Bread Machines are a Genius in the Kitchen

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					Bread Machines – Are A Genius In the Kitchen

By Brenda King

Bread making machines are a genius in the kitchen and rank highly as far as kitchen appliances are
concerned. Here are some of the many benefits of this humble invention.

Easy to Use

Even if you aren’t highly skilled in this kitchen, it won’t take you too long to get up to speed with
using a bread maker. They are straight forward to use, and as long as you read the instruction
manual carefully before embarking on your baking efforts, you will be fine.

Bake Like a Pro

After making a few loaves using the regular recipe in your instruction manual, you can bake loaves of
bread like a pro. From standard white loaves to more fancy loaves such as Italian bread or dough for
buttery brioche, you can impress your family and friends with your bakery prowess.

Low Cost Outlay

The starting price of these machines are less than one hundred dollars. If you are a keen bargain
hunter, jump onto eBay or Craig’s list, and scour the listings to snare a good bargain. A few tips on
buying a second hand machine – ensure that the machine comes with an instruction manual, and
preferably if there is still a guarantee attached to the appliance that would be ideal. Ask the buyer as
to the reasons why they are selling their bread maker. Hopefully, it isn’t because there has been any
fault or problem associated with that specific model.

New Bread Making Machines

 New bread making machines can also be purchased for less than one hundred dollars. If you prefer
to buy a brand new machine, visit the Kitchen Appliances section of Amazon and review the latest
models available on the market. From Zojirushi to Breadman, to Panasonic and West Bend, there are
many quality models on the market with full packed features.

Feature Rich

These bread makers have an extensive range of features to offer that include a set timer feature,
programmable settings to special settings such as a sour dough starter cycle. The sour dough cycle is
available on the Zojirushi BB-cec20 model for sour dough lovers! Nothing quite beats the taste of
fresh sour dough bread. The other benefit is that sour dough bread can be expensive to purchase
from specialty bakery shops so you are in for a treat by being able to make it at home whenever you

If you like to have the full view pleasuring of watching the dough mixture being mixed and kneaded,
then rise into a heavenly loaf, pick a model with a large viewing panel. One such model that doesn’t
have a large viewing pane is the Panasonic SD-YD250. Though don’t let that put you off, as the
Panasonic bread maker has many other redeeming features to offer as far as bread making machines
 are concerned. It boasts a separate yeast dispenser and has a convenient set timer function. The set
 timer function is a really useful feature to have so that you can set your bread in the evenings and
 have it ready and baked in the morning time.

 So if you are a budding baker, get going with purchasing and using a bread maker. You won’t look
 back once you get hooked making bread in your machine every day.

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