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									Choosing a computer chair

Many manufacturers of computer chairs claim that their product is the best ergonomic solution.
What kind of chair you choose? The best choice - a chair, which is convenient and comfortable to sit,
but you will learn a few useful features of modern chairs before making a purchase.

Founding chair.

Many people prefer the chairs on wheels. When selecting a chair, you need to watch that he had at
least five wheels. With fewer wheel chair is less stable and safe for humans. Even chairs with four
wheels can easily topple over. Founding chair should be reliable, that it could rotate freely.


When selecting a chair, keep in mind that armrests should only be used while reading or resting, not
while typing or using the "mouse." Therefore, depending on how you work at a computer, buy a
chair with arms or without.

If you do decide to buy a chair with armrests, make sure they are adjustable, wide and comfortable.
You should be able in a sitting position to adjust the height of armrests or even move them back and
forth independently of each other. Some chairs are equipped with a mechanism by which you can
remove the armrest, while not in use.

Seat of the chair.

The seat should evenly distribute the weight of the person and provide a secure base. Measure the
width and depth of the seat. It should be wide enough so that when you use it remained for at least
3 cm away from your hips. The seat should also have sufficient depth to comfortably support the
hips and do not put pressure on the inner side of the knee. Many seats have front rounded shape,
which reduces pressure on the knee joints.

You should feel comfortable sitting on a chair, even if you work for 30-60 minutes. The seat should
be made of quality materials and recover their shape after prolonged use.

The height of the chair.

When selecting a chair, consider the availability of simple and accessible height adjuster. The best
choice - pneumatic mechanism that allows you to adjust the height, while you sit. It also allowed the
presence of a mechanical rotary knob. In any case, make sure that the regulators are in a readily
accessible place so you do not have to get up to change the height.

If the chair will be used by several people, make sure that the range of adjustable height fits all. Your
knees should be at hip level (or below) and the legs to stand firmly on the floor. If your feet do not
reach the floor, consider using a footrest.

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