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									Time Tracking for the Project-Oriented Professional
TimeSheet Professional® is the world’s leading
time- and expense-tracking software for
project-related tasks and expenditures.
For more than 10 years, thousands of organizations,         Simplify internal charge-backs and client billing
from Fortune 500s to entrepreneurial enterprises,           Whether you need to track time for inter-
have relied on TimeSheet Professional to provide            departmental charge-backs or external client billing,
up-to-the-minute analysis on project budgets, costs,        you’ll find TimeSheet Professional is a powerful billing
estimated-time-to-completion and resources.                 tool for your organization or workgroup.

TimeSheet Professional makes it possible with an            TimeSheet Professional allows you to capture rate
easy-to-use project time-tracking and reporting appli-      information at numerous levels of detail— including
cation. First, simply configure TimeSheet Professional      billing rates, making billing reports a snap to create.
for your workgroup, so that the information you             TimeSheet Professional can also interface with most
capture is relevant to your business. Next, your users      accounting and billing applications, including MAS 90,
enter time and expenses related to projects using           Peachtree® and Oracle®
TimeSheet Professional’s intuitive time entry screen—       Financial, with both         “TimeSheet Professional
it literally takes only seconds. Finally, sign off your     summary and detailed         has helped us eliminate
employee’s time sheets (if required), print your            billing information.
reports and export the data to your project manage-
                                                                                         inaccurate, time-consuming
ment, payroll and financial systems. It’s that simple!      Web,Windows and           manual processes, improve
                                                            Macintosh friendly        data accuracy and achieve
Comprehensive reporting                                     TimeSheet Professional our goal of tracking actuals
TimeSheet Professional provides comprehensive               includes both a Web-
reporting and analysis capabilities, including more than                              of employee time by project,
                                                            based and a native
70 predefined Detail reports, such as:                      Windows time sheet        department and product.”
                                                            interface, allowing
   •   R&D and IT capitalization                            distributed teams easy —T Thelen, CEO, Logicare
   •   Internal charge-backs and billing
                                                            access to their project
   •   Project tracking and earned value reports            assignments from anywhere in the world. TimeSheet
   •   HR and payroll reports, including time off and       Professional’s Web-based project-tracking module can
       pay calculations                                     be implemented with a single installation to a Web
                                                            server with no additional setup on user workstations,
In addition, TimeSheet Professional’s flexible reporting    providing quick and easy deployment.
allows you to build a library of custom Detail and
Summary reports. The Summary report collects data           This makes TimeSheet Professional easy to admin-
from a single TimeSheet Professional database—              ister by helping to reduce the number of desktop
that is, data belonging to individuals using the same       applications your IT department supports. Further-
copy of the program and entering their time in the          more, TimeSheet Professional’s Web browser interface
same database.                                              supports both Windows and Macintosh workstations
                                                            using Internet Explorer. Thus TimeSheet Professional
Powerful project budgeting                                  can be deployed in multi-platform environments using
TimeSheet Professional supports powerful budget             the same interface with all workstations working from
setup and reporting by allowing you the flexibility to      a common database.
capture budget information at a high level—such as a
project—as well as the most minute level of detail—         The TimeSheet Professional browser module also
such as activities or employees. In fact, you can budg-     features Web-based administrative functionality, includ-
et hours and/or dollars at any level of detail, including   ing all the components necessary for daily or recur-
but not limited to: Tasks, Projects, Activities, Phases,    ring administration of employees, tasks and data. With
Employees,Workgroups or Teams.                              TimeSheet Professional, managers are able to add
                                                            employees and components, assign security
And at any level, TimeSheet Professional lets you gen-      profiles and pay rules, and manage group and level
erate budget vs. actual reports at any time, giving you     dependencies.
up-to-the-minute status for all of your projects.
TimeSheet Professional adapts to your
organization’s project structure
Why do so many project-driven organizations and
workgroups use TimeSheet Professional? Because
                                                               Download a free 45-day trial of
TimeSheet Professional adapts to your organization’s
or workgroup’s project structure and workflow. It
features an easy-to-use interface that allows most             TimeSheet Professional at
employees to track the status of their project work in
less than five minutes a day.                                  www.timesheetprofessional.com
Powerful, out-of-the-box customization and ease of             or call 800-477-6763.
use are not TimeSheet Professional’s only strengths.
Years of collaboration with a broad range of project-
driven organizations allows us to define a feature set
not matched by other applications, including:

   • Time entry black-out dates
                                                           TimeSheet Professional creates a powerful
   • Multi-level sign-off
                                                           project management suite when coupled with
   • Task rules with level dependencies
                                                           Microsoft® Project
   • User-definable terminology
                                                           TimeSheet Professional provides a powerful interface
   • Multi-level groupings
                                                           with Microsoft Project. This data bridge allows you to
   • Required fields
                                                           create a schedule or consolidated project plans and
   • Custom exception rules
                                                           import assigned tasks into TimeSheet Professional.
   • Extensive security
                                                           You can then track your actual work in TimeSheet
                                                           Professional and send the data back to Microsoft
Mobile solutions                                           Project to update the schedule with actual work and
Best Software and iambic® Software offer                   a current estimated-time-to-completion of each task.
TimeReporter® for TimeSheet Professional, allowing
you to capture your time using any Palm OS® hand-          Advantages to interfacing TimeSheet Professional
held device. Synchronizing TimeReporter is fast and        time sheet data with a project management
easy—one quick press of the HotSync® button down-          package include:
loads validation data (clients, projects and codes) from
TimeSheet Professional to your PDA and simultane-             • Accurate tracking of estimated-time-to-
ously uploads your time entries directly into your              completion
TimeSheet Professional database.                              • Accurate costing of project effort
                                                              • Elimination of manual methods of actual
TimeSheet Professional also supports your mobile                work tracking
workforce with Web entry and reporting, remote                • Elimination of duplicate time sheets for regular
entry and email notifications. Whether you’re in a              hours tracking and project tracking
meeting or on the road, you won’t miss a minute!              • Quicker decisions on what to do with resources

“Using TimeSheet Professional, we were able to lower
our invoicing process from three weeks to three days. In
addition, the product’s immense functionality has enabled our
75+ consultants to manage projects remotely and significantly
reduce contract management administrative duties. TimeSheet
Professional has lived up to all of our expectations.”

                    —Douglas Macgill,Vice President and CEO, Axiom Corporation
Best Software, Inc.
888 Executive Center Drive West
St. Petersburg, FL 33702


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                                  trademarks of Best Software, Inc. All other trademarks are
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