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									For the - and - swindles of Ubuntu

I became a Linux user since 2008 and my first Linux distribution was Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the Linux
distribution currently the most popular and when someone talks about Linux, most likely he's talking
about Ubuntu. I personally have an opinion very complicated to Ubuntu, I love it and hate it. In this
article, I will list the pros and cons of Ubuntu to justify my love and hatred for her. Ubuntu has many
benefits to offer its users. First, it is designed to be very easy to use and install. One of its strongest
selling points is that Ubuntu will detect all your hardware, set up your networking, and allows you to
easily configure your operating system with a nice interface and brilliant purple brown nice. That is
why the old Ubuntu users will always feel comfortable in the environment of Ubuntu. The other
good thing about Ubuntu is that it is very well supported. It seems that when someone talks about
Linux support of Ubuntu these days it means more than any other distribution. Fedora coming in a
close second. The ability to install the file. Deb makes it very easy to obtain and install some
software. Also, Ubuntu is back by canonical, a huge company with strong capital. More than this, the
user community of Ubuntu is the greatest among the world of Linux. And last but not least, Ubuntu
has a large collection of applications available in its repository and users can find all the software
they need. However, nothing is completely perfect. Ubuntu has its drawbacks as well. Ubuntu is
designed to be easy to use for newbies. So if users want to try to do something advanced. they may
end up fighting the whole operating system. For example, if you want to switch to a new desktop
environment other than the default one, you will have many bugs and errors to be processed. It is
very difficult to twist and adapt the default settings in Ubuntu, many users had complained about
the network settings and configuration of Ubuntu audio. The Ubuntu community is the largest in the
world of Linux these days but it is mostly for new users so you can get a lot of bad advice there.
Several solutions to simple problems involves uploading new packages, which will swell your system,
rather than fix it properly. It is very annoying to have to download a huge chunk of new packages
just to fix a tiny problem. After all, Ubuntu is still a great Linux distribution. To learn more about
Ubuntu and Linux, you can read my blog, which is about Linux tips and tricks and reviews of
distribution. For example, this is my guide on how to change the timeout in the Linux worm.

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