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					                            School Council Meeting -- Sir Oliver Mowat
                                 Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Attendance: Tom Lazarou (Principal), Mary Soye (Chair), Nancy McCutcheon (Treasurer), Darlene Cross
(Vice Chair), Anne Fealy, Barb Butler, David Sinclair, Donna Goulet-McCartney, Donna Turnbull, Doreen
Sanders, Esther Quashie, Fiona Rambaran, Glen Banyard, Jacqueline Taylor, Karen Hutchison, Kathleen
Lamb-Wrightman, Kathy McGrath, Katie Prentice, Linda Rahmoun, Linda Sinclair, Lois MacInnis, Mardi
Adams, Monica Marlatt, Nancy Dobson, Patricia Waithe, Rob Elbertsen, Wanda Wierzbicki, Zephine Wailoo
(Port Union Community Center), Colin MacNeil (Vice Principal), Mike Turner (Teacher), Octavia Chambers
(student), Detective Sergeant Kevin Guest, Jason Claire (Toronto Argonauts)

Regrets:        Terry Pruner (Secretary), Dana Kaminski

Introductions: Tom Lazarou introduced our new Vice-Principal Colin MacNeil. Mr. MacNeil will be replacing
Bill Douglas the retired Vice Principal who came back for 6 months to fill in until a permanent VP could be
found. Mr. MacNeil will be starting February 1, 2008. He is currently the Curriculum Leader of the
Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies. He will be responsible for students with a last names beginning
with M to Z.
The other attendees introduced themselves.

Approval of Agenda – approved

Approval of Minutes – approved

Student Report
ESP (Empowered Student Partnership) Anti Bullying Campaign – Octavia Chambers
 Octavia talked about the ESP program and the survey that was done of all of the students in the school
   regarding their feelings and abilities and their feelings about the overall safety of the school – the results
   are being calculated at this time and will likely be reported on next meeting
 Octavia introduced the two guest speakers who are part of the ESP Anti Bullying Campaign – Jason Claire
   of the Toronto Argos and Detective Sergeant Kevin Guest
 Jason spoke from personal experience about being bullied almost to the point of no return. He told of the
   words of assistance and kindness from a fellow student that saved him. His message was “show
   kindness”. Make the right choices. He quoted “you can not do kindness too soon because you don’t know
   when it will be too late”
 March 20 he will be back with Chuck Winters, a linebacker for the Toronto Argos, to address the students.
   Chuck has a message about his difficult young life and how his brother made the wrong choices (and was
   killed) and how he made the right choices. If parents want to attend they can but must call ahead to the
   office to let them know.
 Kevin Guest spoke about how kids now live in a different world than we did. Because of the faster
   communication and broader media reporting on serious violence issues, a level of fear pervades kids
   today. He says that “silence is the killer” and that kids have to speak up about issues they know about or
   difficulties they or others are having. People, including parents, need to understand the new dynamics of
   the kids today – the group violence. He wrote a book called “Youth Violence: How to Protect Your Kids”.
   He will be back on March 20 to speak with the students.

Treasurers Report – Nancy McCutcheon
 $910 left in the account, two proposals were put forward by the teachers to be voted upon
 The first was a proposal by the technology department for $600 to build a set of dragon boat paddles and
   a locking cabinet on wheels to transport them from storage to the pool side. Mardi Adams moved to
   approve the $600, seconded by Glen Banyard, passed
 The second was a proposal was from the business department for $300 for their year end award
   certificates and ceremony for business students, Monica Marlatt moved to approve the $300, seconded by
   Donna McCartney, passed.
 The $200 for a wireless microphone (discussed at the November meeting) was not put forward for this
   year – if it is put forward next year, the Council will consider it
 We now have $10 left in the account

Parents Reaching Out Grant – Donna Goulet-McCartney
 Application was submitted in October for a speaker to address the parents of students of Mowat and the
   feeder schools on the topic of the “Social Networking, Facebook, etc”
   We should find out in the next few weeks if we will receive the grant
Curricular Area, Technology – Mike Turner
 Door prize for the right answer to a question at the end of his presentation
 The technology department gives back to the community – projects that have been undertaken by the
   students in tech classes over the last few years are – 8 x 10 deck for a community member, designing and
   building the benches in the Mowat hallways, building 25 chairs out of hockey sticks, a plaque for the new
   bleachers thanking the donors: WRS&R, CCRA, and WRCA
 There are currently 20 sections of Tech, 450 students and 3.5 staff, down from previous years but more
   manageable, these include:
            6 Auto – mostly working on cars, designed and built a log splitter with a 12 HP motor
            5 Communication Technology – computer, video, 3D (a student in 2007 came first in a world
            competition for animation)
            3 Computer Science – web page, programming
            3 Tech Design – wood working
            3 Integrated Tech – hands on, computer
 Tech and coop go hand-in-hand
 The door prize, a technology t-shirt, was won by Donna Turnbull who remembered that there are 20
   sections of tech

Principal’s Report – Tom Lazarou
Important Dates
 Mid-Year Evaluation Period: Jan. 25 -31st (School wide schedule on website)

 Report Cards February 14 Home Form classes

 Semi Formal – Q-ssiss Banquet Hall – February 14 – Dinner and Dance

 TDSB Board Wide Professional Development Day – February 15

 “Family Day” Holiday – February 18

 Parent Teacher Interviews – February 21

Staffing Update
 Ms. Lakhi is on maternity leave for the remaining of school year. Two retired teachers: Ms. Caroll and Mr.
    Treleavan have replaced her (teaching history and English)

Projected Enrollment 2008-2009
 1151 students (three years ago when he started the enrolment was about 1120 so the level has stabilized)
 Mowat usually loses about 20 students in February as they identify students who require alternative
    programming and move to alternate sites

New Courses 2008-2009
 Grade 10 and 11 Health and Physical Education (Individual/Small Games such as badminton, tennis,
   squash, racquetball)
 On-line Grade 12 Leadership – e-learning is very big in the TDSB – the course includes seniors helping
 These courses at the time of the meeting had not been approved
 Course selection will happen the last week of February

School Community Safety Plan Report (Handout)
 Community Meeting January 9, 2008 update – Terry Pruner (Terry was not there to provide an update)
 Next Steps:
   1. Councillor Moeser pursuing a meeting with plaza owners, community centre representatives to
       address cameras and lighting
   2. Crime Stoppers Program Presentation through the school’s ESP program on February 28th – 43
       Division works well with the students
 There is a message box in the library for confidential student suggestions or issues, the students at Mowat
   are not “silent”

Achievement Data - Mathematics
 A handout provided that compares Mowat with other secondary schools in the TDSB.
 The math department is starting a new program across all of math that will entail a work sheet in class
   review – classes will work through themes identified by the Math program and will start right after term 2
 They are also looking to start a before and after school program in math
 There was a question about whether or not anything could be done to reduce the size of the math classes
Europe Trip
 A letter went out to the parents regarding a meeting on Feb 28 for information about the trip. The dates of
   the trip have been changed to Sunday, March 9 to Thursday, March 20. Tom tried to get EF Tours to
   change the dates so that the students did not miss 4 days of school but they could not. Mowat has not in
   used EF Tours in the past and will not again because of these date issues.
Mowat Ski Club – Darlene Cross
 The Ski Club is very successful, there are 43 students signed on with one teacher volunteer (Jeff
  Tebbens) and 3 parent volunteers (Mary Soye, Nancy Kish, and Heather Lemieux)
 The first day was cancelled due to warm weather and rescheduled for March 4

Community Events – Zephine Wailoo and Darlene Cross
 Stephanie Wailoo is a recreationist at Port Union CC
 Winterfest this Saturday, January 26 at Port Union CC, students can sign up at Port Union CC for

   volunteer hours
 Mardi Adams talked about an event at Howe to which the Mowat parents are invited – Dr. Alex Russell is
   addressing the topic “Promoting Independence in Teens” on Thursday, February 7, 2008 from 7:00-9:00
   p.m. at Joseph Howe Senior Public School, 20 Winter Gardens Trail – RSVP required contact Howe at
   416-396-6405 or email the School Council Secretary – (to open flyer click
   here: council/JOSEPH HOWE SRflyer.doc)
 Euchre Night at Heron Park CC Feb 16, 6 to 11 pm. $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Snacks. Cash bar.
   No smoking. Fundraising for West Hill Hockey. Tickets are on sale at Heron Park CC on Sat Jan 26 and
   Feb 2 from 9-3. Must be 19 years or older.

Correspondence – Mary Soye
 Glen Banyard is the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) alternate rep – he went to a meeting
   recently and reported that they are looking for input from the community on Bill 212 – TDSB – Behaviour,
   Discipline and Safety Policies
 Premier’s Awards for Teaching Excellence – confirmed that the Council continued to stand by its decision
   not to promote one teacher over another for an award
 People for Education have implemented a new toll-free parent support line – the service is offered
   province-wide to encourage parents to contact them if they have a question about education in Ontario.
   The number to call is: 1-888-534-3944 or 416-534-0100 in the Toronto area. The email address is: web site is and it has some very
   useful information for parents
 The TDSB has announced the launch of the pilot Student Safety Line, 416-395-SAFE (7233) to help
   students report school-related or personal safety concerns. It is a confidential reporting line for TDSB
   students. School administration will be informing students about the TDSB Student Safety Line
 Youth Career Fair – MPPs Margarett Best and Wayne Arthurs are sponsoring a Career Fair on Saturday,
   February 9 from 11:00 to 3:00 at Centennial College HP Campus (Northeast corner of Morningside Ave
   and Ellesmere Rd) – the Youth Career Fair is for students in grades 7 to 12 and will feature: summer job
   employers, career information, postsecondary education and apprenticeship information, interview skills
   workshop, and resume clinic

New Business
 Washroom cleanliness is an issue. There are no sanitary disposal units, many door closures are missing,
   and the soap dispensers are not tamper-proof and are usually empty. The toilets and urinals are currently
   all in working order. Trees and Trunks, a local company, has kindly offered to make a donation to help fix
   up the washrooms. Tom will look into whether that will be acceptable to the union and TDSB.
 “Healthy choices in the cafeteria” was an issue to be raised but the person concerned was not at the
   meeting. The cafeteria has salads, wraps, sandwiches, soups and other healthy choices but they also
   have french fries and hamburgers which are big sellers with the students.
 The auditorium is being renovated under the Health and Safety TDSB with new lighting, new electrical
   board, and possibly new curtains
 Marg Lanning is having a plaque put on the bleachers to thank the three community organizations which
   contributed – the West Rouge Sports and Recreation Association, Centennial Community and Recreation
   Association, and the West Rouge Community Association
 Next meeting we will discuss the lock down procedures

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

  NEXT MEETING WILL BE Tuesday, February 26 at 7:00 pm in the Library/Resource Centre.

                                       Future Meeting Dates 2008
                                        Wednesday, April 9, 2008
                                         Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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