; Using the Android Phone As a Modem
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Using the Android Phone As a Modem


Have an Android phone but don't know what apps are worth downloading or purchasing? Android phones are excellent for those who love apps on a daily basis and want an easy way to play games, store information, and do other simple tasks with every unique app. Here are the top ten apps for any Android phone user ranging from games, entertainment to tools and devices:

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									Accessing the internet can be difficult, especially in remote areas. Most
people result in using a modem for their internet connectivity. It is
however, possible to use to connect your PC to the internet. This can be
done through Android phones. The phone acts as a wireless modem and all
that is required is the right software to carry out the connection on
both the phone and computer. It is however, important for the user to
consult and ensure the phone supports usage as a modem to avoid hefty
fees. The first thing the user of the phone should do is access the
internet on the phone and download the latest PdaNet application. This
should then be downloaded and installed on the Android phone. Having done
this, the PdaNet software should then be installed on the PC. This will
require getting the computer's operating system first and installing the
program online. Once installation and rebooting have been done, the
PdaNet icon will be visible on the computer. After this has been done,
the individual wishing to use the Android phone as a modem should connect
it using a USB cable to the computer. Once this has been done, they can
then open the PdaNet on the Android and enable USB tether so as to ensure
the phone acts as a modem for the computer. After doing this, click the
PdaNet icon on the computer and connect to the internet using the mobile
phone. Using the Android phone as a modem can open the phone to a number
of risks from the internet. It should only be used when there is no other
alternative to accessing the internet. The speed of the connection is
highly dependent on the cell phone provided and the quality of the
service. It is important to ensure that the data on the phone is
unlimited to avoid inconveniences. Before using the phone for this
purpose, one should consider the cost involved as it could affect the
overall billing. The Android phones' capability for use as a modem makes
them unique from other phones. Its' ability to connect to the PC makes it
distinct from other phones and this has made it popular on the market. It
is important to choose the right type of provider for the phone when
there is an intention to use it as a modem.

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