October 17-19, 2012

Smau Milan 2012
 Smau Milan is the most important Italian event dedicated to Information&Communication Technology designed to help main national
 and international suppliers of ICT solutions meet entrepreneurs, corporate and public administration decision makers and ICT channel
 operators: three days during which the cutting-edge technological novelties and benefits for businesses deriving from adoption of digital
 technologies will be presented.

 SMAU	dimensions	today
 • Smau Business: dedicated to corporate/public administration managers and decision makers
 • Smau Trade: dedicated to ICT channel operators (vendors, ISV, VAR, system integrators, software houses…)
 •	Smau	Media: over 1.800 journalists accredited - TV, raedio stations, daily papers, press agencies, trade journals, web sites - (during
 Smau 2010 edition)


THE NEW Smau format                             Demand orientation                               Billable services for exhibitors

The new format has been designed by             Each visitor will set a personal agenda          • Database: a list of profiled participants
ICT Ecosystem operators (vendor, channel,       according to his/her business needs by           who expressed interest in the same thematic
universities and business schools, trade        means of the online profiling system in order    area sponsored by your enterprise.
press) together with Industry and Trade         to identify:                                     • Lead Generation: all visitors registered
Associations (Confindustria and Ascom) to       • the educational and information                at smau.it website interested in your
allow Information &                             meetings of interest amongst more than           thematic area will be invited to visit your
Communication Technology enterprises:           300 50-minutes workshops by the most             stand; unlimited number of complimentary
• to create new opportunities of doing          authoritative lecturers and independent          invitations sent to your customers; prospects,
business with enterprises and public            analysts;                                        tailored electronic mailings to users in line
administration;                                 • success cases of Italian enterprises (ICT      with your target; dedicated call centre.
• To develop and/or enhance brand               Innovation Prize);                               • Brand Awareness: your case history
awareness, taking advantage of an               • the best technology suppliers gathered         or promotional message published in the
authoritative and independent                   together in a single event to help visitors in   Innovation Agenda (handed out to visitors)
platform;                                       their ICT investments.                           and on smau.it website; your solutions
• To meet ICT partners and new trade                                                             highlighted in the online Gallery of products;
operators, developing a direct/indirect                                                          media relation with editorial offices in
network to increase market share.                                                                Economy of main local newspapers.
                                                                                                 • 9 sq m turn key fully equipped booths
                                                                                                 (including personalized graphics arts).

                To create new business
                     opportunities                    <       2 OBJECTIVES
                                                                                 >                     To recruit new ICT channel

                                                      <      2	DIMENSIONS	       >
                                                          BILLABLE SERVICES
                                    •	 Meetings	with	new	business	users/ICT	channel	at	your	stand
                                    •	 Database	of	profiled	contacts	business	users/ICT	channel
                                    •	 Media	visibility	
                                    •	 Networking	amongst	participating	enterprises

                                LEAD GENERATION AND TURNOVER INCREASE

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      • ICT Innovation Prize – Premio Innovazione ICT, dedicated to the most innovative Italian enterprises and pubblic administrations
      • Innovation Paths. From the Idea to Business - Percorsi dell’Innovazione. Dall’Idea al Business, which brings together over 100 start ups
        and the most innovative local Pubblic Administrations
      • Press Guide, a publication distributed to all journalists, containing the event official program and all the special initiatives of the
      • Press Room, which houses more than 1,800 journalists in the three-day event

Communication Plan
      • More than 350 advertising pages on main trade magazines and websites
      • More than 20 advertising pages on main national newspapers
      • More than 300 commercials on major local radio stations and focus on Radio 24
      • More than 950,000 targeted paper advertising mailed in collaboration with trade associations, authoritative Universities and
      Business Schools, exhibitors
      • More than 65,000 calls by a dedicated call centre to invite business decision makers and ICT channel operators

PR actions
      • Over 200 editorials, specials and focuses on innovation and technology published on main economics journals (Corriere Economia,
        Repubblica Affari e Finanza, Il Sole 24Ore, La Stampa … )
      • Over 800 editorials, specials and focuses on innovation and technology published on main trade journals and web sites (Top Trade,
        PC Professionale, Computer Build, Data Manager, Zerouno, … )
      • More than 300 journalists accredited for the ICT Innovation Prize, opening event which takes place in front of the local and national
      • More than 30 TV reports on national TV station before and during the event l’evento (TG1, TG2, TG3, TG5, Sky TG 24, Rai News,
        Telelombardia Net C@fe, …)

      • A dedicated website with more than 700,000 users and over 1,300.000 visited per year
      • Continuous presence on main social networks (facebook, twitter, youtube..) before and during the event

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                                                                                                                           MILAN	2011
2011	SMAU	MILAN	RESULTS                                                                                                    		PROFILED	PARTICIPANTS:	:	54,486
                                                                                                                           ( 26,340 END USER and 26,146 ICT CHANNEL)
END	USERS	DATABASE:	26,340	(entrepreneurs	and	managers)
divided per enterprise sector, number of employees, turnover and function/position

           SECTOR                                        NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES                      TURNOVER                              FUNCTION

          Industry                   33,6%               Min 10                     43,5%         min 5 mil Euro             55,3%      Purchase                           3,2%
          Trade                      3,2%                11-50                      18,0%         5-20 mil Euro              13,3%      Administration, finance, control    16,0%
          Services                   34,1%               51-250                     15,6%         21-50 mil Euro             6,7%       Sales, business development        15,2%
          PA-Health-Education-Bodies 28,1%               250-500                    6,5%          51-100 mil Euro            6,4%       ICT, Information system            21,9%
          Other                      1,0%                More than 500              16,4%         101-500 mil Euro           8,2%       Logistics, supply chain            2,6%
                                                                                                  more than 500 mil Euro     10,1%      Marketing, communication           12,6%
                                                                                                                                        Production, operations             6,2%
                                                                                                                                        Research and development, design   8,0%
                                                                                                                                        Human resources, organization      2,8%
                                                                                                                                        Other                              11,5%

END	USERS	DATABASE	(entrepreneurs	and	managers)
divided per area of interest and short-term investment plan of visitors

 Thematic Area                                                                                                                                     Milan	2011
 A01 - How Enterprise Resource Planning can help manage information and processes in an efficient way                                                5,584
 A02 - How business intelligence applications can support decisions                                                                                  3,979
 A03 - CRM applications as a tool to effectively manage relations with client                                                                        3,726
 A04 - The opportunities offered by e-invoicing and document dematerialization                                                                       3,692
 A05 - Document Management collaboration and support through Intranet and Web 2.0 solutions                                                          4,020
 A06 - Innovating processes through Mobile & Wireless solutions                                                                                      4,529
 A07 - Cloud Computing and Software as a Service to improve the efficiency and flexibility                                                           3,898
 A08 - How innovative solutions can improve the efficiency and flexibility of an IT architecture/IT infrastructure                                   4,152
 A09	-	Innovating	corporate	communication	infrastructures	(VoIP,	Unified	Communication)	                                                             3,060
 A10 - How to avoid costs and damages generated by poor IT security systems                                                                          3,387
 A11 - How to reach new customers through online marketing services and Web B2C applications                                                         4,507
 A12 - CAD and PLM solutions                                                                                                                         2,096
 A13 - The benefits of digital printing solutions                                                                                                    2,752
 A16 - Tablet and Smartphone for business                                                                                                            5,329
*exclusive profiled contacts. Each visitor can declare interest in one or more thematic area

 Line of Business                                                                                                                                  partecipants
 F01 - Marketing & Sales                                                                                                                             4,588
 F02 - Administration, finance, control                                                                                                              2,025
 F03 - Operation & Logistics                                                                                                                         1,813
 F04 - Purchase                                                                                                                                      1,586
 F05 - Human resources, organization                                                                                                                 1,289
 F06 - Research and development, design                                                                                                              1,966
 F07 - Retail & Large Retail Trade                                                                                                                   1,080
 F08 - Public Administration                                                                                                                         1,614

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ICT	CHANNEL	OPERATORS	DATABASE:	26,146	(dealers,	ISV,	VAR,	system	integrators…)
divided per enterprise sector, number of employees, turnover and function/position

    SECTOR                               NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES              TURNOVER                        FUNCTION

     *each visitor can belong to
     more than one sector
    Telecommunication system 26,5%                                       min 5 mil Euro           44,5%   Purchase and Logistics            3,3%
                                         Min 10            56,9%
    sales                                                                0,5-2 mil Euro           16,4%   Administration, finance, control   12,3%
                                         11-50             18,4%
    Hardware and components 42,6%                                        2-5 mil Euro             9,7%    Technical Area (research and      33,6%
                                         51-250            7,9%
    sales (e.g. networking)                                              5-10 mil Euro            4,1%    development, design)
                                         250-500           4,4%
    Software development         45,8%                                                                    Help desk                         4,5%
                                         More than 500     12,4%         10-50 mil Euro           8,2%
    Third party software         38,2%                                                                    Sales                             29,4%
                                                                         50-500 mil Euro          8,4%
    integration and development                                                                           Marketing, communication          9,9%
                                                                         more than 500 mil Euro   8,7%
    ICT publisher                3,6%                                                                     Human resources                   0,8%
                                                                                                          Other                             6,8%

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS AND INDEPENDENT ANALYSTS                                                                              (source: Smau
                                                                                                                                Milan 2011)

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                                                     Milan 2011)

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PARTNERS COMMENTS                               (from the closing press release of Smau Milano 2011)

Our participation at Smau was crucial to enable us to present the benefits of our new Channel program, Intel Technology Provider
and to compare with the large number of ICT players in the territory. The large attendance to the courses run at our booth has
demonstrates once again the awareness and maturity of local ICT players in considering the ICT sector the only competitive factor for
the growth of business .
Luca Romani, Regional Channel Manager, Intel Italy & Switzerland

The participation to SMAU allowed us to meet with entrepreneurs, managers, public sector and IT professionals, with whom we have
detailed the most innovative technology trends during the event, from conferences to our workshops and training. We focused on the
benefits of Cloud computing, showing the effectiveness of solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, a simple and flexible solution which
can support also the smallest companies on the Cloud. At Smau we also reconfirmed our commitment to support the competitiveness
of Small and Medium Enterprises and business partners through concrete actions and a team focused just on Cloud Computing.
Aware of the great opportunities of the cloud, Microsoft wants to promote its adoption and diffusion to support the growth of the
national economy. Smau was also an important meeting and discussion with representatives of the Public Sector with whom Microsoft
has been working for a long time to accelerate the process of digitization of the country.
Silvia Candiani, Marketing and Operations Director, Microsoft	Italia

We returned to Smau Milano after a long time of absence, convinced of the importance of a project that is unique in Italy and it
is able to aggregate the major players in the ICT market, universities, associations. UCC, Cloud, Social are just some of the key
elements that have characterized the presence of Siemens Enterprise Communications at Smau 2011, and that, together with business
applications, can represent an important growing opportunity for Italian companies. OpenScape V6, the latest new product just
announced during the event, is based on these elements with innovative capabilities in the communications media on the desktop and
the integration with Skype communication environment. Smau has represented, and very successfully, an important time for sharing
and comparing “cultural” issues and key technologies for the present and the future of the country, in which Siemens wants to continue
to exercise a significant role.
Riccardo Ardemagni, Chief Executive Officer Siemens Enterprise Communications

The participation of Telecom Italy at Smau Milano 2011 shows the path of development taken by our company to provide not only
telecommunications network infrastructure, but also new IT services through the Italian Cloud. Our solutions are dedicated to small and
medium enterprises, professionals, large enterprises and public sector that wish to contribute, with Telecom Italy, to the growth of the
Pietro Labriola, Director of Corporate Business Unit Telecom Italia

WHAT THE MEDIA SAY ABOUT SMAU MILANO                                                                   (source: Smau Milan 2011)

                              The after-Smau allows the sector                                                In Italy October is the month of ICT:
                              to breath again. For three days                                                 the appointment in Fieramilanocity
                              technology has been the argument                                                comes back, getting together
                              to talk about.                                                                  suppliers and industry partners.
                              (Borsa	e	Finanza)                                                               Exhibitors and spaces increasing
                                                                                                              despite the crisis.
                                                                                                              (Panorama	Economy)

                              Smau, a cloud switch on in the                                                  More than refined palates. So are
                              sky of Milan. The Italian exhibition                                            the 50,000 visiting professionals
                              dedicated to technology opens                                                   and managers of this edition of
                              today. Cloud computing will be the                                              Smau in order to capture all the
                              star.                                                                           opportunities offered by digital
                              (La	Stampa)                                                                     technologies.

For	any	further	information: Segreteria	Organizzativa:	
                              ph. 02 283131 / 049 8808444
	         	         	         e-mail: info@smau.it

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