Visitor Information Center Restructuring by jolinmilioncherie


									Visitor Information Center

  Al Seifert and Stephanie Rice
• The Visitor Information Center (VIC) receives more
  than 500 calls per week from potential visitors and
  those seeking relocation information; this number
  doubles during peak times (i.e. “Snowbird” season).
• The VIC is part of a business organizations whose
  mission is “To create an environment where business
  will succeed.”
• The VIC accomplishes its part of this mission by
  obtaining information about potential visitors and
  new residents to the area and providing cost-
  effective leads for member businesses. To allow for
  better tracking of both the package and VIC call
  volumes, each VIC representative enters his/her
  name as part of each visitor/relo record in specially-
  designed software that creates leads sheets weekly.
• Last month, the visitor tracking software became
  corrupted. This legacy system is no longer under any
  support contract; the original programmer no longer
  works for the company.
• Since this incident, VIC representatives have been
  entering information into an Excel spreadsheet and
  hand-addressing envelopes to those who request
  packages over the phone.
• The spreadsheet contains columns for all information
  previously stored, but there is no way to enforce data
  integrity in this system (i.e. no required field entry or
  error detection mechanism).
• Further, there is no mechanism for seamless
  integration between the data and a formatted lead
  sheet; the lead sheet is currently being generated
  with a mail merge using Word.
Proposed Solution
• Create an Access database to track visitor and
  relocation prospects.
• Implement an interface similar to current enterprise
  software to minimize additional training needs.
• Provide label creation and lead exportation functions
  within the database.
• Allow for error detection in data entry and enforce
  required field entry.
• Create a security system where user log-on will be
  stored in each record created during that session, to
  increase accountability and trackability.
• Put a date/time stamp on each record as a backup
  form of identification and means for tracking call
• Better utilize space in VIC and prevent coverage
  issues by installing label printer in VIC.
Visitor Information Center
Restructuring Project Scope
• Software: The project shall include the
  design, implementation, documentation,
  testing, maintenance and support of a
  tracking database. The project shall also
  include any software upgrades necessary to
  allow all VIC users access to the database.
• Hardware: The project shall include the
  purchase of one label printer to be installed in
  the VIC.
The project will not include:
• Any data entry into the database other than
  what is necessary during the testing phases.
• Documentation of business processes not
  related to the functionality of the database.
• Support of any software or databases other
  than those created and installed for this
• Web integration of this database. This feature
  is subject to be implemented in a future
Software Resources
• Microsoft Office 2000 Professional is already installed
  on all machines; this package includes MS Access,
  which will be used for the development of the
  database, and MS Word, which will be used to
  document the project.

Hardware Resources
• This software will allow for multiple-user access
  across the existing network, so no hardware
  modifications should be necessary for the two VIC
• One label printer will be purchased and installed as
  part of the project.
• The database will be tested using two vacant
  workstations simultaneously.
Human Resources
• One database designer/programmer to
  explore current system, interview current
  users, design new database, test, implement,
  maintain and support said database.
• Six current VIC representatives to provide
  details on current system and input on new
  system, and to test new system for bugs and
  possible improvements.
• One technical writer to write documentation
  for database processes and functions.
• Project may be started as soon as approved.
• Project must be completed by August 1,
  2003. The summer months are fairly slow for
  the VIC, but business picks up significantly as
  early as August.
• VIC representatives are part-time, hourly
  employees; user testing is only available for
  one hour of each day during initial testing
  phases; two hours during final testing.
• Database process documentation will serve as
  a user’s manual for new hires; current and
  future users will be computer literate.
• The business organization will continue to use
  its current enterprise management software;
  so little additional training will be needed as a
  result of the common interface and layout of
  the database with the enterprise
  management software.
Work Breakdown Schedule
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