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					Years ago when a person went to apply for auto insurance, often times
their agent would suggest they put a disposable camera in the glove box
in case they ever had an accident. This way the driver could take photos
at the scene of the accident to help protect their interests. In this day
and age, I'm not sure they even make disposable cameras again other than
for weddings. Today most people have a cell phone with a built-in camera.

With people carrying cameras with them all the time in their cell phone,
it's important to consider other accessories to use with those built-in
cameras such as a tripod. Yes, that's right, there are tripods made just
for a cell phone. These tripods are lightweight, usually flexible so they
can even be used to wrap or latch onto something to get just the right
shot. For instance, there are camera tripods for Android and iPhone that
you can wrap around a bicycle handlebar to film shots while bicycling.
These tripods would also be ideal for use no matter what the sport. It
helps in getting the right shot without shaking around.

Sometimes it's important though to have a tripod for your iPhone or
Android that isn't flexible. You may need a tripod that is small,
lightweight, yet sturdy. Some cell phone tripods extend to full height so
that you aren't left bending over breaking your back to get the shot.
Often these sturdy tripods for a cell phone are also interchangeable with
your camera or video camera. This would allow for much more flexibility
in use.

Another option, particularly for the person on the go, is the keychain
tripod. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these miniature
tripods are portable and lightweight. They can be used as an accessory
and simply put on the keychain. It even fits right in your pocket!

No matter what your adventure or activity, it's always great to consider
purchasing a tripod that your Android or iPhone will fit on so that when
you are in need, you are prepared with a sturdy, reliable tripod. Just
imagine the great family photos and videos you will have when you can
place your mobile phone on a tripod to film your child's game. You can
then just sit back and relax and watch the game! Imagine also going on
vacation and having a flexible tripod for your cell phone so that you can
bring home wonderful photos from your trip to share with your friends.

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