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					Orange County Chapter
Association of Contingency Planners
November 11, 2009

      A Year of Disasters – Lessons Learned

                    Bill Wostenberg
           Manager, Business Continuity Planning
           Automobile Club of Southern California

Automobile Club of Southern
California (ACSC)

  Established in 1900

  Non-Profit, Mutual Benefit Organization

  Member of the American Automobile Association
  (AAA), national federation of 50 AAA clubs

ACSC Profile (Con’t)

  Over 11,000 employees

  200+ company-owned and leased offices in 15
  states (Alabama, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana,
  Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire,
  New Mexico, Texas and Vermont)

  10 million members

Chronology of Disaster Events

           Nov 2008                   So. Calif. Wildfires

           Dec 2008         Severe Weather – So. Calif. High Desert

           Jan 2009                  Winter Storm - Texas

           Feb 2009              Power Outage - Data Center

           Apr 2009             Phone Outage - Admin Offices

           May 2009                Santa Barbara Wildfires

           Jun 2009         Power Outage - Long Beach Call Center

           Aug 2009                   So. Calif. Wildfires

           Sep 2009                   So. Calif. Wildfires

      May 2009 to Present            Swine Flu Pandemic

So CA Wildfires – Nov 2008 to Sept 2009

   Responded to (13) So CA fires as
   potential threats to critical business

      Date                 Fire (Location)            Acres Burned
    Nov 2008   Sayre Fire (Sylmar)                        1,300
               Tea Fire (Santa Barbara)                   1,900
               Triangle Complex Fire (Diamond Bar /      30,300
               Corona / Yorba Linda)
    May 2009   Jesusita Fire (Santa Barbara)              8,700
    Aug 2009   Station Fire (La Canada Flintridge):     160,6000
               Oak Glen (Yucaipa)                         1,160
               Cottonwood Fire (Hemet)                    2,400
               Morris Fire (Azusa/Glendora)               2,200
               Pendleton Road (Yucaipa)                    860
               Camp Pendleton                             1,200
    Sep 2009   Guiberson Fire (Fillmore/Moorpark)        17,500
               Crafton Fire (Yucaipa)                      350
               Norco Fire                                  175

Severe Weather

  Dec. 2008 - So CA High Desert
    Road closures due to snow and ice.
    Apple Valley, Lancaster, and Victorville branches remained
    open with limited staff.
  Jan. 2009 - Texas
    Hazardous road conditions resulting from Texas ice storm.
    Nine Dallas offices, including TXRHQ closed early on 1/26
    and opened late on 1/27.

Power Outages

  Two major outages in 12 Months
     Feb. 2008 - Data Center
     June 2009 – Long Beach Call

  Aged infrastructure (internal and
  external) and lack of redundant

Phone Outage

  April 2009
  Minimal member impact
    Genesys routed Call Center calls to Los Angeles and Texas
    Regional Headquarters.
    Emergency Road Services was not effected
    CA Branch Office main numbers were routed through
    Genesys to the Member Service Center
  Cause: Failure of PBX equipment


  “Mini” Emergency Operations Center
     Approach for monitoring and responding to moderate incidents
     Daily conference call meetings with local management and executives

  Timely Deployment of Resources
     Air filtration equipment to Branches during wildfires

  Workforce Management
     Streamlined the process for obtaining reports on claims exposures within
     specified zip codes.
     Call Centers staffed up in preparation for the worse

  Employee Communications
     The Employee Emergency Announcement Systems (800# and internal
     website site (Club Hub)) updated with status information

  Post mortem debriefings
     Emergency response process improvement


  Emergency Management Tools
    Incident Intelligence Monitoring & Alert Service
       Timely and accurate source of information on all-hazards events
       Enables rapid, effective, efficient response to incidents which could cause
       business disruption or impact employee health and safety
    Emergency Notification System
       Tool for timely and effective communications to key personnel regarding
       emergency incidents (power outages, a/c outages, systems outages,
       Ability to send communications “blasts” to multiple destination points
       (e.g., mobile phone, landline, e-mail, fax, and Blackberry devices)
       Enables emergency management personnel to focus on the situation at
       hand versus placing/taking calls

Lessons Learned

  Don’t Take Things for Granted
     Not everyone shares the same commitment
     Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t been it
     won’t happen
        A category 4 Hurricane hit Galveston Texas on Sept. 9, 1900. The estimated
        death toll was between 6,000 and 12,000. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 is to
        date the deadliest natural disaster ever to strike the United States.
        Flooding in Houston 2001

Lessons Learned

  Communication is Key: What’s Happening!
    Enhance communications with emergency response
    Outbound passive communications to members
    Suspension of marketing campaigns when the EOC is

Lessons Learned

  Emergency Management: Guiding the Ship Through
  Rough Waters
    Early EOC conference calls allowing time for decision making and
    employee notification before scheduled office openings
    Guidelines for keeping offices open with a skeleton crew during
    severe weather conditions
    Updated call routing plans

Swine Flu Pandemic

  Current threat
     “Swine flu is fine. Its here. Get use to it.”   Sadina Reynaldo, PhD, Los
     Angeles County Dept. of Public Health

     Influenza activity is now widespread in the U.S.

Swine Flu Pandemic

  Prevention Actions:
     Anti-bacterial gel dispensers deployed to all Auto Club
     Communications to employees:
        Healthy hygiene habits
        Swine flu versus seasonal flu information.

  Response and Recovery Planning
     Development of a a new integrated pandemic influenza
     response plan for the enterprise leveraging avian influenza
     pandemic plans
     Accelerated effort to develop recovery plans to sustain
     critical operations (Branch Ops, Claims, Emergency Road
     Services and Member Call Center)

Villains and Heroes

     News media for swine flu   CDC, Orange County
     hype and hysteria          Health Care Agency and
                                other government
                                agencies for factual
                                swine flu information,
                                as well as response and
                                recovery guidance


The Calvary to the Rescue!



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