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									Kelli Maroney Interview


   Kelli – this interview with you is special for many reasons… …it is for the fans…conducted b
a fan…


First and foremost, Kelli – thank you so much for doing this, it is an absolute honor to conduct
this interview with you.

 An interview, several months in the making…

And as a budding actor / screenwriter / filmMaker myself…I also feel it important to also
interview the people, who have always inspired me, ever since I was a kid growing up…and
then share those responses and experiences with others…

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Kelli Maroney Interview

Kelli – I once reached out to you via Facebook, asking for your advice on the movie-industry,
how things worked…I was a little nervous about moving to Los Angeles (I am briefly / currently
in Perth, Australia)…and you gave me good, solid advice (“Don’t drink the Kool-Aid” J ), and
you were super-cool and super-awesome, and I truly thank you.

I also think that this interview with you is important on a generational level, because, I feel that
youth should really know, and become familiarized with
Kelli Maroney

You made such an impact on my own generation…and the Kelli legacy, needs to be shared,
and passed onto future generations. WOOHOO!! J

I feel that today’s generation (The cell-phone and video game generation….oh dear…yeah, it
worries me haha!
…), should also become familiarized with legendary cult-classic films from the 80s…as well as
the great Scream Queens, the reigned within that decade.


            And ultimately -- They really need to know how awesome the 80s truly were…

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Kelli Maroney Interview


From Ryan’s Hope…to Slayground (I love Slayground!)…to the end of the world, in Night of the
Comet                                                                                  …


                   …this could in fact, be the ULTIMATE Kelli Maroney interview ever!


SO…Let’s grab the Aquanet, and let’s get rockin’!


          The 80s… 

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Kelli Maroney Interview


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Kelli Maroney Interview

“If you wanna know where the 80s ended up….it all ended up in Kirby’s apartment!” – Bradley




“The 1980s were special to me for many reasons. It remains, without a doubt, my favorite
decade ever… 

…It was a different world back then. I think in a lot of ways…a better world…

You could pile six or seven friends in the back of a pickup truck, maybe with some stashed beer
(laughs)…and go cruisin’ around town, or heading off to the Cinderella or Motley Crue
concert…and nobody would care, if there were a bunch of rowdy kids in the back of this truck.

Nowdays…unfortunately….you can’t do that anymore. Because of safety issues, and
legalities…you can’t do it…


                                              We grew up in a great time...

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Kelli Maroney Interview

A time where there was a different sense of freedom…   …I look at the way the youth of today
is growing up, and what they missed out on….and I pretty much thank GOD, I grew up in the

                    - Kirby Little




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Kelli Maroney Interview



Kelli, I was the stereotypical little brother haha growing up in the 80s.

                                …the pre-internet,  pre-cellphone generation…


I am, as of this writing, 36 years old, (about to be 37 in March)…I was born in 1975, so I grew
up as a kid, and teenager throughout the 80s.

And I saw this decade, through Small Town / Mid-Western USA eyes.


Kelli, I didn’t find out until I did some recent research,that you were born in Minneapolis,

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Kelli Maroney Interview

KIRBY: How long did you live in Minnesota? Were you raised there for a little while also,
and if so, do you have any memories of living in Minnesota (or how damn cold it gets
there J)…??

KELLI: Yes, I lived there until I went to conservatory school as a teen in upstate NY and
then NYC after I got Ryan’s Hope. When I was very little the snow was piled up way over
my head after they shoveled the sidewalks and my sister had to plug her car in so it
would start in the morning. There was ice fishing and skating. It was beautiful, but I don’t
think I could handle it today. I get cold here in Los Angeles winters these days!


I grew up nearby (somewhat), in Hot Springs, western South Dakota.  (POP. 7,000)

The nearest, largest city was Rapid City, that’s where we had to go if we wanted to go to the
mall…to see concerts…and all the bands of the 80s… made the rounds at the Rushmore Plaza
Civic Center.

Kids in our school would be so ecstatic and go crazy, when these bands would come through
Rapid…everyone from the 80s would stop through on these giant, awesome tours…everyone
from Huey Lewis & the News (Woohoo!!!), to Slaughter, RATT, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Def
Leppard came through on their legendary 1987                                           Hyst
tour…all these great Sunset Strip bands, that were tearing up MTV and Hollywood (…
and the entire world, for that
)… and also, all the  movies, were salvation to the kids of Small town USA…

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Kelli Maroney Interview

(However, Vince Neil from Motley Crue got EXTREMELY pissed at the Rapid City audience
once...A story for another day…but it wasn’t good for Vince, or the Rapid City audience... L)


I simply remember growing up in the 80s…and having the funnest time ever…

It was a great time to be a kid, growing up, seeing a lot of the changes, that came from this
amazing decade… 

…Even as a kid…it seemed to me, through my little eyes, that everyone loved to party in the
80s, which was totally fine, ‘cause it looked like so much fun… and it really was the Good-Time
era…rock bands were partying like never before…college kids were going NUTS in the 80s with
excess…my Aunts, people on Wall Street…the Brat Pack…heck, even my older sisters were
going nuts with all these good times!

We had the best concerts back then, with these great stage productions, the best guitar solos,
we had the best videos back then.

                                 …remember when MTV played music?)…


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Kelli Maroney Interview

We had the best movies…the hottest girls…some of the most iconic, landmark films came from
the 1980s…everything from the Indiana Jones films, to Back to the Future…to all the great
action films and horror franchises that came from the 80s.

From digital technology…to AIDS….to crack-cocaine… Garbage Pail Kids…to Alf…to Silver
…to MTV ….

…Good or bad….the 80s spawned some of the most significant events in history…above
any other decade.

I loved everything about this decade.

I loved the Big Hair!  (Aquanet was the best lol)

I loved the spandex, I remember the leg-warmers. I loved all of the music…not just the
hair-metal movement, which was my main interest and focus growing up as a kid…but I also
really liked New Wave (Duran Duran, Till Tuesday, Loverboy, Tears for Fears…and the list goes
on forever…

                                                                              …MTV was so special back then…


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Kelli Maroney Interview

I also thought that, during the 1980s, it was really great, that people were experimenting with a
lot of different unique looks, and fashion.

I thought the girls looked a lot hotter back then, with the teased-up, feathered hair. These girls
took HOURS with their hair and makeup….and yes, I really truly admired this, and respected
the time, and emphasis, the girls would put into their look…I loved the poofy-bangs, and the
whole GLAM aspect of their look back then.

                                       I loved the creativity within the 1980s…



Even as a kid…my older sister’s hot friends from high school…

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Kelli Maroney Interview

dear…here we go)

…would come over…and these girls, sometimes six or more, of these really gorgeous
girls…would be in our family bathroom for a long time (It drove my Mother nuts!)…and I would
walk by, and purposefully, catch glimpses of my sister’s friends haha, flipping their hair over,
and teasing up the bangs, and using cans and cans of hairspray J

And then would come the makeup stage…and they would get so technical, and precise with the
eyeliner, and the makeup….

And when you walked past our bathroom, there would be this haze of hairspray seeping out
from the doorway, and the girls chatting away, laughing.

Monica Ruetter talking about what guy she was going to the dance with on Saturday night, or
Christy Fey, telling my older Sister, about how awesome the Bon Jovi / Skid Row concert
was…as, my Sister was, at the time, grounded for sneaking out and wasn’t allowed to go to the
Bon Jovi / Skid Row show….:(

RATT’s Out of the Cellar album was rockin’ from a nearby boombox…haha yes, all of this really
did make an impression on an adolescent boy such as myself…and soon my friends wanted to
come over and sneak a peek at my sister’s friends getting ready, and doing their makeup, and
all this cool stuff…and                        all that hair!!!!

We were young, and were such curious goofballs…and it wasn’t long until my friends and I were
soon exiled from watching them get all glammed-up….and were forced to go play outside J So
– we grabbed our
Star Wars
toys…and outside we went.

But yes, honestly, from a guy’s point of view…even as a kid growing up…girls were really hot
back then. Sheena Easton was hot.

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Kelli Maroney Interview

                               Yeah, the girls of the 1980s were hot…hahaJ

(HAHA…sorry, Kelli, I hope you don’t mind, but I just had to get the HOT 80s chic-thing
covered lol)


KIRBY: Kelli - why are the 80s special to you – and what are some of your fondest
memories from the 80s, and what thoughts do you have about today’s world…
d to the world of the

KELLI: I like big hair, and I look better with poofy bangs, too. J The whole world was
news to me then, and I didn’t think of it as “the ‘80s”-- it was my brand new life, working
in TV and film and learning to grow into being an adult, responsible for myself, and make
my way somehow in two different huge cities where the stakes were high and I didn’t
know any of the game or the players. Most of it was trial and error and I never felt like I
had a clue! Well, I guess I didn’t. One thing I think we have lost is strong female
characters—we have some now, but not the way we did in the ‘80s. That was a great
decade for women artistically.


KIRBY: Kelli, what are your five favorite films of all time?

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Kelli Maroney Interview

KELLI: Wizard Of Oz, It’s A Wonderful Life, Bringing Up Baby, My Favorite Year, Mrs.
Skeffington…but they change.

KIRBY: What are your five favorite horror films of all time?

KELLI: Rosemary’s Baby, The Excorcist, Nosferatu, The Shining, Psycho.


Kelli, I am a huge fan of 1980s-era Hollywood.

I am also a mega-huge fan of all the Hair-metal music, and the bands, that emerged from the
Strip during this entire decade. I am a fan of all the legendary clubs, The Roxy, the Troubadour,
the Whisky….and even the Cathouse (Founded and owned by Faster Pussycat vocalist, Taime
Downe…and MTV Headbanger’s Ball host, Riki Rachtman)

You were fortunate in the sense…that you were in Los Angeles, at the right time in a lot of
ways. Being in Los Angeles during the 1980s scene, in my mind, really would have been the
time to be there.


“The 80s in Los Angeles were an unforgettable, incredible time in history. Back then – you had
very beautiful girls with teased-up hair, minimal clothing, and six-inch / needle-thin high heels
walking up and down the Strip on a Friday night.

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Kelli Maroney Interview

Now – you just have these gangbanger losers driving up and down the Strip…”

                                                                -- Poison
drummer, Rikki Rocket


All sorts of great movies were coming out then, there was all the great Hair-Metal music coming
from the Sunset Strip…the late 80s in Hollywood seemed to me (just like every other kid
growing up at this time)…so electrifying, and so free, and so exciting. 


KIRBY: Kelli – did you ever have any interactions with any of the legendary Sunset Strip
rock bands?

KELLI: Sorry to disappoint but I wasn’t into the party or club scene at all.

KIRBY: What was it like living in Southern California in the 1980s?

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Kelli Maroney Interview

KELLI: I experience it much as it is now except for I don’t get lost every time I go
somewhere any more—only about once a month these days. Used to be every damn

KIRBY: Kelli – were you ever a fan of a lot of the 80s Hair-metal / Sunset Strip music?

KELLI: Yes, but from what I heard on the radio.

KIRBY: Kelli – did you ever own Appetite for Destruction on cassette or CD? (As a kid in
high school…I wore out EIGHT copies of
on cassette lol

KELLI: Of course, but I only went through one copy.


KIRBY: Kelli – please give us a list of your TEN favorite bands to emerge from the 80s.
Rock, New Wave, or any genre within the decade….

KELLI: I don’t categorize bands by decade! I have no idea if Springsteen is 80s or 70s, or
Blondie, either..The GoGos, Sheena Easton, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel, Don Henley,
RATT or Van Halen or KISS or Whitesnake…yeah, I would have to look them all up. I like
bands by their music, not the decade where they were most prolific.

KIRBY: Is it true that you were once briefly, romantically linked to Warrant frontman, Jani
Lane? (RIP Jani…L)

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Kelli Maroney Interview

KELLI: Not at all! I never even met the person!

KIRBY: Kelli – what is the BEST concert you’ve ever attended? And where was it held at?

KELLI: Crosby Stills Nash and Young at the Hollywood Bowl about 4 years ago.

KIRBY: Kelli – if you had ever attended any 80’s Hair-metal shows or concerts – please
tell us which bands you’ve seen.

KELLI: I’m sorry---I didn’t!

KIRBY: Did you ever meet Axl Rose?

KELLI: Yes, once at a restaurant here in Los Angeles, but I didn’t realize it was him. And
my stylist used to do his hair extensions when he had them. No, I don’t wear hair
extensions, myself.

KIRBY: Kelli – have you ever hung out with any members of LA Guns or Faster
Pussycat? (Haha!)  KELLI: Nope, sorry.


KIRBY: Would you ever have lunch with Jesse Ventura?

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Kelli Maroney Interview

KELLI: I would have nothing against eating a sandwich with him as long as he didn’t talk
politics, religion or wrestling, or anything about Minnesota.

KIRBY: What film is scarier, Jaws or Psycho?

KELLI: Psycho. The shark was just doing its thing.

KIRBY: Name your favorite John Hughes film?

KELLI: Breakfast Club

KIRBY: Are there any politicians that you would like to slap in the face? Haha!

KELLI: Sarah Palin—but I’m not a hitter.


KIRBY: I myself, even in High School, wasn’t ever a big party-guy. I mean, as I got older, I
did drink some, here and there…and I’ve done my fair-share of drugs (Oh heck…)…but
other than that…I never got too super-wild.

Kelli - did you ever party much during the 80s in Hollywood? If so – any specific fun
moments come to mind that you would like to share with us?

KELLI: Drinking was a huge past-time and there was a place on Sunset called Coconut
Teaser that had the strongest drinks known to man, served in coconuts. I kind of

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Kelli Maroney Interview

remember that place. It had an open patio wrapped around the whole place and was
good for really warm summer nights. I know there were a lot of drugs and such but
again, I was pretty boring. I was just getting old enough to be served so it was probably a
good thing I missed most all of that time.

KIRBY: Did you ever hang out with the notorious James Spader? Have you ever dated
James Spader? Haha

KELLI: Nope again, sorry.

KIRBY: Have you ever dated Andrew McCarthy?

KELLI: Nope.

KIRBY: Kelli – did you ever audition, or try out, for any other horror films that came out in
the 80s? Such as any Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13 th films?

KELLI: Yes, I read for Wes Craven for Elm Street and I believe Heather L. read for NOTC.


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Kelli Maroney Interview

KIRBY: Even kids’ cereals were better back then. Back then haha…you would even get
cool prizes and things in the cereal boxes. Really cool stuff…that unfortunately, in
today’s cereal-market…kids just don’t get.

I remember once, I was maybe seven or eight years old, this was the very early 80s…and
on the back of a box of Cap’n Crunch / Crunch Berries…there was like an awesome
iron-on patch, that you could actually
peel off
….from the back of the box…and moisten with water…and actually IRON the design,
right onto your own shirt!

You know, even to a kid growing up, it was really cool stuff back then… (I LOVED Franke
n Berry
cereals…that stuff was so yummy!! I really miss it

It just goes to show, that maybe things really were better, back in the 80s.

A lot of products, even kids’ breakfast cereals, were better…and even had cooler
gimmicks, and better quality, that just doesn’t really exist too much anymore, these days.

                                                                Kinda sad


KIRBY: Kelli, do you have any favorite cereals from the 80s as well? Any certain brands

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Kelli Maroney Interview

stand out in your memory?

KELLI: When I was really little I liked Cap’n Crunch but wasn’t a cereal eater in the’80s.
FYI—you can still get those cereals, Frankenberry and Count Chocula, etc. I have a friend
who had some at her house just a few months ago. Those cereals were about the worst
things you could feed a kid, are you serious?! Nothing but sugar!


KIRBY: Did you ever solve the Rubick’s Cube?   (I still haven’t ever solved it…that
sucker was a pain! lol ;)

KELLI: No, I can’t say I ever tried, either.

KIRBY: Kelli – where did you attend High School…and what were you like in High

KELLI: I went to a high school where my dad was a teacher and it was a Catholic school
but not very strict-- after 9 th grade we didn’t have uniforms any more. I was shy and the
smallest one, and I was always too young because I started school very early, got
skipped ahead, and graduated early, too. I just wanted it to be over because I never fit in
at all.


KIRBY: Did you ever want to do anything other than act?

KELLI: Not really. I thought maybe a linguist or a shrink or a vet but they were just kind

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Kelli Maroney Interview

of passing thoughts.

KIRBY: Who is your favorite actor or actress?

KELLI: Bette Davis

KIRBY: What is your favorite food?

KELLI: Ice Cream

KIRBY: Does Kelli Maroney like to cook? And if so, what is your favorite dish to prepare?

KELLI: Yes, but I make a lot of vegetables, quinoa, salads. I sometimes will make turkey
meatloaf or tacos or casseroles. I eat a lot of fresh fruit so no cooking there.


KIRBY: Out of all the films you have been in – which one is your favorite, and why?

KELLI: Every film I do is my favorite film at the time. I loved doing FACE DOWN because
it was the most complex character. Of course, NOTC was a defining time in my life, to
this day.

KIRBY: Kelli – do you ever plan to direct any films?

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Kelli Maroney Interview

KELLI: No, I have no desire to direct. It looks like trying to herd cats to me. Not fun. J 

KIRBY: Who has been your favorite director to work with to date…and why?

KELLI: I appreciate Thom Eberhardt more than he will ever know, and Wynorski who
always remembers I gotta  make rent!  I loved Alan Ball on True Blood, but I wasn’t on
that show long enough to really get familiar with him. 


KIRBY: Who is the last rock star, or fellow celebrity you have shaken hands with?

KELLI: Russell Brand,  Billy Boyd

KIRBY: Who is better….KISS or Van Halen?

KELLI: Hmm…Van Halen.

KIRBY: Kelli, have you ever seen KISS in concert? If not, would you?

KELLI: Never have, of course I would.

KIRBY: Would you ever have a drink with Nick Nolte?

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Kelli Maroney Interview

KELLI: I think I actually have had a soda with him at a premiere in NYC.


KELLI: I like Cusack the most, Lowe is close second and prettiest and I don’t know who
Zabka is..?

KIRBY: Have you ever met, or ever hung out with Molly Ringwald J ?

KELLI: Yes, I read for Hughes with her (she was already cast, duh) for one of those films
in NYC to play her sister, but I was too young and way too short for a big sister. She’s
tall. Very nice, though. Saw her in a play here in LA called Learning To Drive or
something like that. She is cool.


KIRBY: Was young Hollywood kind of “Cliquey” back in the 80s?  Even growing up in
the Mid-West, to the kids of the 80s, it seemed like a lot of the Brat Pack would live with /
sleep with / party with, each other haha J …were there various groups of young artists,
that would run together in these kinds of little groups?

You know, kinda like in High School, haha!


But then on the other hand, it would also seem, like everyone would hang out with
everyone, rockstars would hang out with actors, and so on…

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Kelli Maroney Interview

Corey Feldman would hang out with Motley Crue and Bobby Blotzer and Robbin Crosby
from RATT…Sean Penn began dating Madonna, and then later got married (Wow, Sean...)
and so on, please tell us, Kelli, what was young Hollywood in the 80s, really about?

KELLI: I think you are confusing photo opps with what really happens. Everyone hangs
with their friends, maybe some of them are famous, just like you do.

KIRBY: Kelli, do you prefer to work in television, like you did with Ryan’s Hope…or do
you prefer to work in feature-film?

KELLI: I like BOTH. I wouldn’t want to have to choose!

KIRBY: Kelli, like myself, you are a big supporter of Animal-Rights, which is such an
important, and grave necessity these days…What Animal-Rights organizations do you
belong to, and support?

KELLI: The Amanda Foundation, The Lange Foundation, WASPCA, ASPCA, Defenders Of
Wildlife, my email is always full of smaller organizations, too. This weekend we are doing
a benefit to find homes for dogs, being held at the Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank,

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Kelli Maroney Interview



Kelli – the time has come, to ask you, your thoughts on studios today, remaking great,
legendary 80s classic films (that are already great…)

Myself, personally…because I grew up with the original films, I really do not like, or support
virtually any of the great 80s films, that are being remade today.

They’ve remade pretty much every 80s horror film out there, as well as other 80s favorites…and
the bottom line is…they pretty much suck, and do not hold up at all to the originals…

I mean, seriously….why remake Footloose?

Why remake The Karate Kid?

How do they replace Kevin Bacon or Lori Singer?

No one can ever replace Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi…

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Kelli Maroney Interview

                                            I honestly don’t know why they even
try….it seems so…unnecessary…

I honestly believe that Hollywood, in a large sense, is becoming so much more in-bred, and
larger studios are really running out of fresh material, and are…for some reason, rehashing
former classics that are

Honestly, they need to start looking at fresh material written by the unknown screenwriters, and
the studios – really need to give these people a chance.

This is where the fresh ideas and visions are really waiting…with the screenwriter, who also
has a vision, and a voice.

I stand by the rule, that, if it is not broke…then don’t fix it. It’s already been made…it’s already
a classic….so please, do not ruin it…

I mean, when I first heard they were remaking Conan the Barbarian…I  started
balling…well haha, not really quite “crying”, but it was a terrible feeling for me, as a fan
of the original, with Arnold. And the fact that this new guy, who was playing Conan…had
never even seen the original, with Arnold, made it even worse.

And if they ever decide to someday “remake” something classic, like JAWS, or BACK TO

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Kelli Maroney Interview

THE FUTURE…then you know for sure…something is VERY, VERY wrong in


Seriously, Kelli…I do not have children, but if I did…I honestly wouldn’t want to show them the
new, “remade” Karate Kid, with Will Smith’s kid…or whoever that was…

I would, instead…rather show them the original…the only, true Karate Kid…the one that we
all know and love, with Ralph Macchio, Elisabeth Shue, Pat Morita, and Billy Zabka...the film
that I                                                                           grew up with,
and have
…since 1984…this is the only
Karate Kid
….they can remake it a million times…but there still is only
, true film.

…I would want them to get to know, and watch, the original Footloose, with Kevin Bacon and
Lori Singer. Not the crappy remake with….
, starring in the remake…

I do get worried that today’s youth, will see, and come to know these remade versions,
instead of the actual originals.

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Kelli Maroney Interview

So – instead of seeing the original, or to take the time, to check out the original film, with Kevin
Bacon….today’s youth, will now come to know the new
….starring, like I said…
that was…

I worry that today’s kids will see, and come to know Jackie Chan’s Mr. Miyagi….instead of Pat
Mortia’s Mr. Miyagi….or come to know, Will Smith’s version of Daniel LaRusso….instead of Ral
ph Macchio’s
Daniel LaRusso. It does worry me, yes.

Quite a bit actually…


I hope I am wrong, and they are in fact, aware of the originals, and hope they do take the time
to check them out.

Alright, haha, enough on my thoughts of 80s remakes J 


KIRBY: Kelli – what do you think of all the 80s classics being remade today?

KELLI: I wish that people in a position to make films would allow fresh, new, topical
ideas instead of playing it safe moneywise with endless remakes. It’s lame. They will only
stop if they lose enough money on them.

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Kelli Maroney Interview



Speaking of remakes…

I (today, actually) just learned, via Wikipedia, that a Chopping Mall remake, is in

Director Robert Green Hall, has decided to take it on…

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Kelli Maroney Interview

Now, in some ways, I am somewhat excited about this project, because I am impressed with
Mr. Hall’s filmMaking skills and resume. Wikipedia says that the concept of the new Chopping
Mall,                                                                                   will be
more on a supernatural basis, rather than a science-fiction one.

And yes, also, I am worried about the idea of…..another brazen remake.

Being such a fan of the original 1986 film…I just simply hope that Mr. Hall, is a true fan of the
original as well…and will it justice.

The original was always a favorite with me, and what a great cast in this film…

We had the great Barbara Crampton of Re-Animator fame, Russell Todd from Friday the 13 th
Part 2
, Suzee Slater, Dick Miller from
The Terminator
, and of course, the great Kelli Maroney!!!

I remember my friend Zach Franzen had the Chopping Mall poster hanging up in his room…it
was awesome.


And also that awesome Head-Explosion scene was just wicked! (Poor Suzee…)

Chopping Mall was just a really great, fun, campy, horror film, and I love it so.

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Kelli Maroney Interview


KIRBY: Kelli – how did the role of Alison Parks come to you?

KELLI: I auditioned for it. Plain and simple.

KIRBY: Kelli – did you know about the remake of Chopping Mall, and what are your
feelings about a remake?

KELLI: It’s not a remake—they are piggybanking on the internet buzz that using the title
CHOPPING MALL gives them. It is supposed to be some kind of supernatural thing that
takes place in a mall, not a remake at all.

KIRBY: What was it like interacting with the legendary Kilbots…and can you give us
some insight on how they were designed, and made?

KELLI: There was only one whole robot—the rest was like an arm or whatever and they
were very slow, on an old-fashioned remote-control thing, I think.

KIRBY: Did they ever really malfunction and come to life on the set? (Haha lol….Kelli,
you don’t have to answer that one, I just thought it was a funny one to throw out there to
you  lol ;)

KELLI: Not that I’m aware of.

KIRBY: Kelli – how fun was Chopping Mall to make…and what is your favorite memory

                                                                                     32 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

that you have of working on this classic?

KELLI: I liked the running..I ran a lot and it was the only thing that kept us all awake,
since we shot in the middle of the night when the mall was closed.


KIRBY: Did everyone get along on the set, and what was it like to work with Barbara

KELLI: Everyone got along great—no time for any personality issues to develop,
everyone was a trouper. Barbara and I are friends to this day.

KIRBY: What was it like filming Chopping mall at the Sherman Oaks Galleria…were these
all night shoots?

KELLI: Yes, we couldn’t get in to shoot until the mall closed and we had to be out of
there in time for the stores to open in the morning.

                                                                                            33 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview





In retrospect, on my previous thoughts on how great the 80s were growing up….Fast
Times at Ridgemont High, is a prime example. This film is the best study of high school
life, in California, in the 80s…just exactly the way I would perceive it to be…

                                                                                   34 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


What a great movie!

What a great cast!

A great soundtrack, of just a few, of the many great, moving, and memorable songs of the

The Cars, Jackson Browne, The Go-Gos….



                                       Don Henley…we LOVE Don Henley!


I didn’t catch Fast times at Ridgemont High, actually, until around Middle School, in 1986.

                                                                                              35 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

I do remember when it first came out in ’82, there was nudity (Phoebe), and pot-smoking
(heehee!)…and I was a little younger, so my Mom, unfortunately, said no way…L 

Kelli, in Fast Times, this was pretty much, the first time that we see you play a sweet, loveable
(and very cute!) cheerleader, Cindy Carr…in one of the most, landmark, awesome, comedies
about teenage confusion and coming of age issues, ever to grace the silver-screen…



(Haha Kelli, that scene was so great, that was such a great scene with you at the pep rally…just


KIRBY: Kelli, this, again, seems like it would have been a really great film to make, and to
be a part of…what was the Fast Times experience like for you?

KELLI: It was my second movie but first time in LA on the Universal lot—the big time!

                                                                                             36 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

KIRBY: Kelli, how did you get the role of Cindy Carr?

KELLI: I auditioned for Stacey and had no idea they already had Jennifer (Jason-Leigh) in
LA—this was in NYC. They called up and asked if I would play Cindy the cheerleader and
I of course said yes! I knew nothing about cheerleaders.

KIRBY: What was it like working with Sean Penn? (Yes, I had to ask haha)

KELLI: He was and is awesome, both as a person, and to work with.

KIRBY: What was it like working with Cameron Crowe?

KELLI: He was always on set but didn’t throw his weight around at all. I asked if I could
put back the line about ‘it takes a lot of courage..’ which was in the  book but not the
screenplay and he said, “Sure, let’s see if it’s ‘happening.’” Fun and laid-back.

KIRBY: Did everyone pretty much get along on the set?

KELLI: As far as I know.

KIRBY: Do you have any funny off-screen stories about your experience, that you would
like to share with us?

KELLI: I didn’t have a driver’s license yet so the teamsters had to pick me up every day.
They didn’t HAVE to, but they did. 6 AM when my call time was 10 AM, but hey, I got a

                                                                                      37 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

KIRBY: Was there ever any real pot-smoking going on when the cameras weren’t rolling
(I can’t help but ask this one haha)..?

KELLI: Of course not.

KIRBY: Have you ever went surfing with either Sean Penn, or Eric Stoltz?

KELLI: I’ve never been surfing, period.


                                                                                38 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview




               “We had two geniuses in my school. Yeah, they were both wimps…”

                  – Samantha Belmont






                                                                           39 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview




Ah yes….here we go… 

Night of the Comet is a movie that is very special to me, as a fan, for many reasons. And
hands down, one of my all-time favorite films….ever!

I think I saw it for the first time on HBO, around 1984…on one of those good ol’ white satellite
dishes from the 80’s.

NOTC also seemed like it would have been really fun to make also. I always really loved this
movie, and I have many       several favorite scenes from this movie as well.


                                                                                             40 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


NOTC was also the first film where I, like most kids my age at that time…became familiar with
your work, Kelli. My friends and I were still kind of young, and our parents wouldn’t quite let us
stay up late to watch        Fast Times at Ridgemont High (laughs)…which had come out a
couple years earlier in ’82…and                                                                 Cho
pping Mall
didn’t arrive until 1986…so when
came out in the middle, in ‘84…this was definitely landmark timing for kids my age.

…I remember watching NOTC several times throughout the 80s…this was a film that my
generation grew up with…


And I have always felt, that it was you that largely made NOTC so special, and such a favorite
amongst myself, and my friends (and the whole world!) Samantha Belmont was the beloved
character…that truly stands out to my generation the most. The awesome
cheerleader outfit
(that has since become timeless and iconic)
…Samantha Belmont was a loveable, witty, charming, very cute, feisty high school girl, with a
streak of Valley Girl lingo and persona.  Truly one of the most adoreable, and sweetest
characters, to ever grace the screen. Thank you, Kelli

With Samantha, you got the whole package:  She was the girl next door that you could bring
home to meet Mom and Dad, before the football game…she loves to go shopping…she’s a

                                                                                             41 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

typical teenager.

                                                            …but Samantha
could also be a badass too…


She didn’t take any shit from anyone…she, and older sister Reg, growing up with a tough Green
Beret father, who obviously taught them things they would need to survive. And simply…how to
take care of themselves.

But she is also a girl who, can also be very tender, and understandably fragile…she can get
heartbroken over boys…she is very human, very innocent…and very awesome.

You have so many amazing, memorable scenes in this film, and so many cool dialogue-lines in
this film also…


                                     “You made me swallow my gum!”

 (Haha, I have to say, that part was so funny, Kelli – what an awesome scene!) 

                                                                                         42 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


What a great film, Kelli…and just such a special film to the kids of the 80s….

                        I think in a lot of ways, the character of Samantha Belmont, was
someone that kids growing up in the 80s could most understand, and relate to…


                                     And perhaps also – to the youth of today…

About ten years back --  I took a semester of Theatre at Black Hills State University in
Spearfish, South Dakota…and it was so cool, because I was walking through the dorm of
Thomas Hall, and I passed a familiar dorm room, and the two girls that I knew inside…were
watching Night of the Comet…and as I walked past… I heard Catherine-Mary Stewart’s line…

                                                 “What happened to all the
Goddamn kids”!

                                      …and I was like, “Oh my God! No way! That is
so cool!”

                                                                                     43 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


I remember feeling so proud, and astonished, that these two girls barely out of high school…ev
en knew
about a great 80s classic like

It proves that great 80s films like NOTC, have stood the test of time, as a lot of great 80s classic
films have, films which have shaped our own generation, and are still loved by people of all
ages…even in 2012…these films really                                               do find their
way, into the hands of today’s kids. Which is very important, I feel.

…The 80s, and the legacy of this mega-important decade…the music, and these films, are truly
important, and more kids – the kids of today - need to know who you are again, and become
familiar with your status as an 80s pop-culture icon.


KIRBY: Kelli, what makes NOTC so personal and special to you…and what are your
favorite memories about making this film?

KELLI: Just about everything. It started out as just some silly film and then all of a
sudden it was this all-consuming story I felt compelled to tell. I came in from NYC—still

                                                                                              44 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

lived there at the time—so it was easy to believe that LA was  strange.

KIRBY: How did the role of Samantha Belmont come to you?  And how has NOTC touch
ed your life?

KELLI: I auditioned for it. Then I went back home to NY. Then I got a call that they were
wondering where I was so I came back to LA to shoot. I never dreamed this little movie
would touch so many people and shape my life—even today!- to this degree. It’s a huge
gift and really unbelievable.

KIRBY: Were you able to go to the premiere of NOTC? Where was it held, and do you
have any special memories about that night?

KELLI: I wasn’t there. I went back to NY and was on One Life To Live, ABC Daytime soap
opera. I was really disappointed that I missed it, but I had to take the job because I had
run out of money.

KIRBY: Now, looking back, when I recently watched NOTC again recently on DVD….one
of the many, great scenes in this film…is, of course, when you get slapped by Doris
(Sharon Farrell…who also plays Patricia Arquette’s Mom in
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
from 1987)…and then you
, slap her back
, as Sharon is going on about Chuck…and Daddy being down in “
Banana Land

…And looking back on this scene, because Sharon, (respectfully), played such a bitch
(laughs)…what was it like working with Sharon Farrell...and how well did you and Sharon
get along on the set?

KELLI: Great. She was worried about the slap, but those things never look real unless

                                                                                     45 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

you do it, and I knew this from my soap opera days when my TV mom and I were always
fighting, so I convinced her to really slap me. I mostly ‘sold’ my slug with the way I used
my arm because I had to do the roll over the couch right afterwards but I don’t think you
can tell that I didn’t slug her.

KIRBY: When it came time to slap Sharon back…you look very confident, and yet, a little
angry when you slap her back (laughs)….was is it easy slapping her back…and was
there ever any animosity between you and Sharon ever? You look like you really kind of
enjoyed slapping her back haha ;)

KELLI: How could there be—I just met her that night.

KIRBY: One of the most vivid, and memorable scenes in NOTC, that I have of you, as a
fan and as a viewer, ever since I was a kid…was the scene of you in the car, where you
are cruising downtown Los Angeles…and the Zombie-Cop pulls you over…and he walks
over…the audience has no idea what is going to happen….we see his uniform, not
having any idea it is a Zombie…


                                    I know you guys are probably going to give me
a ticket, but….”

…and then suddenly…we see his horrible face…and an iconic scene was born.


                                                                                      46 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


KIRBY: Kelli – what are some of your thoughts, and memories, concerning the
memorable, and legendary Zombie-Cop scene?

KELLI: It was freezing out that night and the fake blood was really sticky and we couldn’t
get it off me and it ruined that dress, which I loved. Also I was by myself and usually
Cathy or Robert or someone was around. The zombie cop was being made up all the time
so I have no idea what he thought of the whole thing.




There are so many great scenes from this movie.

The scene in the mall, where you and Catherine-Mary go shopping, and Cyndi Lauper’s Girls
just wanna have fun
is playing…and the very New Wave-looking / stock boy-zombies, that you and Reg encounter,
inside the mall, were really cool. Their leader was funny!

“If Bachelorette Number One isn’t out here in half-a-tick…I’m gonna ice Bachelorette Number

                                                                                        47 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

                                                        So many great scenes… 



But Kelli, my All-Time favorite scene from NOTC…was the scene where you are talking with
Catherine-Mary Stewart, about Paul…the guy who transferred in from Taft…and Cathy, who
was flunking Algebra…and trying not to let her parents find out…

…this scene between you and Catherine-Mary was truly amazing…and very sentimental. You
start to cry a little bit in this scene…

…and that…was a very beautiful, powerful scene, Kelli…because this really demonstrated that,
not only were you the cute-girl next door…but also, that you could really        act.

Absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite scene in the entire film…very sentimental…very
powerful….Kelli Maroney at her finest…

This was just simply, a great, powerful scene between you two amazing ladies…and really goes
to showcase your talents and diversity as an actress…It’s hard not to feel my own heart-strings
pull, whenever I watch you in this emotional scene…

                                                                                          48 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


KIRBY: Kelli – what is your favorite scene from NOTC?

KELLI: That scene is my favorite. It almost was cut because everyone thought it was
stupid, including Thom, but when they ‘tested’ the movie they realized that the audience
responded to it. 

KIRBY: (Thank God they never cut that scene...) From an audience-member’s viewpoint –
it seems that you and Catherine-Mary had great chemistry together….what was it like
working with Catherine-Mary Stewart….and how well did you get along with her?

KELLI: We are still friends, too. I don’t know, it immediately seemed like we just fell into
that relationship and had always been that way.

KIRBY: When was the last time you spoke with Catherine-Mary…and are you able to both
hang out, and reminisce about the NOTC days?

KELLI: We did Flashback Weekend in Chicago together last year. We mostly talk about
current things, not about NOTC, however.

KIRBY: What was it like working with the legendary Geoffrey Lewis?

KELLI: Fun—Plus, he’s really a funny guy.

KIRBY: The Rebels cheerleading outfit you wore in NOTC, has since become such an

                                                                                        49 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

iconic piece of Hollywood wardrobe history. I mean, everyone who grew up back then,
and those who loved this movie, remember it without question.

Kelli, do you still have the legendary Rebels cheerleader outfit?

KELLI: Yes, it’s still in my closet. There were two—Thom’s daughter took the other one
and wore it for Halloween when she was a kid.




                                                                                   50 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview





You know, Kelli....

I have often wondered…after Night of the Comet ended…..what happened to Reg and
Samantha…say, twenty-some years later??


                                                                                  51 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

…Are they off fighting zombies somewhere, while still scouring the earth, looking for their father,
as well as other survivors?

…Do Sam and Reg ever find, and re-connect with their Father?

Does he, and the Green Berets, ever come to get them?

Did he ever survive at all?

…And whatever becomes of Hector…and the two surviving kids?

What becomes of Danny, the kid in the sports car, who picks you up at the end of NOTC?


I think that a sequel (but most definitely NOT a remake…) would be awesome, and a
successful concept in many ways.

Also too, I think fans who grew up with the original would love it, and appreciate it…and it also
could draw attention from new fans as well.

                                                                                             52 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

                                      …A NOTC sequel would be so sweet…!!

A NOTC sequel would have to be a project that should be written with absolutely care. After all,
it has to start with good writing…

I am not being egotistical here (Oh shit…haha!), but seriously Kelli, in the event that a NOTC
sequel ever comes up,  and as a fan of  NOTC, I would love to write the script for a sequel,
because I feel that I would truly do it justice, and stay faithful to the original…

                                                     …WRITTEN BY A GUY WHO


(And to not make it just another Zombie-film…because ultimately, I think zombie-films have
been done to death…and we need a fresh vision…or a great classic, revisited…)

And other than the usual, original, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead films…NOTC
was one of the first serious films to deal with zombies on such a large scale…)

And, all the while, a sequel could simultaneously provide answers, to something I think a lot of
fans have asked over the years: What becomes of Reg and Sam?

                                                                                            53 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

…Here are some interesting ideas that I have had over the years…just one of many
directions I would take a NOTC sequel…

                                         Let’s just speculate here for a few…


I think, I truly would put the concept of NOTC 2, around twenty-some years later…

We find out, that, during a gritty altercation with zombies, the two children, were killed during
this altercation…   …and Reg and Sam get separated from Hector…during this same

I would imagine that, after the end of the world – things would be kind of dark, and gritty…and
here is Reg and Sam, a little older, but much wiser, they’ve been
struggling….surviving….migrating from city to city, looking for survivors….and their father…and
trying to re-connect with Hector, who could now …be anywhere.

There aren’t many survivors…a few…and everyone is starving…

                          …not many survivors…but a BUCKLOAD of zombies…

                                                                                               54 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview



I would write this film with kind of a serious, even dramatic flair...showing the hardness
of Reg and Sam’s life in the future…

So, during the trek for survival, and looking for survivors…they do in fact (by accident)…come
across their father, who has also, for the past 20 some years, been searching for them as well.

There are no Green Berets…he is the only one from his unit that survived. He’s older, but still
tough…still a survivor…

…so, with their Father by their side…they go about their continued search for Hector…

(Good ol’ Richard Beltran…he’d prolly be stoked about reviving his role as Hector…)


And since Reg and Sam were such badass / kick-butt characters, toting around sub-machine
guns and shotguns…I would provide a nice steady element of ACTION in this concept as
well…these three people are constantly running from, or encountering these hideous, terrible

There would be action…and even heart-felt drama, and a few tears, because Reg and Sam are
now in this cold, futuristic existence…and life is tough…

                                                                                            55 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

They do find, and reconnect with Hector…he too, has been barely surviving and searching all
these years…we learn that he found a female survivor, and began a family of his own…but his
wife and children, were later killed…

I would make the third act, the finale, in a metropolitan area…with Reg, Sam, Hector, and their
father (who has recently becoming wounded, and can’t really walk)…squaring off against
THOUSANDS of zombies, on a rooftop somewhere…But time is running out…they are tired,
they are running out of ammo…zombies are trying like Hell to get to the rooftop…night has
fallen…and things are looking really bleak…everyone is starting to doubt whether they will make
it out or not…a few zombies reach the rooftop…Hector’s shotgun is empty…a few more
zombies…then a bunch more break through the rooftop barricade…Sam is wounded…Reg is
wounded….tension is running SKYHIGH…

                                                         …and the ending?? …


The ending is TRULY amazing, Kelli…just when the audience thinks everyone is about to
die…it is DANNY…who saves the day with a full-blown rescue party….WOOHOO!!!!

What do you think, Kelli? …not too shabby, huh?

I think this could be a really great basis for a NOTC sequel…I think it could totally work…J And
it would be so cool, if Catherine-Mary Stewart, and Richard, would be up for something like this
as well…

                                                                                           56 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


KIRBY: Kelli, I haven’t yet written any kind of material for a NOTC sequel, these ideas are
just something I’ve pondered since childhood…but honestly, Kelli – at some point –
despite my busy schedule with my indie films….I would really like to sit down, and write
a really cool screenplay (mostly just for fun) based on the concept that I have just shared
with you.

Kelli – are you in anyway opposed to a NOTC sequel…and if (at some point), I ever pen
my concept into an actual script…would you consider checking it out? And overall, what
do you think of my sequel-concept?

KELLI: Honestly, you should never write anything for free like that. Over the years there
has been occasional discussion of a cartoon, a remake, a sequel whatever, but the rights
are completely mangled and also, the same thing happens each time—the studio will
decide that the story of NOTC is the relationship between  the sisters and it isn’t worth a
remake. It’s been to all of the studios by now and always with the same result. So, you
are therefore free to write your own, new idea! Yeay!


                                                                                      57 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview


Kelli – your final question for this interview…

Kelli, when I do relocate to Los Angeles full-time, which, God only knows when that will be…she
…I really truly would love to watch
with you.

It would be such a tremendous honor to do that, and to have that experience.

It would be so cool, you would be able to share a lot more about your experience making
NOTC, and it would just be so incredible to hear your insight and commentary during the
viewing of this truly awesome film. I mean…Wow!...It would be such an honor, Kelli J 


KIRBY: Kelli – at some point in the future, and if scheduling works out…may I come and
hang out with you, for a day, and watch NOTC with you haha lol…??? J J 

KELLI: Sometimes it’s screened and it is a lot of fun to watch it with an audience. I

                                                                                          58 / 59
Kelli Maroney Interview

always post it if I know about it and you are more than welcome to come, of course!

KIRBY: Kelli, I would like to say – thank you so much for doing this interview with me, I
truly apologize, once again, that things took so long, this interview has been several
months in the making and planning, and I truly hope that you enjoyed this, as much as I
have…and the work that you do for the abused and neglected animals in the Los Angeles
area, is truly commendable, and very inspirational…

Thanks again so much Kelli – I hope to see you at some point, in the future!!

KELLI: Thank you for all the passion you obviously put into this and for the caring and
support and appreciation, too. It really makes me feel like a lucky person. I’m certain we
will meet in the future and I look forward to it. Much love to you. I hope these answers
aren’t too boring. I’m not as exciting off-screen. J 



Sincerely, Kirby Little J 

                                                                                      59 / 59

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