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NAIC Publications
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Million Multi-Jurisdictional State/Federal Resolution of False Billing Claims, Targeted News
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July 5, 2004

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Top Insurance Swindlers of 2003 Enter Fraud Hall of Shame, PR Newswire, December 17, 2003
Inside Operation Boris: It looked like a routine traffic accident on a wet Long Island Highway.
But it led investigators to a gigantic fraud they're calling the Big Organized Russian Insurance
Scam, Nicholas Stein & Doris Burke, Fortune, December 8, 2003

Finally, New Ways to Fight ID Thieves, Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post, December 4,

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Identity Theft Widespread, Study shows, Edward Epstein, The San Francisco Chronicle,
September 4, 2003

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fakes tempting, Christopher Windham, The Wall Street Journal, August 28, 2003

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16, 2003
Investigators Say Fraud Ring Staged Thousands of Crashed, Patrick Healy, The New York Times,
August 13, 2003

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News, July 29, 2003

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April 3, 2003

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AMBest, April 3, 2003

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April 1, 2003

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What to Watch Out for, John R. Emshwiller, The Wall Street Journal, January 29, 2003

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Rules, Bests Insurance News, November 12, 2002

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November 5, 2002

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Consumer Advocate Network, October 28, 2002

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21, 2002

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September 29, 2002

Bogus Insurers Leave Patients with Big Bills - Seeking to lower health costs, Some employers
fall for scams. What you should watch out for, Bernard Wysocki, The Wall Street Journal,
October 2, 2002

New Money Laundering Rules Pose Huge Burden to Life Sectors; P/C Exempt, Insurance
Chronicle, September 23, 2002

State Tries to Drive Down Rates; Auto Insurance Fraud Costs $1 Billion to Billion a Year (in
New York), Officials Estimate, The Post Standard, September 16, 2002

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September 10, 2002
Mold Insurance Fraud Could spread Nationwide, Daniel Hays, National Underwriter P/C,
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Boston Herald, August 27, 2002

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of thousands - and the epidemic is growing, Brian Grow, Business Week, August 26, 2002

Insurance Policies Offered to Cover Expenses of ID Theft, Though Some Question Their Worth,
Carrie Spencer, A P Newswire, August 26, 2002

Insurers May Tweak Execs' Fraud Coverage Amid Scandals, Chad Bray, Dow Jones News
Service, August 22, 2002

How to Strike Back at Identity Theft; Firms spring up to help people recoup Loses and restore
credit; Some ways to protect yourself, Christine Whelan, The Wall Street Journal, August 21,

Corporate Fraud, Scandals Hit EU Agenda, Jeremy Gaunt, Reuters News, July 23, 2002

Insurers More Red-Faced Than in the Red After WorldCom, David Pilla, Bests Insurance News,
June 27, 2002

Soft Job Market Gives Rise to Fake Health Insurance, JoAnn Johnston, The Tampa Tribune,
June 22, 2002

Fraud, Overpayments in Nation's Unemployment Insurance System Growing, Leigh Strope, The
Kansas City Star, June 12, 2002

Extradition Okd for Fraud Convict, The Chicago Tribune, May 9, 2002

More Patients Get Stuck With The Bills; Unlicensed insurers prey on people desperate for lower
rates, Julie Appleby, USA Today, May 1, 2002

Fraudulent Plans Target Employers, Kevin Sweeney, Employee Benefit News, May 1, 2002

Car Insurance Premiums Rise; Healthcare costs, fraud cited, Michele Chandler, The Miami
Herald, April 26, 2002
Treasury Delays Money-Laundering Compliance Requirements for Insurers, Bests insurance
News, April 24, 2002

New Money Laundering Rules to Cut Broad Swath in Finance, Glenn R. Simpson & Jathon
Sapsford, The Wall Street Journal, April 23, 2002

NAII Spearheads US Treasury Dept Meeting to Request Exemption fro Money Laundering
Mandates, Insurance Journal Property & Casualty Magazine, April 16, 2002

Profiting From Death? Lawsuit filed in court here focuses on legality of whether firms can take
out insurance policies on workers' lives and pocket the benefits, L. M Sixel, Houston Chronicle,
April 16, 2002

Act Now to Thwart Identity Theft, Clark Howard, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 4, 2002

Are You A Prime Candidate for Identity Theft? Farmers Insurance survey shows most
Americans know about the problem, but fail to take action, PR Newswire, March 28, 2002

The Law vs Insurance Fraud: An unending pursuit, Phil Zinkewicz, Insurance Advocate, March
25, 2002

Anti-Laundering Deadline Looms, Insurance Chronicle, March 4, 2002

Phony Claims are Costly, Douglas McLeod, Business Insurance, March 4, 2002

NY Auto Insurance Law Revamp Delayed, Insurance Accounting, February 25, 2002

Ruling Favors Auto Insurers, Citing Fraud Claims, Joseph P. Fried, The New York Times,
February 20, 2002

Insurance Fraud Rises with Health Care Costs: Low-cost policies leave thousands with unpaid
bills, Judith Graham, Chicago Tribune, February 19, 2002

The Identity Crisis: We were paranoid of everyone. Identify thieves emptied Brad & Beth
Kessler's bank accounts in four days. For the Kelsslers and about 700,000 others in the United
States, restoring their money and peace of mind takes much longer. Part 2 0f 2, Dan Browning
& Chris Graves, Star Tribune Newspapers of the Twin Cities, Mpls-St. Paul, February 11, 2002

The Identity Crisis: A Marketplace of ID's. Identity theft has become a booming criminal
enterprise, damaging personal reputations and threatening the nation's security. Law enforcement
can't keep up, and everyone is vulnerable. Part 1 of 2 Dan Browning & Chris Graves, Star
Tribune Newspapers of the Twin Cities, Mpls-St. Paul, February 10, 2002

HUD: Let Lenders Police Brokers and Appraisers, Robert Juilavits & Erick Berquist, American
Banker, February 6, 2002

NY Dem Raps Alliance Anti-Fraud Idea, Daniel Hays, National Underwriter P/C, February 4,
Report on Auto Insurance Fraud on the Rise in NYC, David Pilla, Bests Insurance Report,
January 29, 2002

When Good Employees To Bad: Crime insurance for employee dishonesty, Insurance Journal-
West, January 28, 2002

Identity Theft Tops Fraud Complaints, David Ho, The Washington Post, January 24, 2002

Costly Wreck Creation/Auto Scams Drive Insurers to Distraction, Rates into Stratosphere as
Fraud Escalates, Christian Murray, Newsday, January 20, 2002

IRS/IRC Joint Survey of Insurers Finds over 40% Increase in Fraud-Fighting Funds, Insurance
Advocate, January 14, 2002

IRC Reports Insurers Believe Insurance Fraud Is A Serious Problem Despite their Companies'
Efforts to Fight it, PR Newswire, January 10, 2002

Allstate Blames High Fraud for 10.5% Auto Rate Rise, Joseph Teaster, The New York Times,
January 10, 2002

Auto Fraud is Pervasive and Costly, Bur the Industry Must Also Face Reality, Observer At Large
Phil Zinkewicz, Insurance Advocate, December 22, 2001

Federal Anti-Money Laundering Law Includes Insurers, Best Insurance News, December 6, 2001

New Biometric Products Help Fight Fraud, Ara C. Trembly, National Underwriter P/C
December 3, 2001

Fraud Convictions Double During Last Five Years, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud,
December 3, 2001

Fighting Insurance Fraud: Survey of insurer anti fraud efforts, Insurance /research Council,
December, 2001

Anti-Laundering Concerns Not Just for Banks Anymore, Robert B. Serino, American Banker,
November 30, 2001

Progressive Funds Insurance Fraud and Auto Theft Investigation that Nets 110 Arrests and 66
Recovered Vehicles, PR Newswire November 28, 2001

Insurance Cheats Find This Judge in Their Way: Villanueva is back on the bench at 75 as an
anti-fraud specialist, Margaret McHugh, The Star Ledger, Newark, NJ, November 23, 2001

Companies want Centralized Death Database, National Underwriter L/H, November 21, 2001

Money-laundering Concerns Heightened After Terror Attacks, Fran Matso Lysiak, Bests
Insurance News, November 15, 2001
Justice Officials Asks Insurers to Watch for Money Laundering, Ron Panko, BestDay News
Online, November 14, 2001

House Passes Antifraud Network Bill, Insurance Chronicle, November 12, 2001

CIAB Says Anti-Fraud Network Bill is Good Step, But More is Needed, Bests Insurance News,
November 9, 2001

House Gives Insurance Regulators Access to FBI Files, National Underwriter P/C, November 8,

US House Approves New Anti-Fraud Network, Reuters, November 6, 2001

National Fraud Center, Inc. Issues White Paper on Identity Fraud, National Fraud Center, PR
Newswire, October 17, 2001

Antifraud Bill Goes to Judiciary, Insurance Accounting, October 15, 2001

It's Not Theft - It's Insurance, Nic Cicutti, Financial Times, October 27, 2001

The Frightening Impact of No-Fault Auto Fraud On the Insurance Industry, Dwight Geddes,
Insurance Advocate, September 15, 2001

Insurance Fraudsters Send in The Clones In Latest Scam Operation, Investigators Say, Daniel
Hays, National Underwriter P/C, September 17, 2001

Suit Expands AARP's NY Antipredator Fight, Erick Bergquist, American Banker, October 11,

Legal Fight Snags NY Anti-Fraud Effort, Daniel Hays, National Underwriter P/C, October 5,

Making A Case: Persuading law-enforcement officials to prosecute suspected insurance fraud
requires the right organization and presentation of evidence, Jack Price, Best's Review, October,

Making A Dent In Auto Insurance Fraud, Ron Panko, Best's Review, October, 2001

Large Insurers, States Build Special Investigative Units, Best's Review, October, 2001

HIAA Publishes Health Care Fraud Book, National Underwriter L/H, September 27, 2001.

Experts: After Terrorists Attacks, Potential for Fraud Increases, Fran Matso Lysiak, BestWeek,
September 24, 2001

Hill Sees Money Laundering In New Light, Congress Daily/A.M., September 24, 2001

Money Laundering Through Insurers On The Increase, Insurance Journal-West, September 24,
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Crackdown on Auto Insurance Fraud, PR Newswire, June 28, 2000

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Suspect more than Half of Miami-Area Claims are Bogus, PR Newswire, June 26, 2000

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Companies are Encountering Fraud that is Difficult to Prove, In Some Countries, Bogus Claims
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