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									Art Poster Auctions

Art poster auctions are very popular. Owning great pieces of art has
gotten easier. A properly framed art poster can be as nice as owning an
original painting and it is far less expensive.

I have found many different art styles in art poster auctions. The most
expensive art poster in the abstract style sold recently on eBay was a
1959 Picasso entitled Les Menines. The poster sold for $560.00.

There was an original and authentic art poster auction recently in the
art deco style that caught my eye. The poster was from 1961 and was for
Breakfast at Tiffany. The poster sold for over three thousand dollars.

World’s   Fair art poster auctions seem to do very well. I saw an auction
for the   1939 New York World’s Fair that sold for more than fifteen
hundred   dollars. There was another art poster auction for the 1933
Chicago   World’s Fair that went for just under fifteen hundred dollars.

In the Asian art poster auction market, there seems to be some really odd
things. I found a poster that depicted McDonald’s hamburgers invading
Japan. The poster got fourteen bids from six different people and it
closed at four hundred fifty five dollars.

In the category of Impressionist art poster auctions, I found one for the
2006 Jazz Festival in New Orleans that sold for over four hundred
dollars. It was done by a Cajun artist named James Michalopulos and
featured Fats Domino. The colors in the poster were brilliant.

I found that the category of Modern art posters seems to get the most
auction listings. There is one art poster that keeps being re-listed
because it just doesn’t sell. The poster is from the Elvis movie Love Me
Tender. Apparently the owner of this poster has determined that it is
worth one thousand dollars and will not take less than that. He hasn’t
sold it yet, but I wish him luck.

There were another Modern art poster auctions that really did well as far
as I could tell. They were Greyhound travel posters. There were a
couple of art poster auctions that sold recently. They were both created
in the 1950’s and both of the posters sold for around three hundred
dollars each.

After researching so many art poster auctions, I have come to the
conclusion that my parents and grandparents should have collected every
piece of advertising they ever came across. They would be worth a small
fortune by now!

The Sante Fe Railroad as a subject is prominently sold in art poster
auctions. These must be highly collectable because they generate a lot
of bids. If the art poster auction is for an old original poster of the
Sante Fe Railroad, it will fetch upwards of four hundred dollars.
I found an art poster auction that was listed by the artist himself. He
made a black ink drawing for the Pearl Jam concert in Rome in 1996. This
original drawing was what the poster was made from.

Pop art poster auctions cover a lot of different topics. One of my
favorites was a 7-up soda advertisement from 1970 that featured The
Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. The item did not sell, but it was fun to look

In the style of Realism, art poster auctions abound. I found one that
was an advertisement for United Airlines and depicted the Golden Gate
Bridge in San Francisco. This poster sold for over one hundred fifty

The most interesting art poster auctions I found were for rock concerts.
I liked the one listed for at 1956 Rolling Stones concert and there was
another one for a Grateful Dead concert in Hawaii. They sold for a
combined total of over seven thousand dollars. The interest in these art
poster auctions was overwhelming.

Advertising seems to be a big theme in the art poster auctions that I
looked at. I found advertisements for just about everything. I liked
the poster for Russian beer that was created in the late 1920’s. It
would look fantastic framed in my neighborhood bar. The buyer of this
particular poster bought it for $475.00.

Concert posters are fun to look through. Art poster auctions feature a
lot of posters for concerts. I found one that was made by Jim Pollock
for a Phish concert in 2000 in Hartford. I liked it, but I am not a fan
of Phish and the three hundred dollars that it went for seemed a little
pricey to me.



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