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									Is Sleeptracks The Answer To Your Sleeplessness?
Insomnia wreaks havoc with a sufferer's life, and if you are one you'll well know the difficulty of the
waking hours. Both work and recreation suffer from the reduction in your energy which is a result of
inadequate sleep. This engenders a feeling of anxiety in you, which will make sleep difficult, so that
finally you believe you must use medication. Enter Yan Muckle, a former insomniac. He resolved his
sleep problems with technology which he has used as the basis for a program known as
SleepTracks. In this article we will have a look at what SleepTracks is and how it could help you to
fight insomnia.
SleepTracks makes use of audio technology which is not peculiar to itself, because it has also been
utilized to treat depression and to improve focus and concentration. Referred to as brainwave
entrainment, it is in simple language a combination of sounds and pulses, which in terms of this
program are intended to make you go to sleep. This gives you a drug free option to putting an end to
sleepless nights in a way that will make you feel at ease and awaken full of energy. You'll find three
primary audios in the SleepTracks program and you receive full details regarding how you access
and play these.
If we take a closer a look at the audio files, the first one is called the insomnia buster and is aimed at
dealing with that problem of not being able to quieten your mind when making an attempt to sleep.
Some people may occasionally have a problem with this when beset with a bout of anxiety, but it is a
continuing barrier to sleep for insomniacs. The second track's title, fall asleep, explains itself (the goal
is to encourage restful sleep.) This is where the brainwave technology can help to bring on a deep
sleep and so if you happen to be someone who is anxious, you'll find this particularly helpful and
relaxing. Track three's target is the frequent waking up throughout the night that some insomniacs
If you're not familiar with this type of program, a quick start guide is provided by Yan Muckle, who also
advises on the appropriate tracks to use for particular situations. A set of videos making up a course
on optimal sleep is made available as a bonus. These can be played on a computer, and they aim to
inform you about the many aspects of sleeping patterns, and the changes that bring about better
sleep that you can make. In addition, the various aspects of aging and worrying are looked into, so
that overall this bonus course is a great addition to the other audios you get. Optionally, you can get
two more audios about the usefulness of power naps and how to ease anxiety.
Your sleep problems could be resolved just like those of the creator of the comprehensive
SleepTracks program, Yan Muckle, who used to be an insomniac.

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