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					With over 65,000 apps available for the iPad, you may find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed. We did!
Luckily, we had a team consisting of a Technology Facilitator, five SLPs and a Speech Support Specialist.
Together, with the help of Google, we located and uploaded over 400 apps to our iPads. We quickly learned
that we needed to give each app a second look. We asked ourselves two major questions:

   1. Free or Full Version- Is it worth it?
   2. Is the app effective enough to be used as an instructional tool?

We have comprised this list with the hope that our research and evaluation of the apps will save you time!
Although most of our team consists of SLPs, most of our apps can be used across the curriculum (SALSA).
Classroom teachers, students and parents will all benefit from our selected apps.

In our App Evaluation, you will see that we included the image of the app icon, the title of the app, a
description of the app and cost of the app. The comment section will offer you additional insight.

We sorted the Apps according to the folder in which we have them stored on our iPads.

ICON                   APP TITLE            APP DESCRIPTION                                     COST     Misc
ABA FlashCards         Actions, Zoo,        Categorical flashcards using ABA techniques         .99      FREE During
                       Alphabet, Fruits &   teaching academic, language and                              the Month of
                       Nuts, Eat,           communication skills. Voice audio on/off.                    April
                       Shapes, Play,
ICON                   APP TITLE            APP DESCRIPTION                                     COST
ABA FlashCards         Vegetables,          Categorical flashcards using ABA techniques         .99      FREE During
                       Wear, Science,       teaching academic, language and                              the Month of
                       Sports, Places,      communication skills. Voice audio on/off.                    April
                       ABA- What
                       Doesn’t Belong

ICON             APP TITLE                  APP DESCRIPTION                                     COST
                 Articulate it              Able to select phoneme by phoneme,                  $39.99
                                            phonological processes and mode of
                                            articulation, able to record and playback, tally
                                            scores to %, able to write notes
                 ArtikPix Full              Articulation app with flashcard and matching        $39.99   There is a
                                            activities for children with speech sound delays.            FREE
                                            Group, recording, tracking percentages and                   version –
                                            report capabilities.                                         ArtikPix
                                                                                                         (only one
                                                                                                         stack of
         Pocket SLP Articulation   Articulation app: select phonemes, pictures of     $29.99
                                   how sounds are made, tallied scores into %,
                                   save and email data

         SmallTalk Oral Motor      Watch and perform oral motor exercises             FREE     Native to
         Exercises                                                                             iPhone

         Speech Tutor              Offers side view and front view of each sound      $9.99
                                   production (132 animations)

         Speech Hangman            Hangman with a speech twist (words and             $2.99

         Minimal Pairs             Speech therapy app to target phonological          29.99
                                   disorders. Receptive/expressive options. Allows
                                   you to input multiple students at one time and
                                   keeps track of percentage for each student. Can
                                   email homework and summary based on
                                   student’s performance.

ICON     APP TITLE                 APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
         AutismXpress              Emotions                                           FREE

         Going Places              Social stories to: hairdresser, mall, doctor,
                                   playground, grocery store, restaurant

         Behavior                  Training applications using simulations to model   FREE
         Breakthroughs             and display a child’s behavior based on
                                   interventions applied by the user.
         Autism Apps               Research

         Touch Trainer Lite        Train students to use accurate touching.           Free

         Choice Board Creator      Create customizable choice boards for unique
                                   needs of individuals with communication

         Random Touch              Touch trainer for low level- could also be used
                                   for vocabulary

         Touch & Learn             Teach advanced concept of emotions                 Free
ICON    APP TITLE              APP DESCRIPTION                                       COST
        iBooks                 Bookshelf / Library to store books, pdf files, etc.   Free

        The Berenstain Bears   Read story and answer wh?, click on items for         3.99
        Play a Good Game       vocabulary

        Toy Story              An interactive book for Toy Story 1 that              FREE
                               incorporates the story, music and movie clips.
                               Includes songs, coloring and games. “Read to
                               me” option.
        Read Me Stories        A new talking picture book every day                  FREE

        nook                   Log in to your personal Nook account to read          FREE
                               all books purchased in your library.

        ClickySticky           Create scenes using virtual stickers in a variety     .99
                               of setting options. Used for descriptive

        Kindle                 Log in to your personal Kindle account to read        FREE
                               all books purchased in your personal library.

        BB Magic Lite          Interactive, phonics-based game. Full colored
                               animations to encourage kids along the path to
                               read. Helps child make connections between
                               letters and sounds.
        Green Eggs Lite        Not recommended. If you want Green Eggs and
                               Ham book, just purchase the full version. A few
                               pages of the book are not worth using with
        Slide A Book Lite      Not a great app, but you slide the “a” to reveal
                               an “apple”. Very basic.

        Overdrive              Allows you to check out digital books from your
                               local library using your library card.

        Princess and the Pea   Storybook for the Princess and the Pea. Read or
                               read along options.
            Red Riding Hood           Storybook for Red Riding Hood. Read or read
                                      along options.

            Toy Story 3               Not a storybook. This app has an interactive         .99
                                      game. Not a well-rounded, usable app. iPhone
                                      native app, but iPad has created an iPad version
                                      that we recommend instead.
            5 Little Pumpkins         Includes matching numbers 1-5 and a small            .99
                                      video of someone reading the story in sign

            Berenstain Bears: Go      Click on items for verbal and visual vocabulary      3.99
            on a Ghost Walk           words

            Timed Reading             Includes reading levels K-4; Calculates              1.99
                                      individual students reading by “words per
                                      minute”; Keeps a log of individual students
                                      reading list and statistics
            Puppet Pals               Students can create their own story, record
                                      their voices, make actions with the characters,
                                      play back and save

            Library Q                 2nd - 3rd grade readers can choose 12 books to       6.99
                                      read through this library

CLOUD- Collaboration
ICON     APP TITLE                 APP DESCRIPTION                                       COST
         TeamViewer HD             TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure             FREE     Full
                                   remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux                        Version is
                                   system.                                                        $139.99

         Go to Meeting             Attend online meetings by tapping the link in         Free
                                   your invitation. May try it for free for 30 days
                                   and then a monthly subscription costs $49.

         Groupboard                Turns your iPad into a collaborative whiteboard.      Free
                                   Talk and chat in real time.

         Whiteboard                Collaborative drawing app. Two users can create       Free
                                   pictures together over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
         Twitter                   Rich source or instant information from what’s        Free
                                   happening around the world, short bursts of
                                   timely information
         Dropbox             Free service that lets you bring all your photos,    Free
                             docs and videos anywhere. Any file you save to
                             Dropbox will automatically save to your
         Pocket Whiteboard   iPhone native app that acts as having a              Free
                             whiteboard in your pocket for kids to express
         Facebook            Social Networking                                    Free

         Echofon             For Twitter. Makes it easy to do common              Free
                             Twitter tasks.

         Bump                Can only bump contacts at this time. Not             Free
                             recommended for iPad.

         Fuze Meeting        Get meetings with 2 participants free,               Free
                             start/schedule meetings from iPad address
         Join Me             Attend online meeting anywhere. View                 Free
                             someone’s screen and collaborate in real time.

         Mobile Learn        Works with Blackboard web-based software.            Free
                             Access your Blackboard system from your iPad.

         Skype               For iPad2. Video call or instant message anyone      Free
                             on Skype. Must have an account.

         Friendly            App designed to access Facebook on the iPad.         Free

         CoBrowser           Allows you to use your iPhone to access the          9.99
                             internet when you don’t have wifi. You must
                             purchase the CoBrowser app on your iPhone.

Cooking / Virtual Cooking
ICON      APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
          CakeDoodle         Virtually mix ingredients (crack eggs, shake salt,   .99
                             pour liquids, cut butter, etc), bake cake and
                             decorate. Used for expressive language,
                             sequencing, reinforcing math concepts, etc.
          CookieDoodle       Virtually mix ingredients (crack eggs, shake salt,   .99
                             pour liquids, cut butter, etc), bake cookies and
                             decorate. Used for expressive language,
                             sequencing, reinforcing math concepts, etc.
             Cooking Mama Lite   Virtually cook meals (sauté, stir-fry, melt, etc),   FREE
                                 Used for expressive language, sequencing,
                                 reinforcing math concepts, etc.
             Cookbook            Betty Crocker step-by-step recipes. Life skills.

             Urban Spoon         This app randomly selects restaurants by
                                 location, type and price.

             20 Min. Meals       Recipes for quick and easy meals.

ICON     APP TITLE               APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
         Flashcards lite         Create your own FlashCards                           FREE

         Baby Flash Cards +      For toddlers and preschoolers                        FREE
         eFlash plus English                                                          For iPad
                                                                                      $1.99 for
         Baby Flash Cards        Letters and shapes                                   FREE

         iTot Cards              Animals, food, things, shapes, colors, alphabet,     $1.99

         QuickSign               Create your own flashcards                           .99         Native to

         My First 1000 Words     Great vocabulary. 1500+ flashcards and games.

         My First Words          Educational book features drag and drop
                                 technology making our kids first words easy to

         Around Town Lite        Pictures of scenes around town. Includes
                                 written and verbal label- At the park,
                                 Businesses, Vehicles
ICON      APP TITLE         APP DESCRIPTION                                     COST
          LanguageBuilder   Improve sentence ideation and formation.            $3.99
                            Improve receptive and expressive language and
                            promotes improved auditory processing.

          SentenceBuilder   Build grammatically correct sentences.              $3.99

          Grammar Up        High school. Grammar knowledge and increase         $4.99
                            grammar skills.

          Primary Grammar   Parts of Speech: Adjectives, conjunctions,          FREE     only 3 quiz
          Jammers           nouns, pronouns, punctuation, sentences and                  questions
                            verbs. Uses songs to describe and define and
                            then short quizzes to test
          Story Builder     Improve paragraph formation, integration of         $3.99
                            ideas and higher level abstractions by inference.

          Wordventure!      Similar to MadLibs                                  FREE

          Proloquo 2 Go     Language tool                                       189.99

          Verbally                                                              Free

          Grammar Jammer    Parts of Speech: Adjectives, adverbs,               Free
          Elementary        capitalization, conjunctions, contractions,
                            nouns, prepositions, pronouns, punctuation,
                            sentences and verbs. Uses songs to describe
                            and define and then short quizzes to test
          Grammar Games     Grammar flight landing control game to              .99
                            understand how to differentiate words into
                            Parts of Speech. Simple choose the correct
                            landing destination for the word on the aircraft
                            based on its Parts of Speech and drag and drop
                            this to the correct location.
          Grammar Dragon    The player must rescue his friends captured by      Free
                            the dragon by identifying various parts of

ICON       APP TITLE                  APP DESCRIPTION                                   COST
           Word SLapPs Lite           Categorization, following directions, receptive   FREE

           Sound Touch                Cartoon pictures turn into real pictures with
                                      sounds when touched. Includes animals,
                                      transportation, jungle animals, birds, musical
                                      instruments and household items. Rotates
                                      through 5 different slides per picture.
           Receptive Identification   Identify vocabulary in a field of 3.

           Clean UP                   Sorting

           Big or Small Lite          Touch the big/small _____.

           Following Directions       SuperDuper Fun Decks. Select the cards you
                                      want students to see and have them follow 1-
                                      step directions. May present multiple cards to
                                      target multi-step directions. Track progress up
                                      to 5 players and email results.
           Name that Category         SuperDuper Fun Decks. Able to track
                                      correct/incorrect responses. Does not give the
           Vocab PCS                  Bingo with animal vocabulary                      Free

           Healthy Habits             “Wh” questions related to healthy habits

           What Rhymes?               What rhymes with _____?

           Which Does Not             Which does not belong? Great for similarities /
           Belong?                    differences.

           Which Go Together?         “Wh” questions with field of 4 responses.

           Identification By Class,   Identify vocabulary based on class, feature or
           By Feature, By Function    function.
        NLC Autism                   Sorting                                               FREE          Native to
                                                                                                         the iPhone

        Who Am I?

Language 2
ICON         APP TITLE                         APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
             Simon Says                        Classic memory game

             Families 1                        Helps develop important cognitive skills
                                               such as: categorization, conceptualization,
                                               generalization and abstraction for toddlers.

             Families 2                        Helps develop important cognitive skills
                                               such as: categorization, conceptualization,
                                               generalization and abstraction for toddlers.

             Play ‘n’ Say Vehicles             Unique flashcard app, children say the
                                               names of everyday vehicles and are
                                               delighted by fantastic animations and
                                               encouraging feedback.
             Play ‘n’ Say House                Unique flashcard app, children say the
                                               names of everyday household items and
                                               are delighted by fantastic animations and
                                               encouraging feedback.
             Vocab Builder 1                   Drag and drop vocabulary to appropriate
                                               location- Body parts & animal body parts

             Vocab Builder 2                   Drag and drop vocabulary to appropriate
                                               location- Family tree, action verbs, shapes

             Vocab Catcher 2                   Fast fun game to learn vocabulary. Listen
                                               to vocabulary word and pop as many
                                               pictures before time runs out- Zoo animals,
                                               Farm animals
             Vocab Catcher 3                   Fast fun game to learn vocabulary. Listen
                                               to vocabulary word and pop as many
                                               pictures before time runs out- Toys,
                                               Classroom, School
             Idioms                            What is the story behind English idioms &
                                               what do they mean
          Bluster                    Vocabulary game where students match        Free
                                     rhyming words, prefixes suffixes,
                                     synonyms, homophones, adjectives and
                                     more. Grades 2-4.
          Shake-a-phrase             Teaches vocabulary and part of speech for   1.99
                                     ages 8+ with over 2,000 words in 5
                                     different themes

ICON    APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
        Macworld           Macworld’s Daily Reader brings the world
                           leader in covering all things Apple on to your
        Shortcuts          Shortcuts for Mac

Maps & Weather
ICON    APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
        Maps               Search locations and/or get directions.

        Google Earth       Satellite view of Earth and Space.

        AccuWeather        Given most recent update to weather

        TWC Max            TWC delivers in-depth weather, innovative
                           maps, a robust video library of the weather

        AroundMe           Allows you to quickly find out information about
                           your surroundings

        iHurricane HD      The most popular Hurricane Tracking app. This
                           app can be used to teach and reinforce science

ICON    APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
       ABCMatch        Matching game to improve your memory and             .99     Native to
                       cognitive skills by matching spoken letters of the           the iPod
       Matching Zoo    Animal matching game for users who have              FREE    Native to
                       issues with missing sounds and increases                     iPhone
                       auditory processing.
       ToyStory3       Standard memory/matching game with pictures          FREE    Native to
                       from Toy Story 3                                             iPhone

       Simon Cars      Similar to Simon Says. This app works on             $1.99
                       following directions and sequencing.

ICON   APP TITLE       APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
       Numberland      Overall improved memory skills. Counting             $1.99   Native to
                       activities.                                                  the iPhone
       Intro to Math   Montessori Math                                      $4.99

       Numbers         Introduction to math                                 $2.99

       Math Magic      Improve +, -, x, /                                   .99

       Math Ref Free   Math references- 600 samples, 1400 helpful           FREE
       Grade K-4       1st a bit of practice and a bonus game as a          FREE
                       reward. Learning math becomes fun.

       Math Bingo      Mixed bingo game. Play +, -, x, / in one bingo       .99
       Bills&Coins     Practice identifying and solving math problems       FREE    Native to
                       with money. Count, match and make change.                    the iPhone
       MultiGenius     Multiplication drill and practice.                   FREE    Native to
                                                                                    the iPhone

       kidClock        Neat app to help children learn more about           $1.99
                       telling time and scheduling.

       Sale Price      Percentages                                          FREE

       Calculator      For basic and pro needs.                             FREE

       Touch Count     One to one correspondence                            FREE    Native to
                                                                                    the iPhone
        Dot to Dot Numbers   42 dot-to-do puzzles used to practice counting,
                             alphabet or time tables.

        Letters Lite         To teach numbers/letters/multiplication tables
        Find Sums            Helps students make sense of addition and
        Math Tappers         subtraction, and then support them in
                             developing accuracy.
        Count Money          A fun simple matching game to learn to count
                             and recognize coins.

        Budgets Free         Budgets for all your expenses and income with
                             progress for each category.

        Pizza 1              Practice fractions using pizza slices. Grades 2-6.

        Monkey Math          Count, add and sort. Ages 3-6                        .99

ICON    APP TITLE            APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
        3 Blind Mice         Play the 3 Blind Mice song with lyrics.

        Kids Karaoke         Engage your students with famous children
                             songs while practicing and mastering reading
                             and spelling
        Pandora              Free personalized radio. Pandora creates a
                             “station” that plays music you designate

        WunderRadio          Web radio hub that streams over 50,000
                             Internet radio stations.

        PianoFree            Learn and play the piano anytime and
                             anywhere. Learn the basics of music.

        Virtuoso             Learn and play the piano anytime and
                             anywhere. Learn the basics of music.

        Drum Kit             Learn to play drums- for drummers & non-

        Black Sheep          Brain teasing puzzle game. 40 levels of skills.

        Bird Songs           Enjoyment of owning a bird without the dirty
        PocketGuitar   Press & strum strings just like a real guitar.

        Radio Disney   Multi-task listening

        Ladybug        Sing-along

        Magic Piano    Create your own music

        Row Boat       Sing-along

        KidsSongsHD    Sing-along with class children songs. Interactive
                       screen allows you to pop balloons, make the bus
                       ride, etc.
        Turkeys        Arcade shooting fun!

News & References
ICON    APP TITLE      APP DESCRIPTION                                     COST   DEVICE
        NASA           Come explore NASA. Thousands of imagines
                       from NASA, IOTD, APOD

        Shakespeare    Complete works of Shakespeare

        Smithsonian    Original series, documentaries and fun facts

        Your Rights    Provides effective and useful guidance in a user-
                       friendly question and answer format on your
                       basic rights.
        CNN            Breaking news with international

        KPLC 7News     Local news coverage of Lake Charles &
                       Southwest La

        Dictionary     Definitions from Merriam-Webster Collegiate
                       Dictionary. Offers voice search – thesaurus

        Speller        Tool to check spellings of Spanish words
          USHistory        US History & Presidents

          Craft Finder     FamilyFun’s library of great craft ideas for the
                           whole family

          Dictionary       Over 2 million words, definitions, synonyms,
                           and antonyms

          pic2shop         Barcode scanner- compare the prices at
                           thousands of online & local retail
          Yelp!            Use to search for places to eat, shop, relax &
                           play – Read reviews

          NASA Viz         NASA Visualization Explorer, advanced space-
                           based research

Note Taking
ICON      APP TITLE        APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
          ScratchWork      Allows you to take notes and browse the web in       FREE
                           side by side screens
          Notes            Stronger, easier, better text – editor for your      FREE
          SmartNote Free   Take notes in class, sketch, or write personal       FREE
                           notes in your password protested notebook.
                           SmartNote makes it easy to do just about
                           anything you could do on paper.
          Instapaper       Allows you to save webpages for offline reading      $4.99

          Quickoffice HD   Open and create MS documents                         $4.99

          Evernote         Helps you remember everything that happens           FREE
                           from notes to snapshots to recording.

          Total Recall     Mind mapping                                         FREE

          OneNote          Microsoft OneNote Mobile is a note-taking            FREE    Native to
                           application. Ability to email notes.                         the iPhone

ICON      APP TITLE        APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
          ABC Magic        Helps child learn the sounds of the letters of the
      ABC Magic2              Helps child learn the sounds of the letters of the
      pocketphonics           Teaches the basic of reading and writing.
                              Teaches/guides children how to write the letters
      Elephonics              Interactive application to practice early reading
                              skills. Includes the complete Dolch & Fry sight
                              word list (PK-5). Includes alphabet, word
                              families & sight words
      AlphaCatcher            Identifies correct letters from words through
                              sentences in a limited time period.
      Word Magic              Interactive application that really teaches
                              phonemic awareness, spelling and reading. A
                              bright and colorful game that provides rewards.
      Phonics Free            Letter & word recognition. cvc

      Letter Tutor            This is an alphabet teaching program that
                              teaches students the ABCs using words, sounds
                              & pictures. Use words that are familiar to the
                              student or record you or your student’s voice,
                              personal pictures can be added to the photo
      AlphaWriter             Learn to read, write & spell phonetically while
                              composing words and creating stories. A great
                              way to introduce students to the world of
      Fish School             Introduces letters, numbers, shapes, colors,
                              matching, same/different, ABC songs &
                              interactive playtime. This is a bright, colorful
                              app with 8 fun educational activities.
      WordFiji                Interactive double word scramble. Every turn
                              has two words. This app can be used with older
Abc   Alphabet                Letter recognition vocabulary picture cards.
                              Paint capital and lower-case letters, picture and
                              word for every letter of the alphabet.
      ABC Alphabet Sorter     Interactive game that helps students recognize
                              alphabet letters and reading skills. You can
                              record the student’s voice or adapt to the
                              students personal needs.
      ABC Lite                Dr. Seuss A, B, C book (A-H)

      FW Sampler              Drag letters to make words
      First Word
      Magnetic ABC            Aids in teaching preschoolers alphabet /
      Magic Reading Skill 1   Short vowel words, blend cvc words
            Spelling Bug          Kids learn to spell the most needed words as      .99
                                  they play. Arrange letters in the correct order

            Typing Bee Lite       Part spelling, part typing of simple words

            Pocket Phonics Lite   Free cut-down version of the full app, which
                                  contains letter sounds, letter writing and 170
                                  first words

Phonics 2
ICON        APP TITLE             APP DESCRIPTION                                   COST
            ABC Song              Interactive song & dance experience

            Intro to Letters      Learn to trace, read, write & record letter
                                  sounds, names & phonograms based on proven
                                  methodology of Montessori
            Who’s Smarty?         Smarty Pants assessment will evaluate
                                  proficiency in 5 skill areas

            Beginning Sounds      Match the beginning sounds

            Learn the Letter      Identify picture given initial letter sound

            Meet the Vowels       Based off the popular DVD, kids select a target
                                  vowel out of a field of 3

            Tic Tac Toe

ICON        APP TITLE             APP DESCRIPTION                                   COST
            PS Express            Quickly edit & share photos

            Photos                Pictures

            Adobe Ideas           Digital sketchbook

            Walgreens             Prescription refills, photo uploads, weekly ads

            3D Photos             Cool 3D photos
ICON     APP TITLE             APP DESCRIPTION                                       COST
         Balloons              Teach child their colors, numbers, & animals in       FREE
                               an interactive fun game
         LunchBox              Preschool- six educational games- letters,            .99
                               counting, shapes, matching
         Animal Fun            Real Animals- Real Sounds                             FREE

         Tap Tap Baby          Preschool Vocabulary                                  .99

         My Coloring Book HD   Learn colors                                          FREE

         preschoolTap          Preschool Vocabulary                                  .99

         Baby Apps             PK- numbers, quizzing, animals

         Be Smart Kids         Multisensory learning process                         FREE

         Color Slapps          Color identification                                  FREE

         Tiga Talk Speech      Children use their voice to control the game          $4.99
         Therapy Game

         Glow Coloring         Color in or trace pictures can adjust size, pattern
                               & color
         Words for Preschool   Letters, spelling & reading flashcards

         Routines              PK- Morning routines- must complete one to
                               move on to next

         Monkey- When I Grow   Allows kids to imagine what they want to be
         Up                    when they grow up. Ages 2 and up.

         Camera Scan           A portable scanner. Archive anywhere at any           Free

         Chore Pad HD Lite     Collect stars making chores fun
         Scratch Work    Take notes, browse the web, custom math

         Shopix List     Shopping list on your iPad

         Quick Graph     Graphic calculator

         PlainText       Create documents, sync with Dropbox                FREE

Racing Games
ICON     APP TITLE       APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
         MonsterTN       Race, jump & nitro-boost your way pass thrilling
                         levels- earn medals & unlock new levels.

         Pole Position   A classic arcade racing game used to reinforce     Free
                         speech skills

         Traffic Rush    Classic game used to reinforce speech skills       .99

         Shrek Karting   Classic game used to reinforce speech skills       4.99

Reinforcers 1
ICON     APP TITLE       APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
         Frogger         Classic game used as a reinforcer

         PassPhrase      “Password” word games

         Tetris          Classic game used as a reinforcer

         PAC-MAN         Classic game used as a reinforcer

         Angry Birds     Classic game used as a reinforcer

         SMR             Learn to ride a bike
         Shape Match           Shape recognition- drag & drop

         Basketball Free       Shoot basketballs from a side view. Once you
                               touch the screen you may drag it to get the right
                               arch / angle.
         Illusions             Collection of illusions

         Atari Greatest Hits   Classic games for reinforcement

         Puzzle Pond           Puzzles used for reinforcement

         Princess DU           Puzzles used for reinforcement

         Ragdoll Blast         Shoot a ragdoll out of cannon to hit the target.
                               Each level has more obstacles. Higher thought
                               processing and problem solving.
         BubblePopper          Pop the bubble wrap paper

         Scoops                Hand-eye coordination. Color knowledge. Catch
                               the right ice cream. May also opt to make

         Dinosaur maker        Create a dinosaur by choosing from various
                               heads, bodies, tails, colors, and background

         Horse Racing 3D       Most realistic 3D horse racing game

Reinforcers 2
ICON     APP TITLE             APP DESCRIPTION                                     COST
         Checkers              Class checkers game. Used for reinforcement
                               and reward.

         Chess Free            Class chess game. Used for reinforcement and

         Bejeweled 2           Arrange the same jewels in lines of 3 to clear
                               them and get points. Matching.
        Bubble ball    Drag & drop

        Bowl Free      Class Skeeball game                                 FREE

        MemBlock       Memory challenging game. You must hit the
                       color that was shown to you. Increases by 1
                       color every round.
        Paper Toss     Adjust your angle and force depending on the
                       fan gusts and try to toss the paper in the
        TerTicTacToe   Classic Tic-Tac-Toe game

        Wheel          Wheel of Fortune game. Used for word skills,
                       problem solving, etc.

        Yummy Bugs     Hand-eye coordination. Have the lizard eat the
                       bugs but determining the angle and length at
                       which his tongue must reach each bug.
        Fruit Ninja    Slice fruit as they are juggled on the screen and
                       get points for every fruit. Avoid the bombs and
                       don’t let any fruit drop without being sliced. 3
                       strikes and game over.
        Dogs 2         Adopt your own playful puppy as a virtual pet

        Archers        Reinforcer for speech production

        Ragdoll 2      Shoot a ragdoll out of cannon to hit the target.
                       Each level has more obstacles. Higher thought
                       processing and problem solving. 2nd edition.
        Jumpy Horse    Jump over obstacles, protect your territory,
                       protect foal from wolves, paint, etc.

ICON    APP TITLE      APP DESCRIPTION                                     COST
        History Maps   Language-based historical maps                      FREE
         American States Free   Language-based app for the US states (includes
                                all 50 states). Details for each state (capital, flag,
         Planets                3D guide to the solar system                             FREE

         Montessori Approach    Montessori Geography                                     FREE
         to Geography

         Thunder Time           Tells you how far the lightning is from you. Hit
                                the button when you see lightning outside and
                                then hit it again when you hear the thunder. It
                                will tell you the seconds apart and miles away.
         Lifecycles             Appropriate for children ages 2-10+.                     .99

                                Following life cycles are covered in this app at
                                this moment: Frog Life Cycle, Water Life Cycle,
                                Butterfly Cycle, Plant Cycle, Pollination,
                                Photosynthesis, Moon Phases, Nitrogen Cycle,
                                Oxygen Cycle, Rock Cycle

                                App Features: Colorful illustrations with
                                highlights at each stage (tap/swipe to go to next
                                stage), Detailed kid oriented descriptions for
                                each stage, Narrations (by an elementary school
                                teacher) per lifecycle stage
         Stack the States       As you learn state capitals, shapes, geographic
                                locations and more, you can actually touch,
                                move and drop the animated states anywhere
                                on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states
                                that reaches the checkered line to win each

Sight Words
ICON     APP TITLE              APP DESCRIPTION                                          COST
         See Read Say           High Frequency Word Flashcards                           $1.99

         Sight Words            The Dolch Word List contains 220 words that
                                are broken down into appropriate age groups
                                (PK-3rd grade). Has a quiz mode.

         Word Bingo             The Dolch Word List contains 220 words
                                grouped by level into a fun bingo game.
                                Recommended for ages 5+ (grades 1-2 will
                                really enjoy)
Sign Language
ICON     APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                        COST
         ASL                300 ASL signs- still pictures that are able to print

         Smart Hands        Sign Language- video of signs with verbal
                            descriptions; also has a “quiz”

Sounds Effects
ICON     APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                        COST
         Nature Space       Sound effects

         White Noise        Sounds of the environment                              1.99

         Sm-Rain Free       The sound of rain                                      Free

         Sleepmaker         Sounds of the ocean, beach, etc.                       Free

Speech to Text
ICON     APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                        COST
         Dragon Dictation   Voice recognition application that allows you to       FREE
                            easily speak and instantly see your text or email
                            messages. Use your voice for text messages.
                            Must copy and paste from app to message.

         textPlus Silver    Text for Free and Group texting                        .99

         textPlus           Unlimited free text and a phone number for             FREE

ICON     APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                        COST
         Child Timer        Special background pictures & sounds make this         .99
                            timer app more fun for your child. Get your
                            child to complete activities.
        Timer              Use as many timers at the same time and create     .99
                           your own customized timers.

ICON    APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
        Atomic Web         advanced iPhone Browser which includes             FREE
                           Desktop Tabs, Private Mode, Themes, Search
                           Engine Plug-ins, Rotation Lock, and more

        CloudBrowse        Enables a full desktop Firefox browser session     $2.99
                           so that mobile web surfers can access Flash and
                           Java content. Basic service provides 10 Minutes
                           of secure, anonymous browsing per session.

        GoodReader         Highly-rated PDF reader with advanced reading      $4.99
                           and annotating capabilities. Created for iPhone,
                           it handles huge PDF and TXT files, manuals,
                           large books, magazines
        PDF Notes          categories/guides to pdf

        SuperFiles Lite    This app is iPhone frontend to GDocs, Dropbox,     FREE
                           Picasa, etc. You can access your accounts, scan
                           documents, translate to 52 languages, etc.
        HP iPrint          Easy mobile printing of most digital content       FREE
                           (Word, Excel, PowerPoint web pages, photos,
                           PDF, etc.
        Bargain Bin        The only app which pushes app price drops          FREE
                           directly to your iPhone. You can set up custom
        Cables Explained   This app contains all the cables and wires that    FREE
                           are used for computers and electronics.
                           Discover the name & function of all the cables.
        iCam               add great effects to your photos                   FREE

        Jargonaut          jargon challenge

        Compu Quote        Computer Quotes

        My Planet          Promethean Planet app. Promethean’s free
                           online community
        Speed Test     Measures the network speech of your iPhone or

        i-nigma        turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode

        Diigo          Save bookmarks to Diigo from Safari, search &
                       view your bookmarks by tags, download
                       bookmarks for offline reading

        PDF Expert     Read and annotate PDF documents, highlight
                       text, make notes and changes compatible with
                       Preview and Adobe Acrobat.        Get FREE 50 GB lifetime account for file storage
                       and sharing through Dec. 2, 2011. Box provides
                       simple, secure sharing from anywhere.

        Tango          Allows you to make free phone calls and free
                       video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi to any other
                       person who has Tango installed on phone or PC

        CoBrowser      Allows for the webpages displayed on an            $9.99
                       internet-enabled device to be mirrored on
                       another iOS device without 3G connectivity.
                       Not Tethering but the next best thing. Must
                       purchase this app on both devices.

Videos & Movies
ICON    APP TITLE      APP DESCRIPTION                                    COST
        SproutPlayer   PBS Kids Sprout podcasts. Find available Sprout
                       videos and play

        BrainPop       Bring learning to your fingertips. Watch a         FREE    Requires
                       different animated movie and test your                     Internet
                       knowledge with an interactive quiz. Language
                       skills, memory, wh questions
        Netflix        Watch streaming shows/TV. Must be a Netflix        FREE
                       member. Use for language therapy:
                       sequencing, memory, wh questions, retelling,
        Redbox         Browse & reserve movies, games, Redbox             Free

        Flixter        movie app for movie trailers, theater locations    Free

        YouTube        videos on Internet                                 Free
         ABC Player         player for ABC programs                          Free

         Videos             Training video folder                            Free

         PBS Kids           Watch videos from your favorite PBS Kids         Free    Requires
                            television series                                        internet

Visual Rewards
ICON     APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                  COST   DEVICE
         iloveFireworks     Visual Reinforcement                             .99    Free version
                                                                                    available –
         iRewardChartLite   Charting for progress (accomplishing task,       FREE   Native to
                            chores)                                                 iPhone

         PocketPond HD      Visual Reinforcement                             FREE

Voice Generators
ICON     APP TITLE          APP DESCRIPTION                                  COST
         Talking Tom        Talk to them and they repeat – Fluency – Artic   FREE

         Talking Tom2       Talk to them and they repeat – Fluency – Artic   FREE

         VoiceGenerator     Type and play back what you’ve typed             .99

         SmackTalk          Voice Recorder- Can choose between 4 different .99

         Talking Rex        Voice Recorder- Can have Rex fetch a bone,       .99
                            fight another T-Rex, eat a steak and roar

         VoiceChangerPlus   40 different voices to choose from (mouse,       FREE
                            underwater, haunting).

         Talking Roby       Voice Recorder                                   FREE
        Talk Bot                 Enter text and talk bot is play back in robot    FREE    Native to
                                 voice                                                    iPhone

        Voice Generator          Translates text into verbal output. Able to      Free
                                 adjust volume, pitch, rate and variance.

        Talking Santa            Voice Recorder                                   Free

        Babies                   Voice Recorder- Baby will dance 4 different

        Talking Dogs             Voice Recorder- Not recommended due to too
                                 many ads popping up during play

        Talking Ben              Voice Recorder

        Talking Dinosaur         Voice Recorder- tap different parts of the
                                 dinosaur and see how he reacts

        Talking Gina             Voice Recorder- play hand clapping games, feed
                                 her, etc.

Wh Question
ICON    APP TITLE                APP DESCRIPTION                                  COST
        QuestionBuilder          Help elementary children learn to answer         $3.99
                                 abstract questions & create responses based on
        SUPER WHY!               Power to Read- alphabet, rhyming, spelling,      3.99
                                 writing & reading. 4 Super Why interactive
        WHQuestions              Answering simple “Wh” questions- great for       14.99
                                 autistic children

        WH Questions at School   “Wh” questions- picture cards- “Super Duper”

        Sounds                   Shows you 3 pictures and give you a sound. You
                                 must touch the instrument that makes that
          Stick Pick          Pick a student at random just by giving your         2.99
                              device a shake or tapping the screen. Stick Pick
                              suggests question starters for learners at
                              different levels and also records how well
                              students respond during classroom discussions.
                              If a student is consistently scoring near the top
                              or bottom, simply change the level so students
                              aren't bored or frustrated. Depending on
                              students' levels of English proficiency, they
                              might be asked simple yes-or-no questions or to
                              elaborate in longer sentences.

Word Games
ICON      APP TITLE           APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
          bananagrams         Each player gets a certain amount of letter tiles    .99
                              and has to create their own scrabble board
                              (connecting words in a crossword fashion).
                              Player to use all of their tiles first wins.
          Boggle              Make as many words as you can with a 4x4             .99
                              block of letters. Words must be at least 3 letters
                              and have to connect in consecutive order.
          FamilyFeud          Great for divergent naming skills and                .99
                              cooperative group effort

          KidsWordfind        Wordlist- Identify correct word                      Free

          Search Star         Word finding challenge                               Free

          Chicktionary Lite   Word games- find as many words as you can out        Free
                              of a set of 7 letters given to you. Only comes
                              with 12 free puzzles.
          Scramble 2          Game designed after Boggle where you have to
                              make words out of a 4x4 block of letters. Words
                              must be at least 3 letters and have to connect in
                              consecutive order.

ICON      APP TITLE           APP DESCRIPTION                                      COST
          iWW Lite            Letter/Number recognition
DoodleBuddy      FingerPaint- favorite Colors             Free

UYH              Guide to handwriting skills              Free

Drawing Pad      Mobile art studio                        1.99

Instant Sketch   Transform photos to look like sketches   .99

Whiteboard       Using BT

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