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The Preferred Listing Of Best Free Android Apps 2012 by Syaiful.Bahri02x


Tablets are now the portable, lightweight, streamlined PCs with just about every feature of a desktop computer, leaving behind the mouse and adding a touch-screen with camera and additional SD card slot with regard to expandable memory along with a wi-fi 3G support technique all as added bonus. These dining tables are the talk in the town with different assist platforms launching more modern and better versions day-to-day. The Android OS launched by Google is definitely the best platform which has a major advantage of getting an open access where by anyone can add or maybe remove any plug-ins.

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									If you look for the best free Android apps, you'll find that there are
lots of excellent apps in Android Market determined by many categories.
Those categorizations such as the books/reference, business, comics,
communication, education, entertainment, finance, health and fitness,
libraries and demo, lifestyle, game, live wallpaper, multimedia, medical,
photography, productivity, social, sports, tools, transportation, travel,
weather and also widgets. So now, lets have a look at the below best free
Android apps 2012 based on a few categorizations.

 GO Launcher EX

 It is among the many highly recommended and best free Android apps under
the group of productivity application. By applying the program, consumers
can simply change the home screen according to their wishes. The
application is basically known as being the home app amongst the Android-
based device users. The GO Launcher Dev Team, as the creator of this app,
pointed out that it should bring the extraordinary, smooth and unique
handheld operation encounter. The functions contained in the software
will be the numerous custom-made style (free), beautiful widgets (GO
calendar, GO clock and GO task manager), fashionable home screen
transition, smooth flipping, user-defined folder for grouping your apps
very easily along with the set icon sorting ideal for hiding application
icon as well as remove any software.

 Facebook for Android

 This social app continues to be frequently used by users considering
that it offers effectiveness and simplicity in social network activities
by utilizing any mobile device. Until now, this program has been
regularly utilized by many Facebook active users globally and also the
number keeps increasing progressively. By employing this application,
users may easily submit their photo, update status and create comment on
friends wall right from their Android mobile phone.


 The Androidify is labeled under the category of entertainment. This is
really among the best free Android apps ever as users can be more
creative every time they take advantage of this interesting application.
By employing the software, consumer could make Android by him/herself.
After you open up the app, there'll be tiny green Android and you can
personalize it to be very similar to yourself, your family, your buddies,
your idols or anybody else. Immediately after you have completed
customizing it as you want, it is possible to share or use it as your
photo profile for the social networking accounts.

 Opera Mobile Web Browser

 This famous mobile browser remains to be the most preferred software
while there are plenty of other amazing mobile browsers out there. The
main advantage of this program will be the quick online surfing because
the server of Opera compresses the website pages therefore the pages will
be able to load up a lot quicker. Further, this data compression will
obviously allow people to spend less on data costs.
 Easy Battery Saver and Task Killer

 This is generally amongst the useful and best free Android apps for you
to solve the common Android phones problem. This issue is going to be the
reduced battery life of the almost all Android-based devices. Right now,
owners can get over this matter utilizing the Easy Battery Saver and Task
Killer app. This program is made to give the longer battery life by
smartly working with the device's network connectivity, display
brightness, screen time out, and also the sleep schedule setting.

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