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									                           AGREEMENT FOR AD POSTING WORK

This Agreement executed on 24th April 2012 by and between M/S Patel Infosoft represented by Mr.
Ritesh Patel having office at A/111 Radhe Kishan Villa, Opp. Topaz Restaurant, Above Vodafone Store,
Near Jaymala Bus Stop, Isanpur, Ahmedabad - 382443.


       XXXXXXXXXXXXX who have Working Place at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
The Agreement is valid for 12 Months, Registration fees Rs.3,000 /- For single Candidate agreement.

1. The Terms & Condition for Advertisement Publishing Jobs For the 2rd Party (Candidate) is Given

           This registration will be valid for 12 Months.
           After take registration we will provide your user name & password to your E-mail
            address within 24 hours. By this user name & password you can login in inbox & you will
            get the all working materials by e-mail.
           You have no right to change the password of working A/C which we provide you.
           We will provide Ad Matter & 3000+ website links for help purpose only to you for fulfill
            your minimum target.
           We accept only unique classified sites. Do not publish Ad on same websites otherwise
            the publish ads will be cancel.
           When we will check the report we just click the links of your report pages. After open
            the page if ad matter will show then we will pay for that publishing, otherwise not.
           If we found any one repeat publishing in same site in same month then that publish will
            be cancel. And if more than 5% then total work will be rejected.
           Every month you have to do a Minimum 2000 No’s of correct Ads Publishing using ad
            matter if the candidate First Month target is not achieved then it will be not carried
            forward to the Second Month. Contract will be terminated.
           Expired Ads will be not count in submission.
           You have to submit your monthly report within every 30 days from the date of
           Payment will made within 5 to 7 working days after submit your monthly report.
           Payments will make via fund transfer or A/c payee cheque.
           If any new rules are implemented in company in future then it will be implemented to
            the new as well as old candidates also.

                                    Income Plan Structure

     No. Of Ads                    Per Ad Payout                        Monthly Earning
        2000+                            Rs.5                              Rs.10,000+
        3000+                            Rs.6                              Rs.18,000+
        4000+                            Rs.7                              Rs.28,000+
        5000+                            Rs.8                              Rs.40,000+

2. First party (Company) will provide all the necessary working attachment (ad matter, User name,
   Login ID & Password for Inbox, Website List etc.) for the 2nd party through the Company.

3. First time the Training will be provided to the candidate is free from the Company but after if
   the candidate required the training than he/she has to pay the fee of Rs. 500/- and he/she can
                 call for their training 1 or 2 hours in the same month to the particular place (home or office or
                 any particular place) till the registration validity.

             4. He/she can come to our particular place and take training 1 or 1/half hour in the same month
                without any charges. He/she must inform to us before coming to take training at our place.

             5. The registration fees which you (candidate) have paid are non-refundable.

             6. First Party is not responsible for by kind of Technical or Server related problems.

        Declaration: “I hereby declare that I read the all above terms & conditions for
        Candidate of Advertisement Publishing” & I agree with all above terms &
        conditions to the best of my knowledge.


THE CLIENT       (Patel Infosoft)                                                  Business Associate

For Patel Infosoft – Ritesh Patel                                                  For - XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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