Coursework Record and Authentication Forms - Unit 2 - The Critical by HC120523024726


									   Advanced Subsidiary GCE Physical Education (6PE02-1B)
   Coursework Record & Authentication Form (CRAF) – Postal
   Unit 2 – The Critical Sports Performer

                                                                                 Examination year:

Centre name:                                                                     Centre number:

Candidate name:                                                                  Candidate number:

Task                                                                                                       Mark

Task 2.4 — Performance Analysis

       Technical Analysis                                                                           /6

       Tactical Analysis                                                                            /6

       Notational Analysis                                                                          /6

       Training Analysis                                                                            /6

       Analysis of strengths and weaknesses                                                         /6

                                                                                                 Total                     /30

Candidate: I declare that I have produced the work involved without external assistance apart from any
which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment. I also declare that I have recorded all literature and
resources that have been used. I declare that I have accurately entered the correct word count in the above
“Word Count” box.

Name____________________________________________Signature______________Date _________________

Teacher : I declare that the candidate’s activities have been regularly monitored and that to the best of my
knowledge, no assistance has been given apart from any that is acceptable within the scheme of assessment,
and that this has been identified and recorded. I also declare that to the best of my knowledge this is the
candidate’s own work.

Name___________________________________Signature_____________________ Date __________________

   By signing the above declaration you agree to your work being used to support Professional Development, Online Support
   and Training of Centre-Assessors and Edexcel Examiner/Moderators.

    You have also agreed to the use of your personal information, including your image if you are featured in a recorded and
   /or photographed GCE/GCSE performance, by the Awarding Body Edexcel and other Pearson group companies for the
   purposes of development or training, examiner/moderator support, centre assessment of learner material, publication of
   educational resources and marketing materials. Your personal details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection
   Act 1998.

   If you have any concerns regarding this please contact

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