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									                                                                                                                                                        Santa Claus Hears
THE                                                                                                                                                     All Christmas Wishes
     SIGOURNEY, IOWA 52591
                                       S E R V I N G K E O K U K C O U N T Y S I N C E 1860
                                                                WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2009
          149TH YEAR                                   one dollar                                            NUMBER 51

Official Oath for Elected                                                                                       Weather and Roads Top
                                                                                                                Supervisor’s Meeting
                                                                                                                    With the wintery mix of

City of Sigourney Officials
                                                                                                                freezing rain, snow and wind
                                                                                                                in the immediate forcast,
                                                                                                                Keokuk County Supervisors:
                                                                                                                Ernie Greiner, Michael Berg and
                                                                                                                Richard Denny discussed with
                                                                                                                County Engineer, Christy Van
                                                                                                                Buskirk the plans for County
                                                                                                                roads for the remainder of the
                                                                                                                week and through the Christmas
                                                                                                                holiday weekend.
                                                                                                                    Van Buskirk assured the
                                                                                                                Supervisors        the     Highway
                                                                                                                Department was ready for the            Correction
                                                                                                                winter storm. “We are setting               In last week’s News-Review these children were misidenti-
                                                                                                                pretty good with sand and treated       fied. We apologize for the error.
                                                                                                                material for the roads,” said Van           Pictured above are Heidi, Reagan and Jack Clarahan of
                                                                                                                Buskirk. She noted Doug Klett as        Harper. Parents are Ryan and Michelle Clarahan. They enjoyed
                                                                                                                well as herself would be keeping        telling Santa their Christmas wishes at the Knights of Columbus
                                                                                                                a close eye on the weather.             Christmas dinner in Harper. Photo submitted.
                                                                                                                    The Keokuk County Ordinance
                                                                                                                (Section 3 - Sequence Of Service)
                                                                                                                regarding snow and ice removal
                                                                                                                    In the implementation of snow
                                                                                                                and ice removal and other main-
                                                                                                                tenance of the county’s second-
                                                                                                                ary road system during the win-
   Sigourney Mayor, Pat Miletich swears-in the newly elected City Council members (left to                      ter months, the County Engineer
right): Randy Schultz of the 2nd Ward, Jeff Johnson for the At-Large and Charlie Williams of                    shall select the actual sequence
the 4th Ward at the Wed., Dec. 16 meeting.                                                                      of roads to be cleared as pro-
                                                                                                                vided for in this section of the
                                                                                                                ordinance, and shall determine
                                                                                                                when drifting, wind velocity, and
                                                                                                                additional snow or snowstorms
                                                                                                                require that the snow removal
                                                                                                                equipment be removed from the
                                                                                                                roadway, or that additional clear-
                                                                                                                ance of paved roads be accom-
                                                                                                                plished prior to the clearance of
                                                                                                                gravel and dirt roads.
                                                                                                                    PAVED ROUTES: 1. The ini-
                                                                                                                tial effort will be to get all routes
                                                                                                                open to two-lane traffic as soon
   Mayor, Pat Miletich pre-                                                                                     as possible and or practicable.
sented Jill Moore with a plaque                                                                                 During initial snow removal oper-          The City of Delta hosted Santa Claus at City Hall on Sat., Dec.
for her dedicated service as                                                                                    ations, paved roads may only            19 for area children to make their Christmas wishes. Each child
a retiring Council member.               Sigourney City Clerk, Angie Alderson conducts the oath of              have on lane plowed for a period        received a goodie bag after their visit. Above is Grayson Jones of
Moore served on the Council           office ceremony for Mayor, Pat Miletich. Miletich was appointed           of time. 2. After two lane travel       Sigourney; he is 18 months old and shared his Christmas wish
representing the 2nd Ward for         Mayor Pro-tem after the death of Mayor John Ballensky, she                is possible, subsequent snow            with Santa. His parents are Amber (pictured) and Tony Jones.
one term.                             then decided to run for another term in office (2009).                    removal will be carried on during
                                                                                                                normal working hours. 3. The

Christmas Cheer at SPL Open House Two Drivers Injured                                                           truck mounted snow plows and
                                                                                                                spreaders will not normally be in
   The      Sigourney
Library hosted a Holiday
                          Public      hour until the Mayor announced
                                      the following Reading Drawing
                                                                           in Head-on Collision                 operation between the hours of
                                                                                                                3:30 P.M. - 7:00 A.M. The trucks
Open House on Fri., Dec. 18
with many specials guests
                                      winning tickets: Billie Myers/
                                      chest restored by Dennis
                                                                           Near Keswick                         may be called off the road if snow
                                                                               According to the Iowa State      and blowing reduces visibility to
attending (45 children/20             Stockman, Lou Bower/wreath           Patrol crash report, at 8:10 a.m.    hazardous working conditions.
adults).      The     Sigourney       donated by Janie Hendricks           a head-on collision occurred on      4. When required, due to drifting
Elementary School 5th and             and Mary Fowler/stained glass        County Hwy. V44 just North           snow, motorgraders may be used
6th grade chorus directed by          window donated by Janie              of Keswick. State Patrol Sgt.        to keep the paved roads open
Susan Johnson (assisted by            Hendricks. Plenty of cookies         Ramthun responded to the             and the opening of gravel roads
Brianna Winegarden) started           for the children and treats for      scene.
the festivities with a wonderful      adults including a delicious                                              may be delayed. 5. It is not the
                                                                               Sgt. Ramthun noted Patrick
rendition of “Jingle Bells.”          Creole Christmas Cake from                                                policy of the county to provide
                                                                           O’Rourke (25) of North English
   Sigour ney      Mayor     Pat      Rolling Prairie Acres Farm           was traveling southbound in a        a “dry” pavement condition. 6.
Miletich read the “Night Before       kept everyone cheerful until         2009 Chevy truck and Heather         After roads have been plowed, as
Christmas” by Clement Clarke          the arrival of Santa Claus.          Snakenburg (35) of Keswick was       provided in the section, intersec-
Moore and students Brooke                The event was a huge success      traveling northbound in a 2003       tions, hills, and curves may, but
Waechter and Mateer Strong            with help from volunteers and        Chevy Trailblazer on Co. Hwy.        not necessarily, have placed on
read poems from “American             Friends of the Sigourney Public      V44. Due to road conditions,         them, slat, sand, or other abra-
Christmas:       48    American       Library: Barb Tornow, Yvonne         Snakenburg lost control and col-     sives. These intersections, hills,
poets celebrate the beauty of         Pitsch, Colleen Deitrich, Kathy      lided head-on with O’Rourke,         and curves may not be resanded,
Christmas” edited by Webster          Kracht, Mary Williams, Mark          who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.       resalted, or have other abrasives
Schott and Robert J. Myers.           Schmidt, Mary Gralapp, Suzi                                                                                          Delta Mayor, Brett Hammes shared his Christmas wishes
                                                                               Snakenburg was transported       replaced on them between snow-
   The chorus continued to            Mohr, Cheryl Bird, Sue Mohr                                                                                       with Santa and his daughter, Stacia hesitantly told Santa what
                                                                           by ambulance to University of        storms.
entertain throughout the first        and Carralee Sueppel.                                                                                             she wanted for Christmas. Delta Santa photos submitted by the
                                                                           Iowa Hospital. O’Rourke refused
                                                                                                                    UNPAVED ROADS: 1. The               What Cheer Paper.
                                                                           treatment. The Iowa State Patrol,
                                                                                                                initial effort will be to get all
                                                                           Keokuk County Sheriff’s Office
                                                                                                                routes opened to one-lane traffic
                                                                           and Keswick Fire and Rescue
                                                                           assisted in the accident, which is   as soon as possible and/or prac-
   The News-Review can add your business online with a bro-
                                                                           still under investigation.           ticable after a storm has passed.
chure complete with photos and specials or tape a commercial                                                    2. After one-lane travel is pos-
spot. Contact Ken Chaney at 622-3110 or 319-330-6126 to                                                         sible, subsequent snow removal
find out how.                                                              SNR Holiday Office                   will be carried on during normal
Look who is online at the News-Review website...                           Hours and Deadlines                  working hours. 3. Motorgraders
   ...The Garden Gate                      ...Wagler Motors                                                     and/or truck plows will not nor-
                                                                               The Sigourney News-Review
   ...Bruty’s Carpet Corner                ...This Could Be YOU!                                                mally be in operation between
                                                                           has a few changes to announce        the hours of 3:30 P.M. - 7:00
                                                                           for the upcoming Christmas
SNR Web Opinion Poll                  the Position All Together.
                                         While the State of Iowa doesn’t   and New Year holidays:
                                                                                                                AM.. The motorgraders and/or
                                                                                                                truck plows may be called off the
    The past week on the Sigourney    hold this opinion poll as the            1) The SNR closes at 12          road if snow and blowing reduces
News-Review website at www.           deciding vote, it is interesting     Noon on Thurs., Dec. 24 and          visibility to hazardous working, the          what voters chose.                   all day on Fri., Dec. 25 - Merry     conditions. 4. Snow may not
Polling Question has been: Does          Out of 100% of the votes, 50%     Christmas! Deadline for the          be removed from roads desig-
each school district in Iowa          thought one Superintendent per       12/30 SNR issue is 12 Noon           nated as Level B.
need their own superintendent         County would work the best.
                                                                           on Dec. 24.
or would one superintendent           22% voted for #2: One per School
per county be sufficient? With        District. 17% voted to eliminate         2) The SNR closes at 3 p.m.
four options for an answer. 1)        the position and 11% voted to        on Thurs., Dec. 31 and all
One Superintendent per County.        leave as is.                         day on Fri., Jan. 1 - Happy
2) One Superintendent per School         Stop out to the SNR website       New Year! Deadline for the
District. 3) Leave As Is. 4) Cutout   and let you voice be heard.          1/06/10 SNR issue is 12 Noon
                                                                           on Dec. 31.
                                                                               Please contact Robin Handy
                                                                           at 641-622-3110 or 641-660-
                                                                           4956 for further information or
                                                                                                                                                           Daman Dowd of Delta was a bit apprehensive about visiting
                                                                           to submit any information for                                                with Santa Claus, but Santa convinced him it would be alright.
                                                                           publication.                                                                 He is the son of Scott and Amie Davis.
2                       Wednesday, December 23, 2009                                                                                                                                               

 Directory                                         WEATHER REVIEW                         speed, (6-10 over).
                                                                                                                                  ‘Tis The Season’ To                   driving. In 2008, 11,773 Ameri-
                                                                                                                                                                        can motorists died in highway
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Law enforcement is increasing its
          ABSTRACTING                              The following report is compiled           Ryan D. Barnett, Macon, Mo.,                                                                                    efforts to spot motorists driving
            SERVICES                               by Doug Flanders, Sigourney’s          speed, (16-20 over).                    Crack Down On Partiers                crashes involving a driver with       drunk from Dec. 16, 2009 - Jan.
                                                   official weather observer and in-           Alan S. Axmear, Keswick,              Nearly 300 law enforcement          a BAC of .08 or higher. Iowa saw      3, 2010. If you’re over the limit,
         KEOKUK COUNTY                             cludes the date, high, low and         speed, (6-10 over).                     agencies across the state of Iowa     81 people die as a result of drunk    you will be under arrest.
          ABSTRACT CO.                             precipitation readings.                    Greyden M. Scearcy, Rich-           will step up enforcement begin-       driving in 2008; nine during the        For more information on this
     100 S. Main Sigourney, IA                                           HI      LO       land, speed, (6-10 over).               ning Wed., Dec. 16, 2009, to          months of December and Janu-          enforcement effort or other
           641-622-3321                            Tues., Dec. 15        33       0           Ted L. Greiner, Keota, seatbelt     keep the state’s roadways safe        ary. Additionally, 1,523 Iowans       highway safety initiatives, visit:
                                                       Precip: T. snow                    violation.                              from drunk drivers. The Iowa          suffered injuries in drunken driv-
      DAY & BORDWELL                               Wed., Dec. 16         15       1           Brandon K. Frazier, Eldridge,       Department of Public Safety’s         ing crashes in 2008.
         ABSTRACTS                                 Thurs., Dec. 17       26      15       manner of conveyance (loaded            Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau         As you celebrate this holiday
  Abstracts of title in Keokuk                     Fri., Dec. 18         42      21       gun).                                   (GTSB) is organizing the annual       season, make smart decisions
    & Washington Counties                                                                                                         Drunk Driving. Over the Limit.        that keep fellow motorists safe
                                                   Sat., Dec. 19         30      23           Tom C. Olson, Keswick, open
 114 W. Washington St., Ste. 1                                                                                                                                          from harm and you out of jail.
                                                   Sun., Dec. 20         26      22       container-passenger.                    Under Arrest. crackdown. Agen-
  P.O. Box 303, Sigourney, IA
                                                   Mon., Dec. 21         27      23           Craig J. Berg, Sigourney, no        cies receiving grant monies from
        319-863-9200                                   Precip: 1” snow; freeze drizzle    deer license or tag.                    GTSB will put more officers on
      FAX 319-653-4797                             REAL ESTATE                                Joseph E. Sieren, Keota, no         the roads over the busy travel
                                                       Grace M. Sheraden Est. to          deer license or tag.                    holidays to increase enforcement
      CARE FACILITIES                              Donald L. Peiffer and Judith A.            Kadie J. Conrad, South Eng-         and save lives. The enforcement
                                                   Peiffer, 36-74-12.                     lish, operation without registra-       effort runs through Sun., Jan. 3,
            MANOR HOUSE                                Ronald E. Lippard to Mark A.       tion.                                   2010.
            CARE CENTER                            Knowler, 35-76-12.                         Kenneth J. Striegel, Ollie, fail-     Driving with a blood alcohol
           Intermediate and                            Verna I. Adams, Est. to Jen-       ure to obey traffic control devise.      concentration (BAC) of .08 or
          Skilled Care Facility                    nifer L. Jordt, 11-75-12.                  Clarence J. Schaftlein, Cedar       higher is illegal in every state.
            1212 S. Stuart                             Milo Luers to Edwin C. Luers       Rapids, speed.                          Yet far to many people suffer de-
             641-622-2142                          and Rita J. Luers, 28-77-10, 27-       POLICE LOG                              bilitating injuries and the loss of
                                                   77-10.                                     Criminal charges are mere ac-       loved ones as a result of impaired
   MAPLEWOOD MANOR                                     Milo Luers to Will Luers, 33-      cusations and the accused is pre-
204 N. KeokukWashington Rd.                        77-10.                                 sumed innocent unless and until
       Keota, IA 52248
                                                       Leroy J. Edmundson to Rob-         proven guilty.
  Skilled/Intermediate Care
                                                   ert Dean Vrchoticky Sr., 22-77-        12-3-09
                                                   12.                                        10:10 p.m.: Kadie Conrad is-
    SIGOURNEY CARE CENTER                              Raymond J. Herman Est. to          sued citation for expired registra-
          WINDSOR PLACE                            Larry E. Herman, 19-76-11.             tion.
    Assisted Living, Intermediate                  MARRIAGES                              12-6-09
      and Skilled Care Facility                        Theodore Eugene Waldner                5:03 p.m.: Reported burglary
        900 S. Stone, Box 21                       and Kara Leigh White.                  in 300 block of North Jefferson.
           641-622-2971                            TICKETS                                    Assisted with Sheriff’s office
                                                       Ronald L. Blodgett, Sigour-        on OWI and burglary charge.
       LEGAL SERVICES                              ney, failure to have valid license/    12-07-09
                                                   permit while operating vehicle.            10:37 p.m.: Minor accident at
        LLOYD, McCONNELL,                              William P. Pollock, Grinnell,      Dollar General; no injuries.
         DAVIS & LUJAN, LLP                        failure to comply with safety reg/     12-08-09
           Attorneys at Law                        rules.                                     11:30 p.m.: Alarm in 200
        117 S. Jefferson Street                        Jamie L. Vest, Wellman, speed,     block of North Main; employee
         Sigourney, IA 52591                       (20 mph over).
            641-622-2215                                                                  error.
                                                       Matthew P. Hudson, Brighton,       12-12-09
                                                   seatbelt violation.                        2:00 a.m.: Damon Winegar-
    MEDICAL SERVICES                                   Tanya McPherson, Sigourney,        den issued citation for excessive
                                                   speed, (6-10 over).                    speed and failure to obey stop
         KEOKUK COUNTY                                 Erin M. Schmidt, Gibson, pos-      sign.
         MEDICAL CLINIC                            sess/purchase of alcohol by per-
     Mary Graeff, M.D., F.A.A.P.                                                              3:25 a.m.: Assist with medical
                                                   son under 21.                          call in 500 block of Ringgold St.
      1312 South Stuart Street
           Sigourney, IA                               Stephen L. Buehneman, Del-         12-13-09
           641-622-1170                            ta, failure to comply with safety          2:00 p.m.: Clarance Schaft-
                                                   reg/rules.                             lein, issued citation for speed.
       CAROL SCHMIDT, ARNP                             Dennis R. Ingles, Manchester,          9:40 p.m.: Assist with medical
          Family Practice ♥                        speed, (6-10 over).                    call in 500 block of E. Walnut St.
          2nd Street Clinic                            Daniel J. Smith, Washington,
          101 East Marion                          max gross weight violation.
            Sigourney, IA                              Christopher M. Sinn, Ottum-
           641-622-9133                            wa, seatbelt violation.
         fax 641-622-9134
                                                       Scott J. Schrader, Ollie, speed,
 UI HEALTH CARE-SIGOURNEY                          (6-10 over).
       Family Medicine                                 Robert J. Randell, Oskaloosa,
       Will Saxena, M.D.                           speed, (6-10 over).
      Robert Baker, PA-C                               Jordan L. Wright, Batavia,
        1314 S. Stuart                             speed, (11-15 over).
         Sigourney, IA                                 Caitlin    A.   Shadley-Long,
        641-622-3840                               Sigourney, operation without
    PRINTING SERVICES                                  Emily A. Carolus, What Cheer,

Envelopes, Letterheads, Forms,
    Books, Register Forms,
       Business Cards,
      114 E. Washington
   P.O. Box 285 Sigourney
      fax 641-622-2766

  Melissa R. Bird, Recorder
101 S. Main, Sigourney, 641-
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                                                                                                               The News-Review                                  Wednesday, December 23, 2009                   3

Savages’ Defense A SK Junior High Wrestling Hosts
Winning Combination Only Home Tournament for Season
Sigourney 52, Montezuma 37            the Iowa Valley Tigers, 50-45.
    The Savages jumped out to a       Down 5 points heading into the
14-4 first quarter and withstood      4th quarter, Sigourney outscored
several Bravette runs to claim a      the Tigers 19-9 in the final frame
52-37 victory last Monday night       to up their record to 5-1.
at Montezuma. Sigourney shot              Sigourney’s relentless attack
43.8% from the field and held a       of the offensive glass proved the
plus 12 rebounding advantage          difference in the last stanza. For
which helped secure the win.          the game the Savages gathered
    Carolyn Holm led the Savages      24 offensive rebounds to 7 for
with 29 points and 14 rebounds.       Iowa Valley. “We were strug-
Alyssa Manchester led the team        gling shooting from the field so
with 6 assists. Tori Albaugh          we had to use our rebounding
added 7 points and 3 assists.         aggression and height to win the
Michaela Gretter and Stephani         game,” states Coach Hobbs.
Atwood each scored 6 points.              Holm again led the Savages
Whitney Abrahamson 3 points,          with 30 points and 17 rebounds.
5 rebounds. Jerica Gretter 1          Though limited with foul trouble
point. Olivia Hanchett added 4        Atwood grabbed 11 rebounds go
assists and 4 rebounds.               with her 5 points and 4 assists.
    “Our guards continue to take      Abrahamson filled in for Atwood
great pride in making the great       and ripped down 5 big rebounds
pass and being unselfish. Much        and scored 5 points. Gretter
of our success over the years         consistently found Holm under
is in having players commit to        the basket or on the break and
playing team defense and look-        recorded a team high 7 assists
ing for the open player in the        as well as scored 6 points and
best position to shoot,” com-         a team high 3 steals. Albaugh
ments Coach Hobbs.                    scored 2 points on big free
Sigourney 50, Iowa Valley 45          throws to put the game out
    Instead of a first quarter out-   of reach in the final minute.
burst the Savages needed a 4th        Ashley Baumert also contrib-
quarter surge to pull away from       uted 2 points.
                                                                             The 2009 SK Junior High Wrestling team is under the direction of Head Coach Frosty Streigle. Suiting
                                                                           up (back row, left to right): Cole Streigle, Noah Schuster, Dalton Price, Kevin Weber, Chase Tremmel,
                                                                           Tucker Fowler, Brian Bird and Bryce Brown; (front row, left to right): Jake Van Ee, Nathan Fritz, Cory
Boys’ Basketball Pull Down                                                 Jarmes, J.C. Dumont, Daniel Larkford, Jeremiah Green and Gage Greiner.

a Victory to End 2009
12/14/09                              ity was still lacking though, as
vs. Montezuma                         we had periods of extreme inef-
   “I think having to postpone        fectiveness,” said Carter. “We
Tuesday’s game (12/08) because        have to remedy that. One major
of weather and Friday’s game          position, we got the chance to
(12/11) because of Tri-County         play our bench and get some
not having school hurt us,” said      much needed varsity experience
Coach Andy Harter. “We never          for some kids.”
really got our game legs and we           The Savages rounded out
were unable to catch a rhythm.”       2009 with a huge victory over
   The Savages went on to lose        the Tigers 78-35. The Savages
the game against Montezuma            were in double digits at the bas-
52-42. High point scorers for         ket: Abrahamson with 23 points,
the Savages were: Andrew              Andrew Fritz had a double dou-          Cole Jarmes moves his Tri-County/Montezuma opponent                 SK’s Dalton Price makes quick work of a 3 point move
Utterback with 15 game points,        ble 12 points and 10 rebounds        into position for a pin as the referee keeps an eye on the          against his Albia opponent at the SK Junior High Tourney on
JC Abrahamson knocked down            and Utterback with 10 game           blades. The SK Junior High Wrestling Tournament was Fri.,           Fri., Dec. 18.
12 points and Matt Meier fin-         points rounds out the DD’s.          Dec. 18.
ished the game with 8 points.         Other individual stats: Meier,
12/15/09                              7 pts.; Logan Klein, 6 pts.;
vs. Iowa Valley                       Brandon Stuhr, 5 pts.; Curtis
   The Savages hosted the Iowa        Fisher, 4 pts.; Seth Swearingen
Valley Tigers on Tues., Dec. 15 for   and Isaiah Nieuwsma with 3
some home court action before         each; Jackson Davis and Kyle
the long Christmas break. “We         Ferree scored 2 pts. each and
played very well at times during      Zach Hahn finished off a free
this game, our offense continu-       throw nicely for one.

                                                                              SK wrestler, Gage Greiner works is arms and hands into posi-
                                                                           tion before swinging his body around to cover his English Valleys
                                                                           opponent. Greiner went on to win the match by a 7-5 decision.          In the first period of the match, SK’s Tucker Fowler gets a
                                                                                                                                               pin over his Moravia opponent.

                                                                                                                                                                                        SK’s Nathan Fritz
                                                                                                                                                                                     showed exactly how it’s
                                                                                                                                                                                     done when he pinned
                                                                                                                                                                                     his Albia opponent in
                                                                                                                                                                                     :36 seconds.

   At the SK Junior High home tournament on Fri., Dec.
18, Jeremiah Green fought hard for a 10-7 decision over his                   It’s not always about the win and SK wrestler Jake Van Ee
Albia opponent, while the referee keeps a close watch on the               showed outstanding determination and heart during his 11-8
match.                                                                     loss against Jordan of Iowa Valley.

                                                                                      Individual Match Results
Wrestler               Wrestler              Match Result                  Wrestler               Wrestler                Match Result         Wrestler                Wrestler              Match Result
Gage Greiner SK        Justin Ling EV        Greiner 7-5                   Noah Schuster SK       Lex Jack TC-M           Jack 6-4             Tucker Fowler SK        Luke Ryan IV          Fowler Fall
Carter Lacina IV       Levi Hawk Moravia     Lacina Fall 1:11              Brett Dody NM          Deryk Hayveld IV        Dody Fall            Jake Van Ee SK          Ryan Smith EV         Smith Fall 2:40
Jake Van Ee SK         Cody Seaton EV        Seaton 19-9                   Tucker Fowler SK       Levi Hawk Moravia       Fowler Fall          Josh Jordan IV          Bobby Belzer Albia    Belzer Fall
Josh Jordan IV         Sheldon Ealy EV       Ealy 12-4                     Jake Van Ee SK         Josh Jordan IV          Jordan 11-8          Austin O’Leary Albia    Cody Seaton EV        Seaton Fall
Nathan Fritz SK        Bobby Belzer Albia    Fritz Fall 2:34               Cody Seaton EV         Bobby Belzer Albia      Belzer 6-1           Nathan Fritz SK         Aaron Ambrose Albia Fritz Fall :36
Austin O’Leary Albia   Drake Healy IV        Healy 6-3                     Nathan Fritz SK        Austin O’Leary Albia    Fritz Fall :59       Zach Kitzman TC-M       Drake Healy IV        Kitzman Fall 2:47
Aaron Ambrose Albia    Zach Kitzman TC-M     Kitzman 6-2                   Josh Edmundson TC-M    Aaron Ambrose Albia     Edmundson 7-2        Steven Schlecta IV      Adam deRegnier EV     deRegnier Fall 3:39
Cory Jarmes SK         Adam deRegnier EV     deRegnier 4-1                 Adam deRegnier         Drake Healy IV          DeRegnier 4-3        Cory Jarmes SK          Mitch Gibson TC-M     Gibson Fall
Steven Schlecta IV     Josh Edmundson TC-M Schlecta 3-2                    Cory Jarmes SK         Lucas Ewing TC-M        Ewing 10-8           Lucas Ewing TC-M        Gage Simmons NM       Simmons Fall
Shadow Kirkendall AlbiaGage Simmons NM       Kirkendall Fall 3:44          Steven Schlecta IV     Zach Kitzman TC-M       Kitzman 8-7          Logan Vaverka TC-M      Justin Plotz IV       Vaverka Fall
Tyler Knapp Moravia    Mitch Gibson TC-M     Gibson Fall                   Gage Simmons NM        Mitch Gibson TC-M       Gibson Fall :19      Trenton Steinke TC-M    Tyler Knapp Moravia   Steinke Fall
Lucas Ewing TC-M       Justin Plotz IV       Plotz Fall                    Justin Plotz IV        Trenton Steinke TC-M    Steinke Fall         Colten Maschman TC-M    Paul Richards IV      Maschman Fall 1:55
Kaden Wilson IV        Trenton Steinke TC-M Wilson Fall                    Paul Richards IV       Tyler Knapp Moravia     Richards Fall        Brennen Grimm EV        Gage Simmons NM       Simmons Fall
Paul Richards IV       Logan Vaverka TC-M    Richards Fall :18             Kaden Wilson IV        Logan Vaverka TC-M      Wilson 11-4          Paul Gent EV            Gunner Miller Moravia Gent Fall
Brennen Grimm EV       Gunner Miller Moravia Grimm Fall 2:29               Kolten Maschman TC-M   Gunner Miller Moravia   Maschman Fall :43    Dalton Folkerts Albia   Zach Russell IV       Folkerts Fall 1:23
Paul Gent EV           Zach Russell IV       Russell Fall                  Brennen Grimm EV       Dalton Folkerts Albia   Folkerts Fall 1:16   Taylor Legvold NM       Carter Young IV       Legvold 17-3
Jeremiah Green SK      Brett Leshen Albia    Leshen 12-2                   Zach Russell IV        Brett Leshen Albia      Leshen Fall          Jeremiah Green SK       Connor Woodward AlbiaGreen Fall
Dalton Folkerts Albia  Taylor Legvold        Folkerts 20-6                 Lucas Krakow IV        Taylor Legvold NM       Legvold Fall         Lucas Krakow IV         Joe Sager Albia       Krakow Fall 3:39
Carter Young IV        Hugh Sinclair Albia   Sinclair Fall                 Jeremiah Green SK      Hugh Sinclair Albia     Green 10-7           Dalton Price SK         Jerrod Kromrey Albia Price 8-2
Lucas Krakow IV        Connor Woodward Albia Krakow Fall 3:59              Jarrod Kromrey Albia   Carter Young IV         Kromrey Fall :50     Griffin Osing Albia     Scott Close Moravia   Osing Fall 1:15
Dalton Price SK        Joe Sager Albia       Price 5-2                     Dalton Price SK        Andrew Garringer IV     Price 2-0            Bryce Brown SK          Jordan Wooward Albia Brown Fall 3:39
Tre Gonzalez IV        Jarrod Kromrey Albia  Kromrey Fall                  Cole Streigle SK       Griffin Osing Albia     Osing Fall           Cole Streigle SK        Nathan Zimmerman EV Streigle 12-3
Andrew Garringer IV    Caleb White Albia     White 11-1                    JC Dumont SK           Jordan Wooward Albia    Woodward 2-0         JC Dumont SK            Tyler Lally TC-M      Lally 9-5
Tyler Foubert TC-M     Griffin Osing Albia   Foubert Fall                  Bryce Brown SK         Scott Close Moravia     Close 2-0            Lex Jack TC-M           Deryk Hayveld IV      Hayveld Fall
Tyler Lally TC-M       Jordan Wooward Albia Lally 6-4                      Gage Greiner SK        Tyler Lally TC-M        Lally Fall           Noah Schuster SK        Brett Dody NM         Schuster 9-4
Cole Streigle SK       Scott Close Moravia   Close Fall 3:38               Nathan Zimmerman EV    Lex Jack TC-M           Jack Fall 1:40       Luke Ryan IV            Levi Hawk Moravia     Ryan Fall
JC Dumont SK           JustinLing EV         Ling 9-0                      Noah Schuster SK       Deryk Hayveld IV        Hayveld Fall         Tucker Fowler SK        Tyler Mangold IV      Fowler Fall
Bryce Brown SK         Nathan Zimmerman EV Brown Fall :34                  Carter Lacina IV       Brett Dody NM           Lacina Fall :44      Carter Young IV         Caleb White Albia     White Fall
4                Wednesday, December 23, 2009                                                                                                                                          

  Everyone is welcome to the
                                       Indian Hills Announces                 JEL Club Wraps Gifts for Lord’s Pantry
Ss. Peter & Paul Christmas Eve         Fall Honor Roll
Ecumenical Fellowship Service at          Indian Hills Community Col-
the Ss. Peter & Paul Clear Creek       lege has released the names of
church at 5:30 p.m.                    the students who were on the
HISTORICAL SOCIETY HOURS               college’s academic Honor Roll for
  The Keokuk County Historical         the 2009 Fall Term. To be includ-
Society is closed Thurs., Dec. 24      ed on the Honor Roll, a student
and Thurs., Dec. 31.                   must be enrolled fulltime and
                                       have a grade point average be-
                                       tween 3.5 and 4.0 for the term.
  Delta Christian Church Special
                                          Listed are area students in-
Ministry is sponsoring a Blood
                                       cluded on the academic Honor
Drive Tues., Dec. 29 from 3-7 p.m
at the Delta City Hall. To sched-
                                          FREMONT: Megan G. Becker,
ule an appointment, call Hilda
                                       Cassandra J. Miller, Scotty L. Van
Souer at 641-622-2083. Donors
                                       Polen, Elizabeth J. Fisher, Brent
who last gave blood on or before
                                       R. Huddleston, Jeffrey S. Fisher,
Nov. 3 are eligible.
                                       Oscar K. Olsson, Terrie M. McEl-
COMPENSATION BD. MEETING               roy;
  The Keokuk County Compen-               HEDRICK: Nathan L. Bott,                                                                                         North English Couple
sation Board will hold a meet-         Brenda L. Jensen, Lorena L. Bak-
ing on Wed., Dec. 30, 2009 in          er;                                                                                                                 Claim Powerball Prize
the Board of Supervisors Room             KEOTA: Damon J. Smith, Am-                                                                                          A North English couple has
on the first floor of the Keokuk         ber M. Mundt;                                                                                                       been playing the same set of
County Courthouse at 5:30 p.m.            OLLIE: Kyia L. Nelson, Mark A.                                                                                   Powerball numbers for years
  The north door of the Court-         Williams, Derek S. Sharp;                                                                                           and now they’ve won $200,000.
house will be unlocked for those          RICHLAND: Olin R. Skinner,
                                                                                                                                                              About four or five years ago,
attending the meeting.                 Nicole M. Anderson, Sven E.
                                                                                                                                                           Robert Kelley’s wife, Carolyn,
                                       Dahlstrom, Kenneth F. McKee,
BINGO AT WHAT CHEER                                                                                                                                        tracked the Powerball numbers
                                       Quentin E. Blakely;
  Bingo returns to Thomas Hall                                                                                                                             to help find their lucky set of
                                          ROSE HILL: Amanda K. Lowe,
at the Keokuk County Fair-                                                      Members of the JEL club at Sigourney High School wrapped                   numbers. “My wife kept track
                                       Chad E. Brendlinger, Michael F.
grounds in What Cheer on Jan.                                                 gift boxes for Lord’s Pantry holiday gift baskets. Pictured are (l-r)        of all the winning numbers for
                                       McKay, Susan R. Towne;
3 at 1 p.m. Bingo continues ev-                                               Cheyenne Rawhoff, Sara Fisher, Teara Okones, and Alec Glandon.               about three months,” explained
                                          SIGOURNEY: Austin E. Up-
ery Sunday through March. The                                                 Each box contains a gold foil chocolate coin and a card that                 Kelley to lottery staff. They made
                                       hold, Lisa J. Uphold, Michael
Blackout Jackpot game begins                                                  reads: “Pack-a-day smoker? Save over $1,400 next year by quit-               a list of the ones that hit most
                                       McLaughlin, Cory L. Clubb, Pat-
the year with 54 balls for $300. It                                           ting. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for help and free nicotine patches and             often and have been playing the
                                       rick M. Lee, Marc Z. Gammack,
increases in $25 increments with                                              gum. Free counseling and Chantix also available at River Hills               same numbers ever since.
                                       Brent L. Lindemann, Jenna R.
one additional ball until it is won.                                          Community Health Centers in Richland and Ottumwa. 319-456-                      Kelley, a 69-year-old, semi-re-
                                       Kurtz, Phillip C. Lucas, Robert A.
A concession stand is open for                                                2045.”                                                                       tired carpenter, made it a habit
                                       Fisher, Kendra R. Alspach, James
each session.                                                                                                                                              to watch the Powerball drawings
                                       C. Allen, Kensey A. Beasley;
IASB Program and Iowa                     SOUTH ENGLISH: Joseph W.            Greiner Participates in Area Students Receive                                every Wednesday and Saturday
                                       Long, Anthony J. Long, Dustin A.                                                                                    night. “My wife, was going to
Schools Receive Funding                Sanders;                               Ag-Urban Leadership Incentive to Participate                                 bed last night and I told her to
                                                                                                                                                           come downstairs, I had some-
   Students in 300 schools across         WHAT CHEER: Michelle A.
                                       Armstrong, Dinah K. Maxwell,
                                                                                Lindsay Greiner from Keota
                                                                              has been a participant in the
                                                                                                            in Screening                                   thing to show her,” laughed Kel-
Iowa will benefit from Sen. Tom
Harkin’s allocation of $3.5 mil-       Heather L. Little, Heather N.
                                       Wilkening, Donna K. Bos.
                                                                              2009 Ag-Urban Leadership class,
                                                                              an initiative of the Iowa Soybean
                                                                                                                        One of five teens, at some point
                                                                                                                     in their high school career, strug-
                                                                                                                                                           ley. “She couldn’t believe it. She
                                                                                                                                                           says, ‘What?’ I said, ‘Come down
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Extension Developing
lion to the Skills Iowa program,
which provides learning and as-                                               Association (ISA). The class met       gle with a mental health problem      here.’ She got downstairs and I        KC Business Directory
sessment tools to teachers state-      O’Neill Graduates from                 for its final session in Ankeny on      such as depression or anxiety.
                                                                                                                     For some, these problems can
                                                                                                                                                           said, ‘Look here, we got the win-
                                                                                                                                                           ning numbers!’ She still didn’t          The Keokuk County Exten-
wide. The program is supported                                                Dec. 10.
by the Iowa Association of School      Basic Training                            The class, which brings to-         clear up without help. For oth-       believe it.”                           sion Office in cooperation with
                                                                                                                                                                                                  the United States Dept. of Ag-
Boards to further the mission             Army National Guard Pvt. Rob-       gether community leaders from          ers, the problems may get worse,         Kelley waited until the next
of high and equitable student                                                 agricultural and urban profes-         leading to poor performance at        morning to call and share the          riculture is developing a Small
                                       ert J. O’Neill has graduated from
achievement for all youth.                                                    sions, encourages them to de-          school and a feeling of isolation     news with their two children.          Business directory for Keokuk
                                       the Infantryman One Station Unit
   Skills Iowa provides schools                                               velop their skills as “professional    from friends and family.              “We called our kids this morn-         County.
                                       Training at Fort Benning, Colum-
with formative assessments that        bus, Ga. The training consists of      Iowans” and focus on challenges           A mental health checkup called     ing. Had them come down and              The directory lists the busi-
teachers can use throughout the                                               as well as growth opportunities        Teen Screen can help students         told them,” said Kelley. “The          nesses, it’s primary functions,
                                       Basic Training and Advanced In-
year in their classrooms, as well                                             for Iowa. Throughout the course        learn if they may be suffering from   first thing they wanted to know         address, phone number and
                                       dividual Training.
as online tutorials in reading                                                                                                                             is if we were going to move to         Web Page. Business listing in
                                          During the nine weeks of ba-        of the year, they met for five ses-     a serious mental health problem
comprehension, vocabulary, lan-                                                                                                                                                                   the directory is of no cost. Ev-
                                       sic combat training, the soldier       sions in various locations, to         and how to work with parents to       Branson!”
guage arts, math, and many oth-                                                                                                                                                                   eryone can view the directory
                                       received training in drill and cer-    hear speakers address agricul-         get help. Keokuk County Exten-           When      asked    what     they
er skills that our children need to                                                                                                                                                               (available in late Jan.) on the
                                       emonies, weapons, employment,          tural and urban issues.                sion along with Pekin – Sigour-       planned to do with their win-
                                       map reading, tactics, military            In addition to hearing speak-       ney and Tri-County Schools and        nings, the Kelley’s already had a      Keokuk County Extension Of-
   Sen. Harkin is a longtime sup-
                                       courtesy, military justice, physi-     ers and engaging in follow-up          Great Prairie Area Education          plan which didn’t include mov-         fice Home Page, http://www.
porter of Skills Iowa. The allo-
cation was part of an omnibus          cal fitness, first aid skills and        discussions, members of the            Agency in conjunction with the        ing.                         
appropriations bill that also in-      Army history, core values and          class formed groups and worked         Love Our Kids Grant program              “We’re going to pay our house         Every Keokuk County busi-
cluded dollars for job creation,       traditions Additional training         together by leading discussions                                              off and our vehicles. Put the          ness whether small or large
                                                                                                                     through the Iowa Dept. of Public
flood recovery and for the repair,      included development of basic          on several current issues, in-                                               rest in savings,” stated Kelley.       (there is no size criteria for the
                                                                                                                     Health, are offering a program to
construction and modernization         combat skills and battlefield op-       cluding energy alternatives that                                             “I’m not going to retire. I’m just     directory) who wishes to be list-
                                                                                                                     encourage students to participate
of schools.                            erations and tactics, and expe-        make sense, developing engaged                                                                                      ed, is encouraged to submit by
                                                                                                                     in the Teen Screen Program.           going to slow down a little bit.”
   More information about Skills       rienced use of various weapons         citizens able to critically evaluate                                                                                calling or emailing the Keokuk
                                                                                                                        Here’s how the program works:         The Kelley’s claimed their
Iowa is available at www.ia-sb.        and weapons defenses available         information presented by biased                                                                                     County Extension Office at 800-
                                                                                                                     Schools send permission letters       $200,000 prize Thursday at the
org/skillsiowa and more infor-         to the infantry crewman.               sources, responsible land use in                                                                                    515-2680 or xkeokuk@iastate.
                                          The Advanced Individual Train-                                             home to students in designated        Iowa Lottery’s regional office
mation about the grant is avail-                                              Iowa, and how to deliver educa-                                              in Cedar Rapids. They bought           edu.. Cutoff date for entry into
able at      ing course is designed to train in-                                           grades. Each school designates
                                                                              tion more efficiently. The groups                                             their winning Powerball ticket         the directory is Jan. 8th, so
IASB is a private, nonprofit orga-      fantry soldiers to perform recon-                                             a grade each year, so that each
                                                                              then explored ways that ideas                                                at Casey’s, 504 S. Main St. in         make entries as soon as pos-
nization representing Iowa’s 361       naissance operations; employ,                                                 student has the opportunity to
                                                                              brought forth in the discussions                                             North English.                         sible.
school districts, 10 area educa-       fire and recover anti-personnel                                                receive the screening at least
                                                                              might be followed up and devel-
tion agencies and 15 community         and anti-tank mines; locate and                                               once during their school career.
                                                                              oped. Greiner was in the group
colleges.                              neutralize land mines and oper-                                               Parents return the permission
                                                                              that focused on the land use is-
                                       ate target and sight equipment;                                               slip either giving permission or
Recognition Held By                    operated and maintain commu-
                                       nications equipment and radio             As the culmination of their five-    not. At a designated time, each
                                                                                                                     school conducts the screening.
                                                                              session class, groups presented
Local AARP                             networks; construct field firing
                                       aids for infantry weapons; and         reports on their Challenge Iowa           The program is designed to re-
  The Keokuk County Chapter                                                   discussions to delegates of the        ward every student who returns
                                       perform infantry combat exercis-
of AARP hosted a coffee and rolls                                             ISA Statewide Policy Conference        a signed permission slip. The
                                       es and dismounted battle drills,
hour on Mon., Dec. 11 at the Se-                                              during lunch. Members shared           signed slip lets the school know
                                       which includes survival proce-
nior Citizens Center in Sigour-        dures in a nuclear, biological or      their project’s objective, the pro-    that the students have discussed
ney.                                   chemical contaminated area.            cess they followed and how the         this with their parents and that      Delta                                  coming of Christmas, making
  Members of the Sheriff’s Dept.,         He is the son of Tim and Me-        project will be taken to the next      the parents either agree or dis-      by Hilda Souer                         packets of ‘deer food’ and the
City Police, Fire Dept., the Emer-     lissa O’Neill of Hedrick and is a      level. Following the presenta-         agree to having their child receive      Due to the weather conditions       Christmas Story.
gency Medical Team and the             2009 graduate of Pekin Commu-          tions, they interacted with mem-       the screening.                        the Christmas meeting of the Del-        On Tuesday evening, Dec. 15,
State Patrol Officers were invited      nity High School.                      bers of the audience regarding            The incentives for the program     ta Garden Club was held Thurs.,        Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wagler of rural
to stop by and visit with AARP                                                how their projects will be contin-     are twofold; the first is that ev-     Dec. 17 in the home of Hilda Sou-      Oskaloosa, were honorees at a
members while sharing refresh-
ments.                                 UNI Kappa Delta Pi                     ued.
                                                                                 Iowa Soybean Association de-
                                                                                                                     ery student who returns a signed
                                                                                                                     permission slip receives a gift
                                                                                                                                                           er. The business meeting was held
                                                                                                                                                           prior to the noon luncheon, with
                                                                                                                                                                                                  surprise supper held in the home
                                                                                                                                                                                                  of Mrs. Wagler’s mother and sis-
  The AARP event was held to
honor and show appreciation to         Scholarships Awarded                   velops policies and programs           certificate to attend a movie of       the vice president, Dixie Shipley      ter, Hilda and Nancy Souer. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                  surprise was planned and the
these folks for their excellent ser-     The University of Northern           that help farmers expand profit         their choice at the Coral Ridge       presiding. After calling the meet-
                                                                              opportunities while promot-            Mall. The second is that everyone     ing to order, she led in a quiz re-    meal prepared by their family
vice to our community.                 Iowa Psi chapter of Kappa Delta
                                       Pi International Honor Society in      ing environmentally sensitive          who participates in the screening     lated to the holiday season and        in honor of their twenty-eighth

                                       Education awarded scholarships         production using the soybean           is put into a drawing; the winner     then read several facts about our      wedding anniversary later in the
                                       to a number of members during          checkoff and other resources.          receives a $100 Ticket Master Gift    state of Iowa. “Show and Tell” was     week. Those involved in the sur-
                                       the initiation program held earli-     The Association is governed by         Certificate which can be used for      topic of roll call answered by four    prise were Mr. and Mrs. Austin
                                       er this fall. A total of 52 students   an elected volunteer board of 21       any Ticketmaster event. There is      members. Following the reports         Brown of What Cheer, Cathy Wa-
                                       were initiated during the ceremo-      farmers                                a minimum of one certificate per       of the secretary and then the          gler and fiance, Gary Cochenour
  Willamina “Willie” McLaugh-
                                       ny.                                                                                                                 treasurer, yearly dues were paid.      of Arbela, Mo., Debra Wagler and
lin celebrated her 90th birthday                                                                                     school and there may be more
                                         Three members of the fall 2009                                                                                    Election of officers was also held,     John Poland, both of Iowa City,
Sun., Dec. 6 at her home at 1219
North Third St., Clinton.
                                       class were awarded a $3,000 UNI        Senior Citizen Menu                    depending on participation.
                                                                                                                        Sigourney Schools have already     but not final, pending confirma-         Christine Wagler and Brian Wa-
  She was born Dec. 6, 1919. She
married Lyle Smith on June 14,
                                       Kappa Delta Pi Education Schol-
                                       arship. One of the recipients was      Dec. 24 - Dec. 31                      had their screening day, Pekin
                                                                                                                     and Tri-County will have theirs
                                                                                                                                                           tion by a member unable to be
                                                                                                                                                           present. Plans were made for the

                                       Holly Gleich, a senior TESL ma-            All meals are served with for-                                           club’s next bi-monthly meeting         Gibson
1941. Their seventeen year old         jor with a Spanish teaching mi-                                               soon. Parents please talk with
son, an only child, died of acute                                             tified bread, margarine and two                                               to be the afternoon of Feb. 18 at      by Sheryl Storm
                                       nor from Sigourney.                                                           your students about participat-
leukemia in 1960. The Smiths di-                                              percent milk. There is a suggest-                                            1:30 p.m. “A Valentine Thought”          Scot and Ale Graham were
                                         All UNI Kappa Delta Pi schol-                                               ing in the Teen Screen program
vorced in 1965.                                                               ed donation for persons 60 years                                             is to be topic of roll call and Di-    Sunday dinner guests of Janette
                                       arships result from the efforts        of age or older and their spouses      if something is identified the only
  She entered Iowa Success                                                                                                                                 xie is to be hostess. Following ad-    Graham.
                                       of student members who have            of any age.                            people who are notified are the
School in Ottumwa and was                                                                                                                                  journment, all joined in the noon
                                       been calling alumni members                                                   parents, and any action beyond
placed at the Office of the Reg-        throughout each academic year
                                                                                  Thurs., Dec. 24: Merry                                                   meal. Dixie then presented the         What Cheer
                                                                              Christmas...Site Closed.               initial screening is undertaken       program on different bookmarks
istrar at Parsons College. Later       since 1982.                                                                                                                                                by Sheryl Storm
                                                                                  Fri., Dec. 25: Merry Christ-       only with the parents’ permission     using recycled Christmas cards.          Alice Roeder visited Opal Huff-
she became owner-manager of a                                                                                        and direction. If your child brings
large sewing shop “Willies Danc-       Area Students Named                    mas...Site Closed.
                                                                                  Mon., Dec. 28: Beef Meatballs      home a Teen Screen permission
                                                                                                                                                           The day concluded with the an-
                                                                                                                                                           nual grab bag gift exchange.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  man at the White Tower Nursing
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Home in Oskaloosa on Saturday.
ing Needle” in Fairfield. In 1983
she moved to Clinton and opened        as Presidential Scholars               w/Gravy, Green Beans, Baby Red         slip, please sign it whether you
                                                                                                                     check that you want them to par-
                                                                                                                                                              Sat., Dec. 12 found two events        Gale Moore and Jane Larson
The Sewing Shoppe. She was               Benjamin Brubaker and Ash-           Potatoes, Banana Orange Cup.                                                 being held at the Christian            were Friday visitors of Beulah
                                       ley Wehr both of Sigourney have            Tues., Dec. 29: Baked Chick-       ticipate or not, if you do sign it    Church. That morning was the           Green.
then employed in the alterations
                                       been honored as Presidential           en, Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy,           your child receives a gift certifi-    monthly ‘Catacomb Thrift Shop            The annual McKay Christmas
department of ABC Cleaners.
                                       Scholars at AIB College of Busi-       Spinach, Apricot Halves, Orange        cate to the Coral Ridge Mall.         and Basement/Garage Sales’             dinner was held at the Delta
  She retired in 1992 when she
                                       ness for the 2009 Fall Term.           Juice.                                    All of the program sponsors        time. That afternoon was “Christ-      Junction Sun., Dec. 6 with forty
married Richard McLaughlin.
                                         To be named a Presidential               Wed., Dec. 30: Ham and             urge parents to allow their chil-     mas for KIDS”, under the direc-        five family members in atten-
They divorced in 1996.
                                       Scholar, a student must have a         Beans, Tomato Spoon Salad,             dren to participate, the program      tion of Karen Greiner of Harper.       dance.
  Willie is a member of Clin-
ton Womens Club, the Culture           grade point average of 3.80 or         Cornbread Muffin, Mixed Fruit.          is painless, non-binding, and         The afternoon’s activities includ-       Bonnie Sherer spent Sunday
Club and the Evangelical Free          higher for 12 or more consecutive          Thurs., Dec. 31: Meal Site         may save parent and child much        ed making a special bell with a        with Sara and Brent Boorman
Church.                                credit hours.                          Closed.                                heartache.                            paper chain to anticipate the          and Haven of Sigourney.
                                                                                                                             The News-Review
                                                                                                                         To: Sigourney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Wednesday, December 23, 2009                       5


     News From The
                                                                                                                                       LETTER TO THE EDITOR

   Historical                                                                                                         The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of the Sigourney News-Review staff.

                                                                                                                      Dear Editor:

                                                                                                                         The time has come when friends
                                                                                                                      and family gather and remind
                                                                                                                      us of the importance of the holi-
                                                                                                                      day season. Cookies are baking,
100 YEARS AGO                                                                                                         meals are being prepared, shop-
                                                                                                                      ping has started, and houses are                                                                         Around the seventeenth centu-      densed milk
By Doris Conner
                                                           Sponsored by Richland Vet Clinic                           lighted. The season brings special                                                                    ry, European-Christians began to        Cook on high in microwave for
     An interesting column entitled
                                                                                                                      moments with loved ones, young                                                                        make special decorations for their    15-1/2 minutes, stirring every 5
“Hodge Podge” provided the fol-          CHRISTMAS GIFT EXCHANGE               the famous poultry genealogy           and old, and great opportunities                                                                      Christmas trees from foods like       minutes; add vanilla before last
lowing local news in the Decem-                    ON THE FARM                 facility adjacent to the Campbell                                                                                                            cookies and sugar-stick candy. In     5 minutes of cooking. Pour into
ber 29, 1909 issue of the Sigour-                                                                                     for deeper conversation.
                                             The week before Christmas         Chicken Noodle Soup Museum.               Youth often look up to adults                                                                      1670 the choir master at the Co-      greased 9x13-inch pan. Cool and
ney Review:                             the farmer announced to the ani-       It included a room with a stew.                                                                                                              logne Cathedral in Germany, bent      cut into squares and wrap in
     “The windows are all in the                                                                                      for support and direction with
                                        mals that he would not be giv-              There was great excitement        life-changing decisions. Studies                                                                      the sugar-sticks into canes to rep-   waxed paper.
court house and the tile roofing         ing them the traditional cheese        between the goat and the mare.                                                                                                               resent a shepherd’s staff. The all-
mostly laid and now if Mr. David-                                                                                     have shown children, no matter
                                        and sausage box. The pig was           The goat had always envied the                                                                                                               white candy canes were given out                  Date Balls
son will get around with his ra-                                                                                      the age, look to the significant
                                        relieved. The farmers suggested        mare’s magnificent tail, so she                                                                                                               to children during the long-winded      1 c. chopped dates
diators, work will move along in                                                                                      adults in their lives to guide their
                                        instead, they should pool their        had the farmer clip it and the                                                                                                               nativity services.                      ½ c. sugar
the inside more rapidly.                                                                                              decisions in regards to risk taking
                                        names in a black rubber bucket         birds wove it into a beautiful                                                                                                                                                       1 egg
     The most persistent workers                                                                                      behaviors. Such decisions may                                                                                 Peppermint Bark                 1 c. crispy rice cereal
                                        and draw names.                        hairpiece. Not sure how to wear
during these cold days have been                                                                                      include the choice of whether or                                                                        2 lbs. white chocolate, chopped       ½ c. chopped nuts
                                             “Does that include non-do-        it, the goat put it high on his poll
the men doing the work on the                                                                                         not to use tobacco, alcohol, or                                                                       into ½-inch pieces                      ½ tsp. vanilla
                                        mesticated animals, too?” asked        between the horns. It made him
W. W. Pilkington residence. They                                                                                      other drugs. Parents, and other                                                                         12 large candy canes                  ¼ tsp. salt
                                        the armadillo.                         look like a 1969 debutant at her
have kept right at it cold or not.                                                                                    adults, who set clear “no toler-                                                                        ½ tsp. peppermint oil.                Flaked sweetened coconut
                                             “Yes, But only warm-blood-        cotillion party in Lubbock, Tex-
Last week one day they got the                                                                                        ance” standards, will more likely                                                                       Line an 11x17-inch baking             Combine dates, sugar and egg;
                                        ed,” was the answer.                   as.
big porch roofed. Logan and Mc-                                                                                       have their youth say “no” when                                                                        sheet with parchment paper. In        cook until thick. Add remaining
                                             Since not everyone had pre-            The cow offered to rub the
Millan are doing the work.                                                                                            asked to use alcohol, tobacco, or                                                                     the top of a double boiler melt       ingredients, except coconut; mix
                                        hensile lips, the farmer offered to    coyote’s back. He’d been helping
     Supt. Miller and a bunch of                                                                                      other drugs.                                                                                          white chocolate, stirring con-        well, form into balls and then
                                        do the drawing in the giant name       himself to the fermented punch
                                                                                                                         During the holiday season,                                                                         stantly. Cut or pound candy canes     roll in sweetened flaked coconut.
high school boys went down to           swap. On Christmas morn the            and had lost his ability to judge
                                                                                                                      some adults also choose to cel-                                                                       into ¼-inch pieces. Stir pieces of    Makes about 3 dozen balls.
Eldon last Friday night to play         gifts were exchanged.                  weight and distance, so he ac-
                                                                                                                      ebrate with special alcohol “spir-                                                                    candy canes and peppermint oil
a game of basketball and got                 The buzzard had drawn the         cepted. He did okay till he said,
                                                                                                                      its.” I encourage them to choose                                                                      into the melted chocolate. Re-           Chocolate Peanut Sweeties
whipped in a score of 57 to 7.          possum. He gave him a can of           “a little more to the right!” She                                                                                                            move from heat; pour mixture             1 c. peanut butter
     Supt. Miller moved yester-                                                                                       to celebrate responsibly. Children
                                        fluorescent paint and a back pack       broke his tail! It healed crooked                                                                                                            onto the prepared baking sheet;          ½ c. butter, softened (no sub-
day into the house recently pur-                                                                                      often model what the adult does.
                                        made of reflector tape. “That way,”     and now when he wags it he looks                                                                                                             spread evenly. Chill until firm, 25    stitute)
chased by him from Mr. Parkh-                                                                                         Therefore, consider celebrating
                                        the buzzard explained, “The cars       like the flagman on an aircraft                                                                                                               to 30 minutes. Break into pieces         3 c. powdered sugar
ill. Mr. Miller has had the house                                                                                     with care by choosing a non-
                                        might see you crossing in time to      carrier!                                                                                                                                     and serve. Store in an airtight          3 c. miniature pretzel twists
remodeled and modernized and                                                        At the end of the evening the     alcoholic drink or limiting your
                                        swerve and miss you. And…” he                                                                                                                                                       container in the refrigerator for        1-1/2 c. milk chocolate chips
it is now nice enough home for                                                 farmer and his wife were given         drinks to one or two, and never
                                        continued, “if it doesn’t, you’ll be                                                                                                                                                up to one week.                          1 Tbsp. veg. oil
anyone.                                                                        a rousing Christmas toast from         provide alcohol to other underage
                                        a lot easier for me to spot when                                                                                                                                                                                             In large mixing bowl, beat
     Mr. A. Leeson, the White Pi-       you’re flat on the highway..!”          their barnyard employees. They         youth.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Peanut Butter Fudge             peanut butter and butter until
geon merchant, announces to his              The dog presented the cat         had chipped in (pardon the pun)           Youth having clear, precise,                                                                         3 c. sugar                          smooth. Beat in powdered sugar
customers that he is at their ser-      with a coffee can full of sand and     and bought him a book auto-            standards their family has set,                                                                         1 c. milk                           until well-combined. Shape into
vice with as good bargains as they      a gift certificate to be spayed. She    graphed by all their cloven hoofed     benefit most when pressured                                                                              1-1/2 c. marshmallow crème          1-inch balls. Press one on each
can get anywhere. He wishes to          reciprocated by giving the dog a       and feathered edible animal            about those decisions. So, while                                                                        1-1/2 c. creamy peanut butter       pretzel. Place on a waxed-paper-
thank the patrons for their liberal     toy flea circus. “I hope you like       friends entitled, “The Vegetarian      you are baking those cookies, or                                                                        1-1/2 tsp. vanilla                  lined baking sheet. Refrigerate
patronage in the past and asks          it” she snarled, “I bought them off    Cookbook, or how to get the Most       driving to town for shopping, talk                                                                      Cook sugar and milk to softball     until firm, about 1 hour. Melt
their liberal support in 1910.          a skunk!”                              out of a Tuber during the holi-        with your youth about the risks                                                                       stage. Remove from heat and stir      chocolate chips and oil in micro-
     The school board has a bunch            By some coincidence the           days!”                                 of alcohol, tobacco, or other drug                                                                    in the rest of ingredients. Pour      wave. Dip the peanut butter into
of some 40 or 50, perhaps a hun-        sheep had all drawn each other,        COMPENSATION BOARD                     use. So, when it comes time for                                                                       into 9x9-inch pan. Cut into small     the chocolate. Return to baking
                                        and each gave the other a picture      MEETING                                them to make those life-chang-                                                                        squares when cool.                    sheet, pretzel side down. Refrig-
dred, pigeons that make their
                                        of a sheep. Some thought it was                                               ing decisions, they will be better                                                                                                          erate for at least 30 minutes be-
home in the cupola of the high                                                    The Keokuk County Compen-
                                        a mirror.                                                                     equipped to steer away from risky                                                                             Microwave Caramels            fore serving. Store in refrigerator.
school building that they will dis-                                            sation Board will hold a meet-
                                                                                                                      behaviors.                                                                                              1   c. butter (not margarine)
pose of very cheap. In fact, the             The rooster thought it would      ing on Wed., Dec. 30, 2009 in
                                                                                                                         Have a safe and responsible                                                                          2   c. brown sugar                    ~Perhaps the best yuletide
board would like to give them to        be a great joke to give the mouse      the Board of Supervisors Room
                                                                                                                      holiday season!                                                                                         1   c. white syrup                  decoration is being wreathed in
anyone who will take them away.         a piece of cheese in a trap cam-       on the first floor of the Keokuk
                                                                                                                      Lynne Zoulek                                                                                            1   (14-oz.) can sweetened con-     smiles.~
     Now since the electric light       ouflaged as a box of DeCon.             County Courthouse at 5:30 p.m.
company has commenced to blow           Anticipating the rooster’s sub-           The north door of the Court-        KC STAAR Project Director
a whistle at their plant at the noon    terfuge, the mouse had already         house will be unlocked for those       Lynne.zoulek@sigourneyschools.
hour and at 6 o’clock in the eve-       arranged for the rooster to visit      attending the meeting.                 com
ning we suggest that the steam                                                                                        641-224-2271
mills follow suit. Three whistles
                                                                                                                      BLOOD DRIVE
blowing at the same time would
                                                                                                                        Delta Christian Church Special
make us all feel more citified. Let                                                                                    Ministry is sponsoring a Blood
us blow them.                                                                                                         Drive Tues., Dec. 29 from 3-7 p.m
     The ice harvest is now on in                                                                                     at the Delta City Hall. To sched-
this section of the world. It came                                                                                    ule and appointment, call Hilda
a little earlier this year than usual                                                                                 Souer at 641-622-2083. Donors
but our ice men are cutting and                                                                                       who last gave blood on or before
putting up the crop.”                                                                                                 Nov. 3 are eligible.
     I imagine present day read-
ers can relate to most of these
reports, but the harvesting of ice
is probably incomprehensible
to young people today. With the
Skunk Rivers in close proximity,
that was a big business in this
area one hundred years ago. It
was an interesting process
     Visit the Keokuk County His-
torical Society on any Wednesday
or Thursday when they are open
from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
                                                                                                                                  The News-Review
6                     Wednesday, December 23, 2009                                                                                                                                                           

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Sigourney News-Review and the Keota             Keota. Senior living. Possible rental   week. Some experience preferred.       junk or unwanted cars, trucks, vans,      Adoption: Loving parents and their 9-year-
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Sigourney News-Review.         Stfn*

Acreage For Sale: 3 to 5 bedroom
home on 9.75 acres southwest of
Sigourney. Wood floors, large kitchen
and livingroom. Outbuildings include
30x45 pole building and 50x50 barn.
641-622-3618.             SKW51-3*
For Sale: Cash or Contract, 2 BR
house, garage, small lot, Sigourney.
641-660-9694.                 S45tfn
New Condos For Sale: 2 and 3 bed-
room/2 car condos at Prairie View,
North Shuffleton, Sigourney. Call
319-850-1476 for showing. S28tfn
                                                                                                                                                            The News-Review                                                              Wednesday, December 23, 2009                                         7

Keokuk County     Hedrick City                                                                        Waste Management,
                                                                                                            Garbage (Oct. & Nov.)            7,250.04
                                                                                                                                                        Road Use
                                                                                                                                                        Trust & Agency
                                                                                                                                                                                                $ 6,612.71
                                                                                                                                                                                                $ 1,008.29   Public Notice                                      CLOSURE WITHOUT REDEMPTION. THIS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                MEANS THAT THE SALE OF THE MORT-

Board Proceedings Council Minutes
                                                                                                      Farmers Implement, Supplies               42.08   Water Fund                              $ 6,980.90               EQUITY NO. EQEQ040227                  GAGED PROPERTY WILL OCCUR PROMPT-
                                                                                                      General Total                        $17,117.28   Sewer Fund                              $ 5,028.22      ORIGINAL NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION                 LY AFTER ENTRY OF JUDGMENT UNLESS
                                                                    December 7, 2009                  Water                                             Civic Center                            $ 1,505.29           IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT                 YOU FILE WITH THE COURT A WRITTEN
             DECEMBER 14, 2009                            The Hedrick City Council met in regular     Salaries, Net salary & insurance      $2,398.53   Total                                  $50,661.20                 FOR KEOKUK COUNTY                     DEMAND TO DELAY THE SALE. IF YOU FILE
      The Keokuk County Board of Supervisors       session on Monday, December 7, 2009, at 7          Alliant Energy, Water electric bills     111.74   Total in Hi-Fi’s, Reserves, etc.       $16,385.65                  CITIFINANCIAL, INC.,                 A WRITTEN DEMAND, THE SALE WILL BE
met in special session, Monday, December 14,       p.m. in the Library, with Mayor Cavin presiding.   Iowa Telecom, Water telephone             70.46          Crawford made a motion to pay all of the                           Plaintiff,                    DELAYED UNTIL SIX MONTHS FROM EN-
2009 in the Board Room of the Courthouse. All      Council present: Tommy Smith, Jeremy McKim,        Hedrick Savings Bank                              bills. Proctor seconded. Roll call - all ayes. Mo-                            vs.                       TRY OF JUDGMENT IF THE MORTGAGED
members were present.                              Tim O’Neill, Lois Proctor and Robert Crawford.     Water Fed. & FICA                        820.43   tion carried.                                          CHARLES CADY, SPOUSE OF CHARLES                  PROPERTY IS YOUR RESIDENCE AND IS A
      Berg moved, Greiner seconded to approve      Others present: Sarah Campbell.                    IPERS, Water IPERS                       327.73          McKim made a motion to approve the con-           CADY and PARTIES IN POSSESSION,                ONE-FAMILY OR TWO-FAMILY DWELLING
the tentative agenda. All ayes and motion car-            Crawford made a motion to approve the       UPS, Water sample                          6.94   tract and issuance of notice to proceed for the                         Defendants.                     OR UNTIL TWO MONTHS FROM ENTRY OF
ried.                                              agenda. Proctor seconded. Roll call - all ayes.    Tom Richards, Water sample/                       Lift Station to C. L. Carroll Co., Inc. Smith sec-         To the above-named Defendants: Charles       JUDGMENT IF THE MORTGAGED PROPER-
      Berg moved, Greiner seconded to approve      Motion carried.                                          recycling center                    14.51   onded. Roll call - all ayes. Motion carried.         Cady and Spouse of Charles Cady                    TY IS NOT YOUR RESIDENCE OR IS YOUR
the minutes of December 7, 2009. All ayes and             Smith made a motion to approve the min-     Tom Richards, Water school               160.00          McKim made a motion to approve the con-             You are notified there was on June 29,        RESIDENCE BUT NOT A ONE-FAMILY OR
motion carried.                                    utes of the previous meetings. McKim second-       U. S. Post Office, Water bill postage      82.60   tract and issuance of notice to proceed for Con-     2009 filed in the Office of the Clerk of the         TWO-FAMILY DWELLING. YOU WILL HAVE
      Met with County Engineer regarding the       ed. Roll call - all ayes. Motion carried.          Wapello Rural Water, Water usage       4,206.80   tract B to Iowa Bridge & Culvert, LC. Crawford       above-named Court a Foreclosure Petition,          NO RIGHT OF REDEMPTION AFTER THE
Keokuk County Highway Department.                         Crawford made a motion to approve the       Zee Medical, Medical supplies            206.91   seconded. Roll call - all ayes. Motion carried.      which prays for foreclosure of a mortgage in       SALE. THE PURCHASER AT THE SALE WILL
      Berg moved, Greiner seconded to approve      Clerk’s Financial Report. McKim seconded. Roll     Iowa Rural Water Assn.,                                  Crawford made a motion to approve the         favor of the Plaintiff on the property described   BE ENTITLED TO IMMEDIATE POSSESSION
the Keokuk County Official Holidays Resolution      call - all ayes. Motion carried.                         Membership dues                    175.00                                                        herein and judgment in rem in the amount of        OF THE MORTGAGED PROPERTY. YOU
                                                                                                                                                        contract and issuance of notice to proceed for
as submitted. All ayes and motion carried.                O’Neill made a motion to approve the em-    Hickenbottom, Water supplies             163.34                                                        $71,656.00 plus interest at the rate of 7.5% per   MAY PURCHASE AT THE SALE.
                                                                                                                                                        Contract A to Iowa Bridge & Culvert, LC. McKim
      Berg moved, Greiner seconded to ap-          ployee’s time cards. Proctor seconded. Roll call   U.S. Cellular, Cell. Phone charges       144.88                                                        annum from September 13, 2008, such amount               You must serve a motion or answer on or
                                                                                                                                                        seconded. Roll call - all ayes. Motion carried.
prove the fully insured option of Delta Dental     - all ayes. Motion carried.                        USA Blue Book, Water supplies            138.05                                                        equaling $14.10 per day, the costs of the action   before the13th day of January, 2010, and with-
                                                                                                                                                               A pre-construction meeting will be held
renewal benefits for Keokuk County Employees               These bills were presented for payment:     Water Total                           $9,027.92                                                        including title costs of $200.00, and reasonable   in a reasonable time thereafter, file your motion
                                                                                                                                                        with the contractors in the near future to discuss
for Fiscal Year 2011 as submitted. All ayes and    General                                            Sewer                                                                                                  attorney fees and that said sums be declared       or answer, in the Iowa District Court for Keokuk
                                                                                                                                                        when they will be starting these projects.
motion carried.                                    Salaries, Net salaries & insurance $3,080.76       Alliant Energy, Sewer electric bills $1,562.57                                                         a lien upon the following-described premises       County, Iowa, at the County Courthouse in
      Greiner moved, Berg seconded to approve                                                                                                                  McKim made a motion to adjourn. Proctor
                                                   Ann Spilman, Mileage                       31.50   Tom Richards, Sewer school               160.00                                                        from July 9, 2007, located in Keokuk County,       Sigourney, Iowa. If you do not, judgment by de-
the Personnel Report for Chad F. Weber, part-                                                                                                           seconded. Roll call - all ayes. Motion carried.
                                                   AFLAC, City Clerk/Librarian insurance 238.16       Ottumwa Water & Hydro,                                                                                 Iowa, to-wit:                                      fault may be rendered against you for the relief
time Reserve Officer, Sheriff’s Department, at                                                                                                           Signed:
                                                   Alliant Energy, General electric bills 2,251.43          Sewer analysis                     380.00                                                              Lot Twenty and the North One-half of Lot     demanded in the Petition.
$14.00 per hour effective September 15, 2009                                                                                                            La Verne Cavin, Mayor
                                                   Iowa Telecom, City Hall/Library           198.76   Sewer Total                           $2,102.57                                                        Eighteen, all in Block One of Sarah J. Stouder’s         If you require the assistance of auxilia-
as submitted. All ayes and motion carried.                                                                                                              Attest: Ann Spilman, City Clerk
                                                   MidAmerican, General gas bills             30.48   Civic Center                                                                                           Addition to the City of Keota, Keokuk County,      ry aids or services to participate in court be-
      Greiner moved, Berg seconded to approve      Hedrick Savings Bank,                              City of Hedrick, Transfer for siding                                                                   Iowa                                               cause of a disability, immediately call your
the certification of expenses for November 3,              General Fed. & FICA                969.53         (Oct./Nov.)                     $1,000.00                                                              that the mortgage on the above-described     district ADA coordinator at 641-684-6502. (If
2009, Keokuk County Regular City Elections as      IPERS, General IPERS                      544.30   Hedrick Fire Dept., Supplies             111.47                                                        real estate be foreclosed, that a special execu-   you are hearing impaired, call Relay Iowa
submitted. All ayes and motion carried.            Wal Mart, Office supplies                  206.88   The Ottumwa Courier, Advertisement        58.00                                                        tion issue for the sale of as much of the mort-    TTY at 1 800 735 2942.)
      Various board and committee reports were     Good Old Days, Library subscription        11.98   Elliott Oil, Supplies                    338.23                                                        gaged premises as is necessary to satisfy the      Janietta Criswell
held. Denny attended an Area on Aging meet-        Seventeen, Library subscription            14.97   Pat Mosbey, Supplies                      29.31                                                        judgment and for other relief as the Court may     Clerk of the Above Court,
ing. Greiner participated in a Vision Iowa meet-   Janice Brink, Library mileage              15.30   La Verne Cavin, Supplies                  63.44                                                        deem just and equitable. The attorney for the      Keokuk County Courthouse
ing by phone. Berg reported his meetings were      Diane Crawford, Mowing salary             120.12   Anderson Erickson, Supplies               20.01                                                        Plaintiff is Matthew E. Laughlin, whose address    Sigourney, Iowa
cancelled due to weather conditions.               Baker & Taylor, Library books             101.13   Earl May, Outside decorations            181.86                                                        is The Davis Brown Tower, 215 10th Street,                           IMPORTANT
      Discussion of old and new business was       Lewis Jacobs, Jr. Comm.                            Hy Vee, Supplies                         167.17                                                        Suite 1300, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-3993,                 YOU ARE ADVISED TO SEEK LEGAL
held. Bates informed she received inquiries re-           Center maintenance                  75.00   The Dandy Dollar, Advertisement           34.50                                                        Phone: (515) 288-2500, Facsimile: (515) 243-       ADVICE AT ONCE TO PROTECT YOUR IN-
garding a county credit card with the suggestion   First Responders, Monthly Protection 150.00        Randy’s Renovations, Refurbish doors 650.00                                                            0654.                                              TERESTS.
it be housed in the Auditor’s Office for tracking   Fire Department, Monthly Protection       150.00   City of Hedrick, December transfer       500.00                                                                              NOTICE                             Date of Third Publication: December 23,
purposes. Board consensus was to investigate       Bailey Office Equipment, Office supplies 69.98       O’Hara True Value, Supplies               89.01                                                              THE PLAINTIFF HAS ELECTED FORE-              2009.                                      49-3
said matter and place this on the agenda at a      Mid-American Publishing,                           Menards, Supplies                         54.45
later date.                                               Legal publication fees             335.18   Civic Center Total                    $3,297.45
      On vote and motion the meeting adjourned     Data Technologies, Tax forms               37.62   RECEIPTS
at 10:05 a.m.                                      Griffin, Dew & Kintigh, Legal services 180.00       General Fund                         $29,525.79
      The above and foregoing information is       Douds Stone, Street supplies              157.59
a summary of the minutes taken at the above        Hedrick Vet. Clinic, Animal control        65.00
indicated meeting. The full and complete set of    O’Hara True Value, Paint supplies         101.24
minutes are recorded and available at the office    Menards, Refrigerator/supplies            673.29
of the Keokuk County Auditor.                      The Country Store, Supplies                14.96

                                                                                                               If you have news...
                                                                                                               Let us know, we’ll take
                                                                                                                 care of the rest.
                                                                                                         THE NEWS-REVIEW
                                                                                                              The News-Review
8                 Wednesday, December 23, 2009                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                               “A Christmas Gift for
                                                                                                                                               Your Hometown?”
                                                                                                                                                   The word “home” generally         residents improve town and pri-
                                                                                                                                               conjures up warm feelings and         vate properties through targeted
                                                                                                                                               great memories. When we think         clean ups, painting and repair,
                                                                                                                                               about our birthplace and where        plantings and signage - stimu-
                                                                                                                                               we grew up, it brings back mem-       lating and building a sense of
             Bethel                          Hilltop Chapel                       Prairie View               Sigourney Christian Church        ories of good friends and fam-        pride and respect.
   United Methodist Church             506 E. Birney, What Cheer          United Methodist Church                Pastor: Jim Bringman          ily, wonderful experiences and            The challenge to the com-
      Rev. Dennis Hopes               John & Pat DeBoef, Pastors           27131 Highway 78, Ollie                308 South Jefferson          places filling us with pride and      munity will be to develop a plan
         641-636-3825                        641-634-2829                       Pastor, Dave Nolte               Church: 641-622-2151          respect.                              for the expenditure of the funds
  6 miles east of Sigourney on               641-634-2779                    Phone: 641-667-2502               Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.;           Some may make an occasion-        that will provide the highest
            Hwy. 92                     Sundays: Prayer at 9 a.m.;      Contact Person: Joanie Tedrow       Adult Bible Study: 9:30 a.m.;      al trip back to the hometown to       return in terms of improving the
   Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.;       Worship Service: 10 a.m.              Church Service at 9 a.m.;        Worship Service: 10:45 a.m.        see friends or family, but others     community. The investments
Worship at 10:30 a.m.                   Wednesdays: Bible Study at     Sunday School at 10:15 a.m.;            Choir practice: 6 p.m. Thurs-   may only travel back through          need to be ones that cause a
   Alive at Five every 2nd and       7 p.m.                            Youth Group from 4-6 p.m.            day.                               memories. The trip back home          chain reaction of other improve-
4th Sunday evening at 5 p.m.                                               Thurs., Dec. 24: Office closed;      Thurs., Dec. 24: Christmas                                            ments.
                                                                                                                                               is one we want to be pleasant
                                     Holy Trinity Catholic Parish      Christmas Eve service at 5 p.m.      Eve service at 9 p.m.                                                        The “Hometown Help” gift
                                                                                                                                               - we want our hometown to be
    Delta Christian Church               Rev. Charles Fladung              Fri., Dec. 25: Office closed.                                                                              will be leveraged through match-
                                                                                                                                               as clean and beautiful as we
     Jim Bringman, Pastor                Rectory: 641-636-3883             Sun., Dec. 27: Christian Ed        Sigourney Church of Christ                                             ing donations of in-kind goods
      Office hours Fridays at 9          Thurs., Dec. 24: Christmas     at 10:45 a.m.                              Pastor: Billy Claywell           Quite often that trip back        and services as well as cash
      a.m., 641-624-2045.            Eve Mass at 4 p.m.                    Mon., Dec. 28: No Bible                615 South Jefferson          home can be disappointing. The        from other businesses, founda-
    Gathering in Song: Sunday at        Fri., Dec. 25: Christmas Day   Study.                                         641-622-3708             clean and beautiful image has         tions, etc. When the program
8:45 a.m.; Worship: 9 a.m.           Mass at 8 a.m.                        Thurs., Dec. 31: Office                     641-622-3582             become tarnished with build-          is completed, this community
    Catacomb Thrift Shop and            Saturday Mass at 6 p.m.        Closed.                                  Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.;    ings that are not so bright and       enhancement investment may
Basement/Garage Sales open              Sunday Mass at 8 a.m.              Fri., Jan. 1: Office Closed.
                                                                                                            Worship with Communion Ser-        shiny or properties that are not      well exceed $100,000. Can you
2nd Saturday from 9-12.                                                    Sun., Jan. 3: Christian Ed at
                                                                                                            vice at 10:30 a.m.;                so neat and clean. We become          imagine a better way to give
    Bible Study: 2nd and 4th             Hope Lutheran Church,         10:45 a.m.
                                                                                                                Sunday Evening Service at      discouraged and uncomfortable         a gift to ones hometown and
Sunday at 1:30 p.m.                                LCMS
                                                                                                            6:30 p.m.                          that change is occurring and          secure wonderful memories for
    Thurs., Dec. 24: Christmas               Rev. Dick Meyer                        Richland
                                                                           United Methodist Church                                             often not for the better. So what     the future?
Eve candlelight communion ser-             315 W. Kelly Street
                                                                                                                       Sigourney               is the answer?                            Careful - the idea of
vice at 6:30 p.m. Everyone wel-           Church: 641-622-3777                 Pastor Kim Gates
                                                                                                                 First Baptist Church              Recently an Iowa couple gifted    “Hometown Help” can be con-
come to attend. Service includes           Office: 319-668-2999              Phone: 319-456-2251
                                                                                                               308 North Jefferson St.         $50,000 to Keep Iowa Beautiful        tagious. Consider making a
readings and special music.              Worship Service: Saturday         Adult Sunday School: 9:15
                                                                                                                       Sigourney               to help spruce up their home          “Hometown Help” gift to your
                                     at 5 p.m.                         a.m.; Kid’s: 9:45 a.m.; Worship:
                                                                       10:30 a.m.; Vespers Service: 5            Pastor, Dirk Alspach          town and make it the place of         special community.       Contact
                                                                       p.m.; MS Youth Ministries 4-6           S.S. Supt. Dorothy Jacobs       beauty they remembered – an           us to see how we can help to
     United Methodist Church         Keswick, Webster, Thornburg
                                                                       p.m.; HS Youth Ministries 6:30-8          Phone: 641-622-2786           idea we are calling “Hometown         explore the idea for your home-
       Vince Homan, Pastor             Methodist Church Circuit
                                        Pastor: John Tunnicliff        p.m.                                     Handicapped Accessible!        Help”. The funds will be dis-         town.
          Worship: 9 a.m.
                                        KESWICK: Worship 11 a.m.           Thurs., Dec. 24: Candlelight        Sunday School: 9:45 a.m.        tributed over two or three years          Visit our web page at www.
                                     and 6 p.m.                        service with communion at 5:30          Morning Worship: 10:45 a.m.     to help community leaders and
            English River
                                        WEBSTER:      Worship   at     p.m.                                    Thursdays at 7 p.m. Bible
       Church of the Brethren
        Diana Lovett, Pastor         9:45,                                 Fri., Dec. 25: Office closed.     Study and prayer at church.
         29252 137th Street             THORNBURG: Worship at              Sun., Dec. 27: Pastor Kim on
       South English, IA 52335       8:30 a.m.                         Vacation-guest speakers; NEST                  Sigourney
    (2 miles east of South English      Communion at all church-       offering.                               United Methodist Church
             on Hwy. 22)             es on the first Sunday of the         Mon., Dec. 28: Special office          Pastor: John Hembry
        Church: 319-667-5235         month.                            hours 8-12.                             Sunday Worship Service: 8:30
      Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.                                             Tues., Dec. 29: Office closed.    a.m. and 10:45 a.m.;
      Worship Services: 10:30 a.m.    Lancaster Christian Church           Wed., Dec. 30: Office open           Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
                                                Pastors:               from 4-7 p.m.                           Website:
   First Presbyterian Church                 Rev. Mark Doll;               Thurs., Dec. 31: Office opened
       Rev. Julie Sterling                   Dave Matteson,            from 8-12.                                  a moment for
      215 N. Jefferson St.                   641-632-8304;                 Fri., Jan. 1: Office closed.
            Sigourney                    Matthew Pfadenhauer,                                                    Thought and
  Adult Sunday School at 8:45
                                        Sunday School: 9 a.m.; Wor -
                                                                         St. Mary’s Catholic Church
a.m.; Sunday Worship at 10 a.m.      ship Service: 10 a.m.; Youth           Rev. Charles Fladung
    Lord’s Pantry Sunday is the      Meeting at 5-7 p.m.                    Rectory: 641-622-3426             In all your ways acknowledge
first Sunday of each month.              Church is handicapped ac-           Deacon: James Striegel          Him, and He shall direct your
    Thurs., Dec. 24: Christmas       cessible.                                  Home: 634-2896              paths.
Eve Candlelight Communion ser-                                              Prayer Line: 622-3999                              Proverbs 3:6
vice at 7 p.m.                          Ollie Baptist Church              Thurs., Dec. 24: Christmas
    Sun., Dec. 27: Children’s            Rev. Carla Nelson             Eve Mass at 7 p.m.                   ECUMENICAL SERVICE
Christmas program during wor-        Church Phone: 641-667-2841           Fri., Dec. 25: Christmas Day        Everyone is welcome to the
ship.                                  Worship: 9:30 a.m.              Mass at 10 a.m.                      Ss. Peter & Paul Christmas Eve
    Wed., Dec. 30: Session meets       Sunday School: 10:30 a.m.          Saturday Vigil Mass at 4          Ecumenical Fellowship Service at
at 6 p.m.                                                              p.m.                                 the Ss. Peter & Paul Clear Creek
                                          New Life Fellowship             Sunday Mass at 10 a.m.            church at 5:30 p.m.
     Hedrick-Martinsbur                 Hwy. 22 South, Keswick
   United Methodist Church              Pastor, Chester Render
      Kim Gates, Pastor                 Sunday Services, Worship
    Phone: 641-653-4477              and Children’s Church at 10
   Sunday Worship at 8:45 a.m.;      a.m.
Sunday School at 10 a.m.; MS            Youth Group and Supper at
Youth Ministries 4-6 p.m.; HS        4:30 p.m.
Youth Ministries 6:30-8 p.m.           Website:
                                                                                                           The News-Review                                     Wednesday, December 23, 2009                      9

Lil Savages Wrestle Strong in
Final Two Tourneys of the Year
                                                                    Fritz Crosses Jingle Bell Run
                                                                    5K Finishline for a Victory

   Pictured (back to front, left to right) are: Avery Moore, Noah
Reeves, Kaleb Reeves, Aden Reeves and Megan Stuhr from the
Louisa-Muscatine Tournament with their medals and trophies.
All Lil Savage Wrestling photos submitted by Amy Bos.

                                                                       Event organizers gathered the group together just before starting the walk/run for a memorable moment and as all of the
                                                                    participants gathered a few realized just how cold it was on Saturday morning. The chilly temps nor the misty snow didn’t
                                                                    stop these dedicated runners from hitting the streets of North English for the 2nd Annual Jingle Bell Run; all proceeds benefit
                                                                    the English Valleys Track Team. (12/19/09) Click on the Blue Button at

   Lil Savage wrestler, Dallas Dyson earns some points for
himself and his team as he keeps the pressure on his opponent
at the Tri-County Tournament on December 11.

                                                                       Nathan Fritz of Sigourney            The young lady took time           These two girls had such a          Just after hitting his 1,000
                                                                    was the first to cross the           in her stride to wave ‘Hi’ as      great time at the 2nd Annual        Mile mark, Craig McClanahan
                                                                    finishline in the 5K Run. He         she appoached the final leg of     Jingle Bell Run. They gave          of Keota decided to take on
                                                                    is pictured above with his           the 5K Run on Saturday.            the camera a big ‘hey’ as they      the hills of North English in
                                                                    running buddy, an English               For copies of this photo        turned the corner on the 1          his first Jingle Bell Run on
                                                                    Valleys alum.                                                           Mile Walk/Run for the final         Saturday.
                                                                                                         and more, check out the
                                                                       For copies of this photo
                                                                                                         News-Review     website     at     stretch towards the English            He and friend, Darren
                                                                    and more, check out the
                                                                                                         www.sigour neynewsreview.          Valleys High School and some        Baetsle of Keota decided the
                                                                    News-Review website at www.
                                                                                                         com and click on the ‘Blue         hot chocolate with a side of        Jingle Bell Run would be an
                                                                    click on the ‘Blue Button’.          Button’.                           cookies.                            annual event for them.
   Lil Savage wrestler, Cade Streigle has the referee keeping
a close eye on the shoulder blades of his opponent at the Tri-         The 2nd Annual Jingle Bell        route.                             Sanitation, Horras Realty, EV TV    Dustin Haines, Heather Haines,
County Tournament.                                                  Run was Sat., Dec. 19 at English        “We had a great turnout and     & Electronics, Noel Pharmacy,       Lori Miller, Lexie Miller, Lauren
                                                                    Valleys High School with a start     a very enjoyable morning. The      Elwood, Elwood & Leinen Law         Miller, Aly Oberdries, Brandon
                                                                    time of 10 a.m. Volunteers,          runners and walkers put forth      Office, Sweet Bruns Bakery,         Zimmerman, Lisa Zimmerman,
                                                                    Jane Bruns and Linnea Higgins,       great effort and it was so nice    Garcia Carpet, Dr. Gary Kolosik,    Madison Parmenter, Brian O’Neil,
                                                                    provided cookies and helped          to see families and friends join   EV Insurance, EV Malt Shop,         Amy O’Neil, Mackenzie O’Neil,
                                                                    out with sign-in and posted          up and participate,” said Event    The Garden Gate (Sigourney),        Trey O’Neil, Alyson Girard, Nile
                                                                    route signs. North English QRS       Organizer Deana Horras-Colbert.    Wade’s Golf & Mow, Meyer            Dusdieker, Alan Ling, Sarah Ling,
                                                                    members, Vicki Oswald, Gary          “We couldn’t have hosted the       Financial Services, Jody’s Togs &   Justin Ling, Abby Ling, Ben Ling,
                                                                    and Michael Carter helped            event without all of the great     Tans (Sigourney), Family Foods,     Nathan Fritz (5K winner from
                                                                    keep watch on the participants       sponsors and volunteers. We        McClure Engineering and Mr.         Sigourney), Debi Fritz (Sigourney),
                                                                    throughout the routes. Iowa          deeply appreciated all of their    Ken’s Hairstyling.                  Chip Fritz (Sigourney), Hannah
                                                                    County Sheriff’s Department also     help. We are happy that we beat       Participants, who braved the     Statler,    Craig    McClenahan
                                                                    helped with traffic along the race   the bad weather and we look        eliments to compete, include:       (Keota), Darren Baetsle (Keota),
                                                                                                         forward to seeing everyone at      Sara Horras, Deana Horras-          Desta Rank, Diane Reed, Michael
                                                                       “We had a great turn out          next year’s Jingle Bell Run.”      Colbert, Kellan Coppinger, Jamie    Lang, Abbie Lang, Ken Lang,
                                                                    for the Tri-County Tournament           Sponsors for the event          Cavey, Pam Cavey, Gideon Kluge,     Bayle Larpenteur, Jayne Lang
                                                                    on Fri., Dec. 11,” said Coach        include: Knipfer Flowers, Cox      Megan Meier, Denny Haines,          and Amie Stewart.
   Carson Crawford is a member of the Lil Savage Wrestling          Craig Reeves. Wrestlers compet-
Club; above he is using his entire body to roll his opponent        ing at the tourney include: 7-8
for the pin and a victory in this match at the Tri-County           Grade-Cole Streigle, Nathan
Tournament on December 11.                                          Fritz, JC Dumont and Jake Van
                                                                    Ee. 5-6 Grade-Peyton Crawford,
                                                                    Zeb Webb, Avery Moore, Noah
                                                                    Reeves and Travis Wilcox. 3-4
                                                                    Grade-Kaleb Reeves, Keaton
                                                                    Dillion, Mac Conrad, Carson
                                                                    Crawford, Aden Reeves, Cale
                                                                    Jarmes and Jesse Fritz. K-2
                                                                    Grade-Bo      Schmidt, Mason
                                                                    Moore, Josh Mohr, Dominic
                                                                    Bensmiller, Mason Harder,
                                                                    Holden Huffman, Zeke Webb,
                                                                    Cade Streigle, Dallas Dyson and
                                                                    Trent Hendricks.
                                                                       The Lil Savages then trav-
                                                                    eled to the Louisa-Muscatine
                                                                    Tournament on Sun., Dec. 20.
                                                                    This was a team tournament;
   Lil Savage, Noah Reeves caught the eye of the referee as         the Lil Savages finished in 4th.
he turned his opponent for the pin at the Louisa-Muscatine          Points were logged as 1st place
Tournament on Sun., Dec. 20.                                        46 pts, 2nd place 36pts, 3rd
                                                                    place 30.5 pts, the Lil Savages
                                                                    with 29 pts and 5th with 22 pts.
                                                                    Individual Results
                                                                       • Megan Stuhr WBF 1st
                                                                    round, lost 9-0 2nd round, had a
                                                                    bye 3rd round. She got 2nd place
                                                                    in her bracket.
                                                                       • Aden Reeves won 12-8
                                                                    1st round, WBF 2nd period 2nd
                                                                    round, won by tech fall the 3rd
                                                                    round. He got 1st place.
                                                                       • Kaleb Reeves LBF in the
                                                                    3rd period 1st round, won 9-0
                                                                    2nd round and LBF in the 3rd
                                                                    period. He got 3rd place.
                                                                       • Avery Moore WBF 1st period
                                                                    1st round, won 12-0 2nd round,
                                                                    WBF 2nd period 3rd round. He
                                                                    got 1st place.
                                                                       • Noah Reeves 8-0 1st round,
    At the Tri-County Tournament, Lil Savage wrestler Zeb Webb      WBF 3rd period 2nd round, LBF
earned points for a take-down and then moved into position to       2nd period 3rd round. He got
flip his opponent.                                                  2nd place.
10     Wednesday, December 23, 2009                                                                                                                                    

                                                                               SK Wrestlers Hit Mat Hard
                               SICL Standings
                                                                               in First Half of 2009 Season
                                                                                    SK Wrestling closed out the
                                                                               first half of the season with
           (Updated 12-21, submitted by Jamie Maxwell, TC Athletic Director)
Girls                                                                          2 dual meet wins and a 2nd
1. North Mahaska            9-0                                                place finish at the Mid Prairie
2. Lynnville-Sully          7-1                                                Tournament. On Tuesday the
3. Sigourney                5-1                                                15 th, they defeated English
4. Iowa Valley              5-3                                                Valley by a score of 54-6 and
5. Belle Plaine             5-3                                                then beat WACO 42-33. On
6. BGM                      3-4                                                Saturday the 19th, they finished
6. Keota                    3-4                                                2nd to West Branch, but fin-
8. Montezuma                3-5
9. Tri-County               1-6                                                ished ahead of Highland, Van
10. HLV                     0-7                                                Buren and host Mid-Prairie.
11. English Valleys         0-7                                                     SK is off until January 5
                                                                               when they host their first home
Fri., Dec. 18 Results                                                          dual meet in the 2009 season
   • BGM 41 Montezuma 38                                                       with Iowa Valley/HLV.
   • Belle Plaine 48 Keota 28                                                  EV Results
   • Iowa Valley 59 Tri-County 34                                                   103- Double FFT
   • Lynnville-Sully 67 HLV 17
                                                                                    112- Kalen Greiner won by
   • North Mahaska 49 English Valleys 22
Sat., Dec. 19 Results                                                          FFT
   • North Mahaska 49 Montezuma 31                                                  119- Cory Clubb won by
Boys                                                                                125- Derek Hammen won
1. Keota                    6-0                                                by FFT
2. BGM                      5-0                                                     130- Double FFT
3. Lynnville-Sully          5-1                                                     135- Joe Dolash won by
4. Montezuma                5-2
5. HLV                      3-2
6. Sigourney                2-2                                                     140- Brent Lindemann
7. North Mahaska            2-5                                                WBF over Lawrence
8. Tri-County               1-3                                                     145- Dillon Stutzman won
9. Belle Plaine             1-5                                                by FFT
10. English Valleys         1-5                                                     152- Nick Olson LBF to
11. Iowa Valley             0-7                                                DeRingier
                                                                                                                     The SK Wrestling squad doesn’t normally find themselves cornered and under the direction
                                                                                    160- Dan Waechter won by
Fri., Dec. 18 Results                                                                                             of Head Coach Gary Jarmes, these student athletes are striving for the kind of quality, which
   • BGM 46 Montezuma 37                                                                                          defines this program. Suiting up for SK Wrestling is (left to right, back to front): Nick Olson,
   • Keota 66 Belle Plaine 41                                                       171- Austin Uphold WBF
                                                                               over Bilan                         Dan Waechter, Dan Etter, Austin Uphold and Steven Clubb. M: Jaden Ritchey, Joe Dolash, Brent
   • Lynnville-Sully 61 HLV 53
                                                                                    189- Dan Etter won by         Lindemann, Dillon Stutzman and Wes Yoder. F: Derek Hammen, Kalen Greiner and Cory Clubb.
   • North Mahaska 71 English Valleys 56
   • Tri-County 39 Iowa Valley 29                                              FFT                                   The SK seniors may look
Sat., Dec. 19 Results                                                               215- Double FFT               relaxed, but they are noth-
   • Montezuma 60 North Mahaska 42                                                  285- Double FFT               ing of the sort. The seasoned
                                                                               Waco Results                       wrestlers have their goals set
2009 Ends with Savage Victories                                                     @103- SK FFT to Brecht
                                                                                    @112- Kalen Greiner WBF
                                                                                                                  high and are determined to
                                                                                                                  fullfill them.
                                                                               over Perez                            The seniors pictured on the
                                                                                    @119- Cory Clubb WBF          right include (left to right):
                                                                               over Untermaner                    Kalen Greiner, Nick Olson,
                                                                                    @125- Derek Hammen won        Brent Lindemann, Dan Etter,
                                                                               by FFT                             Austin Uphold, Steven Clubb
                                                                                    @130- Double FFT              Cory Clubb and in the middle
                                                                                    @135- Joe Dolash won by       is Dillon Stutzman.
                                                                                    @140- Brent Lindemann         falls Miller (High-jv), Thomas
                                                                               won by FFT                         (VB) and Sexton (High). His was
                                                                                    @145- Dillon Stutzman         beaten in 3-2 match by Miller
                                                                               LBF to R. Vradenburg               (WB).
                                                                                    @152- Nick Olson LBF to J.         • 215-1st-Steven Clubb
                                                                               Vradenburg                         Pinned the only other wrestler
                                                                                    @160- Dan Waechter WBF        in his bracket. He pinned Mapp
                                                                               over Morozav                       (High).
                                                                                    @171- Austin Uphold lost           “The Mid-Prairie tourna-
                                                                               6-0 to Sheperd                     ment was a little strange this
                                                                                    @189- Dan Etter WBF over      year,” were the comments of
                                                                               Parker                             Coach Jarmes. “We’ve gone
                                                                                    @215-      SK     FFT    to   there in the past because it
                                                                               Overhauser                         is a round robin tournament
                                                                                    @285- SK FFT to Felts         and you usually get a bunch
                                                                               Mid-Prairie Results                of matches in a short time.
                                                                                    • 112-1st-Kalen Greiner       This year though, Marion pulled
                                                                               won both of his matches by         out and they weren’t replaced.
                                                                               fall. He pinned Staton (VB) and    Some of the other teams had a
                                                                               Kober (WB).                        lot of holes in their lineups, so
                                                                                    • 119-2nd-Cory Clubb went     we didn’t get as many matches
                                                                               1-1 on the day to finish second.    as we usually do. It was a tight
   In their final game of 2009, the Savages downed Iowa Valley                                                    race for second with Highland,
                                                                               He was defeated by Hahn (High)
50-45. Pictured is Stephanie Atwood shooting a layup for two                                                      but we were able to pull it out
                                                                               but then was able to come back
more against the Tigers. Story on Page 3; photos submitted.                                                       at the end.
                                                                               and pin Horning (MP).
                                                                                    • 125-2nd-Derek Hammen             “We ran into the same thing
                                                                               won his first match over Penn       when we wrestled EV and WACO,
                                                                               (VB) by fall and then was pinned   but we are doing the best we
                                                                               by Frank (High).                   can in the matches we are get-
                                                                                    • 135-4th-Brent Lindemann     ting. I already see improvement
                                                                               did not win a match on the day,    in some of younger kids like
                                                                               but was able to collect bye        Hammen, Steven Clubb, and
                                                                               points for his team.               Waechter and our older kids
                                                                                    • 140-4th-Evan Patterson      are working on being more con-
                                                                               did not win a match on the         sistent. Uphold, Olson, Etter,
                                                                               day, but was able to collect bye   Cory Clubb and Stutzman have
                                                                               points for his team.               definitely shown flashes of how
                                                                                    • 145-2nd-Dillon Stutzman     good a wrestler they are unchal-
                                                                               had falls over Countryman (VB)     lenged so far this season.”
                                                                               and Brennneman (High). His
                                                                               only loss was to Carew (WB).
                                                                                    • 152-2nd-Nick Olson went
                                                                               2-1 on the day with falls over
                                                                               Peterschmidt (MP-jv) and Wiles
                                                                               (MP). He was then pinned by
                                                                               Rozineck (WB).
                                                                                    • 160-2nd-Dan Waechter
                                                                               had a pin over Schwerin (MP)
                                                                               and was pinned by State place
                                                                               winner Madson (WB).
                                                                                    • 171-2nd-Austin Uphold
                                                                               only had one other wrestler in
                                                                               his bracket. He was beaten in
                                                                               a close 11-10 match by Jones
                                                                               (WB) and finished second.
   The Savages ended 2009 with a huge victory over the Iowa                         • 189-2nd-Dan Etter had
Valley Tigers on Tues., Dec. 15 - 78-35. Pictured is Logan Klein               the most matches on the day
out driving a Tiger for the layup. Story on Page 3.                            and finished 3-1. He posted

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