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Athletes donate time to tutor tots by jolinmilioncherie


									                                                                      An	Ashland	High	School	Publication

                                                                                                                                                                           Halloween in Ashland
     October 31,                                                                                                                                                           takes on a new spook
           2006                                                                                                                                                                   Page 8 	
      	     	      	                        													        																								Ashland,	Oregon	       		          	        	        	           	         														Vol.	I	Issue	I

Athletes donate time to tutor tots
                                    rector at AHS. “The idea is to          letes.                            looked up to them.” said Shel-                  class was enjoying a game of
Volleyball, football                give back to the community for              The football team decided     don Cotts, a senior on the foot-                touch football with Lipski and
                                    the support that they’ve given          to visit elementary schools as    ball team.                                      Cotts. “Kids need heroes. They
players donate time                 us, and we’re also helping kids         their project because they know        Charlie Hall, the Grizzlies’               see people on T.V. that they
to tutor youngsters                 understand how to help out in           the influence they have on the    head coach, also thought it                     look up to but they don’t get to
                                    their community,” said Kemper           kids. “I believe that we’re huge  would be a great chance for the                 meet them face-to-face. Here,
as part of new                      who is excited about the new            role models for these kids. I     players. “It’s so younger kids can              they can meet and talk with
athletic department                 opportunities that the require-         know when I was little I loved    see our football players as more                football players, and it really
                                    ment will bring to student ath-         to watch the Grizzlies play and   than athletes, but also as people               can have an influence on their
policy                                                                                                                       they can look up to              lives,” said Kitchell.
                                                                                                                             and respect.” The                   In the other class, Sopho-
   By Rachel Pittman                                                                                                         kids got a chance                more Charlie Sebrell talked
       Rogue News                                                                                                            to meet the players              to the kids about sportsman-
                                                                                                                             that they look up                ship. After class when the bell
   Players from the Ashland                                                                                                  to, including play-              rang, the kids crowded around
High School boys’ varsity                                                                                                    ers that might have              the Grizzlies for autographs,
football team on Thursday                                                                                                    intimidated them                 something the players enjoyed
Oct. 24 visited Bellview                                                                                                     in other situations.             as much as the kids. “I wish I
and Helman Elementary as                                                                                                     Matt Lipski, a ju-               could do this every day!” ex-
part of a new community                                                                                                      nior who is 6’9 and              claimed Sebrell while excited
service requirement for the                                                                                                  325 pounds, was                  kids were mobbing him.
team. Starting this year, all                                                                                                one of them. “They                   Currently, the football team
varsity athletic teams are re-                                                                                               were a little intimi-            does not have another visit to
quired to complete a com-                                                                                                    dated (of Lipski),               the schools scheduled, but the
munity service project of                                                                                                    but became very                  whole experience was a success.
their choice. The Grizzlies                                                                                                  excited after they               The younger kids enjoyed it a
assisted kids in classrooms,                                                                                                 met him. The kids                lot, and the players would be
provided some tutoring                                                                                                       are really drawn                 happy to go back. “I just loved
and played a friendly game                                                                                                   to people from                   playing with the kids--they’re
of touch football. The deci-                                                                        Photo by Katie Wishart    the high school,”               so much fun to be around and I
sion to add the requirement      Lewis Sebrell works with a student at Bellveiw Elementary as a part of a new Athletic
                                                                                                                              said David Kitch-               hope we can do this again,” said
                                 Department policy that requires in-season sport teams to participate in Community Ser-
came from head coaches and                                                                                                    ell, a teacher from             Lipski.
                                 vice projects
Karl Kemper, the athletic di-                                                                                                 Bellview, while his

Homecoming spirit shines
         By Em Dickey                The winner of the evening              upperclassmen, even though we
          Rogue News                 was “The Dan Cropper Band”             didn’t get the chance to show-
                                     whose members include Tan-             up the seniors like we wish we
     This year’s Homecoming
                                     ner Arndt, Josh Houghton,              could have,” said freshman
 festivities brought school spir-
                                     Jesse Javna, Andy Orsow and,           team captain Chloe Deckwar.
 it and fun to the high school
                                     of course, Dan Cropper. The            On the boys side, the seniors,
 campus last week.
                                     boys wore karate outfits and           whose volleyball skills could not
     The week’s dress-up days
                                     sang ‘80s cover songs. Guitar-         be denied, were the victors.
 were kicked off with West-
                                     ist Jesse Javna had a lot of fun,         Thursday night’s activity

                                                                                                                      Rogue News Returns
 ern Day Monday, followed by
                                     even though he failed to sway          was the home volleyball match,
 Twin Day Tuesday, Retro Day
                                     the ladies in the crowd with           where our girls soundly beat
 Wednesday, Pirate Day Thurs-
                                     his open invitation to be his          Klamath Union.
 day, and, finally, Red and White                                                                                                                             the strong relationship between
                                     Homecoming date, as he intro-             Friday marked the most ac-            After a four year
 day Friday. Many students par-                                                                                                                               the high school and the Ash-
                                     duced the band’s rendition of          tion-packed day, with the as-
 ticipated in the dress-up days,                                                                                     break, the Rogue                         land community. Even though
                                     the song “Jesse’s Girl”.               sembly, where Colin Costantino
 with some very creative re-                                                                                                                                  Rogue News is currently being
                                       Always a favorite, Powder            was announced Homecoming                 News Student Paper
 sults.                                                                                                                                                       published by Valley Web Print-
                                    Puff was played Wednesday               King to the fanfare of the
     The merriment didn’t stop                                                                                       is returning                             ing in Medford, Gabriel hopes
                                    night. This year a new power-           Jazz band’s trumpets, the pa-
 during the daytime. A.H.S.                                                                                                                                   that the newspaper will continue
                                    house emerged in the form of            rade through downtown, and                      By Jesse Javna
 leadership class planned night-                                                                                                                              this legacy and provide the Ash-
                                    the freshman girls, who, with           the football game, complete
 time activities for the student                                                                                            Heather Bailey                    land community with a look into
                                    great skill in the game of foot-        with the halftime announce-
 body to enjoy as well. Tues-                                                                                                Rogue News                       what happens at A.H.S.
                                    ball, defeated the juniors and          ment of Hannah Sohl’s win as
 day night came, and brought                                                                                                                                      Advertising manager, Joey
                                    the sophomores to take first            Homecoming Queen. “It’s nice
 with it Battle of the Bands.                                                                                                                                 Tuck, agreed. “This is a great
                                    place. “It was great to beat the        to know your peers appreciate
                                                                                                                                                              opportunity to express the way
                                                                            you,” said Colin, who was very              The Ashland High School
                                                                                                                                                              we see what’s going on in Ash-
                                                                            happy to be voted King. Han-             newspaper, Rogue News, is be-
                                                                            nah also enjoyed her coronation                                                   land and at our school, and for
                                                                                                                     ing revived after a four-year hia-
                                                                            as Queen, as it came accompa-                                                     our community to gain that per-
                                                                                                                     tus, thanks to the hard work of
                                                                            nied with proclamations of love                                                   spective,” he commented.
                                                                                                                     English teacher Bill Gabriel and
                                                                            from elementary school-aged                                                           The staff of Rogue News
                                                                                                                     55 journalism students. Sec-
                                                                            boys throughout the duration                                                      hopes to release fifteen bi-week-
                                                                                                                     tion editors went to a journal-
                                                                            of the football game. “It was an                                                  ly issues this school year, includ-
                                                                                                                     ism workshop over the summer,
                                                                            honor,” said Hannah.                                                              ing six special issues. They also
                                                                                                                     and students have been working
                                                                               The week was topped off                                                        have an online edition at www.
                                                                                                                     on the newspaper since school
                                                                            with the “Hollywood Glam”                                               
                                                                                                                     started in September.
                                                                            Homecoming Dance on Satur-                                                            We welcome your comments
                                                                                                                        The original Rogue News was
                                                  Photo by Tori Ainsworth
                                                                            day night, where students got                                                     and hope you enjoy our first is-
 Students particpate in the Homecoming Parade Friday. The Parade                                                     distributed through the Ashland
 featured princes and princesses, class floats, sports teams and            their groove on.                                                                  sue.
                                                                                                                     Daily Tidings and represented
 Ashland Middle School Leadership.
Page 2                                                                         Rogue News                                                                      October 31, 2006

  School bond decision time
Ashland residents to                           to present the voters with a more
                                               manageable sum of $46.8 million to
vote on district bond                          address the most immediate issues.
proposals                                                The bond provides funds
                                               to completely rebuild Bellview
          By Jesse Javna                       Elementary, a project that would cost
           Rogue News                          over $12 million. Helman Elementary
                                               would receive a new gym, and
         Ashland voters will decide            Ashland Middle School’s cafeteria
the fate of a $46.8 million bond on            facilities would be expanded.
Nov. 7 for the Ashland school district                   At Ashland High School, a
to improve local school facilities. It         scene-making shop would be added to
would replace a previous bond, passed          the Mountain Avenue Theater, and the
in 1996, that is set to expire in the          physical education complex would be                 Bellview Elementary School will be completely rebuilt if the Bond passes.
summer of 2007.                                upgraded as well. In the Humanities
         “The last bond the community          building, air conditioning and               fewer repairs at either location than          Ashland residents. The last bond had
passed is ending; it’s time to continue        other maintenance issues would be            at any of the district’s open schools.         an identical rate, but some argue that,
[its] work,” said Jim Teece, a                 addressed. “The High School part is          Those opposed to the bond, like local          because of higher real estate values,
member of the citizens bond advisory           significant,” said Teece. “There was a       community activist Paul Copeland,              taxes will increase. The committee
committee that formed the proposal.            master plan done last year and we are        feel that the burden of the bond is            takes a different stance on the issue.
After more than a year of planning             looking to implement phase one of a          unnecessary. “Taxpayers are being                       “I feel good knowing that
and research by the committee,                 three-phase plan to completely rebuild       asked to approve funds for new                 my tax of a few hundred dollars per
the bond has undergone numerous                the High School.”                            construction while the district sits           year will be used to create schools
transformations. An architectural                        Despite a community                on closed schools worth millions of            that will leave a lasting legacy in the
firm was hired to assess costs, and            consensus on the bond’s valid                dollars,” said Copeland.                       community,” explained Teece. “My
months of surveying and visiting               intentions, some question the                         Opponents of the bond                 small contribution makes a very large
schools led to a final estimate of             committee’s planning with regard             also object to the taxes that would            difference.”
about $85 over a twelve-year period            to two closed elementary school              accompany the levy. If passed, it                       The bond is measure 15-68
to cure all of the district’s ills. After      buildings in Ashland: Lincoln and            would provide for a $2 tax for each            on the ballot. Polls close at 8 P.M. on
further consideration and numerous             Briscoe. The bond provides for far           $1,000 of assessed property value for          Nov. 7.
public forums, the committee chose

 Blood drive returns to AHS
AHS Leadership                         McGuire, members of AHS’s           donated during last year’s drive
                                       leadership class, will supervise    and hopes for more this year.
students organize                      the drive. “I just make sure they            Prior to donating, each
the biannual event                     have everything they need, but      participant will be given a brief
                                       Katie and Molly are at the gym      examination, during which
        By Harry Noone                 all day,” explained Sturdevant.     temperature, pulse, blood pres-
          Rogue News                   The Red Cross will distribute       sure, and blood count will be
                                       the donations after the drive.      measured. After the procedure,
   In   an effort to help the                     Before someone can       donors are taken to the “out
                                                                                                                                                            Photo Curtesy of Betsy Bishop
community, the Ashland High            become a donor, he/she must         area,” where they’ll be able to
                                                                                                               Front: Bobby Alter, Mikhail Pinyo, Natasha Barnes, Eli Alexander, Taylor
School Leadership class will           be at least 16 years old, with      rest and where the leadership       Sharpe. Back: Cassie Miriam Wasche, Mig Windows, Ari Susu-Mago
hold a blood drive sponsored           proof of age, and must turn in      students make sure they’re feel-
by the Red Cross on Nov. 4 in
the small gym.
                                       a registration form to set up a
                                       time to donate. Forms will be
                                                                           ing normal, as some people feel
                                                                           woozy immediately afterwards.
                                                                                                               ‘Rumors’ are (almost) out
          “It’s for a good cause,      available on the quad during        In some cases, donors will be
                                       lunch and can be returned to        given food to help make sure             By Garret Haberman              truth is always in question.
and donating blood can help
                                       the same location. People with      that their blood sugar is at a               Rogue News                      Tyrone Wylson of the Ore-
save lives,” said Mr. Aaron Stur-
                                       certain blood types may not be      healthy level.                                                           gon Shakespeare Festival is the
devant, who is coordinating the
                                       allowed to donate.                              Students wishing to                                          director of the play, which has
drive. Mr. Sturdevant himself
                                                                                                                                                    a cast of only 11 students. “It’s
donates to the drive every year,          “We try to make the process
                                       as simple as possible to encour-
                                                                           donate blood to the Red Cross
                                                                           are highly encouraged to do so.
                                                                                                                  T  he Ashland High School         a fabulous cast, even though
which he says has been going                                                                                   Theater Department will per-
                                       age people to come and do-          There are informational booths                                           it’s the smallest we’ve ever
on since he was a student at                                                                                   form their fall play, “Rumors”
                                       nate,” Sturdevant explained. He     around campus if you are inter-                                          had,” said Betsy Bishop, the
Ashland High.                                                                                                  by Neil Simon, beginning Nov.
                                       guessed that about 40 people        ested or have any questions.                                             head of Ashland High’s the-
     Katie Wishart and Molly                                                                                   2 in the Mountain Avenue             ater department. “We wanted

Scavenger hunters prepare for competition
                                                                                                               Theater.                             it that way; we chose this play
                                                                                                                  The play is set in the home       because it’s light and funny,
                                                                                                               of New York City’s deputy            and we wanted to capitalize on
                                       time in the Scavenger Hunt’s        dent on using the internet. For     mayor, where a luxurious anni-       the comedic abilities of Wyl-
                                       history that Ashland has had        this reason, team members gen-      versary party is being held for
     By Heather Bailey                                                                                                                              son as a director.” There will
                                       the chance to defend its title      erally feel they have improved      him. However, as the guests
        Rogue News                                                                                                                                  be six performances, the last
                                       of State of Jefferson Scavenger     their research skills by the end    begin to arrive, they discover       of which is on Saturday, Nov.
                                       Hunt Champions.                     of the competition.                 that the host has shot himself       11. Tickets are available in the
                                          The Scavenger Hunt is an             In order to answer questions,   in the earlobe, and his wife,
   T  he Ashland High School           intense research competition.       team members contact mem-           butler and cook have gone
                                                                                                                                                    main office. For a full list of
Scavenger Hunt Team began re-                                                                                                                       upcoming events at the high
                                       There are six types of questions:   bers of the community. For          missing. Rumors begin to cir-
search for the 23rd annual State                                                                                                                    school and in the community,
                                       print-based,      internet-based,   instance, on a question about       culate among the guests about
of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt                                                                                                                         see Rogue News Online at
                                       art, music, bring-in items, and     Willy’s Automobiles, a car brand    the events that unfold, but the
Wednesday, October 25, at 7:00                                                                                                            
                                       dedicatee. All answers must be      from the 1950’s, the team con-
a.m. 12 members of the team            backed by at least one source,      tacted local repair shop owner
showed up for a presentation           but print-based questions must      Greg Bailey. Bailey found a
of questions and fresh donuts                                                                                  riculum director Michelle Zun-       “Everybody who’s reading this
                                       have a book, magazine, or           repair manual from 1957 and         del, she found                       article is on the team.”
provided by librarian and coach        newspaper for a source. Find-       brought it in for the team. For
Bill Street.                                                                                                      that Zundel had read a book          The winner of the Scavenger
                                       ing print-based sources can be      another question, librarian Judy    on Bell in the last year and asked   Hunt was determined Monday,
   But team members had more           one of the most challenging         Kimball was looking for a spe-
than donuts as an incentive to                                                                                 her to bring it in.                  October 30. To see the results
                                       parts of the hunt because many      cific book about Gertrude Bell.        “If you think about it, every-    visit
arrive early. This year is the first   students have become depen-         During a conversation with cur-     body’s on the team,” said Street.    competition.html.
Page 3                                                                                    Rogue News
                                                                                                                                   Feature                     October 31, 2006

Drew Schieber: not your typical teenage boy
Junior Drew                           dad served to express my out-        hind my back or laugh at me.        wasn’t proud of, but all it did      dances. It was definitely not
                                      rage. Consequently, I got some       I used to be taken advantage        was create immeasurable guilt        “my cup of tea.” Both times
Schieber gives us all                 punishments like no TV for a         of. If someone wanted me to         and deepened the depression,         left me wondering to myself,
a reality check                       couple of weeks. Pretty much         do something for him or her, I      along with making me feel mis-       “Am I surrounded by another
                                      my only social interaction came      would do it just to please him      erable.                              species?” I felt like a lemon in
     By Drew Schieber                 at school and in sports, which       or her. Also I was naïve and            Academically, I struggled        a bunch of oranges. At lunch,
        Rogue News                    I played almost all season long      impressionable. Sometimes my        somewhat as I had, (and still,       when everyone else is having a
                                      with soccer and basketball.          feelings were hurt substantially    to some extent, have) trouble        marvelous time gossiping with
   D   o you know someone                 Unfortunately, high school       because I am very sensitive and,    paying attention in school and       each other on the quad, I sit in
who is a social loser, isolated, or   sports got too competitive and       unfortunately, until recently,      sometimes in conversations           the upstairs eating area, seclud-
doesn’t exactly “fit in?” Then        ceased to be oriented toward                                             with my peers. I can misinter-       ed from the rest of the world.
there is a large possibility that     fun, so I decided to end my ten-                                         pret what they say, leading to an    Tupac’s famous song “Me
that person has Asperger’s Syn-       ure as the sports maniac.                                                uncomfortable silence and em-        against the World” is a little too
drome or something similar                When I attempt to interact                                           barrassment.                         extreme, but if you substitute
to it. Incidentally, that person      with others, I say insignificant                                             Some say that Asperger’s         “Me Trying to Harmonize in
could be me.                          and petty things because I feel                                          is the “mild” form of autism.        the World,” it gives a more real-
   Recently, my mother told me        insecure. If I try to say some-                                          There is nothing “mild” about        istic effect of how it is for me.
that when I was in preschool, I       thing humorous, people stare                                             Asperger’s; all you need for             If I had to say one thing
was shy, timid and not playing        at me with agonizing looks that                                          verification is to meet someone      to others who are mentally or
with the other kids, so I got a       say, “Who are you?”                                                      who has it. My parents have          physically “handicapped,” I
test for autism at the hospital.          Walking through the quad,                                            gone in numerous directions to       would tell them that they are
The results were negative; I          I feel like a ghost; no one even                                         try to help me, but the effects      capable of achieving anything
didn’t have autism. They had a        acknowledges I exist. People                                             are hard to measure. I think I       that they set their minds to. If
sense, though, that something         around me are like statues as I                                          have improved by myself with         anyone says you can’t, that’s
in my brain seemed off.               walk by, uninfluenced and un-                                            wisdom and maturity, observ-         them trying to act superior to
   When I was in elementary           noticed. If by chance someone                                            ing how I should behave and          you. Don’t let one word pen-
school, I had a good group of         does happen to say something,        took criticism way too serious-     learning not to get engrossed        etrate into your mind.
friends and did fine socially, but    it’s the overused and meaning-       ly.                                 with the wrong folks.                    So when you see someone
suddenly in middle school a ma-       less exchange of “Hey what’s             Depression has dwelled in-          I tend to avoid being in a so-   who may have eccentric behav-
jor shift occurred; my partially-     up?” “Nothing much,” or “Do-         side me periodically -- with so-    cial atmosphere. For instance,       ior, before you criticize, ponder
outgoing personality turned ex-       ing good,” I reply, and the per-     cial isolation probably a major     events most teens find enjoy-        the prospect that they probably
ceptionally introverted. During       son leaves with no interest in       contributor. Depression is one      able such as parties and dances,     have a legitimate reason for why
school I built up lots of tension     keeping a conversation going.        of the worst feelings ever, that    I find to be a completely unful-     they are unique. Try imagining
and, when I got home, my in-              On occasions I will feel a       and guilt. You feel worthless,      filling. Wanting to experiment       walking in their shoes and per-
nocent parents got blasted with       malicious vibe from others, and      inferior, and disgruntled. When     with something outside of my         haps you’ll feel more empathy
my fury. Screaming and physi-         they may say some insult be-         I felt depressed, I did things I    comfort zone, I attended a few       and compassion.
cal confrontations with my

Foods, Leadership, Lasagna, Peace House
Ashland High                          House volunteer who organizes        who came to enjoy the meal
                                      the meal, reflected, “It’s good to   raved about the service and the
School students cook                  have the high school now.” This      students’ lasagna, one even go-
up a storm for the                    sentiment was not only shared        ing so far as to proclaim that it
                                      by the Peace House, who ap-          was the best meal he’s ever had.
local Peace House                     preciated some extra hands,              Steve Smith, a counselor
community meal                        and the gracious people receiv-      at the high school, helped out
                                      ing their meal, but also by the      by manning the steaming pots
         By Mary Hall                 students who had fun working         in the kitchen. Smith is one of
          Rogue News                  with and contributing to the         the three AHS staff members
                                      community.                           to adopt this project and see
   A group of students and                The meal was a holistic ef-      it through. Last year Smith ap-
staff from Ashland High School        fort, enlisting Karen Green’s        proached Karen Green with
gathered at the First United          Foods II class, a student violin-    the idea of serving student-
Methodist Church on Tuesday,          ist for entertainment, and sever-    made dishes in a free commu-
Oct. 10 to volunteer their time       al students and staff members        nity meal setting. He also asked
and cooking abilities at a com-       who showed up to help prepare        Aaron Sturdevant, the leader-
munity meal put on by Peace           and serve the food.                  ship advisor, to recruit student
House. The event culminates a             Student server, Em Dickey,       volunteers. The three eventually
year of unsuccessful attempts         was pleased with the event,          contacted Peace House, who
to coordinate the high school’s       observing, “Overall, everyone        cooks a free and healthy meal
involvement with the commu-           involved seemed to be enjoy-         every Tuesday and proposed
nity meal, and both students          ing themselves.” She added, “It      their idea. The high school is
and Peace House were happy            was a lot of fun to be able to       now responsible for putting
with the outcome.                     help out, even though the lasa-      on the meal one Tuesday every
   Vinnie Muolo, the Peace            gna got a little crazy.”             month.
                                          The community members
Page 4                                 Rogue News                     October 31, 2006

 	                A	BLENDING	
 Seven teenagers from around the world substitute their usual daily lives with tho

                          Angel,      Guanajuato, Mexico
                            Interests? Going to discos or
                            coffee houses; watching TV.

                             Involved at AHS? Cross Coun-
                            try Team.

                           Anything else? Enjoys Ashland
                             and is “really thankful for
                               every one making me feel
                              like I am home.”

             Ricardo,      Guanajuato, Mexico
              Interests? Soccer, economics,
                                                              Interests? Foreign la
               geometry, and engineering
                                                              Anything else? On th
               Involved at AHS? Varsity Boys
                                                              of fashion, she said,
              Soccer Team.
                                                              America, girls dress
                                                              mature and sexy, bu
             Anything else? Ricardo chose
                                                              Taiwan we dress mor
                Ashland for his exchange due
                                                              nine and cute.”
                  to its small-town setting.

                     Moroni,       Feira de Santana, Brazil
                     Interests? Soccer, volleyball,
                     and school.

                     Involved at AHS? He is
                     studying twice as much to
                     prepare himself for his
                     return to Brazil next summer.

                     Anything else? He really
                     likes people.
   Page 5                           Rogue News
                                                                         In -Depth          October 31, 2006

ose of Ashland High School students. An inside look at these brave individuals.
                                                                                             -Staff Reports

                                     Simon,           Boussu, Bel-
                        Interests? Playing guitar,
                        listening to music and
                        watching movies.

                        Involved at AHS? Snowboard

                        Anything else? “People are
                        more friendly here.”

ien,  Taipei, Taiwan                      Alicia,         Valencia, Spain
                                      Interests? Riding horses,
he topic                              playing violin, traveling and
  “In                                 painting.
ut in                                 Anything else? She is skepti-
 re femi-                             cal of American cuisine but
                                      says, “The people here in
                                      America are much nicer.”

                       Ahmad,       Amman, Jordan
                  Interests? Soccer and his family.

                  Involved at AHS? J.V. Boys
                  Soccer and Leadership in Action.

                  Anything else? In Jordan he
                  would spend his weekends at
                  his uncle’s farm with his
                  extended family.

                                                 Page Layout by Alexandra Amarotico | Photos by Katie Wishart
Page 6                                                                                                                                 Rogue News                                                            October 31, 2006

      Thank you Ashland!
         The smell of newsprint and the sound of the students’
    voices should always be heard. However, for the last four
    years, this was not possible. The Rogue News, student news-
    paper of Ashland High School, had been in hibernation and
    all but forgotten.
        This is the day we reemerge. The Rogue News is a new
    animal, with an energetic staff, a print publication with a cir-
    culation of 2000, and an online edition. We are slowly trying
    to rebuild the award-winning newspaper that Ashland High
    School once circulated with pride.
        We face upcoming obstacles with energetic enthusiasm.
    For both the past and the future conquest of these obstacles,
    we owe our sincere gratitude to all those who have assisted
        Thanks to Bill Gabriel, our fearless advisor. Thanks to
    Dennis Dunleavy for his teaching, Marcia Hunter for all her
    guidance, and JD McIntire for his wealth of wisdom. Thanks
    to Bill Christianson and the maintenance staff for giving us
    the power to run our computers, and to Amin Pirasteh and
    Steve Mitzel for giving sense to technological confusion. We
    owe our gratitude to all of the staff and administrators who
    have given us support to push through this crazy endeavor,                                                                                                                                             Photo courtesy of The Rogue
    especially Jeff Schlecht, Juli Di Chiro, Ken Kigel, and many
                                                                                                                       Senior Kail Maeda holds a thermometer that was placed in Karen Green’s Virtual Enterprise room on
    others.                                                                                                            Monday morning, October 23. The classroom is located in Ashland High School’s library building, where
        Last, but certainly not least, thank you to all of you who                                                     temperatures continue to fluctuate.
    have given us kind words and support, and to those of you
    who happen to be reading this first issue. We hope that you
    will enjoy this creation of ours. Don’t forget to visit www.
                                                                                                                        The Ashland Schools bond; Read on!
                                                                                                                        necessary for better schools
                                                                                                                                                            school where 53% of the                                     D o n ’ t
                                                                                                                            by Molly McGuire                student body participated in         start thinking that AHS is the
                                                                                                                               Rogue News                   school-sponsored sports last         only Ashland school that has
                                                                                                                                                            year, and I recognize both the       these problems or worse.
                                                                                                                                                            physical and mental value of            At Bellview last fall, a 5 by 20
                                                                                                                       Last week it was 96 degrees          participating in these activities.   foot section of the library floor
                                                                                                                       in Mrs. Green’s Virtual Enter-       However, some of the rooms           collapsed. The repairs could
                                                                                                                       prise class. A few days before       that these sports utilize lack       not be done during the school
                                                                                                                       that, it was 51 degrees in Mr.       even the most basic ventila-         year unless there were no stu-
                                                                                                                       Gabriel’s World History class.       tion systems. If you are ever        dents in the building, because
                                                                                                                          Education needs more than         looking for a free sauna, feel       of the presence of asbestos in
                                                                                                                       a good teacher and some text-        free to visit the wrestling room     the original structure.
                                                                                                                       books. If the students’ physi-       from 4 – 6 p.m. during the win-         Currently, the cafeteria and
                                                                                                                       cal environment is not condu-        ter season; you will be walking      the gym are the same space at
                                                                                                                       cive to learning, then learning      into AHS crew practice. While        Helman Elementary.
                                                                                                                       cannot happen. This is what          you are visiting, please stop by        It is important that the com-
                                                                                                                       the Ashland Schools Bond is          any one of the drinking foun-        munity recognizes what specif-
                                                                                                                       addressing. A faulty heating         tains in the building; an aging      ically is included in the bond.
                                                                                                                       system is only one of the many       pipe system causes the water in      Contrary to popular belief,
                                                                                                                       problems that the Ashland            these fountains to run brown.        no buildings at Ashland High
                                                                                                                       Schools face.                           Let’s imagine that there is an    School will actually be torn
                                                                                                                          At Ashland High School            armed intruder who enters the        down. Changes to the gym-
                                                                                                                       there is no handicapped acces-       campus during class time. A call     nasium will preserve the more
                                                                                                                       sibility to the third floor of the   is made over the PA system or-       historic parts of the building,
                                                                                                                       Humanities Building on Moun-         dering all of the teachers to lock   including the actual gym floor.

                          Rogue News                                                                                   tain Avenue. If a student with
                                                                                                                       a physical disability that did
                                                                                                                                                            their doors. You might imagine
                                                                                                                                                            that each teacher would dash to
                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Ashland Schools Bond
                                                                                                                                                                                                 will address all of these issues
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anything that could cause a disruption of the school environment.                                                      that needs the most work (not        where the shooter was lurking,       the Ashland Schools Bond and
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                                                                                                                                                      Sports                 Page 7
October 31, 2006                                                              Rogue News

Grizz soccer kickin’ it on the football field                                                                                                        Grizzly Sports
Soccer fans enjoy                     father of sophomore Varsity         teamed up to tear down the old       stadium feel, and it seems like      Oct. 31 -- Nov. 17
                                      soccer player Nate Roupp, for-      student bleachers and remove         more people are coming to the
added bleachers and                   mulated the idea of moving the      their concrete foundations.          games now.”                          Volleyball
games under the                       soccer games on-campus to           They also helped to put in the          However, not everything           Nov. 1 -- First round playoff,
                                      Walter A. Phillips Field.           extra grass sod that, when add-      about playing at the high school     Mt. Ave. Gym
lights at stadium                        “We wanted to move the           ed to the field, made it regula-     has thrilled Rodrigo. “The field     Nov. 4 – Second round, TBA
                                      games for two reasons,” ex-         tion size. “Because we got so        at the middle school is nicer.       Nov. 10-11 – 5A state finals,
   By Ethan Moskowitz                 plained Kemper. “We could play      much help from volunteers, the       We have to share the field with      Univ. of Portland
       Rogue News                     night games with the lights here    cost was fairly inexpensive,”        the football team here, so it gets
                                      at the stadium, and with the        said Kemper.                         pretty torn up,” explained Ra-       Boys Soccer
   The grandstand at Walter A.        grandstand and other bleachers,                                                                               Nov. 4 – First round playoff,
                                                                             What do the players think         mos.
Phillips Field roared to life in                                                                                                                    Phillips Field
                                      we could accommodate more           about the change? Senior Rodri-         But. unlike Ramos, not ev-        Nov. 7 – Second round, TBA
celebration. Students clad in red     fans to watch the game and get      go Ramos has liked the change        eryone has been pleased with         Nov. 11/14 – quarter/semifi-
and white cheered on the Griz-        an overall better atmosphere.”      in venue. “ I like playing here at   the change in venue. “I liked        nals, TBA
zly players battling on the field.       During the summer, soccer        AHS much better,” said               watching soccer games at the         Nov. 18 – 5A state finals,
It seemed like just another Fri-      players and volunteers              Ramos. “ The stands give you a       other fields better,” said senior    Liberty HS (Hillsboro)
day night Ashland Grizzly foot-                                                                                Laura Blount, a regular at both
ball game. However, the calen-                                                                                 boys and girls soccer games. She     Girls Soccer
dar reads Tuesday, and there’s a                                                                               added, “I still think the lights     Nov. 4 – First round playoff,
different kind of football being                                                                               here on campus are pretty cool,      Bend
played on the field.                                                                                           and the bleachers make it easier     Nov. 7 – Second round, TBA
   Until this year, the Griz-                                                                                  to see the action on the field.”     Nov. 11/14 – quarter/semifi-
zly soccer teams had played                                                                                                                         nals, TBA
                                                                                                                  It seems like the idea Karl
their games off campus. The                                                                                                                         Nov. 18 – 5A state finals,
                                                                                                               Kemper and Brad Roupp                Liberty HS Hillsboro
boys played at Ashland Middle                                                                                  hatched has been successful, as
School, while the girls played                                                                                 on-campus home soccer games
at North Mountain Park. The
                                                                                                                                                    Cross Country
                                                                                                               will continue next year and into     Nov. 4 – 5A state finals, Lane
venues were fine, although                                                                                     the future. It’s safe to say that    CC (Eugene)
both had limited if any bleacher                                                                               from now on, Fridays won’t
space for fans to sit, limiting at-                                                                            be the only night of the week        Crew
tendance. It was during the off-                                                                               that the football stands will be     Nov. 10-12 – Frostbite and
season that Athletic Director                                                                                  rockin’.                             Head of the Lake Regattas,
Karl Kemper and Brad Roupp,                                                                                                                         Seattle WA

Growth and                            tinue their success. “Each day
                                      is a learning process; we hope
                                                                          The start of                         ment is funded by the Ashland
                                                                                                               Schools Levy, so participants
                                                                                                                                                    start: financial support from
                                                                                                                                                    the Ashland Schools Levy and
success key to                        to keep improving, and I hope       intramural                           don’t have to pay any fees.          a place to play. Now that funds
                                      that during state (playoffs) we                                             Steve Smith, a counselor at       from the Levy have been se-
volleyball                            can accomplish everything we        sports at AHS                        AHS, is in charge of the new         cured and, with Lincoln School
                                      set goals for,” commented Hol-          By Spencer Gabriel               program. He will be counting         ready to host the events, this
season                                gen.
                                         The seven seniors, Bonnie
                                                                                 Rogue News                    on a Student Advisory Board          new program has the potential
                                                                                                               of student volunteers to get it      to become a very successful ac-
                                      Jensen, Emily Osvold, Jamie                                              up and running.                      tivity for students to participate
                                      Marvin, Kayla Cardoza, Mad-            Many students would love             The idea for high school in-      in.
                                      dison Thivierge, Natalie Lefler,    nothing more than to partici-        tramural sports started when             “It’s a program that I can’t
                                      and Sarah Holgen, were hon-         pate in an athletic activity with-   Smith wanted to pursue a pro-        wait to take part in. I’ve always
                                      ored by the crowd and their         out sacrificing all of their free    gram in which anybody could          wanted intramural sports here
                                      parents as a special thank you      time. With the high school’s         participate, regardless of grades    at the high school,” said an
                                      for the seniors’ hard work and      new intramural sports program,       or ability. As long as enough stu-   AHS junior.
                                      dedication to the volleyball pro-   those students can rejoice.          dents participate, Smith hopes           Sign-ups for the intramural
                                      gram at AHS.                           Sports such as dodge ball,        that the program will become         sports are set to start in the first
                                         Coach Josh Rohlfing said         kickball, flag football, badmin-     a well-known, yearlong event at      week in November, and the
                                      the hard work started as soon       ton, and many more recreational      Ashland High School.                 events themselves will begin in
                                      as last season ended -- the girls   activities will be provided in the      The intramural program            mid-December.
                                      have been hitting the weights,      new program. All of the equip-       needed two main resources to
                                      playing club ball, competing
Grizz girls roll                      in tournaments, and sweat-
toward state                          ing through sand training all
                                      through the summer.
                                                                                                Grizzly Sports Wire
                                                                                                                                    Girls Soccer
       By Claire Schlect                 Rohlfing said that while he        By Micaela Bishop and Lexi Munson                       In action this past Saturday, the Ashland Griz-
         Rogue News                   could measure success this                        Rogue News                              zly girls soccer team fell 3-0 to Crater and cur-
                                      year by the number of wins                                                                rently sit in second place in the Southern Sky
                                      and losses, he prefers to track         Dance                                             Conference standings. The girls finished with an
    Thursday was an emotional         growth over time as the true            The first competition for the AHS dance team      overall conference record of 6-2. With a Crater
night for all of the senior varsity   indicator of greatness. The girls   is set for November 18 in Albany, Oregon. Over        loss to Eagle Point, the Grizzlies would host a
volleyball players who played for     begin each season with tentative    the past month, the girls have been working on        first round playoff game at home against either
the last time at the crowd-filled     goal setting and, as they prog-     the routine they will be using in competition.        Hillsboro or Wilsonville. But if the Comets are
Mountain Avenue Gym. “It was          ress, adapt both team and indi-     They hope to improve on their 2005 second-            victorious, Ashland will finish in second place
sad that the season was almost        vidual goals. The athletes must     place finish at the Albany competition.               and have to travel to Bend for their first round
over, but it made me happy that       “play within themselves” and            Cross-Country                                     game.
I have so many memories with          keep the game “on our side of           In the first ever Southern Sky Conference             Boys Soccer
this program,” said senior Sarah      the court.”                         district cross country meet, the Ashland girls            The Ashland Grizzly boys soccer team fin-
Holgen.                                  Because the season can be        took second place and the boys took third. Ju-        ished their first season in the Southern Sky Con-
    They won the match against        grueling, the team makes sure       nior Aria Hemphill finished with a second-place       ference on a high note, with a 2-1 win over sec-
Klamath Union 3-0 and domi-           to take time to relax and have      overall time of 19:21.8, and junior Matt Miner        ond place Crater at home on Saturday, October
nated throughout. This victory        fun. Last week the entire team      placed fifth overall at 16:20.5. The top two teams    28. They will host a first round playoff game at
advances the team to play on          went bowling. Rohlfing said         and the top four individuals not on the winning       Walter A. Phillips Field on Nov. 4 and are cur-
Saturday, Nov. 4 against Marsh-       with a chuckle, “We had a really    squads qualified for the 5A state meet on Nov. 4      rently ranked first in the latest 5A boy’s soccer
field. The team hopes to con-         good time.”                         at Lane Community College in Eugene.                  poll.
      HALLOWEEN EDITION                                                                                                                                                         page 8

   SOU’s Swedenburg house:
     haunted or hyped?

         by Tucker Reed                    The eight AHS students ar-
          Rogue News                   rived at the Swedenburg a little
                                       before midnight. On hand to
                                       unlock the building, campus
     A    ccording to a group of       security warned the group to
eight Ashland High students,           “avoid the attic and the base-
doctor Francis C. Swedenburg           ment,” and revealed that the lat-
still resides in his house on the      est anyone had ever lasted was
corner of Siskiyou and Moun-           about 1:45 AM.
tain – some seventy years after             The students were then al-
his death.                             lowed to split up and explore
        The students enlisted to       the first story of the building,
spend the small hours of Friday        though some people insisted on
the thirteenth in the house rep-       having a partner. Participants
resent the latest group to inves-      took turns sitting alone in a
tigate claims that the building        darkened staircase, and closely
harbors at least one supernatu-        monitored various motion de-
ral inhabitant.                        tectors – part of the building’s                                                                                             Photo by Nisha Burton

       Stories detailing “encoun-      newer security system – for any
ters” at the Swedenburg date           irregular or inexplicable detec-     “YES.” The questions “Should           ther doctor Swedenburg had a           “I had fun,” said one par-
back for decades. A candlelit          tions.                               we be afraid?” and “Should             serious case of split-personality,   ticipant. “It was exciting and
séance in 1973 held by former              The group soon centered in       we leave?” were also affirmed,         or the board was “channeling”        creepy, and I could have sworn
professor Bill Muelemans and           the office from Ngan’s shadow-       coupled with words like “FOR-          two or more “spirits.”)              I saw something walk past me
seven students resulted in a dra-      woman account. It was at this        EVER” and “DEATH.”                         Things began to wind down        at one point.”
matic blackout and hasty escape.       time that a student produced a          Despite, or perhaps even be-        around 2:30 AM, but not be-               Readers interested in plan-
Retired security guard Joe Ngan        glow-in-the-dark Parker Bros.        cause of, the disembodied cor-         fore the unmanned planchette         ning a similar experience this
reports having seen the silhou-        ouija board, which appeared to       respondent’s lack of hospitality,      visibly darted a half-inch across    All Hallow’s Eve should have
ette of a woman in a downstairs        communicate on its own when          the students continued to quiz         the board without any provo-         no problem finding a location
office window during one of            everyone placed a finger on the      the board for over an hour.            cation, and a loud and sudden        for their own candlelit vigil
his midnight rounds in the early       planchette and repeated ques-              The ouija board claimed          gasp was heard from a neigh-         – the Rogue Valley boasts an
eighties. Numerous unrelated           tions in unison.                     to be both “FRANCIS SWE-               boring room.                         overwhelming number of high-
visitors have reported glimps-               The first question – “Are      DENBURG” and an unnamed                     The group said goodnight        profile haunts, including hous-
ing a little girl in pigtails out of   there ghosts in this house?”         12-year-old girl who died of a         at three, well past the existing     es and businesses in Ashland,
the corners of their eyes.             – was met with a (predictable)       “SICKNESS” in “1937.” (Ei-             record.                              Jacksonville and Medford.

Origins of All Hallow’s Eve                                                                                         HAlloween Poll
     Halloween’s roots can be          visit and influence the fortune-     bined Samhain with two of
traced back for two millenia to        telling power of the Druids, or      their own festivals. In the 800’s,                  Favorite 10 Costumes:
the Celtic festival of Samhain,        Celtic priests.                      Pope Boniface IV designated                1.   Ninja                          6. Witch
which marked the official end                Numerous divinations for       the first of November as All               2.   Pumpkin                        7. Pirate
of summer, and the beginning           the coming year were made --         Saints’ Day, to honor saints and           3.   Superman                       8. Princess
of winter.                             often by using apples--that were     martyrs, and, it is rumored, one           4.   Fairy                          9. Cleopatra
   For the Celts, Halloween was        thought to reveal intimate and       day replace the pagan holiday              5.   Power Ranger                   10. Angel
regarded as a time of spiritual        reliable details about one’s luck,   celebrated the day before.
significance; the barrenness of        health and love-life. These for-           All Saints’ Day was often                   Most Creative Costumes:
winter naturally brought about         tune-telling techniques have         referred to as All-hallows, and            1.   Washing Machine                6. M&Ms
comparisons to death, and the          now almost all become “games”        Samhain soon began to be called            2.   Oompa Loompa                   7. Cheese Box
                                       for children -- most notably,        All-hallows Eve. All Saints’               3.   Jelly Bean                     8. Playing Card
Celts believed it was on this
                                       bobbing for apples.                  Day, Halloween and All Souls               4.   Tree                           9. T.V.
night that the spirits of the                                                                                          5.   Pizza                          10.Cheese
dead returned to the earth, to              By A.D. 43 the Romans had       Day are called “Hallowmas.”
                                       conquered the Celts, and com-          Sources:,
                                                                                                                     Favorite Candy:
                                                                                                                       Chocolate Candy                  55%
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                                                                                                                       Chewy Candy
 Rogue News is raising the bar, producing not only a print edition, but, as of this week,                              Hard Candy                       5%
                              an online edition, as well.
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