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					                            CAN Bulletin – MAY 2010

Ofsted April 2010
Thanks and well done to all those who contributed to the recent OFSTED inspection. You
should have received some detailed feedback, but the overall judgment is currently good.

The operational managers away day unfortunately had to be postponed but will go ahead on
May 11th and plans for the development and delivery of the service will be signed off by the
end of May.
 Plans for how the space in Cherry Manor can be utilised to best effect are being explored
with architects and once finalised will be shared for information.
 IT links for health and the council are already installed and costings are being pursued. We
are looking at the existing space and how this can be ‘freed up’ to accommodate multi agency
working in the short term.
There are still no specific timescales available however, steady progress is being made.
Key Contacts:- HOS CAN Caroline Drysdale 0161 912 1491;

CAN Service Implementation Plan
 A draft process for implementing ‘a joined up approach’ to the assessment of children/ young
people and family need has been developed and will be shared for comments at the
Professional/ Clinical Lead forum for CAN.
The initial focus of this exciting new forum will be:
    to enhance the development of the multi agency assessment process for children,
    embedding the process in practice,
    marketing of the CAN service
    development of a CAN website
    development of service specific pathways.

Invitations will be distributed shortly, the date for your diary is 25th May, 12-14.30.
Key Contacts:- HOS CAN Caroline Drysdale 0161 912 1491;
Have you read the CAN service implementation plan yet?
Can we have your comments and ideas?

Contact Anne, Maggi or Chris if you haven’t received a copy.
CAF and Integrated Working Training

Attendance on CAF and integrated working training is mandatory for all CYPS staff -
Please make attendance on these sessions a priority. For more details please
access http://internet/noticeboard/display.asp.ID: 38742, Category: ID=5
CAN Bulletin – MAY 2010
                                CAN Service News

Sensory Support Service

Sensory Impairment support within the CANS service provides educational support to children
and young people who have sensory impairments from 0-19 years and their families.
We work to support the child and family to overcome the barriers presented by a sensory
impairment and ensure that they have equal opportunities and access to their normally hearing
and sighted peers.
We work in homes, Early Years settings and schools.
We are a mixed team of teachers and teaching assistants who specialise in either visual or
hearing impairment.
We were recently successful in securing some grant funding through Family Engagement
Services to enable our bilingual support assistant Rajula Shah to provide interpreting and
translation to families of children 0-5.
 Rajula already provides this service for families of children with a sensory impairment but the
funding will allow her to use her skills with families across CYPS to help improve the
participation and engagement of families from BME backgrounds.

Rajula speaks Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati and is able to provide oral translation in these
languages. She is also able to provide written translation of Gujarati and Hindi.
The service is funded for 12 months through the Family Engagement Services Grant and is
therefore currently free of charge to services within CYPS.
If you are working with a child or young person who has a sensory impairment – or if you would
like to use the translation service get in touch with us at:

Cherry Manor Centre
912 5526
Or email Anne Davies:
Or Julie Beacham:

Aiming High Update
Work has been underway to increase parent participation in the decision making
process looking at applications for funding short break activities 10/11.
A successful family fun day was held at the end of March at Pictor School to promote and
engage with parents wishing to be part of a wider parent forum. Many thanks to all staff across
CYPS for their invaluable support on the day.

The first Parent forum meetings took place on April 26th and 27th the focus of this meeting was
for parents to evaluate revenue grant applications adding their comments and suggestions.
Further interviews for those successful bids will be held mid-May.
 Details of all commissioned capital and revenue projects will be updated in next months CAN
e shot. Further interviews for those successful bids will be held mid-May.
Capital projects have been agreed and details of all commissioned capital and revenue
projects will be updated in next months CAN e shot.

Key Contacts: Short Breaks Coordinator Kaye Hadfield 0161 912 4023;

                                                Speech and Language Therapy
                                                  working together with local
                                                schools and Children’s Centres

Seymour Park Community Primary School was the venue for a recent exciting course for
Pictured here are parents who completed the Hanen ‘You Make the Difference’ Parent-Child
Interaction course.
The course is designed to support parents of normally developing children birth to 5 years
who would like to learn more about fostering and enriching their child’s early learning. It can
also provide support to vulnerable families whose children’s learning may be at risk due to
environmental and social challenges.
This parent-child interaction programme was delivered as a community based prevention
programme at the local school.
The course was presented jointly by Seymour Park School, Kings Road Children’s Centre and
the Children’s Centre Speech and Language department.
The course was voted as ‘excellent’ by the parents who said such things as ‘the course has
helped me build a better relationship with my child’, ‘it has made me feel more confident’ and
even … ‘my children now tidy up their toys’ …. Wow that really has made a difference in that
These courses will be run throughout Trafford at Children’s Centres.
Please contact your local Children’s Centre for more information
Terrie Taylor
Speech and Language Therapist
Trafford PCT
CAN Bulletin – MAY 2010
Suggestions & Developments
There are many developments ongoing within the CAN Service which will positively impact
upon outcomes for children, young people and families. The CAN operational team have
developed an ‘issues log’ to capture necessary developments and ensure progress, some
of which you have brought to our attention, examples include:-
     Staff training in manual handling with a proposed completion date of May 2010
   Key Contact: Maggie Gordon-Gould; Ops Manager CAN; Tel: 0161 872 5672
      Pathway Development for continuing care for children and young people –
       proposed completion date Sept 2010
   Key Contact: Maggie Gordon-Gould; Ops Manager CAN; Tel: 0161 872 5672
      Development of a physical restraint policy for children and young people with
       challenging behaviour to be established
   Key Contact: Caroline Dry dale; HOS CAN; Tel: 0161 912 4468
     CYPS logo on identification badges – Proposed completion May 2010
     We now have castings for pin badges which can be work on the lanyards of existing
     staff IDs to provide CYPS identity – they will cost around £1.50 per badge which
     should not prove too onerous on current very tight budgets. The badges, if
     approved, will be metal with epoxy coating, rectangular in shape and 12mm deep x
     40mm wide .
   Key Contact: Anne Davies; Ops Manager CAN; Tel: 0161 912 5526

We value your opinions and involvement; therefore please direct any developments/ ideas
to your Team Leader or Operations Manager for additions to the ‘issues log’.

Contributions for the next e-bulletin always welcome – Don’t forget if you have any
information you would like to share with your CAN colleagues about any issue please
email and we will ensure it goes into the next bulletin. You
are welcome to send pictures to go with any article of story.

Key Contacts:
Caroline Drysdale; HOS CAN; Tel: 0161 912 4468;
Maggie Gordon-Gauld; Ops Manager CAN; Tel: 0161 872 5672;
Chris Dahlstrom; Ops Manager CAN; Tel: 0161 912 5781;
Ann Davies; Ops Manager CAN;Tel: 0161 912 5781;

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