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					Android is the latest trend in the mobile market and thousands of Android
applications galore on the internet. Here we present you the best top 5
Android applications in the market-

1) Home security system Android app

Yes, you tell it, they have it. A home security system application may at
first seem to be too good to exist for real but it really does exist.
With these handy applications you can easily control and monitor your
home's security and also you can receive the updates on your phone.

Many of these applications also come with alarming systems which can be
used effectively via internet too.

2) Kindle Android app

The Kindle Android application can be used by you to read thousands of
books on your phone. Also, the kindle application is not only compatible
with the Android but the I-pod and the PC as well.

For most of the books you won't be required to pay a single penny.
However, there are still many for which you may be needed to pay. You can
browse all the available books from the Kindle store which contains
around 1,000,000 books.

3)Facebook Android app

Well, when it comes to social sites, how can one not come up thinking of
Facebook? For all the Facebook lovers, there is this Android application
with the help of which you can stay connected to all your buddies all the
time very easily.

The page layouts are superb and the navigation is also very smooth. It
also supports multiple Facebook accounts and the switching is easy and
convenient. You can update status, add friends, share gossip and stuff
and do almost every activity which you could do through a PC. It is one
of the most useful, if the not the best application indeed.

4) Microsoft Office Android app

Just when you think that you have got the best Android application, you
get something like Microsoft Office Android application. This application
surprisingly has a number of features and options to view your MS Word,
PowerPoint or Excel files smoothly. However, if you use the demo version,
you are not allowed to edit or create the files. In order to do that
you'll have to buy the full version.

Apart from all these features, this application also allows you to
download the files from the Google Docs directly and supports the
password protected office files as well.

5) Recipe Search Android app
With the help of this online Recipe Search Android application you can
search any recipe or the appropriate ingredients for your dish. You will
get complete cooking directions for the dishes and the ingredients to be
used as well.

It helps you cook your food efficiently and gives you tips on adding more
flavours to it. You will also get special recipes for the diabetes
patients as well.

Other features include bookmarks facility, sharing of the recipes on
Facebook or Twitter, making shopping list, access to recipe related
forums and communities etc.

With hoards of hitting market every day the list for best applications
keep on changing on monthly basis. But these applications remain among
the top popular ones by Android users.

Description: Tablets are now the portable, lightweight, streamlined PCs with just about every feature of a desktop computer, leaving behind the mouse and adding a touch-screen with camera and additional SD card slot with regard to expandable memory along with a wi-fi 3G support technique all as added bonus. These dining tables are the talk in the town with different assist platforms launching more modern and better versions day-to-day. The Android OS launched by Google is definitely the best platform which has a major advantage of getting an open access where by anyone can add or maybe remove any plug-ins.