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					Android has always been lacking in the multimedia department at the
beginning, but with time, things have changed and everything has become
much better. Nowadays, users have access to dozens of great multimedia
player for all their music and videos, and almost every single file
format out there can be played back with ease on an Android smartphone or
tablet PC.

 But good media players are pretty hard to find, and lately, weve seen
the release of some great players that nobody seems to know about. For
that reason, here is a list of the best Android media players that you
can install on your phone and use for listening to music or watching any
kind of video clips, including movies.

 MixZing. MixZing is one of the best all-in-one media player for the
Android OS. Its got everything you might need to easily play back any
video and music files you want. The developers say its the most advanced
player for Android, and they may be right, as you do get access to dozens
of features, all of which are pretty useful. You can use an integrated
equalizer, search for lyrics and missing album art, create playlists, and
easily search for any song by keyword.

 PowerAMP. PowerAMP is a great music player for Android, and it looks
simply gorgeous. The professional knobs and buttons give it a nice feel,
and the features will leave even the most demanding audiophile satisfied.
It supports the most popular file formats, including mp3, mp4, ogg, flac,
aac and others. It also uses its own codecs, so you dont need to worry
about any incompatibilities with your phone.

 Winamp. The best music player for desktop computers running Windows has
finally been released as a beta for Android. This is great news for
everyone who loves this desktop player, and Winamp for Android looks and
works just as well as its bigger brother. The main special features of
this mobile version of Winamp are the great control widget for the lock
screen and the ability to sync songs and data with the desktop Winamp,
which means your collection will always be synced if you add new songs on
your desktop or on your phone.

 3 (aka Cubed). The beta version of this player was called Cubed, but you
can now find the app as 3 on the marketplace, for unknown reasons. Well,
no matter what name it has, Cubed is still a great music player. Its
defining feature is the 3D cube interface, which changes the features
when you rotate it. Its pretty cool, but if you dont like it, you can
always revert to a simpler control style.

 Real Player. Real Player is the juggernaut of the streaming world, and
they have a pretty good media player app for the iPhone. Now, Android got
one, too! The medial player looks very polished and has support for most
features you may need for watching movies and listening to music. If you
need a great all-in-one player, this one is certainly a good choice.

 As you can see, Android is certainly not lacking multimedia features and
apps anymore. You can download any of the above players and youll be
amazed at what your smartphone can do. Just go to the marketplace, search
for the above titles and youll definitely find them.

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