too! Follow us.
                                               And you can too! Follow us.
                                             DeKalb County. In addition to the from many different musical              see it. This is all about working
                                                                                                                                           See Festival on Page 15A
 ews updates online from the The Champion.                                                                                
 too! Follow us.                                                                             www.
Page 2A                                                                                                                             The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011

School system lawyers remain on Heery Mitchell case
by Daniel Beauregard                         tionable work. Heery then                   tract seemed unfair and said,    he had a new respect for the    ed efforts to avoid disclosing                       sued the DeKalb County                      “It’s not a fair contract, but   complexity of the case.         documents directly related
                                             School System for $400,000                  they negotiated it.” Lawyers         “I think that there were,   to the civil case, as well as
    DeKalb County Supe-                      it said the system still owed               for the construction firm        and are, legitimate reasons     information regarding the
rior Court Judge Clarence                    them. The school system                     also claimed K&S had prior       for us to have brought this     pending criminal trials of
Seeliger denied a motion                     then countersued for $100                   knowledge of a pending           case but I don’t think that     Pope and Lewis.
made by attorneys for con-                   million, alleging fraud and                 criminal case involving for-     anybody on either side              “The issues involving
struction firm                                           claiming that the               mer Superintendent Craw-         thought that it would reach     discovery, I also agree with.
Heery/Mitchell                                           company misman-                 ford Lewis and Pope, which       this many years,” Bowen         There has been a lot of
to disqualify                                            aged projects.                  would impact the civil case.     said.                           stonewalling in this case,”
DeKalb County                                               A spokesperson                   Grantham argued that             Seeliger said mediation     Seeliger said.
School System’s                                          for Heery denies                because K&S attorneys had        was an option but both par-         David Rubinger, a
(DCSS) legal                                             the claims and                  prior knowledge, they were       ties had to show interest in    spokesman for Heery Inter-
counsel, King                                            contends that the               witnesses in both the crimi-     coming to an agreement. The     national, said that “the judge
and Spalding, on                                         real reason the                 nal and civil trial and their    judge has ordered mediation     made his feelings known to-
Oct. 12.                                                 company was fired               role of advocate as well as      before but no agreement was     day and besides that we have
    “I believe that                                      was because then                witness would violate the        reached. Seeliger said this     no other comment.”
it is necessary for                                      Chief Operations                Georgia Rules of Profes-         was a case that “would most
King and Spald-                                          Officer Pat Pope                sional Conduct.                  likely have to go to trial.”
ing to continue      Seeliger                            wanted to award                     School Board Chairman            Heery attorneys also
because the cost                                         the contracts to                Tom Bowen said he was            claimed that during a six-
of replacing                                             people she had                  relieved the school system       month discovery period,
them would be prohibitive,”                  connections with.                           didn’t have to start over and    K&S lawyers and school
Seeliger said.                                   To date, the school sys-                find new lawyers but that        system officials made repeat-
    Heery/Mitchell Attorney                  tem has spent close to $18.7
Mark Grantham argued                         million in its lawsuit against
that King and Spalding                       Heery/Mitchell, with an ad-
(K&S) has a direct interest in               ditional $19 million accrued
the outcome of the case due                  in unpaid legal fees.
to what Grantham described                       “The contract of represen-
as an unusual contingency                    tation is unconscionable in
fee.                                         that it provides the lawyers
    The construction firm                    with the right to an excessive
managed the school system’s                  fee well above 50 percent
SPLOST account from 2002-                    depending on certain sce-
06. In 2006 the school sys-                  narios,” Grantham said.
tem terminated the company                       Seeliger agreed with
citing overbilling and ques-                 Heery attorneys that the con-

    Special Election for Sunday Sales Alcohol Referendum

   Notice is hereby given that the City of Chamblee will hold a Special Election on
 Tuesday, November 8, 2011, for the purpose of submitting the question of
 Sunday package sales by retailers of malt beverages, wine and distilled spirits to
 the electors of the City of Chamblee for approval or rejection. The question on
 the ballot will read as follows:

 ( ) Yes Shall the governing authority of Chamblee be authorized to permit and
 ( ) No regulate package sales by retailers of malt beverages, wine, and
         distilled spirits on Sundays between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and
         11:30 p.m.?

   The last day to register and be eligible to vote in these elections will be October
 11, 2011. The polls will be open on November 8, 2011 from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00
     Absentee Voting and Advance Voting will be at the DeKalb County Board of
 Registrations and Elections facility at 4380 Memorial Drive, Decatur, GA Monday,
 October 17th through Friday, November 4 , 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Absentee ballot applications and voter registration forms may be obtained by
 contacting the DeKalb elections office at 404-298-4020 or
   Nancy Williams – Chamblee City Clerk/ Municipal Elections Superintendent
Page 3A                                                              Local News                             The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011

Forum gives
face to domestic
by Andrew Cauthen                Solicitor-General Sherry           Boston as part of Domestic
                                 Violence Awareness Month.
   For years, Angeletha             Domestic violence
Mintah was abused by her         “involves men, women,
ex-husband.                      children and the elderly in
   “It was difficult for me to   every possible demographic
talk about because I didn’t      and in every possible situa-
have any bruises …or any         tion,” Boston said. “It is not
black eyes,” Mintah said.        enough for us to gather and
Her friends could not see        talk about the magnitude of
her “black and blue heart.”      the problem. We must also
   “Nor could they see how       talk about how we can work
this tragedy was torturing       together to solve the prob-
my family,” Mintah said.         lem.
   The torture came from            “It takes the entire com-

       “I would take the children to                                                             Angeletha Mintah, a member of the county’s domestic violence task
                                                                                                 force, shares her personal experiences of abuse in the home. Photo
       the bedroom and we would                                                                  by Andrew Cauthen

                                                                                                 several times in the face,”       and stalking.
       pray for him. He would be                                                                 Mercer said.
                                                                                                     In another case, two vic-
                                                                                                                                      “Most people wouldn’t
                                                                                                                                   question whether or not
       yelling, ‘Shut up... Pray for                                                             tims who were in a car said
                                                                                                 the suspect pulled out a gun
                                                                                                                                   they would call the police if
                                                                                                                                   they got robbed or they wit-
                                                                                                 and shot the rear passenger       nessed a robbery,” Mercer
       yourself.’”                                                                               window and tire.
                                                                                                     “All of this happened
                                                                                                                                   said. “Domestic violence
                                                                                                                                   should be the same way.”
                                                                                                 while the 2-year-old was             Boston said the goal of
                                                        - Angeletha Mintah                       sitting in the middle of the      her office is to prevent do-
                                                                                                 front seat,” Mercer read          mestic violence homicides.
                                                                                                 from the report.                     “And we’re not always
                                                                                                     A victim in another inci-     successful in doing that,”
                                                                                                 dent reported that the sus-       Boston said. “We’ve had,
her “ex-husband’s daily          munity to tackle domestic        times the bruises are in-      pect “threatened to stab her      unfortunately, several cases
tantrums, ranting and raving     violence,” Boston said.          side.”                         mother, said that her mother      this year where we’ve seen
throughout the house, [and]      “From the police officers on         DeKalb County Police       was going to die, threatened      victims in our office that
daily cursing out in front of    the street, the advocates at     Sgt. Marne Mercer, who         to cut off her godchild’s         were under a temporary pro-
the children,” she said.         the shelters, to the neighbor    works in the special victims   limb and threatened to dam-       tective order. Unfortunately,
    “I would take the chil-      who’s reluctant to get in-       units, said the department     age her vehicle,” Mercer          the system was not able to
dren to the bedroom and          volved or the minister who       receives more than 8,000       said.                             protect them. Their batterers
we would pray for him,”          cares for the congregation,      reports each year for domes-       “This is the face of do-      went on to kill either them
Mintah said. “He would be        we all have a role, and we       tic violence.                  mestic violence in DeKalb         …or to kill their family in
yelling, ‘Shut up... Pray for    all have a responsibility.”          Mercer read excerpts       County,” Mercer said. “One        an effort to get to them.
yourself.”                           Ayonna Johnson, direc-       from seven police reports      day generated those reports          “That is the one thing
    To their children, Mintah    tor of legal services for the    about incidents of domestic    in DeKalb County.”                that we want to stop,” Bos-
said her ex-husband would        Women’s Resource Center          violence that occurred in a        Mercer said domestic vi-      ton said.
say, “Don’t listen to that       to End Domestic Violence,        24-hour period.                olence is often not reported         Boston said law enforce-
stupid b. Come over here         said it can be difficult to          In one report the fe-      because it is described as “a     ment officials need the help
with me.”                        spot a victim of domestic        male victim stated that        family issue or a domestic        of family and friends of do-
    “And that was a nice         violence.                        “during the argument [the      dispute.”                         mestic violence victims.
day,” said Mintah, who is a          “What do domestic vio-       suspect] got in her face           “If I walk up to you and         “Believe a victim when
certified domestic violence      lence survivors look like?”      and she threatened to call     I put a gun to your head and      they make an outcry,” Bos-
trainer, and has a master’s      Johnson asked. “Look to          the police,’” Mercer read.     I tell you to give me your        ton said. “Don’t turn a blind
degree in biblical counsel-      your right. Look to your         The suspect then stated,       wallet, we have not had a         eye to what you, in fact, are
ing and is a member of the       left. Look behind you. They      “‘You’re going to die before   financial transaction,” Mer-      observing.
DeKalb County task force         look like us.                    the police take me away.       cer said. “That is a robbery.”       “Too many times after a
on domestic violence.                “They are the women          I’m going to choke you and         Mercer said so-called         domestic violence fatality,
    Mintah shared her ex-        that we work with every          kill you.’”                    domestic disputes should be       the people of the victim’s
periences as a victim on         day,” Johnson said. “They            According to another       labeled what they really are:     lives connect the dots,”
Oct. 14 during a forum on        are the women that we talk       report the “suspect said,      simple assault, battery, false    Boston said. “They realize
domestic violence spon-          to every day. They don’t         ‘Look at what you are mak-     imprisonment, aggravated          everything they’ve seen, but
sored by DeKalb County           look the part because often      ing me do.’ Then hit her       assault, terroristic threats      now it’s too late.”
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                     Opinion                                                                    Page 4A

                                                            The Newslady
                                              All about Harry
                                     daughter said he often spoke of         teacher lasts a lifetime. It could     husband Jack; and son Ray, this
                                     me over the years as one of his         also be said that the impact of        was a man who modeled the good
                                     prized students. He also told his       great teachers pays forward for        life and lived it with love and un-
                                     family about the flack he took for      several lifetimes. As I reflected on   compromising decency, honesty,
                                     hiring me and defended his deci-        Harry after Sunday’s call that he      balance and inclusion. An easy
                                     sion by telling his bosses and ev-      had transitioned, I was reminded       laugh with a great sense of humor
                                     eryone else that I was a “natural”      again about the sanctity of our        was thrown in to round out the
                                     and the most qualified.                 obligation to pay “it” forward.        package.
                                         Qualified in Harry’s estimation     Harry’s investment in me gave              I wondered aloud during my
                                     was the ability to write, speak,        me an incredibly rewarding career      remarks how this non-religious
                                     think fast on one’s feet and most       and helped me prepare my own           Armenian was able to survive
    A memorial service was held      importantly get the story as I did      children, grandchildren and others     and thrive in an environment of
last week for my first news direc-   not have a journalism degree. He        whose lives might have been posi-      devout Irish Catholics at Notre
tor, an Armenian of immigrant        shielded me from the ugly racial        tively impacted by some word or        Dame. Perhaps it was because this
stock by the name of Harry Kev-      slurs from inside and outside the       deed along this journey.               un-churched man tucked the com-
orkian, no relation to the famed     station. Harry not only taught me           Harry Kevorkian taught hun-        mandments in his heart and simply
suicide doctor. Harry launched       the basics of how to put together       dreds of students at the Univer-       lived them. He spoke that univer-
my career in broadcast news and      a story and interview techniques,       sity of Notre Dame following           sal language called love.
taught me most of what I know        but the importance of listening. He     his retirement from WNDU-TV,               What a different world this
about the business.                  drilled us with the basic tenets of     the NBC affiliate in South Bend        would be if there were more Har-
    He was not a religious man       journalism and admonished us, the       where my career began. I imagine       rys who tear down the walls of
by any stretch of the imagination,   small staff of all White men and        for many of those students it was      race, religion and gender and truly
but he was an ethical, principled,   me, to get it first but get it right.   just another really popular class      live as if we are one family under
extremely fair person who loved      Fairness, balance, accuracy and         with a really great teacher. Per-      God. Harry Kevorkian changed the
his family and his fellow man. He    ethics were his calling card.           haps it will be many years hence       face of television news in South
took a chance and a lot of heat          I’ve learned much from many         that they too will come to realize     Bend, Ind., and made a profound
some 40 years ago when he made       during the course of my life.           the impact of his tutelage on their    difference in my life and so many
me the first African-American fe-    But I’ve had four really stand-         lives.                                 others. His big heart gave in. They
male news reporter in South Bend,    out teachers. They were my late             I was so honored to be one of      unplugged the set and the screen
Ind.                                 father, Rev. Austin Davis, who          the speakers at Harry’s simple,        faded to black. Harry was 82.
    When his older daughter, Gin-    taught me of God and life; Ms.          but moving, memorial. We raised
ni, called me to say her beloved     Greer, my fourth grade English          a glass of his favorite wine in a          Steen Miles, The Newslady,
father was at death’s door, the      teacher; Harry Kevorkian and the        toast to his memory. For his be-       is a retired journalist and former
news hit like a bolt of lightning.   late Rev. George McCalep, my            loved wife, Joyce, of 58 years;        Georgia state senator. Contact
I was touched the family thought     pastor and spiritual mentor.            daughter Ginni with husband            Steen Miles at Steen@dekalb-
enough to make me aware. His             It is said the impact of a          Bruce; daughter Melissa with 
The Champion Free Press, Friday, October 21, 2011           Opinion                                                                                  Page 5A

                                                       One Man’s Opinion
                                                    Is it 9-9-9 time?
                                      consumption.                          2004, and got to know him as a                logical GOP front-runner, and the
                                           The Social Security payroll      contributor to his radio talk show            GOP establishment appears to be
                                      tax—gone. The capital gains           on WSB-AM 750 and now 95.5                    consolidating behind him, with New
                                      tax—gone. Estate or “death            FM. Weekly on Wednesday eve-                  Jersey Gov. Chris Christie among
                                      taxes”—gone. Critics say this tax     nings, I joined Herman for Cain               his most recent endorsements.
                                      burden shift will be regressive,      & Crane—Food for Your Brain,                      But the same night, Herman
                                      perhaps hitting the lower middle      to discuss hot topics and political           picked up the nod of former Sur-
                                      class the hardest.                    trends of the day. The Herman on              geon General C. Everett Koop
                                           Cain, who was raised from very   the radio, TV or YouTube is what              and a few days earlier, conserva-
                                      humble beginnings, went early on      you get. A clear thinking, fast-              tive commentator and humorist
   “How’s that workin’ out for        to great business success. He put     talking and confident businessman             Dennis Miller committed to host-
ya?”—GOP presidential contender       in time at Coca-Cola, Pillsbury       who believes in finding common                ing a Cain fundraiser.
and entrepreneur Herman Cain          and Burger King before asking         sense solutions and getting results.              There is still a long way to go
                                      for the opportunity to turn around        Though the GOP presidential               between this rocket rise and the
    Our current and ever-changing     Godfather’s Pizza, a struggling       field has solidified, their weekly            White House, and Cain knows
federal income tax code contains      restaurant brand heading toward       rankings remain volatile. While               that. As his fund raising picks up
more than 10 million words. The       bankruptcy. Cain rallied the sev-     Herman began as a self-described              steam, Herman is also putting his
tax plan being touted by Georgia      eral hundred mom and pop franchi-     “dark horse” in the back of the               book tour on the back burner. He
GOP presidential candidate Her-       sees, revamped and simplified the     pack, his stocks and rankings have            senses that just as legions of his
man Cain fits neatly on a single 8    Godfather’s menu and then took        been steadily rising. Herman leads            radio talk listeners loved the fair
½- by 11-inch page.                   the company private. He went on to    the most recent national poll by              tax, his 9-9-9 plan and its simplic-
    In case you have not heard,       become president of the National      NBC and the Wall Street Journal:              ity may be just the ticket to ride,
his plan is called “9-9-9.” As Cain   Restaurant Association.                                                             not only to the heart of the GOP
himself repeatedly states, his plan        During that tenure you can          Herman Cain – 27 percent                   base, but perhaps more important-
is simple to understand, transpar-    see an early glimpse of the Her-         Mitt Romney – 23 percent                   ly to independent and non-partisan
ent, and largely revenue neutral.     man Cain of today, when a young,         Rick Perry – 16 percent                    voters looking for an easier way to
Though it may not raise tax rates,    well-spoken, corporate executive                                                    pay Uncle Sam.
and in several cases reduces them,    challenges the business mind and          Having voted previously in                    Herman is a comfortably
who will pay the bills under 9-9-9    math of then-President Bill Clin-     Georgia presidential preference               wealthy entrepreneur, with books,
does vary greatly.                    ton during a town hall on health      primaries for both parties, I had             a popular talk show and all the
    Simply put, Cain’s plan would     care reform,      long ago decided that on that                 comforts which success can bring,
move our nation to a very simple      com/watch?v=vy542UgSelQ               first Tuesday in March of 2012,               including a loving family and
flat tax rate for individuals and          And Cain knows a thing or two    I would be voting for Herman                  friends at home in Henry County.
corporations. Exemptions, deduc-      about health care, having survived    Cain. The only thing that has re-             Giving up all of that to offer him-
tions and itemization all disap-      two different stage four cancers.     ally changed since then is that I             self in service to our country was
pear—replaced by a 9 percent per-     Herman is a survivor with perhaps     will likely now have a lot more               not a choice without consequence
sonal income tax rate, a 9 percent    the most genuine upbeat attitude      company.                                      or made lightly. But Herman Cain
corporate income tax rate and a 9     of anyone I’ve ever met.                  Former Massachusetts Gov.                 is not in this for himself, or his
percent national sales tax on all          I first met Herman Cain in       Mitt Romney appears the more                  family—he is in this for yours.

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The Champion, Thursday, Oct. 20 - 26, 2011                               Opinion                                                                         Page 6A

Newspaper nostalgia
Serving the public trust instead of just chasing
profits made the journalism business better in
the old days, even without computers.
                                          closed down, staffs cut to the bone,
                                          and home delivery severely cur-
                                          tailed. The invisible wall? Can
                                          something invisible disappear? It
                                              Nowhere was that scenario
                                          played out more starkly than at the
    It’s been a little more than 50       Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles
years since I first walked into the       Times companies, home to a half
Des Moines Register newsroom to           dozen of the nation’s finest papers.      ––
begin a career in journalism.                 A friend of mine, James O’Shea,
    It was a beat-up scruffy place        a top editor at both the Tribune and
filled with beat-up scruffy people,       the Times, had a ringside seat at the          The following comments are pulled straight from our website and are not
almost all men. They worked in a          disaster. He’s written a book giving           edited for content or grammar.
big room lined with gray steel desks      a blow-by-blow account: The Deal
piled high with newspapers, stacks        from Hell: How Moguls and Wall
of books, notebooks and ashtrays          Street Plundered Great American
                                          Newspapers. It’s not a pretty story.
overflowing with cigarette stubs.
They wrote on manual, black type-             The Chicago Tribune papers and             Proposed I-20 rail project fails to get
                                          the Los Angeles Times group merged
writers. The phones, also black, had
rotary dials.                             in 2000, a move that made L.A.’s               additional funding
    This scene right out of The Front     powerful Chandler clan significantly
                                          richer and journalism considerably             Hey No1Safe N DeKalb, I use the East Lake station all the
Page was a case of love at first sight.                                                  time, day and night. Never had a problem, never feld unsafe.
“This is my kind of place,” I told        poorer in California’s largest city.
myself. And, as it turned out, I was          Increasingly, the bulwark be-
                                          tween the business and news depart-                           – Name One posted this on 10/13/11 at 1:34 p.m
    But the most important thing          ments was ignored. The business
about that room was something you         types couldn’t understand the need
                                          for it. News should be put at the ser-         Unfortunately an inability to get funding is a huge problem
couldn’t see: an invisible wall that                                                     right now due to the crashed economy.
protected its inhabitants from inter-     vice of profits and the quicker the
ference from the business depart-         better, they thought.
                                              Soon the answer to every problem                  – John Evan Miller posted this on 10/12/11 at 5:08 p.m.
ment. It meant that, if you had the
facts on your side, you could annoy       was to water down the product with
                                          brutal staff cuts, domestic and for-           The First MARTA Park & Ride Lot for DeKalb County opened
the rich and powerful of the city. The                                                   in late 1979 or 1980. It was abandoned years ago and still sits
wall would protect you from retali-       eign bureau closures and the pursuit
                                          of trivial, celebrity-oriented stories.        empty inbetween Gresham Rd and Flat Shoals Rd in South
ation.                                                                                   DeKalb.
    The best newspapers in those          Give the people what they want was
days tended to be owned by long-          the new mantra.
                                              What was no-brainer logic to               I drove a MARTA Bus from 1980 till 1990.
time newspaper families. These
owners viewed their papers as profit      business people was anathema
                                          to old-fashioned journalists like              Everyday cars were broken into at this MARTA Park and Ride.
machines, certainly, but also as a                                                       Many cars were stolen. If DeKalb and MARTA Police could
public trust. These families support-     O’Shea, who held the quaint belief
                                          that the job of a newspaper is to              not protect the cars at DeKalb Park and Rides then, one must
ed the principle that news was news                                                      question how well they might perform now ?
and business was business, and the        inform readers. O’Shea and others
two should not be confused.               fought for that creed but couldn’t
                                          overcome, in his words, “the greed,            Check out any MARTA Station on the East Line after dark and
    It wasn’t a perfect arrangement. It                                                  tell me how safe you feel ? Inman Park Reynoldstown = NOT
would have been better, for example,      incompetence, corruption, hypocri-
                                          sy…of people who put their interests           - Eastlake = NOT - Edgewood Candler Park = NOT = See a
to have had more women and people                                                        pattern here ?
of color reporting and editing the        ahead of the public’s.”
news. But it worked pretty well for           The sad story ends with the sale
                                          of the giant corporation to a Chi-             Unguarded Park and Rides in South DeKalb are just a Candy
decades.                                                                                 Store for DeKalb’s Habitual Criminal Population in South
    Things changed in newsrooms as        cago real estate tycoon, Sam Zell,
                                          a bizarre foul-mouthed figure who              DeKalb ! From Lithonia to Ellenwood, Three Dristricts AMuck
they did everywhere else. Computers                                                      in crime with no solution in sight ? And Elected Officials that
arrived on the scene, bringing with       makes Donald Trump look couth.
                                              Eventually Zell led the company            could care less or their would not be so much crime “ In plain
them increased efficiency but also                                                       sight “. Would there Larry Johnson ?
competition for readers and advertis-     into bankruptcy, leaving his papers
ing dollars. The ranks of the ruling      limping along with insupportable
                                          debt and ever-shrinking staffs.                     – No1Safe N DeKalb posted this on 10/12/11 at 3:55 p.m.
families grew too numerous to be
fed by dividends alone. They cashed           I hate to be one of those old
out, selling at elevated prices to        crocks who talks about how things
newspaper chains, which then resold       were better in the old days, But you
the publications to business brigands     know what?
who had neither understanding nor             Some things really were better in
interest in newspapers as newspa-         the old days, including newspapers.
    Newspapers were just another
kind of dog food to them.
    In city after city, papers were
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                   Local News                                                                 Page 7A

                                                                                                                Champion of
                                                                                                                 the Week
                                                                                                             James Atkinson

                                                                                                                          of time at the commu-
                                                                                                                          nity park.
                                                                                                                              “This place is like a

DeKalb School Board votes on
                                                                                                                          second home to me,”
                                                                                                                          said Atkinson, who
                                                                                                                          even helps cut the

charters, renames Tucker gym
                                                                                                                          grass on the fields. “It’s
                                                                                                                          been a part of my life of
                                                                                                                          supporting the activi-
by Daniel Beauregard            said that in the 2012-13       the school system to use the                               ties of the children. It          school year the school’s       vacant Medlock Elementary                                  was something that the
                                attendance zone would be       School rent-free. ICS would                                children needed.”
    The DeKalb County           expanded to include the        only be responsible for the                                    Atkinson has worked
Board of Education on Oct.      Knollwood and Dunaire el-      maintenance costs of the                                   predominately with the
10 passed a five-year charter   ementary attendance zones.     building. The elementary                                   football program, but
to allow the Museum School      Currently, the school serves   school was closed earlier          When James At-
in Avondale Estates to con-     the Avondale and Midway        this year under former In-      kinson moved from          has also supported bas-
tinue operating.                elementary zones.              terim Superintendent Ra-        Brookhaven to Doraville ketball, baseball and
    Earlier in the year, the        The board also voted to    mona Tyson’s redistricting      in 1971, it was a new      soccer.
school’s charter status was     rename the Tucker High         plan. Currently, ICS has two    neighborhood with few          “It gives me great
called into question after      School gymnasium after the     different locations, one at a   amenities.                 pleasure to be around
a Supreme Court vote de-        late A.Z. Johnson, a for-      church in Avondale Estates         “We didn’t have a       the park,” Atkinson
clared the Georgia Char-        mer basketball coach who       and another at a church in      field house for football,” said. He especially
ter School Commission           worked at Chamblee High        Stone Mountain.                                            enjoys seeing young
(GCSC) unconstitutional.        School for 11 years and            New Superintendent          Atkinson said. “We
                                                                                               didn’t have everything     adults come back to the
The GCSC was created in         Tucker High for 21 years.      Cheryl Atkinson presented
2008 as a way for the state     According to school of-        an update of the progress       that we needed at Hon- park to help.
                                                                                               eysuckle Park.”                Doraville City Coun-
to approve and fund charters    ficials, Johnson’s record of   the system has made in                                     cil member Pam Flem-
that were denied by local       more than 500 career wins      meeting eight requirements         In 1974, Atkinson
school boards.                  in basketball makes him        AdvancED requested earlier      and several other par-     ing said Atkinson’s
    On June 13, the board       one of the most successful     in the year when the system     ents undertook the task “passion to serve the
voted to allow the Museum       coaches in Georgia history.    was put on advisement.          of building the field      children of DeKalb
School a one-year waiver,           A letter of intent and a       Atkinson said seven of      house. The group took      County is unparalleled.”
which allowed it to continue    charter amendment for the      the requirements had been       out a five-year bank           “It takes a person
to operate as it prepared to    International Community        met, the remaining one be-      loan for $25,000, with     with a heart of gold and
submit its five-year charter    School (ICS) also passed       ing the implementation of       several men signing        dedication to continue
application.                    unanimously. The vote will     a new strategic plan that
    Museum School Princi-       allow the school to negoti-    would be finalized and come     for part of the loan. The wanting to serve the
                                                                                               loan was repaid two        children of DeKalb,”
pal Katherine Kelbaugh          ate a lease agreement with     before the board in January.                               Fleming said.
                                                                                               years early.
                                                                                                  That project began          In addition to the
                                                                                               Atkinson’s 40-year         sports programs, Atkin-
                                                                                               involvement with the       son is a Shriner with
                                                                                               North DeKalb Youth         the YAARAB Shrine,
                                                                                               Athletic Association.      which raises money to
                                                                                               He served in various       support 22 Shriners’
                                                                                               capacities with the as-    children’s hospitals.
                                                                                               sociation, including as        Atkinson, a retired
                                                                                               president for several      Army battery clerk,
                                                                                               years and currently as a is married to Linda,
                                                                                               member of the board of his wife of 51 years.
                                                                                               directors.                 The couple has four
                                                                                                  Atkinson, who           children, seven grand-
                                                                                               worked at the Doraville children and two great-
                                                                                               General Motors plant,      grandchildren.
                                                                                               said he has spent a lot

                                                                                                If you would like to nominate someone to
                                                                                               be considered as a future Champion of the
                                                                                                 Week, please contact Kathy Mitchell at
                                                                                            or at
                                                                                                         404-373-7779, ext. 104.
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                  Local News                                                                     Page 8A

                                                NEWS BRIEFS
                                                             Man charged with murder                        Decatur men face sexual
                                                             in brother’s death                             exploitation charges
                                                                                                               Two Decatur men were arrested Oct. 8
                                                                 A Decatur man has been arrested in         on sexual exploitation charges involving 16-
                                                             connection with the stabbing death of his      and 17-year-old females, said DeKalb Police
                                                             brother, according to DeKalb County police.    spokeswoman Lt. Pam Kunz.
                                                                 Christopher Evans, 49, has been               Darryl Bernard Curry, 47, and John
                                                             arrested and charged with murder in the                          Anderson, 31, were
                                                             death of his brother, 51-year-old Alvaro                         arrested at a home at 2113
                                                             Evans, said DeKalb police spokeswoman                            Miriam Lane and remain
                                                             Lt. Pam Kunz. The incident happened Oct.                         in the DeKalb County Jail
                                                             12, at approximately 2:45 a.m. at a home                         on cash bonds. Curry was
                                                             at 1855 Long Drive in Decatur. The two                           charged with two counts
                                                             men were engaged in a verbal dispute when                        of sexual exploitation of a
                                                             Christopher Evans allegedly stabbed and                          child, two counts of false
                                                             killed his brother.                                              imprisonment, first degree
                                                                 Christopher Evans was arrested at the                        cruelty to children and
                                                             home. Alvaro Evans was taken to an area         Curry            obstruction. Anderson was
                                                             hospital where he was pronounced dead.                           charged with two counts of
                                                             Christopher Evans is in the DeKalb County      second degree cruelty to children, giving a
                                                             Jail.                                          false name to officers and obstruction.
                                                                                                               Police responded to a 911 call of a
                                                                                                            distressed female in the area of McAfee
                                                                                                                              and Rosewood roads. The
                                                             Final small business forum                                       17-year-old victim told
                                                                                                                              police she was being held
                                                             scheduled for Oct. 27                                            against her will at 2113
                                                                                                                              Miriam Lane and was
                                                                The fourth and final Small Business                           forced into prostitution by
                                                             Forum, hosted by DeKalb County                                   an adult male.
                                                             Commissioner Stan Watson, is scheduled                               Curry and Anderson
                                                             for Oct. 27, 6:30-9:30 p.m., at the Lou                          refused to open the door
                                                             Walker Community Center in Lithonia.                             to police. A SWAT team
                                                                The forum is designed to inform and Anderson                  searched the home after
                                                             prepare small businesses and community                           issuing a search warrant
Residents turn out for hazardous                             members of the upcoming opportunities and and found the 16-year-old victim.
                                                             jobs that will be created as a result of the
waste collection event                                                                                         The suspects appeared in Magistrate
                                                             $1.345 billion DeKalb County Watershed Court on Oct. 10. A cash bond was set for
                                                             Management Capital Improvements Projects Curry of $510,000 and a cash bond was set
                                                             that will take place over the next five years. for Anderson of $120,000.
   The second Household Hazardous Waste collection              Topics covered during this session
event brought in 48,000 gallons of paint and 1,362           include accounting practices for
pounds of lead-acid batteries, among other items. The        construction, federal SBA surety bonding
event, held Oct. 1 at the DeKalb County Transfer Station,    programs for small businesses, cash flow and
was sponsored by Keep DeKalb Beautiful and the DeKalb
County Sanitation Division in partnership with Clean
                                                             project financing, legal assistance for small  Former school employee
                                                             businesses and insurance coverage for small
Harbors Environmental Services Inc.
                                                             businesses. There will also be opportunities   pleads guilty to theft
   The event provided county residents an opportunity
to dispose of their household hazardous waste properly
                                                             for the attendees to make comments and ask
                                                             questions. The event is free and registration
free of charge, and to help keep county landfills and the
                                                             can be e-mailed to goteamwatson@gmail.            A former DeKalb County School System
environment safe for everyone. Volunteers also accepted
                                                             com.                                           employee pleaded guilty Oct. 13 to theft
443 cars, 48 propane cylinders, approximately 500 gallons
of oils and solvents, and 12,000 pounds of cleaners.                                                        charges in a DeKalb County Superior Court.
                                                                                                            Chyrokessia Rucks, a former bookkeeper at
                                                             DOE employee arrested on                       Stone Mountain High School, was found to
                                                                                                            have stolen nearly $23,000 after an internal
DeKalb nonprofits awarded grant                              child porn charges                             audit by the school system revealed financial
money                                                                                                       mismanagement during the 2009-10 and
                                                                A Clarkston man was arrested Oct. 12 by 2010-11 school years.
                                                             federal agents on charges that he collected       Rucks, who had worked at the school
    Three nonprofit organizations with DeKalb County         child pornography while working for the        since 2003, resigned on Jan. 7. She was
ties are among 13 agencies to receive a total of $50,000     Georgia Department of Education.               sentenced by Judge Michael Hancock
in grants from Georgia Natural Gas through its True             Joseph Butler, 66, is accused of            to 15 years probation and must repay the
Blue Community Awards. The nonprofits include                downloading child pornography onto his         balance of the money stolen. Rucks already
organizations from around the state that share the           computer at the Georgia DOE. According         has repaid more than $10,000, according to
company’s community outreach focus on children and           to U.S. Attorney Sally Yates, Butler was       District Attorney Robert James.
education, seniors, energy assistance, and environmental     able to defeat the filtering software on his
sustainability.                                              work computer and download the images.
    Winners from DeKalb County are Center for Pan            Investigators were alerted to Butler’s
Asian Community Services Inc., Families First and            activities in July by a network administrator,
Senior Connections. Georgia Natural Gas has been             according to a U.S. Attorney spokesman
recognized nationally and locally for its community          Patrick Crosby.
outreach efforts. GNG also has donated millions of              Butler has been suspended without pay
dollars to nonprofit organizations, and its employees have   pending the investigation, Crosby said.
volunteered countless hours to schools and nonprofits.
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                                             Local News                                                                                                          Page 9A

                                                                    CALL FOR AND NOTICE OF CITY OF DUNWOODY, GEORGIA
                                                                             NOVEMBER 8, 2011 BOND ELECTION
                 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that on the 8 day of November, 2011, an election will be held in the City of Dunwoody, Georgia (the “City”) at which time there will be submitted to the qualified
      voters of the City for their determination the question of whether or not City of Dunwoody General Obligation Bonds in one or more series (the “Bonds”), payable from the levy of a tax, resulting from an
      increase in the millage rate imposed on all property subject to ad valorem taxation within the territorial limits of the City, shall be issued by City in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $33,000,000
      for the acquisition and remediation of land to be used for parks and greenspace and the costs associated therewith (“Land Acquisition Project”).

                The Bonds relating to the Land Acquisition Project, if approved by the voters, may be issued in whole or in part in one or more series in the aggregate principal amount of not to exceed
      $33,000,000, and would bear interest at a rate or rates not to exceed 7.0% per annum, payable semiannually until paid. Such Bonds, if approved by the voters, shall mature or have principal payable in
      the years and the principal amounts as follows:

         Year           Principal                   Year             Principal                    Year         Principal                Year           Principal               Year          Principal
                        Amount                                       Amount                                    Amount                                  Amount                                Amount

         2012                    -
         2013           645,000.00                  2019             720,000.00                   2025         885,000.00               2031        1,150,000.00               2037        1,540,000.00
         2014           655,000.00                  2020             740,000.00                   2026         925,000.00               2032        1,205,000.00               2038        1,625,000.00
         2015           665,000.00                  2021             765,000.00                   2027         960,000.00               2033        1,265,000.00               2039        1,710,000.00
         2016           675,000.00                  2022             790,000.00                   2028       1,005,000.00               2034        1,325,000.00               2040        1,795,000.00
         2017           690,000.00                  2023             820,000.00                   2029       1,050,000.00               2035        1,395,000.00               2041        1,890,000.00
         2018           705,000.00                  2024             850,000.00                   2030       1,100,000.00               2036        1,465,000.00               2042        1,990,000.00

                The Bonds, if approved by the voters, shall contain such other provisions for redemption, registration and other matters as may be specified by the City in a subsequent resolution or ordinance.

                If the Bonds are authorized by the requisite number of qualified voters, then the City shall levy, a tax, resulting from an increase in the millage rate imposed on all property subject to ad valorem
      taxation within the territorial limits of the City in sufficient amount to pay the principal of and interest on said Bonds and their respective maturities and the proceeds of such Bonds shall be held by the City
      separate and apart from all other of its funds and shall be used by the City for the purposes and to accomplish the undertakings hereinabove set forth.

                The ballots to be used at said election shall have written or printed thereon substantially the following:

                YES        [ ]      Shall land be acquired and remediated for parks and greenspace by the City of Dunwoody through the issuance of general
                                    obligation bonds in the amount of $33,000,000?
                NO         [ ]

                The regular places for holding said election shall be at the regular and established voting precincts and election districts of DeKalb County, Georgia within the City and the polls shall be open
      from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the date fixed for the election.

                Those residents qualified to vote at said election shall be determined in all respects in accordance with the election laws of the State of Georgia.


               In accordance with the provisions of Section 36-82-1(d) of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, any brochures, listings or other advertisements relating to the Bonds issued with the
      knowledge and consent of the City, as evidenced by a resolution adopted by the City, will be deemed to be a statement of intention of the City concerning the use of the bond funds.
                This notice is given pursuant to a resolution of the City adopted on July 25 , 2011.
                                                                                          CITY OF DUNWOODY, GEORGIA
                                                                                          By: Ken Wright, Mayor
                                                                                          By: Sharon Lowery
                                                                                          Clerk of the City of Dunwoody,
                                                                                          Georgia, as Municipal Election Superintendent

                                                                    CALL FOR AND NOTICE OF CITY OF DUNWOODY, GEORGIA
                                                                             NOVEMBER 8, 2011 BOND ELECTION
                 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that on the 8 day of November, 2011, an election will be held in the City of Dunwoody, Georgia (the “City”) at which time there will be submitted to the qualified
      voters of the City for their determination the question of whether or not City of Dunwoody General Obligation Bonds in one or more series (the “Bonds”), payable from the levy of a tax, resulting from an
      increase in the millage rate imposed on all property subject to ad valorem taxation within the territorial limits of the City, shall be issued by City in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $33,000,000
      for the improvement to the park system in the City and the costs associated therewith (“Parks Project”).

                The Bonds relating to the Parks Project (the “Park Bonds”), if approved by the voters, may be issued in whole or in part in one or more series in the aggregate principal amount of not to exceed
      $33,000,000, and would bear interest at a rate or rates not to exceed 7.0% per annum, payable semiannually until paid. Such Bonds, if approved by the voters, shall mature or have principal payable in
      the years and the principal amounts as follows:

         Year           Principal                   Year             Principal                    Year         Principal                Year           Principal               Year          Principal
                        Amount                                       Amount                                    Amount                                  Amount                                Amount

         2012                    -
         2013           645,000.00                  2019             720,000.00                   2025         885,000.00               2031        1,150,000.00               2037        1,540,000.00
         2014           655,000.00                  2020             740,000.00                   2026         925,000.00               2032        1,205,000.00               2038        1,625,000.00
         2015           665,000.00                  2021             765,000.00                   2027         960,000.00               2033        1,265,000.00               2039        1,710,000.00
         2016           675,000.00                  2022             790,000.00                   2028       1,005,000.00               2034        1,325,000.00               2040        1,795,000.00
         2017           690,000.00                  2023             820,000.00                   2029       1,050,000.00               2035        1,395,000.00               2041        1,890,000.00
         2018           705,000.00                  2024             850,000.00                   2030       1,100,000.00               2036        1,465,000.00               2042        1,990,000.00

                The Bonds, if approved by the voters, shall contain such other provisions for redemption, registration and other matters as may be specified by the City in a subsequent resolution or ordinance.

                If the Bonds are authorized by the requisite number of qualified voters, then the City shall levy, a tax, resulting from an increase in the millage rate imposed on all property subject to ad valorem
      taxation within the territorial limits of the City in sufficient amount to pay the principal of and interest on said Bonds and their respective maturities and the proceeds of such Bonds shall be held by the City
      separate and apart from all other of its funds and shall be used by the City for the purposes and to accomplish the undertakings hereinabove set forth.

                The ballots to be used at said election shall have written or printed thereon substantially the following:

                YES        [ ]      Shall the park system of the City of Dunwoody be improved by the issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of
                NO         [ ]

                The regular places for holding said election shall be at the regular and established voting precincts and election districts of DeKalb County, Georgia within the City and the polls shall be open
      from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the date fixed for the election.

                Those residents qualified to vote at said election shall be determined in all respects in accordance with the election laws of the State of Georgia.


               In accordance with the provisions of Section 36-82-1(d) of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, any brochures, listings or other advertisements relating to the Bonds issued with the
      knowledge and consent of the City, as evidenced by a resolution adopted by the City, will be deemed to be a statement of intention of the City concerning the use of the bond funds.
                This notice is given pursuant to a resolution of the City adopted on July 25 , 2011.

                                                                                          CITY OF DUNWOODY, GEORGIA
                                                                                          By: Ken Wright, Mayor
                                                                                          By: Sharon Lowery
                                                                                          Clerk of the City of Dunwoody,
                                                                                          Georgia, as Municipal Election Superintendent
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                            Local News                                                                          Page 10A

                                                                                                                                    CDC employees
                                                                                                                                    for alleged
                                                                                                                                    molestation of
                                                                                                                                    by Daniel Beauregard

                                                                                                                                        Two employees of the Centers
                                                                                                                                    for Disease Control and Preven-
                                                                                                                                    tion (CDC) have been arrested by
                                                                                                                                                         DeKalb County
                                                                                                                                                         Police on charges
Main Street in Tucker is bustling with activity after a $1.6 million streetscape project. Workers are making final touches on im-                        of child molesta-
provements which included reducing the streets lanes from four to two. Photos by Andrew Cauthen                                                          tion.
                                                                                                                                                         Joseph Wester-
                                                                                                                                                         man, 42, and
                                                                                                                                                         Kimberly Quin-
                                                                                                                                                         lan Lindsey,
                                                                                                                                    Westerman            44, were both
                                                                                                                                                         charged with two
                                                                                                                                    counts of child molestation. Lindsey
                                                                                                                                    is also charged with one count of
                                                                                                                                                             According to
                                                                                                                                                         DeKalb Police,
                                                                                                                                                         detectives were
                                                                                                                                                         notified by a
                                                                                                                                                         medical profes-
                                                                                                                                                         sional in late
                                                                                                                                                         August of an
                                                                                                                                                         allegation of the

Tucker streetscape
                                                                                                                                     Lindsey             molestation of a
                                                                                                                                                         6-year-old boy.
                                                                                                                                        Lindsey is the deputy director for
                                                                                                                                    the Laboratory Science Policy and

increases pedestrian traffic
                                                                                                                                    Practice Program Office at the CDC,
                                                                                                                                    according to her biography on the
                                                                                                                                    agency’s website. Prior to that, she
                                                                                                                                    was the senior health scientist in the
                                                                                                                                    Office of Public Health Preparedness
                                                                                                                                    and Response, which oversaw the
by Andrew Cauthen                            Tucker Alliance also raised funds            Tucker community a $400,000               allocation process for $1.5 billion in                       for the project.                             grant to improve the sidewalks            terrorism preparedness.
                                                The streetscape has resulted in           and streetscape of side streets               In her 12 years at the CDC, Lind-
   A ribbon-cutting and street party         a “tremendous pedestrian traffic             intersecting Main Street.                 sey has received numerous awards
in Tucker on Oct. 15 showcased a             increase,” Van De Kreke said.                   “It really has transformed Main        for outstanding performance on proj-
$1.6 million Main Street streetscape            “We took a lot of criticism for           Street into a welcoming place,”           ects and programs, according to her
project a decade in the making.              reducing the four lanes down to              said DeKalb County Commissioner           bio on Emory University’s Biologi-
   “I think it’s definitely worth            two,” Van De Kreke said. “But it             Elaine Boyer, who lobbied for             cal and Biomedical Sciences web-
the money,” said Honey Van De                has calmed the traffic tremendously.         the project for many years. “I am         site. Lindsey earned her doctorate in
Kreke, co-general manager of the             The noise level has been reduced.            so proud of the citizens of Tucker        immunology and molecular patho-
Main Street Tucker Alliance, a non-             “It’s very civilized,” she said.          and how they advocated for this           genesis from the university in 1998.
profit citizens group.                       “Traffic is stopping and waiting for         project.”                                     A LinkedIn page for a Westerman
   The improved Main Street                  people to cross the street.”                    Van De Kreke said she has              lists him as having been a watch offi-
includes the reduction of the street’s          The streetscape project has               talked with leaders of several local      cer at the CDC from November 2009
lanes from four to two, wider                spurred approximately $1.5 million           communities who are interested            to November 2010, and a resource
sidewalks, handicapped-accessible            in private investments in Tucker             in similar transformations in their       management specialist since August
curbs, landscaping, decorative               with several buildings being                 communities.                              2011.
lighting and street furniture.               purchased and remodeled. Since the              “You have to have a lot of                 Westerman has been released
   The project was funded with               start of the project, a new restaurant,      community pride and roll up your          from the DeKalb County Jail on
grants from the Atlanta Regional             furniture shop, patio shop, fitness          sleeves because it going to take          $15,000 bond; Lindsey was released
Commission (ARC), the Georgia                center and antique stores have               some time,” Van De Kreke said.            with a $20,000 bond. A preliminary
Department of Transportation and             opened in downtown Tucker.                                                             hearing is scheduled in the DeKalb
DeKalb County. The Main Street                  The ARC has also awarded the                                                        Magistrate Court on Dec. 1 at 2 p.m.

                                 The Voice of Business in DeKalb County
                                             DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
                                           Two Decatur Town Center, 125 Clairemont Ave., Suite 235, Decatur, GA 30030
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                        Local News                                                                             Page 11A

DeKalb commissioners to look
at changing government
by Andrew Cauthen                 of conflict that has impeded          “It’s not about getting         We don’t like having a CEO       said Ellis, who served for            the efficiency and effective-     more power,” May said. “It’s        that gets invited to the White   eight years on the Board of
                                  ness of the county govern-        about having a more bal-            House and gets invited to        Commissioners, including
    DeKalb CEO Burrell            ment,” the resolution states.     anced approach to govern-           shape national policy with       five as the board’s presiding
Ellis said an idea to change          Commissioner Lee May          ment. It’s about removing           the president and vice presi-    officer.
the current balance of power said DeKalb’s government is            some of the politics.”              dent of the United States.’”         Ellis said DeKalb
in the county government is       not a balanced form.                  Commissioner Kathie                Instead, Ellis said the       County’s form of govern-
“silly.”                              “It’s a heavy, heavy CEO      Gannon, who said she be-            resolution, which he did not     ment makes it a progressive
                           The                           form of    lieves the county has good          see until it appeared on the     county.
                       issue                             govern-    checks and balances, said the       board’s Oct. 11 agenda, is           “Those large, urban coun-
                       is “re-                           ment,”     form-of-government issue            “a waste of time by certain      ties that are known to be pro-
                       ally silly                        May        “distracts us from our job.”        commissioners.”                  gressive, forward-thinking,
                       when                              said.          “It’s difficult to get our         “This is an issue that,       successful, efficient, bring-
                       [we’ve]                           “If the    work done,” said Gannon,            about every six months or so,    ing jobs and opportunity to
                       got is-                           CEO        adding that several of her          certain members of the com-      their people….have a county
                       sues                              wants      fellow commissioners have           mission raise just so they can   executive form of govern-
                       like jobs                         to do      been posturing for a change         have access to more power,”      ment,” Ellis said.
                       creation,                         some-      in the form of government
                       and        Gannon                 thing      for the past three years. “It
                       transpor-                         that is    seems like it is something
                       tation                            com-       that needs to be looked at be-
improvements, and getting         pletely against what the
people back in their homes,” [commissioners] wants to do,
                                                                    cause the commissioners that
                                                                    want to be in charge keep                                                      Bu
said Ellis, in his third year as he can.                            bringing [up the issue].
                                                                                                             Community                           & S ye
                                                                                                                                                 Wa elle rs
DeKalb’s CEO.                         “We’ve seen so many in-           “I think we have entirely
    “We have much more
pressing issues,” Ellis said.
                                  stances where the CEO—and
                                  not just this CEO, but previ-
                                  ous CEOs—have completely
                                                                    enough power,” she said
                                                                    about the commissioners.
                                                                        Gannon said she is
                                                                                                              YARD                                 nte rs
                                  gone against the will and de-
                                  sires and legislations of the
                                  board and done what they
                                                                    concerned about putting a
                                                                    Republican-controlled state
                                                                    legislature in charge of the
                                                                                                                SALE                                   d
                         we’ve    wanted to do.                     task of studying the county’s                    TIME 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
                         got to       May said an example is        form of government.
                         resolve the recent process for choos-          “This is not the time to do                      November 5th - Decatur
                         are is-  ing projects for a proposed       it,” Gannon said. “We’ve got
                         sues re- one-cent, regional sales tax.     a Republican legislature and
                         garding      “A super-majority of          the [county] delegation is in
                         how      commissioners signed a let-       turmoil.”                                               Storage World
                         we can ter asking for the CEO to               Ellis said the form-of-             3122 Panthersville Road • Decatur, GA 30034
                         get our take all of our transit dollars,   government issue is not a                         To participate please call
citizens back to work, help-      split it in half and subdivide    legitimate, resident-driven
ing them protect their homes them between Clifton corri-            idea.                                                 404-244-7740
and to continue to deliver the dor and I-20 [proposed proj-             “This is not an issue             
services to them.”                ects],” May said. But Ellis       that the citizens of DeKalb
    The county’s Board of         did not present that idea to      County have cared about,”
Commissioners is consider-        the transportation roundtable     Ellis said.                               This is a great opportunity to sell some unwanted
ing a resolution that would       that determined the funding           “You haven’t heard
ask the legislature to create     allocation for the projects.      [people say], ‘We don’t like                        items or to find some bargains.
a charter commission to re-           Among the options for         our form of government.
examine the county’s CEO-         changing the form of govern-
commission form of govern- ment are continuing to tweak
ment.                             the CEO-commission form
    The “delineation of pow- of government and setting up                                         Storage world.indd 1                                           10/14/11 9:53 AM
ers between the executive         a commission-county man-                                        “NOTICE OF REFERENDUM ELECTION”
and legislative branches of       ager government similar to
DeKalb County government those in the rest of the coun-               Notice is hereby given that a Question will be placed on the November 8, 2011 Election ballot
has been an ongoing source        ties in Georgia, May said.         for the City of Doraville, Georgia, pursuant to Title 3, Alcoholic Beverages, Act 48; Senate Bill
                                                                     10 as passed by the 2011 Georgia Legislature, for a Referendum vote of a majority to approve
                                                                     the following:
                                                                                                         ( ) YES ( ) NO
   Correction                                                                “Shall the governing authority of the City of Doraville, Georgia, be
                                                                             authorized to permit and regulate package sales by retailers of malt
   A story headed "DeKalb seeks moratorium on
   new cities" that appeared on page 13A of the                              beverages, wine, and distilled spirits on Sundays between the hours of
   Oct. 13, 2011 issue of The Champion, stated                               12:30 P.M. and 11:30 P.M.?”
   in two parts of the article that the Board of
   Commissioners voted to approve certain reso-                      Any questions may be directed to the Doraville City Clerk, 3725 Park Avenue, Doraville,
   lutions. None were approved.                                      Georgia 30340.”
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                       Local News                                                                                                                 Page 12A

Tucker Marine died but lived his dream
by Nigel Roberts                Sunday and say that he loved     thin frame growing up. “His      colonel in the school’s Junior                          give details of his death, stat-
                                me. He did the same with         small body could not contain     Reserve Officers’ Training                              ing only that “this incident is
    John Franklin Robert        lots of other folks in our       all that energy,” his pastor     Corps program. After gradu-                             under investigation.”
Wimpey Cagle drew the           church.”                         remembered. He walked            ating in 2010, he joined the                               Cagle, who was single,
audience’s attention, even          He was also very curious     around with a large Bible,       Marine Corps and went off                               lived with his mother and
though he had a minor role      about the world and intel-       and many people thought he       to basic training at Parris Is-                         brother, according to his
in the church’s Christmas       ligent. Massey recalled, as      would grow up to become a        land. Following boot camp,                              obituary. Funeral services
play, pastor Victor Massey      though it was yesterday,         preacher.                        the Marine Corps assigned                               were held at Mountain West
recalled fondly. The “en-       a young Cagle running to             “But he always talked        him to the 2nd Light Ar-                                Church of God in Stone
ergetic” child could never      him, with his eyes peering       about becoming a Marine,”        mored Reconnaissance Bat-                               Mountain, which he attended
stand still for very long.      over the rims of his large       Massey said. “He overcame        talion, 2nd Marine Division,                            and was active in the youth
    The 8-year-old Cagle        eyeglasses, to ask the pastor    asthma and other physical        II Marine Expeditionary                                 group. His body was laid to
played a camel tied to a        if he knew how many bones        challenges. John Franklin        Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C.                               rest in Empire, Ala.
post. “From the audience,       are in the human body or         filled out into a man and pur-       According to a Depart-                                 Massey emphasized that
we could see the energy         some other odd fact. An in-      sued his dream to become a       ment of Defense statement,                              Cagle “was a very coura-
generating from his feet        quisitive Cagle always knew      Marine.”                         Lance Cpl. Cagle died on                                geous and focused young
and working its way up,”        the answer to his questions,         Cagle, a Tucker resident,    Sept. 28 “while support-                                man” who died, but lived his
Massey said with a chuckle.     Massey said.                     attended Chamblee Charter        ing combat operations in                                dream of becoming a Ma-
Before they knew it, Cagle          Cagle weighed only 2 ½       High School, where he was        Helmand province, Afghani-                              rine.
had taken the camel head        pounds at birth and had a        a highly decorated lieutenant    stan.” The statement did not
cutout from around his
head and began swinging it
around his body like a hula-
hoop.                                          OCTOBER 22-28, 2011
    Massey, the senior pastor
of Life Church International,                       CELEBRATE
remembers vividly 19-year-
old Cagle, who died recently
on the battlefield in Afghan-
istan. He was Cagle’s pastor                       OCTOBER 24, 2011
from age 6 to 15, before the
church (formerly known as                             in DeKalb
the Pleasantdale Church of
God) relocated. The pastor
had the honor of sharing his       Here are just a few ways to get involved in
memories of John Franklin          local Food Day activities:

                                                                                                       We’re the new fish in town
(as folks in church called
him) at a memorial in honor        In the Community
of the fallen Marine.
    As a child, Cagle was                Self-guided tours at participating farms’                           d we’re kind of a big deal.
never rude or disobedient.               open houses/festivals
“John Franklin had a kind                                                                                · Blackened Tuna · Lobster Tail and Sirloin
heart,” said Massey. “He                 Visits to local farmers markets and
would give me hugs every                 community gardens
                                                                                                             · Mahi-Mahi · Hand-Breaded Fried Shrimp

                                         Georgia-grown food and outdoor fun at                       · Jumbo Skewered Shrimp · Gourmet Fish Tacos
                                         “Picnic in the Park“ at Panola Mountain                         · Snow Crab Legs · Homemade Key Lime Pie
                                         State Park                                                      View our entire menu at...
                                   At Schools                                                            www .Ma rlinA ndR aysS eafo od.c om
                                         Culinary arts through cooking classes
                                         Sustainable agriculture lessons at school
                                   At Businesses
                                         Menu specials at participating
                                         farm-to-table restaurants
                                                                                                                             3025 Turner Hill Rd.
                                   In Government                                                                              Lithonia, GA 30038
                                        Nourish DeKalb!, a forum about DeKalb’s
                                        food system and the movement to
                                                                                                                                (678) 323-8223
                                        improve it                                                    Come outta your shell and give us a try!

                                                                                                        FR EE APPETIZER
                                                                                                       Receive a free appetizer (up to $10). Please present coupon at time of order. Not
                                                                                                       valid with daily specials, other coupon or holiday offers, gift card purchases, for alcoholic bever-
                                                                                                       ages, or in conjunction with our GiveBack program. Limit one coupon per check. Duplicated or
                                                                                                       altered coupons will not be accepted. Tax and gratuity excluded. Valid for dine-in only. Coupons
                                           Communities Putting Prevention to Work                      cannot be resold, traded or used multiple times and have no cash value.
                                               Strategic Alliance for Health                           Valid: October 20 – October 30, 2011
                                   For complete details on Food Day and the week of activities,
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                                           Local News                                                                                                                    Page 13A

Dunwoody residents hear candidates
by Terrance Kelly                       “We’ve got to free up our                      “Ask what can Dunwoody                          low and taxes are low, 20-30                      (Dunwoody) and Dunwoody
                                    interstates,” Jackson said.                     offer that is not offered two                      years later, we will look back                    Middle School.
    Dunwoody residents got          “Traffic is economic develop-                   miles away,” Callihan pro-                         at this as the last time to get                       “Morning and afternoon
a chance to hear from city          ment.”                                          posed.                                             large amounts of land to de-                      traffic congestion could be
council and mayoral candi-              Safety and increased pop-                      Wittenstein said Dun-                           velop parks for our children.”                    relieved if parents allowed
                    dates in a      ulation were also addressed                     woody is underserved with                              The future financial im-                      older kids to ride their bikes,”
                    forum Oct.      during the forum. When                          venues for baseball, soccer                        pact of the park referendum                       de Vallette said. An area be-
                    16 at the       allocating resources to fight                   and lacrosse.                                      was not overlooked. “If                           hind GPC is being considered
                    Georgia         crime, Dallas said, “What it                       “Many of those sports rate                      we’ve learned nothing else                        for creating an alternate path,
                    Perim-          comes down to is, is it worth                   low on resident interest sur-                      in Dunwoody these past few                        he added.
                    eter College    [the use of tax dollars] to                     veys,” said Nall, countering                       months, we’ve learned how                             “It’s important to point out
                    Dunwoody        make our city the safest city                   Wittenstein’s response. “We                        not to do bond referendums,”                      that more than two-thirds of
                    campus.         in metro Atlanta?”                              should look at shared use of                       Nall said. “This bond has a                       Dunwoody Middle School
                    The candi-          Candidates for Dunwoody                     venues with neighboring mu-                        millage rate increase.”                           students live more than two
                    dates fielded   City Council, District 1 at                     nicipalities.”                                         Lynn Deutsch and Kerry                        miles from the school,” said
questions concerning integ-         large, Post 4, are Robert                          The parks referendum                            de Vallette are the two can-                      Deutsch. “They will not be
rity, sincerity, experience and     Wittenstein, Terry Nall and                     continued as a point of con-                       didates for Dunwoody City                         riding bikes to school.”
loyalty to a better Dunwoody.       Rick Callihan. The candi-                       tention for most of the debate                     Council for District 2 at large,                      No one particular issue
    Residents will elect a          dates were asked what Dun-                      among council candidates.                          Post 5.                                           dominated the forum, but
                    mayor and       woody should do to address                         “We don’t have much park                            A question was posed to                       referendum items for the No-
                    three city      the need for venues to host                     land in Dunwoody,” Wit-                            the candidates about traf-                        vember ballot are for parks
                    council         organized sports? Each candi-                   tenstein said. “If we acquire                      fic congestion in the area of                     and Sunday alcohol sales.
                    posts in the    date has a plan.                                park land when prices are                          Georgia Perimeter College
                    Nov. 8 elec-
                        Mayoral                                                 DeKalb County Wants to Hear From You
Dallas              candidates                                           Regarding the Proposed Franchise Agreement Renewal
                    took the
podium last, but held the at-                                                    with Comcast Cable Communications
tention of the more than 150                                        Send your comments and/or concerns regarding Comcast’s current performance under
attendees. Mayoral candi-                                           the current franchise agreement and/or the future cable-related needs and interests of
dates Mike Davis, Gordon                                            your community to
Jackson and Bob Dallas
                    addressed          The Champion Weather                                                                                                                                         Oct. 20, 2011
                    about the             Seven Day Forecast                            In-Depth Local Forecast                                   Today's Regional Map                                  Weather History
                    park refer-                                               Today we will see sunny skies with a high                                                                          Oct. 20, 1983 - Remnants of
                    endum and                           Sunny
                                                                              temperature of 59º, humidity of 58%. West wind                                                                     Pacific     Hurricane      Tico
                    traffic con-                   High: 59 Low: 41
                                                                              20 to 25 mph. The record high temperature for                            Dunwoody                                  caused extensive flooding in
                                                                              today is 85º set in 1943. Expect mostly clear                                                                      central and south central
                    gestion in                                                skies tonight with an overnight low of 41º. The          Smyrna Doraville
                                                                                                                                                           57/40 Lilburn
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Oklahoma. Oklahoma City
Davis               the perim-                          FRIDAY                record low for tonight is 34º set in 1972.               58/41                                                     set daily rainfall records with
                    eter area.                          Sunny
                                                                                                                                                                     Snellville                  1.45 inches on Oct. 19 and
    “Despite what you’ve                           High: 62 Low: 42                      *Last Week’s Almanac                                                        59/41                       6.28 inches on Oct. 20.
                                                                                                                                              Atlanta        59/41
                                                                              Date             Hi Lo Normals Precip
heard, I love parks,” Davis                          SATURDAY                 Tuesday          65 59         74/54       0.32"
                                                                                                                                                 59/41                                           Oct. 21, 1934 - A severe
said. “I’ve coached 19 teams                            Sunny                 Wednesday        73 59         74/54       0.02"         College Park                   60/41                      windstorm lashed the northern
over the years in our parks,                       High: 66 Low: 44           Thursday         73 60         74/54       0.12"                 60/41       Morrow                                Pacific Coast. In Washington
but I’m against the referen-                                                  Friday           75 54         74/53       0.00"                             60/41                                 state, the storm claimed the
dum for parks. This is not                             SUNDAY                 Saturday         77 52         73/53       0.00"            Union City                                             lives of 22 people and caused
the time to spend money for                             Sunny                 Sunday           83 45         73/53       0.00"                                                                   1.7 million dollars in damage,
                                                   High: 67 Low: 45           Monday           84 50         73/52       0.00"                                                                   mostly to timber. Winds,
parks.”                                                                       Rainfall . . . . . . .0.46" Average temp . .64.9
                                                                                                                                                                                                 gusting to 87 mph at North
    Dallas said Dunwoody’s                            MONDAY                  Normal rainfall . .0.64" Average normal 63.4
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Head, Wash., produced waves
schools are a priority. “The                            Sunny                 Departure . . . . .-0.18" Departure . . . . .+1.5                                                                  twenty feet high.
park referendum affects our                        High: 67 Low: 48           *Data as reported from De Kalb-Peachtree Airport
schools and the quality of life                                                                               Local Sun/Moon Chart This Week                                                           Tonight's Planets
we want here,” he explained.                          TUESDAY                                       Day            Sunrise       Sunset     Moonrise      Moonset
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rise         Set
                                                    Mostly Sunny
“We have to have the right                         High: 71 Low: 49
                                                                                                    Thursday      7:46 a.m.     6:58 p.m.   12:50 a.m.    2:48 p.m.                  Full
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mercury     8:57 a.m.    7:34 p.m.
                                                                                                    Friday        7:46 a.m.     6:57 p.m.    1:53 a.m.    3:26 p.m.                 11/10
kind of development, such as                                                                        Saturday      7:47 a.m.     6:56 p.m.    2:58 a.m.    4:01 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Venus       9:10 a.m.    7:48 p.m.
development for seniors to                         WEDNESDAY                                        Sunday        7:48 a.m.     6:55 p.m.    4:04 a.m.    4:37 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mars        2:19 a.m.    3:56 p.m.
buy homes near their health                         Partly Cloudy               First               Monday        7:49 a.m.     6:53 p.m.    5:13 a.m.    5:14 p.m.                 Last
                                                                                                                                                                                                             7:23 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             7:17 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          8:37 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          6:48 p.m.
care providers and families.”                      High: 68 Low: 49             11/2                Tuesday       7:50 a.m.     6:52 p.m.    6:24 a.m.    5:53 p.m.                 11/18        Uranus      5:46 p.m.    5:53 a.m.
    Dunwoody’s most press-                                                                          Wednesday     7:51 a.m.     6:51 p.m.    7:36 a.m.    6:37 p.m.
ing issues Jackson said, are                Local UV Index                                                National Weather Summary This Week                                                             Weather Trivia
traffic and transportation.
                                                                                            The Northeast will see scattered showers today, mostly clear to partly cloudy skies                  What is the name of
“The perimeter area is our                                                                  with a few showers Friday and Saturday, with the highest temperature of 71º in New                   high, dense clouds that
economic engine,” he said.            0 - 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11+                            Bedford, Mass. The Southeast will see mostly clear skies today through Saturday,                     bring steady rainfall?
“What bothers me is the level                      UV Index
                                                                             with the highest temperature of 79º in Miami, Fla. The Northwest will see mostly clear to partly
                                                                             cloudy skies with a few showers today through Saturday, with the highest temperature of 72º in
of development and the den-                 0-2: Low, 3-5: Moderate,
                                                                             Havre, Mont. The Southwest will see mostly clear skies today through Saturday, with the highest
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Answer: Altostratus.

sity. People can’t get to jobs             6-7: High, 8-10: Very High
                                             11+: Extreme Exposure           temperature of 98º in Gila Bend, Ariz.                                                                       
and grocery stores.”
    There is a larger popula-                                                                    StarWatch By Gary Becker - Christmas for Garradd
tion that comes to Dunwoody                           Christmas Day is the new target for C/2009 P1, Garradd’s, closest approach to the sun, but the comet itself will be next to impossible to observe because it will be setting
                                                      just about the same time that it will be dark enough to see it. It will be visible at dawn about two fists, held at arm’s length, above the eastern horizon. Binoculars will
to work, Jackson added.                               always be needed to view Garradd, which at that time will be close to the star Delta Herculis. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Garradd will be visible with binocu-
    Traffic congestion was one                        lars in the west as soon as the bright light from the moon is gone, and that could be as early as Sunday when the moon rises about 9:00 p.m. Beyond that time there will be
point of consensus among the          nearly a three-week window in which the comet should be viewable right after darkness if weather conditions permit, and humongous trees are not hogging your western sky. The prob-
mayoral candidates.                   lem with Garradd is that it is bright as comets go, but just at the threshold of the average person’s ability to spot it. Garradd is also located in a no man’s zone of the sky where the stars
                                      are not very bright. On the positive, Garradd has been extremely well behaved as comets go, brightening almost exactly as predicted. If you manage to catch Garradd as a fuzzy, elon-
    “Companies are coming to          gated object, you’ll be looking at two components which make it shine. One is subsurface ice which warms from the absorbed energy of the sun, vaporizes, and cracks the comet’s exte-
visit the area, but they can’t        rior. This gas jets into space and fluoresces (glows) from the ultraviolet light emitted by the sun. The gases absorb this invisible component of the sun’s spectrum, and then reemit ener-
get there because of traffic          gy in wavelengths of light that we can see. The second part is the dust mixed with the ice. It is pushed into space by the jetting action of the gases. This dross reflects and scatters sun-
jams,” Davis explained.               light back in our direction, also making the comet shine. It’s a very “cool” process. An online map locating Garradd changing position is at the URL below.
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                          Health                                                                                   Page 14A

                                                                                                MedShare included in Clinton global
                                                                                                initiative to strengthen health systems
                                                                                                in Bangladesh
                                                                                                    Decatur-based MedShare               project. The center translates
                                                                                                recently announced its com-              knowledge from research into
                                                                                                mitment to strengthen health             policy using strategic health
                                                                                                care systems in a network of             programs. This allows basic
                                                                                                12 hospitals in Bangladesh               research to rapidly influence
                                                                                                in collaboration with the In-            policy applications and ac-
                                                                                                ternational Center for Diar-             tion if the evidence supports
                                                                                                rheal Disease and Research,              meaningful public health ben-
                                                                                                Bangladesh, the Ministry of              efit. Research priorities at the
                                                                                                Health of Bangladesh and                 International Center for Diar-
                                                                                                Americares. Announced at                 rheal Disease and Research,
                                                                                                this year’s Clinton Global               Bangladesh are cross cutting,
                                                                                                Initiative, the commitment               such as to child health, infec-
                                                                                                will lead to the distribution            tious diseases and vaccine
                                                                                                of nearly $8 million worth of            sciences, reproductive health,
                                                                                                donated medicines and sup-               nutrition, population, HIV/
                                                                                                plies and will establish best-           AIDS and safe water.
                                                                                                practice guidelines for patient              Representing MedShare
                                                                                                care and treatment. Over three           at the event were CEO and
                                                                                                years, this project will provide         President Meridith Rentz;
                                                                                                direct benefit to more than              A.B. Short, senior advisor to
                                                                                                five million people, the vast            the CEO; Sandy Tytel, chair
Emory Vaccine Center partners                                                                   majority of whom subsist on
                                                                                                less than $2 per day, accord-
                                                                                                ing to an announcement from
                                                                                                                                         of MedShare’s New York Re-
                                                                                                                                         gional Council; David Pass,
                                                                                                                                         chief advancement officer;
with global initiative to boost                                                                 MedShare.
                                                                                                    “At MedShare, we care
                                                                                                                                         and Angie Fife Engelberger
                                                                                                                                         and Ralph Engelberger.
                                                                                                deeply about not only meet-              Angie Engelberger is a mem-
vaccine research and development                                                                ing our recipients’ need for
                                                                                                supplies and equipment in
                                                                                                                                         ber of MedShare’s Southeast
                                                                                                                                         Regional Council and her
                                                                                                the short-term, but also – and           company, Project Develop-
    A team of 42 universi-    to vaccine effectiveness.      ship covers a wide range           more importantly – about                 ment Services Inc. (PDSI),
ties and research institu-        “Tremendous progress       of crucial aspects of vacci-       strengthening and sustaining             sponsored MedShare’s first
tions in 13 countries will    has been made in vac-          nation, from basic research        health care systems world-               container of medical supplies
work to accelerate human      cine development over          and new technologies to            wide,” an announcement                   and equipment for the project
vaccine development           the past several decades,”     clinical trials and public         states.                                  in celebration of its 10th an-
through a new collab-         said Ahmed, who is also a      health. The high-impact                Although Bangladesh’s                niversary. PDSI is a privately
orative research program      Georgia Research Alliance      project is expected to lead        economy has grown at 5 per-              held hotel development and
named Advanced Im-            Eminent Scholar. “We           to improved potency and            cent or more the past 15 years,          renovation company that spe-
munization Technologies       have the opportunity to        safety of vaccines and             it remains one of the poorest            cializes in hotel project man-
(ADITEC).                     move forward rapidly and       their components; novel            countries in the world. The 12           agement.
    The partnership, led by   dramatically with vaccines     routes and devices of ad-          hospitals included in the com-               “By sending MedShare
Novartis, was launched        that are effective against     ministration; optimized            mitment each have 200-plus               supplies and equipment to
Oct. 1 with 30 million        the world’s most challeng-     vaccination strategies;            beds and are located through-            projects where other partners
euros ($41.2 million) in      ing and emerging diseases.     optimized formulations             out Bangladesh in a mix of               are in place to provide hu-
funding over five years       This international effort      and vaccination methods            rural and urban settings. Med-           man capital, clinical expertise,
from the European Union       will bring together the        for different age groups;          Share’s contribution to the              physical infrastructure, and
and 11 million euros          most innovative research       better insight in the effects      commitment will include sev-             pharmaceutical product, we
($15.1 million) in co-fund-   and create critical syner-     of gender, chronic diseases        en ocean containers of medi-             are contributing to a more
ing from collaborating or-    gies.”                         and genetic variation on           cal supplies and equipment.              sustainable system that has
ganizations. ADITEC will          ADITEC comprises a         vaccination; and wide-                 In celebration of the oc-            the potential to make a long-
develop new technologies      team of European univer-       spread knowledge about             casion, MedShare partici-                term, measurable impact that
and a platform for innova-    sities and research insti-     the available new tech-            pated in a special dinner in             we can then report back to
tion in the next generation   tutions and leading U.S.       nologies.                          New York during the Clinton              you, our stakeholders, without
of human vaccines.            centers in vaccine devel-          ADITEC is coordi-              Global Initiative, hosted by             whom MedShare’s mission
    As a research partner,    opment, systems biology        nated by Rino Rappuoli             the International Center for             would not be possible,” Med-
the Emory Vaccine Center      and vaccine adjuvants. The     and Donata Medaglini of            Diarrheal Disease and Re-                Share officials said in a news
will contribute expertise     project is reinforced by a     Sclavo Vaccines Associa-           search, Bangladesh, which is             release.
in vaccine research and       number of key European         tion (SVA) in Siena, Italy.        the coordinating NGO for the
development. Emory            industries, both large phar-
Vaccine Center Director       maceutical and smaller
Rafi Ahmed is a world-        biotechnology companies,                                             “NOTICE OF REFERENDUM ELECTION”
renowned expert in im-        focusing on specific in-
mune memory and vaccine       novative technologies that                       Notice is hereby given that a Question will be placed on the November 8, 2011
protective immunity. Bali     allow development and                   Election ballot for the City of Doraville, Georgia, pursuant to Act 33, House Bill 545, as passed
Pulendran, director of        manufacture of better and               by the 2011 Georgia Legislature, for a Referendum vote of a majority to approve the
Emory’s recently estab-       safer vaccines. In addition,            following:
lished Center for Systems     the World Health Orga-                                                     ( ) YES ( ) NO
Vaccinology, will contrib-    nization is supporting the                       “Shall the Act be approved which provides a homestead exemption from
ute his expertise in innate   project as a senior partner,            City of Doraville ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes in the amount of
immunity and systems          ensuring that cross cutting
                                                                      $25,000.00 of the assessed value of the homestead for residents of that city and
biology—identifying all       global health aspects of
aspects of the immune         vaccines are duly consid-               repeals prior exemptions?”
                                                                               Any questions may be directed to the Doraville City Clerk, 3725 Park Avenue,
system, including genomic     ered.
                                                                      Doraville, Georgia 30340.”
signatures that contribute        The research partner-
The Champion Free Press, Friday, October 21, 2011                  Local News                                                                         Page 15A

Continued From Page 1A
seven brothers and one sister. The family
lived in Brooklyn, N.Y., for 11 years
before moving to Georgia.
   McLeod said her daughter is
trustworthy, honest and has many
   “She is very nice, very kind,”
McLeod said. “She likes to cook. She’s a
very tidy person.”
   “I wouldn’t say [we were] best
friends, but we were friends,” McLeod
said. “She was everything to me.”
   Her brother, Ovid McLeod, said the
family just wants Shawndell to come
   “Please just let my sister come back
home,” Ovid McLeod said. “My sister
hasn’t done any harm to anybody. She
wouldn’t even kill a cockroach. She’s
   A week after her disappearance,
relatives passed out flyers in Shawndell’s
neighborhood, hoping that “somebody
saw something,” Badicea McLeod said.
   “I’m keeping hope alive,” Badicea
McLeod said. Whatever happened, I’m
not trying to think negatively. I’m just
                                                                                                                                          Photo by Josh Lamkin
trying to think positively.
   “I naturally made up my mind that
whatever is the [outcome], I’m ready to
face it. I just need closure. I just can’t
live in hope all the time.”                     Great minds collide on religion, sex and
                                                 more in engaging two-character play
Continued From Page 1A                         by Kathy Mitchell                     might have led to his world view.      it? Why does Lewis dislike
together with General Motors, DeKalb                                                 Freud has suffered through the         hymns and not care much for
                                                    Sigmund Freud, the father of                                            church services if he is devoted to
County and the city of Doraville.”                                                   deaths of a 27-year-old daughter
   Pittman also sees the value in brining      psychoanalysis, and writer C.S.       and a young grandson. Of Jew-          the Christian faith?
together different cultures, something that    Lewis were among the most in-         ish ethnic heritage, he has been           If theatergoers are looking
has not been done before in the county in      fluential figures of the 20th cen-    driven from his native Austria by      for one side or the other to “win,”
one festival.                                  tury. Though both were brilliant      Adolph Hitler’s invading troops        they will be disappointed. Audi-
   “It’s a wonderful idea,” Pittman said.      men, they perceived the world         and is in the final stages of mouth    ence members are left at the end
“DeKalb County and Doraville has a lot of      in very different ways. The two-      cancer, which sometimes causes         of Mark St. Germain’s well
diversity and any time you bring cultures      character Theatrical Outfit play
together is a good thing.”                                                           him horrible pain. He has moved        written, thought-provoking, rich
                                               Freud’s Last Session, now on the      to London, where the Germans           and complex play—which even
   There will be several stages for music      Balzer Theater at Herren’s stage,
and dancing by local international groups,                                           are periodically dropping bombs.       includes moments of humor—to
                                               imagines a conversation on a          From his perspective, the notion       draw their own conclusions. At
an international and domestic food and         range of heady topics such as re-
drink court, a children’s area, vendor’s                                             that a loving God could permit all     approximately 90 minutes, the
                                               ligion, sex and suffering between     of this is nothing less than absurd.   one-act play is the perfect length
market and a comedy stage.
                                               Freud and Lewis during the last           Lewis on the other hand ar-        to engage an audience in lively
                                               days of Freud’s life.                 gues that atheism is no more logi-     discourse without becoming te-
                                                   Freud is an atheist who re-       cal than faith. “Atheism turns out     dious.
                                               gards all religion as childish        to be too simple,” he says. “If the        Both cast members are excel-
                                               superstition. Lewis is a former       whole universe has no meaning,         lent. David De Vries is complete-
                                               atheist who has become a devout       we should never have found out         ly believable as the wry, churlish
                                               Christian. While the conversation     that it has no meaning. Just as, if    Freud struggling with an ill-fitting
                                               reflects the personal and intellec-   there were no light in the universe    prosthetic mouth roof and suffer-
                                               tual respect the two have for one     and therefore no creatures with        ing occasional bouts of nearly un-
                                               another, it sometimes becomes         eyes, we should never know it          bearable pain. Andrew Benator
                                               a sharp-edged confrontation.          was dark. Dark would be without        plays the mild-mannered Lewis
                                               Lewis’ religious views prompt         meaning.” He further asserts that      with just the right touches of zeal
                                               Freud to comment, “I want to          in arguing against God one is ar-      and compassion. Entertaining and
                                               learn why a man of your intellect,    guing against the very power that      provocative, this production is
                                               one who shared my convictions,        makes him able to argue at all.        everything that an evening at the
                                               could suddenly abandon truth and          They point out inconsisten-        theater should be.
                                               embrace an insidious lie.”            cies in one another’s philosophies         Theatrical Outfit’s Freud’s
                                                   The 1939 meeting is in            and personal choices. Why did          Last Session is at the Balzer The-
                                               Freud’s office. Although it’s         Freud choose to marry and re-          ater at Herren’s, 84 Luckie St.,
                                               not intended as an analysis ses-      main faithful all his life to one      Atlanta. For more information,
                                               sion, each of the men explores        woman if he does not believe in        call (678) 528-1500 or visit www.
                                               how the other’s personal history      an almighty deity who requires
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                            Education                                                                            Page 16A

Principal Laurent Ditmann (bottom left) and students of the International Community School in Avondale Estates look forward to moving into a new facility, possibly as early
as August 2012.

Avondale charter school makes best
of its location, circumstances
by Daniel Beauregard                       and logistical problems. “We’ve             Ditmann also said that vandalism               The curricular framework for                     been dealing with it for five years         has been a constant problem with           the school is the International
                                           and it’s breaking our back.”                the trailers.                              Baccalaureate Primary Years
    Several weather-beaten trailers            However, a recent vote by the               Additionally, some classrooms          Program, which focuses on the
sit tucked away behind the Avondale        DeKalb School Board could offer             the school has to share with the           development of the child as an
Pattillo United Methodist Church.          ICS a long-term solution. Recently,         church, including a room that floods       inquirer, both in and outside the
At first glance, they look like            the board passed a letter of intent         every time there is a hard rain.           classroom.
nothing more than places to hold           and a charter amendment, which                  Ditmann said the school, which             “The great thing about IB is,
Sunday school or the occasional            would allow the school to use the           was one of the first charter schools       it not only focuses on academics,
meeting.                                   vacant Medlock Elementary rent-             in Georgia, was created to address a       it also focuses on moral, ethical
    However, during the week               free. Medlock was closed under              specific purpose within the DeKalb         and intellectual traits that have to
those trailers are filled with the         Interim Superintendent Ramona               County School System.                      do with tolerance, balance, open-
300 students who attend The                Tyson’s redistricting plan.                     “It has an absolutely unique           mindedness and intellectual risk
International Community School                 “That’s a good indication that the      mission. It’s sometimes hard to            taking,” Ditmann said.
(ICS) in Avondale Estates.                 senior staff at DCSS and the board          quantify but there is no doubt that            Ditmann said that even though
    The school opened in 2002              is committed to helping charter             the mission in and of itself is totally    Medlock is a little farther than their
with approximately 120 students            schools, generally speaking, and            unique,” Ditmann said.                     current location, he didn’t think ICS
and 25 staff members. Since then,          us in particular. They realize that             Ditmann, who has been the              would lose enrollment due to the
enrollment has grown to nearly             we really add value to the system,          principal since 2008, said the idea        distance.
400 students—300 K-4 students at           we do something that nobody else            for the school was born out of the             “I think we’ll be losing people
the Avondale Pattillo Church and           does,” Ditmann said.                        need to address the presence of            from Avondale Estates but we’ll be
90 fifth and sixth graders in Stone            Although the deal is not final—         large numbers of refugees in the           gaining people from the Medlock
Mountain.                                  ICS still has to negotiate the lease        school system.                             area,” Ditmann said. “In terms
    Principal Laurent Ditmann              agreement—Ditmann said that if                  “The Clarkston area was chosen         of the refugee and immigrant
said he was grateful the Avondale          everything goes as planned the              as a refugee resettlement site about       population…we do offer busing and
Pattillo Church had been kind              school could be in the building as          20 odd years ago. So, the school           we will continue to bus our refugee
enough to let ICS use its facilities       early as August of 2012.                    system had to deal with this massive       population to the school.”
but with the school’s growing                  “What you see here, that area is        influx of refugee kids with no real            Ditmann said he was excited
enrollment it is running out of            the gym and when it rains we have           framework to do that,” Ditmann             about finally being able to give the
space. He said that due to zoning          to use the cafeteria,” Ditmann said,        said.                                      students the facilities they deserve.
rules and regulations the school           pointing to a large field behind the            The founders of the school                 “There is no doubt that it’s going
cannot expand anymore.                     church that was mostly dirt.                wanted to create a learning                to change some of the profile of the
    “This place was great to open the          The school also lacks a proper          environment consisting of both             school but the central philosophy,
school but it was never seen as the        auditorium, gym and cafeteria—the           refugee and American children              that’s not going to change,” he said.
long-term solution,” Ditmann said.         area where the children eat is too          in the community. Now, Ditmann
He also said that maintaining two          small to house all of them at once          said the school’s enrollment is
campuses posed a lot of financial          so students have staggered lunches.         approximately 45 percent refugees.
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                                                                                                               Page 17A

                            EDUCATION BRIEFS
                                                                                                     DeKalb County resident to participate
                                                                                                     in National Leadership Institute
                                                                                                        Dr. Kirk A. Nooks, a DeKalb County resident and
                                                                                                     campus dean for Georgia Highlands College in Marietta,
                                                                                                     has recently been selected to the 2011 Thomas Lakin
                                                                                                     Institute for Mentored Leadership.
                                                                                                        The institute will be hosted in Detroit Oct. 16 - 21.
                                                                                                     Nooks will be one of 12 leaders who will attend the
                                                                                                     executive development program sponsored by the
                                                                                                     Presidents’ Roundtable of the National Council on Black
                                                                                                     American Affairs.
                                                                                                        The institute prepares senior-level executives for
                                                                                                     positions as community college chief executive officers.
                                                                                                     The program has graduated the highest number of African
                                                                                                     Americans who have gone on to CEO positions of any
                                                                                                     leadership institute in the United States.
                                                                                                        Nooks will take a variety of courses designed to prepare
                                                                                                     him for such a leadership role, including finance, internal
                                                                                                     and external partnership-building, the presidential search
                                                                                                     and interview process, fundraising, institutional leadership
                                                                                                     and effectiveness, board relations and fundraising skills.

                                                                                                     Agnes Scott joins launch of $1
                                                                                                     billion green challenge
                                                                                                         Agnes Scott College has joined 32 other leading
                                                                                                     institutions to launch the Billion Dollar Green Challenge.
Students at Dunwoody Elementary were visited by firefighters and EMT personnel from DeKalb Coun-     The national goal is to invest a total of $1 billion in
ty Fire Rescue, Marta Police Department and the Dunwoody Police Department over the past several     self-managed green revolving funds that finance energy
weeks as they learned about "community helpers."
                                                                                                     efficiency upgrades on campus.
                                                                                                         Agnes Scott is the first women’s college in the country
 Dunwoody Elementary visited by community helpers                                                    to take the lead in making this commitment and, along
                                                                                                     with Georgia Tech is one of two founding institutions in
     Over the past two weeks, kindergarten       helpers do on a daily basis and how they                Green revolving funds involve an initial investment
 students at Dunwoody Elementary have            help to keep the community safe.                    that is used to fund sustainability-related projects. As these
 been learning about various community              Throughout the two weeks, students               projects save the college in costs associated with energy
 helpers.                                        were visited by firefighters and EMT                consumption, water and other operations, the funds saved
     In class the students discussed those       personnel from DeKalb County Fire                   are then put back into the fund to be used to pay for future
 in the field of public safety that assist,      Department, and members of the MARTA                sustainability projects.
 protect and keep the community safe. They       and Dunwoody police departments.                        The colleges have joined The Challenge’s Founding
 also learned about what these community                                                             Circle by committing to invest a cumulative total of more
                                                                                                     than $65 million in green revolving funds.

                                                                                                CITY OF STONE MOUNTAIN
                                                                                                     PUBLIC NOTICE
                                                                    The proposed 2012 fiscal budget will be presented to the City of Stone Mountain governing
                                                                  authority at the City Council Work Session to be held on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 6:00
                                                                  p.m. at City Hall. The budget will be available at City Hall for review between the hours of
                                                                  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday beginning Wednesday, October 19, 2011. The
                                                                  Public Hearing to discuss and hear public input on the proposed 2012 fiscal budget will be held
                                                                  on Tuesday, November 15, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall, 922 Main Street, Stone Mountain,

                                                                                                 “NOTICE OF REFERENDUM ELECTION”

                                                                      Notice is hereby given that a Question will be placed on the November 8, 2011 Election
                                                                    ballot for the City of Doraville, Georgia, pursuant to Act 133, House Bill 330, as passed by the
                                                                    2011 Georgia Legislature, for a Referendum vote of a majority to approve the following:
                                                                                                     ( ) YES ( ) NO
                                                                    “Shall the Act be approved which authorizes the City of Doraville to exercise
                                                                    redevelopment powers under the 'Redevelopment Powers Law,' as it may be
    Printed on 100% post-                                           amended from time to time?”
                                                                      Any questions may be directed to the Doraville City Clerk, 3725 Park Avenue, Doraville,
    consumer recycled paper                                         Georgia 30340.”
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                           Business                                                                                Page 18A

                                                                          BUSINESS BRIEFS
                                                                                                                          egy for all market sales, including the cor-
                                                                     Homebuyer seminar offered                            porate, university and leisure segments. She
                                                                                                                          generates new business, including meetings,
                                                                        Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is hosting a           groups and local accounts, and builds rela-
                                                                     seminar—How to Buy A Home in Today’s                 tionships with clients by capitalizing on the
                                                                     Market—on Saturday, Oct 22 , at 10 a.m.              hotel’s amenities and services.
                                                                     Topics include buying a home in today’s                 Hotel Equities also announced that its
                                                                     market, how to qualify for a home loan and           SpringHill Suites by Marriott hotel in Vero
                                                                     how to work with an agent to find the right          Beach, Fla., recently won the 2011 Mid-Size
                                                                     home for you. Jackson Hewitt is located at           Company of the Year award for Indian River
                                                                     7535 Covington Highway in Lithonia. Call             County in a competition held by the Indian
                                                                     (770) 484-3131 or e-mail jhseminar@gmail.            River County Chamber of Commerce.
Elaine Bishoff personally takes care of the young trees, watering
them and making sure they get proper sunlight. Photo by Kathy        com to reserve a spot for this seminar.
                                                                                                                          Harland Clarke president
Nalley Tree                                                          Hotel Equities announces
                                                                     promotions, award
                                                                                                                          and COO to serve on GPC
                                                                                                                          Foundation board
Campaign takes root                                                     DeKalb-based Hotel Equities recently an-              Dan Singleton, president and chief op-

for second season                                                    nounced the promotion of Elizabeth Derby
                                                                     to vice president of sales and marketing, and
                                                                     the promotion of Johanna Walker to direc-
                                                                                                                          erating officer of Decatur-based Harland
                                                                                                                          Clarke Corp., has been named to the Geor-
                                                                                                                          gia Perimeter College Foundation Board of
                                                                     tor of sales for the Fairfield Inn & Suites          Trustees.
    The Nalley Tree Cam-           ager for Asbury Automotive                                                                 Singleton has responsibility for all aspects
paign enters its second sea-       Group, the parent com-            hotel at Perimeter Center in north metro At-
                                                                     lanta.                                               of Harland Clarke, a leading provider to fi-
son and anticipates planting       pany of Nalley Automotive                                                              nancial institutions for more than 100 years.
3,000 trees this year. Since       Group. “Building on the              Derby reports directly to Hotel Equities
                                                                     President and CEO Fred Cerrone and sits as           He leads an executive team with responsi-
its November 2010 debut,           great results and excitement                                                           bility for guiding nearly 4,500 employees
the campaign has resulted          from last year will no doubt      a member of the Hotel Equities Strategic Al-
                                                                     liance Leadership Team, the executive com-           in providing a range of integrated solutions
in more than 3,600 trees           produce even more oppor-                                                               that include transactional payment solutions,
being planted within the           tunities to participate in this   mittee responsible for casting the company
                                                                     vision and orchestrating its growth.                 manufacturing and contact center services,
City of Decatur and DeKalb         campaign.”                                                                             marketing services, and security solutions for
County.                                Tree-planting season in          Walker has responsibility for initiating
                                                                     sales and implementing the marketing strat-          individual and business consumers.
    “We were looking to            Georgia runs from October
do something community-            to April. The colder weather
based,” said Elaine Bishoff,       allows root systems of
customer relations manager         young seedlings to establish
                                                                                                      “NOTICE OF REFERENDUM ELECTION”
at Nalley Infiniti Decatur.        before Georgia’s typically
“It’s been a really positive       hot summers. Hot weather
                                                                                   Notice is hereby given that a Question will be placed on the November 8, 2011
experience for the commu-          can be stressful for young
                                                                          Election ballot for the City of Doraville, Georgia, pursuant to Act 143, House Bill 544, as
nity and our employees.”           trees that must establish
                                                                          passed by the 2011 Georgia Legislature, for a Referendum vote of a majority to approve the
    Anyone can come by,            their root systems, while
sign the guest book and            collecting water and nutri-
leave with a tree, according       ents for growth.                                                   BINDING REFERENDUM
to Bishoff. “We give them              Through April 30, 2012,                                              ( ) Yes ( ) No
instructions on planting and       residents can visit the show-                 Shall the Act be approved which changes the government of the City of
caring for the tree. We don’t      rooms of Nalley BMW, Nal-              Doraville to a city manager form of government with a part-time mayor and a full-
want the tree to die after the     ley Infiniti or Nalley Nissan          time city manager?
person takes it home,” she         on the 1600 block of Church                     Any questions may be directed to the Doraville City Clerk, 3725 Park Avenue,
said.                              Street in Decatur during               Doraville, Georgia 30340.”
    Bishoff personally takes       business hours to pick up
care of the young trees,           complimentary trees, in-
watering them and making           cluding dogwoods, oaks and                                           CITY OF DUNWOODY
sure that get proper sunlight.     Redbuds. One-gallon pot-                                          PUBLIC NOTICE OF ELECTION
Describing herself as “kind        ted trees will be distributed
of a farm girl,” she added         in the outlying months of           Notice is hereby given that on November 8, 2011, in conjunction with the General
that the project has been an       October and April, to en-
especially good fit for her.       sure the trees thrive in the        Municipal Election, there shall be conducted in the City of Dunwoody, Georgia an
    The city of Decatur,           warmer weather. Bare-root           election for the purpose of submitting the question of Sunday package sales by retailers
DeKalb County, Trees At-           tree seedlings will be dis-         of malt beverage, wine, and distilled spirits in the City of Dunwoody to the electors of
lanta, Park Pride and Keep         tributed the remainder of the       the City of Dunwoody for approval or rejection. The ballot shall have written or
DeKalb Beautiful have part-        time. Planting instructions         printed thereon the words:
nered with the Nalley Tree         for each tree will also be
Campaign again, with the           provided.                           ( ) Yes          Shall the governing authority of the City of Dunwoody, Georgia be
goal of planting 10,000 trees          “I have been actively
within the City of Decatur         involved in the Nalley Tree                          authorized to permit and regulate package sales by retailers of malt
and DeKalb County in three         Campaign since its incep-           ( ) No           beverages, wine and distilled spirits on Sundays between the hours of
years.                             tion,” said Gregory Levine,                          12:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.?
     “We expect to exceed          chief program officer of
our goal this year with the        Trees Atlanta. “I’ve been           This notice is given pursuant to a resolution of the City adopted on June 20th, 2011.
help of our partners and           amazed at how Decatur
local organizations who to-        and DeKalb citizens have                                                               CITY OF DUNWOODY,
gether made last season so         come together to make this
spectacular,” said Melissa         program so successful. The                                                             GEORGIA
Corey, public relations            support from the community                                                             By: Sharon Lowery
and communications man-            is really overwhelming.”                                                               Municipal Elections Superintendent
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                                                                                                                                                                   Page 19A

TheChampion                                 Classifieds
               For Prices, Deadlines and Information
                                                                                                                                                 Ads Due By Friday - Noon
                                                                                                                                                       for next publication date.
                                                                                                                                                  The Champion is not responsible
   Visit                                                                                                               for any damages resulting from
    RATES: $30.00 for up to 40 words, each additional word $0.60. All ads are prepaid!
                             All Major credit cards accepted!                                                                                       advertisements. All sales final.

                                                                                             DISCL AIMER
  We do not knowingly accept advertisements that discriminate, or intend to discriminate, on any illegal basis. Nor do we knowingly accept employment advertisements that are not bona-fide job
  offers. All real estate advertisements are subject to the fair housing act and we do not accept advertising that is in violation of the law. The law prohibits discrimination based on color, religion, sex,
                                                                                 national origin, handicap or familial status.

          AUCTIONS                         For more info call 888-484-                 lots, $23,900. Gated, vibrant,                            Earn your Master’s Degree in Construction Management
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pers for only $350. Your 25-                      HELP WANTED                          trict. Bank Rep. on property                                                   • Multi-discipline peer interaction
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Georgia Newspaper Service,                 the following positions. Candi-                                 áå íÜÉ ïçêäÇK
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                                           dates for each of these posi-                                                                                                                                   .S.
                                                                                                                                                                      • Bachelor’s degree from accredited U University
770-454-6776.                                                                                                                                                           required
                                           tions need to possess the fol-              ONE DAY ONLY Oct. 22.                                      Deadline for Application: November 1, 2011
            DRIVERS                        lowing: Exceptional Customer                New lake property release.                                              For more information please contact:
                                           Service skills, ability to work             Offered at up to 60% below                                    Dianne Gilmer 205-975-5848,
Driver – SE Regional lanes,                well with a team, and enjoy                 market value! Lakefront land
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99% no touch freight. Great                Manager: Candidates should                  1 hr from Atlanta! Lake living
hometime. Steady miles.                    have experience in Property                 from $49.900. 1.5 tp 5 acre
Healthcare benefits. CDL-A,                 Management field. Be orga-                  homesites available. Call 888-
1 year recent experience. 800-             nized, detail oriented, and a               696-6088 or www.livelaceola.
483-5182.                     quick learner. Experience                   com
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D r i v e r s – N E W PAY                  Onesite a plus. Leasing Spe-
I N C R E A S E F O R TA N K               cialist/Resident Service Coor-                  MISCELLANEOUS
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Great Miles, and 3 Weeks                   with a heavy background in                  CASH PAID FOR DIABETIC
paid Vacation, Incentives,                 the customer service field,                 TEST STRIPS. Up to $10 per
Insurance & 401K. Food                     enjoy working with people,                  box. Most brands call Tom
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1 year OTR Experience                      provide exceptional service.                5097.
Required. Call 877-882-6537.               Experience in apartment in-                    dustry and Onesite a plus!                  SAWMILLS from only $3997
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P a i d C D L Tr a i n i n g ! N o         industry with ability to repair             mension. In stock ready to                                                                           • Back pain
experience required. CRST                  all aspects of maintenance.                 ship. Free Info & DVD: www.
                                           HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical,        1-800-                                                                           • Muscle pain
EXPEDITED 800-326-2778.                           Make ready, etc. Must be                    578-1363 Ext.300N                                                                                    • Arthritis pain
                                           HVAC certified. This is a Sec-                                                                                                                   • Joint pain
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NO MONEY DOWN CDL                          aged to apply. Local residents,             change and property settle-
TRAINING. Work for us or let               especially those in DeKalb                  ment agreement. FREE infor-

us work for you! Unbeatable                County Housing Authority                    mation. SAVE HUNDREDS.
Career Opportunities *                     Communities and low income                  Fast and easy. Call 1-888-
Trainee*Company                            residents of DeKalb County                  789-0198. 24/7
Driver*LEASE OPERATOR                      are also encouraged to apply.                                                               North Carolina Mountain Top Land Sale
                                                                                                                                           North Carolina Mountain Top Land Sale
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Page 20A                                                                                                                       The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011

      Around	 	 	deKAlb
                    ATLANTA                                    Wine festival in its 10th year                                                   DUNWOODY
Session designed to help boys’                                       The 10th annual Decatur Wine Festival is scheduled
academic performance                                           for Saturday, Nov. 5, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the historic Old      City completes E-911 transition
                                                               Courthouse Square in Downtown Decatur. This year’s
                                                               festival will showcase more than 350 wines, domestic and            The city of Dunwoody officially transferred its E-911
       “Prodigy Mom” and parental involvement coach Mi-        international, as well as organic and sustainably produced      services from DeKalb County to the Chattahoochee River
chelle Brown-Stafford is partnering with the East Lake         wines. Festivalgoers can also sample fare from Decatur          9-1-1 Authority (ChatComm) earlier this month after six
Family YMCA to host a free “lunch and learn” gathering         eateries and listen to live music from the Gwen Hughes          months of preparation. ChatComm is a governmental
for families committed to helping their sons thrive in edu-    Band and The Shadowboxers.                                      authority established by the cities of Johns Creek and
cation. The event is Saturday, Oct. 29, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.,            All proceeds from the festival benefit the Decatur Arts    Sandy Springs to handle their 911 calls. Dunwoody pays a
at East Lake Family YMCA, 275 Eastlake Blvd., Atlanta.         Alliance, which offers the Decatur Arts Festival and other      fixed fee for call taking and police dispatch services.
Brown-Stafford, enrolled her son Stephen Stafford into         art events free to the community each year.
Morehouse College at age 11. Among the topics slated for             Tickets are $35 and may be purchased in advance
discussion are:                                                only at A limited number are
• Your son and the classroom—why a mix-match?
• Why boys hate to read and what to do about it
                                                               available in advance at Decatur Package Store. Admission            STONE MOUNTAIN
                                                               is limited to 2,200 people and attendees must be 21 or old-
• Preparing your son for his future occupation—outside of      er. For more information, call (404) 371-9583 or visit www.
  the classroom                                       or
• How video games and electronic gadgets can improve                                                                           Charles ‘Chuck’ Burris memorial
  academic performance
                                                                                                                               bridge to be dedicated
• Zeroing in on what gets your son inspired and channeling
  it into academics                                                               DORAVILLE                                          A dedication ceremony to name the bridge at the
• Connecting your son to college and his future.
                                                                                                                               interchange of East Ponce de Leon Avenue and Memorial
     Families interested should contact Diane Brown of         City wins award for LCI study                                   Drive the Charles “Chuck” Burris Memorial Bridge at (678) 278-8424 or Quandra Collins of                                                                      will take place Oct. 22 at 2 p.m. The Georgia General
the East Lake Family YMCA at (404) 373-6561 for details.            The 2010 Downtown Doraville Master Plan LCI Study          Assembly approved the new name for the bridge earlier
Parents can also visit and click “Pa-    won an award Sept. 30 for Outstanding Planning Docu-            this year when it passed House Resolution 719, which was
rental Involvement Campaign” for Parents-As-Partners. The      ment—Large Community at the Georgia Planning Associa-           sponsored by Rep. Billy Mitchell (D-Stone Mountain), who
event is free for families and space is limited.               tion’s fall conference.                                         is hosting the ceremony.
                                                                    The 2010 Downtown Doraville Master Plan is a                     Burris became the first Black mayor of Stone Mountain
                                                               seven-month, long-term community planning process that          in 1997. After completing his term in 2001, he became the
                    DECATUR                                    focuses on a 689-acre study area, which includes the New
                                                               Peachtree/Shallowford Road corridor, the section of Buford
                                                                                                                               executive director of the Southern Regional Council and
                                                                                                                               later took a position as a senior IT manager at Lockheed
                                                               Highway between I-285 and Shallowford Road, the GM              Martin. Burris, who graduated from Morehouse College in
‘How to Build a Better DeKalb’ forum                           property and areas north and west of the former assembly        Atlanta, worked as a public employee for the city of Atlanta
announced                                                      plant. The study focuses primarily on the GM plant redevel-
                                                               opment and transportation connectivity to and from the site.
                                                                                                                               and served on the Stone Mountain City Council before
                                                                                                                               being elected mayor. Burris died Feb. 12, 2009, at the age
    The League of Women Voters of DeKalb is hosting a          Transportation projects identified in LCI studies are eligible   of 57.
transparency in government forum with DeKalb County            for federal transportation funding.
commissioners on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 6-7:45 p.m. at the
downtown Decatur Library auditorium, 215 Sycamore St.,
                                                               Halloween party planned at library
    Confirmed to attend are commissioners Jeff Rader,
Larry Johnson, Lee May and Kathie Gannon                            Halloween Spooktacular, the library’s annual Hallow-
    This will be an opportunity to engage commissioners in     een party, is scheduled for Oct. 26, 10:30-11:30 a.m. The
a conversation about “How to Build a Better DeKalb.” It will   event is free and aimed at children ages 3-5. There will be
also be an opportunity to ask commissioners about critical     games, spooky stories, songs and a costume contest. No
issues facing DeKalb County and to obtain their feedback       registration is required. The library is at 3748 Central Ave.
about these issues.                                            in Doraville. For more information, call (770) 936-4852.
    For additional information contact the League of
Women Voters DeKalb at or (404) 321-           Unity Garden sponsors Picnic With
                                                               Scarecrows                                                      Alexis Perry, second from right, was joined at the
                                                                                                                               presentation of the Diamond of Hope Award by, from left,
Harvest festival announced                                           The Doraville Unity Garden will hold Picnic with Scare-
                                                                                                                               Randy Redner, American Cancer Society; Lori Hall, WellStar
                                                                                                                               Health System; and Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson.
      The Global Growers Network will celebrate its second     crows on Oct. 22, 2-4 p.m., at the Wheeler and Chestnut
annual Harvest Festival on Saturday, Oct. 22, noon to 3        site. The event, done in conjunction with the DeKalb County
p.m., at the Burundi Women’s Farm at 121 Sam’s Street,         Board of Health and its partners, is part of the national       Teenager receives Diamond of Hope
                                                               Food Day open house initiative. The goal of the picnic is to
Decatur. Refugee women from Burundi who lead the farm
will celebrate a successful growing season with a Winter       foster community awareness and participation in national        award
Stew and Chili Cook-Off, international music and dancing,      efforts to expand access to healthy, affordable and locally
children’s games and prizes, locally grown fresh produce       grown food. For information, contact: Susan Fraysse                  The Atlanta Braves presented 15-year-old Alexis
and fun for the whole family. The entrance fee is $15 for      (770-263-0262),, Heather Isaacson            Perry of Stone Mountain with its Breast Cancer Awareness
adults, $5 for children older than 5, and free for children    (770-458-0764), or Yajaira Weiner            Day Diamond of Hope award. The award recognizes
younger than 5. Tickets can be purchased in advance at         (678-571-6442),                          caregivers who have made an impact on the lives of cancer Susan Pavlin, director of the                                                                           survivors. Perry was nominated by her mother Shea
Global Growers Network, said, “This is a unique opportunity                                                                    Wiggins, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when her
to celebrate the tremendous contributions that international                                                                   daughter was 4.
newcomers can make to our local food system, and to                                                                                 Perry, who her mother calls “a born caregiver,”
share in the success of these incredible women as produc-                                                                      immediately learned how to help her mother by making her
ers for our local markets.”                                                                                                    own lunches, washing her own clothes and cleaning out the
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                            Sports                                                                      Page 21A

Defending tradition
          Stephenson linemen working to fulfill common goal

Seniors Carlos Hood, from left, Jafar Mann and Jarontay Jones anchor the defensive line for undefeated Stephenson. Photo by Travis Hudgons

by Robert Naddra                         ing seniors, we just do what we’ve        Virginia Tech. A third member of          addition to having players come                   gotta do,” said Jones, a 6-foot-2,        the starting defensive line, senior       through Wade Walker Park and
                                         240-pounder. “We’ve been doing            Carlos Hood, has committed to a           Stephenson Middle School, the
     Jarontay Jones and Jafar            it since we were freshmen. We’ve          scholarship offer by South Caro-          Jaguars have had their share of
Mann were a year away from en-           been all-county, all-region, now          lina.                                     transfers over the years.
tering high school, but they had         we’re ready to win a state champi-            Two years ago, then-senior                “To have some of those guys
the same ambition—win a state            onship.”                                  Michael Thornton was one of the           come up through the middle
high school football championship             The duo is part of a defensive       most heavily recruited defensive          school is a great feeling,” Gar-
at Stephenson.                           front that has helped Stephenson          linemen in the state. Thornton            trell said. “They’re the ones that
     “They all had goals of win-         become one of the most disruptive         chose Georgia, where he is a red-         look forward to coming up and
ning a state championship, even          defenses in the state. The Jaguars        shirt freshman nose tackle.               being a part of the tradition here.
in middle school,” Jaguars coach         lead the county with 36.5 sacks               Having three blue-chip line-          They all enjoy playing with each
Ron Gartrell said. “And the other        and 70 tackles for losses. Jones          men gives Gartrell plenty of op-          other. Even the players who come
kids pick up on that.”                   is second on the team with 14.5           tions on defense.                         in later fit in like they’re right at
     Nearly five years later, the two    sacks. The Jaguars boast the coun-            “We’re fortunate to have guys         home.”
senior defensive linemen are part        ty’s best defense against the run,        that size that can move like those            Such has been the case with
of the blueprint of consistent suc-      allowing the opposition 70 yards          guys can,” Gartrell said. “They en-       Hood, who leads the team with
cess that Gartrell has built at Ste-     per game.                                 able us to do different things like       three recovered fumbles.
phenson in its 15th season playing            “We’re going to be the predict-      stop the run, force turnovers and             “We’re not the only talent on
varsity football. The 7-0 Jaguars,       ing factor,” said Mann, 6-4 and           put pressure on the passer.”              our team,” Hood said. “Everybody
still looking for their first champi-    275 pounds. “Everybody plays                  As has been the case for years        contributes and the team chemis-
onship, have made the state play-        better when we set the tone.”             at Stephenson, team chemistry             try is really good. We’re all pretty
offs 11 straight seasons.                     Mann has committed to Flor-          added to the enormous talent base         close and we hang out together off
     “There’s not much pressure be-      ida while Jones has committed to          has been a formula for success. In        the field.”
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                         Sports                                                                   Page 22A

 DeKalb High School Sports Highlights
               FOOTBALL                           losses. The Bulldogs face Marist on Oct. 21.

Tucker 37, Miller Grove 6: Dallas Rivers          St. Pius 35, Druid Hills 0: Logan
rushed for 116 yards and two touchdowns           Rosborough rushed for 86 yards and two
on 11 carries for the Tigers (7-0 overall and     touchdowns for the Golden Lions (7-0, 4-0
in Region 6-AAAA). Yusuf Minor gained             in Region 5-AAA, Division A). Also, Trey
78 yards and ran for two touchdowns as the        White completed 8 of 10 passes for 110
Tigers totaled 279 yards rushing. It was the      yards. The defense held the Red Devils (4-4,
fourth straight game and fifth this season that   3-2) to 137 total yards. Nick Ruffin blocked
the Tigers have held an opponent to eight         a punt, which Grayson Klingler recovered
points or less. Joshua Dawson led the Tigers      for a touchdown, and Nick Glass had two
with 12 tackles, including two sacks. Also,       interceptions. Also, Braswell recovered
Jerry Shippy had seven tackles and two            a fumble at the Golden Lions’ 1-yard line
sacks. Tucker, ranked No. 1 in Class AAAA,        and Geno Smith made a touchdown-saving
plays Redan on Oct. 21.                           tackle to preserve the shutout. St. Pius faces
                                                  Grady on Oct. 21 with a win securing a berth
Marist 38, Redan 6: William Curran ran            in the state tournament.
for two touchdowns as 12 players carried
the ball for the War Eagles (6-1 overall and      Columbia 56, Towers 6: Kenno Loyal, who
in Region 6-AAAA). Gray King led the              committed to Mississippi last week, rushed
way with 75 yards rushing and a touchdown.        for 161 yards and three touchdowns for the
Jason Morris also scored a touchdown.             Eagles (4-3, 3-1 in Region 5-AAA, Division
Also, Austin Hardin kicked a 50-yard              B). Jabari Menefee completed 4 of 5 passes
field goal, his longest of the season. Jack       for 122 yards and four touchdowns. Keithon
Burke led the defense with six tackles while      Redding caught two passes for 82 yards and
Preston Furry had four tackles, caused two        two touchdowns. Gerald Everett and Mials
fumbles and recovered one. The War Eagles         Woodberry also each caught a touchdown
face Lithonia on Oct. 21.                         pass. Also, Jhaustin Thomas returned a
                                                  fumble 50 yards for a touchdown. The Eagles
Stephenson 46, Langston Hughes 0:                 face Arabia Mountain on Oct. 22.
Mike Davis rushed for 175 yards and two
touchdowns as the Jaguars (7-0, 4-0 in
Region 2-AAAAA) gained more than 350                        CROSS COUNTRY
yards on the ground. Brandon Washington
added 80 yards rushing with two touchdowns        DeKalb County Championships, Oct. 12
and T.J. Moon rushed for 90 yards. Also,          Lakeside swept the county championships          Dunwoody sophomore Alex Cameron won her second straight
                                                                                                   DeKalb County girls' cross country title. Photo provided
Demarcus Sweat returned a punt 55 yards           for the 11th time since 1995 and the boys
for a touchdown. The Jaguars defense has          won their 17th title in a row. The Vikings
held its past two opponents to a total of six     beat Stone Mountain 47-60 in the boys’ race
points. Stephenson plays East Coweta on           for the closest margin since 2005. Lakeside
Oct. 21.                                          has won a total of 28 county titles.
Woodward Academy 27, Cedar Grove 24:              Team scores (top three): Lakeside 47, Stone
The War Eagles rallied in the final minute        Mountain 60, Dunwoody 63.
for the win to create a three-way tie for         Top five individuals: 1. Nahome Abera,
first place in Region 5-AAA, Division B.          Stone Mountain, 17:35.53; 2. Kyle Sexton,
Woodward, Cedar Grove and Columbia each           Dunwoody, 17:43.82; 3. Ray Lumb, Druid
have one loss. The Saints (5-3, 4-1) are off      Hills, 17:53.95; 4. Brian Song, Lakeside,
this week.                                        17:59.27; 5. Andrew Whetten, Druid Hills,
M.L. King 26, Newton 10: Jonquel                  Girls
Dawson passed for 349 yards and three             Team scores (top three): Lakeside 26,
touchdowns for the Lions (7-0, 4-0 in Region      Dunwoody 47, Druid Hills 101.
2-AAAAA). Joshua Stanford caught seven            Top five individuals: 1. Alex Cameron,
passes for 181 yards and two touchdowns,          Dunwoody, 20:25.45, 2. Meghan
while Blake Tibbs caught seven passes for         Wetterhall, Lakeside, 21:00.38; 3. Greciana
141 yards. Also, Dontavious Hood scored           Cooper, Southwest DeKalb, 21:06.65; 4.
on a 9-yard pass and Jaynor Jones returned        Hayley Keadey, Lakeside, 21:50.07; 5. Jenn
a fumble 7 yards for a touchdown. The             Cora, Lakeside, 21:56.37.
defense held the Rams without an offensive
touchdown, scored a safety and forced five
turnovers. Kendarius Whitehead had 13                            SOFTBALL
tackles and two sacks. Also, Chris Burgess
and Wesley Greene each had an interception.       All five teams from DeKalb County that
The Lions face Newnan, which is tied for          qualified for the state tournament lost in the
first place in the region with the Lions and      first round in best-of-three series’ in games
Stephenson, on Oct. 21.                           played Oct. 12-14. In Class AAA, St. Pius
                                                  lost to Central Carroll 7-2, 4-2. In Class
Lithonia 22, Douglass 12: Quarterback             AAAA, Dunwoody lost to Pope 7-0, 15-
Elijah Thomas rushed for 166 yards                4; Lakeside lost to Chapel Hill 5-0, 10-2;
and three touchdowns on 18 carries for            Chamblee lost to Paulding County 10-2, 11-
the Bulldogs (4-3 overall and in Region           0; and Marist lost to Kell 5-3 in the deciding
6-AAAA). On defense, David Johnson led            third game. The War Eagles lost the opener       Nahome Abera of Stone Mountain won the boys' DeKalb
                                                                                                   County cross country title and paced the Pirates to a
the way with 15 tackles, including two for        7-4, then won Game 2 6-5.                        second-place team finish. Photo provided
The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011                       Sports                                                                           Page 23A

Volleyball: Lakeside in second round for third straight year
by Robert Naddra                       faced Darlington on Oct. 18. Lake-      match. Also, Emma Wakeman led               fourth game 25-16 for a 2-2 tie, the                 side played at Lithia Springs in the    the county with 49 blocks.                  Vikings won Game 5 15-11.
                                       AAAA tournament on Oct. 18.                  The offense has been just as                St. Pius’ wins have been more
     Lakeside advanced to the sec-         Arabia Mountain, the only other     productive. Lakeside had three              decisive in the postseason. The
ond round of the Class AAAA state      DeKalb team to advance to the state     players with more than 100 kills            Golden Lions (41-5) have dropped
volleyball playoffs for the third      playoffs, lost in the AAA first round   each through the end of the regular         a game in only one of the past four
straight season with a 3-2 win over    to Locust Grove 25-5, 25-6, 25-5.       season—Jenny Miller, Kierra-Lee             matches. The Golden Lions beat
No. 7 Sprayberry in the first round        Lakeside has enjoyed a balanced     Dunson and Sierra-Lee Dunson.               Troup 25-7, 25-14 and 25-5 in the
on Oct. 12.                            attack—solid hitting up front, com-          That balance has carried Lake-         first round of the state tournament.
     Only St. Pius, ranked No. 2       bined with accurate serving, good       side through the playoffs as three               St. Pius is attempting to get back
in Class AAA, advanced past the        defense and setting. Gloria Mc-         of its past four matches have gone          to the state Final Four for the fourth
first round among other schools in     Goldrick led the county through the     to a deciding game. Against Spray-          time in the past five seasons. The
DeKalb County. The Golden Lions        regular season averaging 18.4 as-       berry, the Vikings lost the first game      Golden Lions advanced to the state
shut out Troup in the first round      sists per match while Amy Vansant       before winning the next two in the          semifinals three years in a row from
of the AAA state tournament and        was tops in digs with 15.1 per          best-of-five match. After losing the        2007-09.

                                                          THE NEXT LEVEL
                                                           Each week The Champion spotlights former
                                                           high school players from the county who are
                                                           succeeding in athletics on the college level.

                                                                          Chris Philpott, Louisville
                                                                          (football): The senior from St. Pius
                                                                          kicked three field goals, including           The Champion chooses a male and
                                                                          a career-long 51-yarder in a 25-16            female high school Athlete of the Week
Eligwe            Kirby               Smith                               loss to Cincinnati on Oct. 15. His            each week throughout the school year.
                                                                          other field goals were from 42 and            The choices are based on performance
Three players selected                                                    18 yards, giving him 10 points on
                                                                          the day.
                                                                                                                        and nominations by coaches. Please
                                                                                                                        e-mail nominations to robert@

to all-American game
                                                                                                               by Monday at noon.
                                                                          Jasmine King, Howard
                                                                          (volleyball): The junior setter               MALE ATHLETE OF THE WEEK
    Three football players from schools in DeKalb                         from Chamblee played a big part               Jonquel Dawson, M.L. King (football):
County have been selected to play in next year’s U.S.                     in the Bison’s current three-game             The quarterback completed 17 of
Army All-American Bowl.                                                   winning streak with 50 assists and            29 passes for 349 yards and three
                                                                          10 digs in wins over Morgan State             touchdowns as the Lions beat Newton 26-
    Stone Mountain linebacker Markuss Eligwe, Ste-                                                                      10 in a Region 2-AAAAA game on Oct.
phenson linebacker Raphael Kirby and St. Pius de-                         and Coppin State. She also had 21
                                                                          assists in a win over Norfolk State.          14. Dawson has passed for 798 yards and
fensive back Geno Smith all recently were officially                                                                    seven touchdowns in the past two games.
invited to play in the national high school all-star
game scheduled for Jan.12, 2012 in San Antonio.                           Jamel Dobbs, Navy (football):
                                                                          The sophomore defensive end from              FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE WEEK
    Smith, who has committed to Alabama, has 38                                                                         Alex Cameron, Dunwoody (cross
tackles and an interception for the Golden Lions.                         Cedar Grove has played in all six
                                                                                                                        country): The sophomore won the
Kirby leads DeKalb County through six games with                          games for the Midshipmen this                 DeKalb County Championships on Oct.
14.5 quarterback sacks and has 61 total tackles. He                       season. He has a total of 17 tackles,         12 at Arabia Mountain for the second
has committed to Miami. Eligwe, who has committed                         including two in a 21-20 loss to              straight year. Her time of 20:25.45 was
to Florida State, also has 61 total tackles.                              Rutgers on Oct. 15.                           the best time on that course all season.
Page 24A                                                                                                 The Champion Free Press, Friday October 21, 2011

The Trail to the Title begins with
first round action on Oct. 22
by Mark Brock

     The eight teams vying for the eighth annual Trail to
the Title championship are set and first round play is set
for Oct. 22 at Hallford Stadium beginning at 9 a.m.
     Columbia (4-2) hosts Tucker (5-1) in the first game
of playoffs at 9 a.m. at Hallford Stadium. Columbia
knocked off previously undefeated Peachtree 12-7 in
the final week of the regular season to claim its third
consecutive region title. Tucker got past Chapel Hill 36-
22 to earn its first trip to the playoffs.
     The second game at Hallford pits Region 4 cham-
pion Druid Hills (5-1) against Region 2 runner-up Ce-
dar Grove (5-1) at 10:30 a.m. Druid Hills won its first
region title with a 20-0 victory over 2010 Trail to the
Title champ Miller Grove. Cedar Grove dropped a 16-6
decision to Stephenson to finish second in Region 2.
     The third first round game of the day has Region
1 champion Bethune (6-0) host Region 2 runner-up
Peachtree (5-1) in a noon start at Hallford. Bethune
wrapped up its third consecutive region title with a 30-0
victory over Tucker in Week 7 and enters the game fol-                                                                            Photo by Travis Hudgons

                                                             Middle School Football Playoffs: First Round
lowing a bye week. Peachtree dropped a hard-fought
12-7 decision to Columbia on the final week of the sea-
son for its only blemish while earning the team’s first
playoff berth.                                               Saturday, Oct. 22 at Hallford Stadium
     The final game of day kicks off at 1:30 p.m. as
Stephenson (6-0) hosts 2010 defending champion                Game 1: Columbia (4-2) vs. Tucker (5-1), 9 a.m.
Miller Grove (3-3) at Hallford. Stephenson took a             Game 2: Druid Hills (5-1) vs. Cedar Grove (5-1), 10:30 a.m.
16-6 victory over Cedar Grove to claim the Region
2 title and finished undefeated in the regular season.        Game 3: Bethune (6-0) vs. Peachtree (5-1), 12 p.m.
Miller Grove dropped a 20-0 decision to Druid Hills           Game 4: Stephenson (6-0) vs. Miller Grove (3-3), 1:30 p.m.
in the Region 4 title deciding game last week.
                                                             Note: First team listed will be home team

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