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									Early fans of the smartphone were truly impressed by the technology on
the Palm devices. It embodied smartphone technology. Majority of the fans
loved the snappy, elegant display.

Come today and we have Android based devices taking over the best tablet
pc market. It's no wonder that almost everybody wants to buy a tablet PC
online. Conversely, the Web OS seems to have lost the race almost

But all this is possibly going to change due to the advent of the HP
TouchPad. The WebOS on this tablet features a new, revived interface. An
OS, which pledges to take the Android competition head-on to the turf.
So, will the HP version triumph over Android?

Mostly Yes! HP's WebOS is quite crisp and smooth, very much akin to what
the Palm OS exhibited in the past. The earlier issues which plagued the
WebOS renditions such as rickety multitasking are now fixed in the latest
variation of the OS.

HP's OS has also been performance boosted to fit the best tablet PC
tablet design, something which continues to haunt the Android OS. The Web
operating system competes well against the Android Honeycomb - Google's
version of the Android operating system planned for top tablet PCs. Both
systems are roughly head to head with regards to speed, user interface,
usability and form factor.

One avenue that WebOS is lagging far behind is the apps frontier.
Android's app offering outshines apps by WebOS by a distant margin.
According to recent estimates, Android boasted a catalog running in
hundred thousand while the HP OS sports in mere thousands. This is mainly
seen as an absence in adoptive techniques governing HP variation. But the
real loss will be borne by the prospective tablet user who faces limited
choices. Honestly speaking, the apps by Android are an immense value-
addition to the OS.

Android doesn't have an overwhelming advantage. It faced the same dilemma
when pitted against IOS. HP's Web OS is a quite a user-friendly system on
top tablet pc s. With a little effort and smart marketing, HP can turn
the tide against Android. But it needs to deal with the concern wisely
since HP's rendition isn't a bag full of app goodies and the users are
well aware of it.

With the exception of the apps, WebOS is quite a laudable challenger to
the Android. The appears as a pretty worth opponent and is an excellent
showcase of HP's craftsmanship on the OS. If the HP system can improve
the app tot up and grow its market share, we could see the third major
tablet OS joining the battle. Perhaps, the future will see user's buy a
tablet PC online. Currently though, Android rules the roost!

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