Republic of Korea (South Korea) by J0h22E


									Republic of Korea
  (South Korea)

           By. Jeoung Yun Kim
         • Total Population:
     48,508,972 (July 2009 est.)

      • Population growth rate:
         0.266% (2009 est.)

          • Total Fertility Rate
1.21 children born/woman (2009 est.)
           Incentives For Babies

• From 50 million won to 500 million won
  are given by the government per child
  (about 2500 kroner to 25000 kroner).

• Basic baby health check up for free

• Up to 1000 million won(about 5000
  kroner) given to babies born with
         Incentives for mom
• For sterile couple, government support 5
  0% of the cost for test tube babies.
• 20 million won(1000 kroner) is given to
  pregnant woman.
• Iron pills are free in public health service
• 90 days of paid maternity leave
• 1 year of caring leave ,50 million won
  paid by the government
• Flexi-time and shorter hours introduced f
  or working mums.
• Three days of paid paternity leave, a first
  for South Korea.
• Advantages in promotions in state-owne
  d companies
• Maternity leave events
• Maternity lounges
• Birth bonuses
  For families with many children
         (From 3 children)
• 50% Reduction in car acquisition and
  registration tax.
• Advantages in getting house
• Reduction on electric bills
• Credits in national annuity
• Higher Tax revenue per child.

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