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									If you are looking to buy a tablet, then certainly you have been
overwhelmed with the amount of choices that you have today. It seems that
every single technological company on the market today is mass-producing
and introducing tablets as way to get their money from the massive tablet
market. For years, the leader in the industry has of course been in the
Apple iPod. The biggest down side to the Apple iPod, is of course - the
price. 2011, was a huge year for tablets and some of the tablets
introduced have not only faired well in side by side consumer comparison
reports - but have also been a big hit with consumers looking to spend
moderate money on a tablet.

So, which are the best? Is it the iPod, the Kindle Fire or the Toshiba
Android Tablet? (Or maybe none of those)

The following is a list of the top five selling tables of 2011, and some
of the key points that enabled them to be such a hot item. Remember, if
you are in the market for a tablet - you should definitely keep your
options open and come up with a definitive budget first and foremost,
because prices vary by hundreds of dollars in the tablet market.

1. Toshiba Android Tablet. Toshiba introduced the Android 3.0 tablet and
it rapidly became a big hit. Not only does it come with more than
adequate resolution and software - it was designed to be the best tablet
for movie and video watching today. This tablet is priced moderately,
depending which version you get and is sure to please nearly anyone
looking for an aesthetic and usable tablet operating system. This tablet
has all the features of traditional tablets, including a camera, and
reached extremely high sales numbers in 2011.

2. Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy tablet has received a lot of buzz
especially since it is the only tablet that is actually lighter than the
iPad. This tablet runs on the Android market and has one of the best
camera and video built in devices, which rivals that of Apple. For folks
who are extremely interested in picture and video capability, this is
likely the best tablet on the market today in that niche.

3. Motorola Xoom. One of the best things about   the Motorola tablet is
that is has dual core processor which makes it   extremely fast and ensures
that video streaming is seamless and quick. It   has both 3G and Wi-Fi
capabilities, and packs enough storage to keep   you going for a long time.

4. HTC Flyer. What, never heard of the HTC Flyer. This is a great tablet
for the price, especially for folks that don't need a lot of performance.
Since it operates on an older Android system, it definitely won't be as
fast or up to date as the Toshiba Android tablets, but is still a great
product for the money. This is the perfect starter tablet.

5. Asus Eee Pad Transformer. One of the best features of this unique
design is that it is the only tablet that comes preequipped with a
detachable keyboard. Many consumers think that this tablet has the feel
of a netbook rather than a tablet, which for many is preferred. While
cheaper than many tablets on the market, it too runs on the new 3.0
Android operating system and comes with a 5-mega pixel camera. Picture
quality is decent, and for most folks this tablet will do the trick,
especially since it costs less than $250.

All in all, there isn't just one winner when it comes to tablets. While
the Toshiba Android tablet is certainly a front-runner and a great rival
for iPad, your tablet decision will be based on many different things.
Your best bet is to head to a store and try them all out, seeing which
one fits the best in your hand and in your lifestyle.

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