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					Experience 30 floors of Intelligent Living

Tellapur Aliens Space Station Location Map

Space Station 1

Master Plan of Tellapur Aliens Space Station 1

Project in a Nutshell

Total Land Coverage:
Open Area: Stations: Floors: Apartments/floor: Total Apartments: 80% 14 30 6 2182

Apartment Options:
2 BHK: 2+1 BHK: 3 BHK: Duplex: Penthouse: 1122 sft + 1344 sft + 1538 sft + 3569 sft + 4945 sft +

Smart Life and Smart Home
     Space station 1 provides home that adapt to Technology rather than being controlled by Technology Features such as bio-metric security, remote access, touch pad electrical switches, wi-fi accessibility provide next generation standard of living Living spaces are designed and inspired by modern architecture with expansive and open areas Glass facades and French windows add to the splendor Ready to move-in homes ‘with interiors’ option provides hassle free living

Home Automation
Space Station 1 brings the cutting-edge technology from across the globe to embrace your living space with safety, security and convenience.

Now live Intelligently!

Experience the Intelligence of Invisible Technology
Lock/Unlock your home from miles away Receive SMS when kids are back at home. Restrict access to the TV through ‘Kids Mode’ Get alerts on maids’ arrival & exit. Restrict access through ‘Maid mode’ Gas leak, smoke detection system Fire alarm, wet sprinklers, rescue areas for every 5 floors Order groceries from the super market within the township via internet Video streaming of visitors from main gate When out of home, get visitors pictures to your e-mail inbox

Amenities in Aliens Space Station 1

Shopping Mall Spa with Jacuzzi & Sauna Helipad Car Wash

Sky Garden Amphitheatre Restaurants Service Apartments

Clubhouse Basketball Court Mini-Golf Range Tennis & Squash Court

Green Intelligence
The first residential project in Hyderabad & one among the first in India to receive Green Building Platinum Pre-certification by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

Green Benefits

  

Saves upto 30% of energy consumption Saves upto 50% of fresh water consumption Upto 70% less air pollution


30% to 40% more efficient than any other normal building

Services 360⁰

 

At Aliens, property sold is always a property managed A team of professionals to impart services during possession and post construction for various support and customer care services. To name a few  Architectural consultation  Registration formalities  Property renting and protection from tenants  Rent collection  24 hrs security

International Consultants

Buy Now!

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Description: Being the embodiment of technology, Tellapur Aliens Space Station-1 is a project for tech lovers. Located just next to the city’s IT hub, Financial sector, Hospitality services and the upcoming US consulate in Gachibowli, this project is a must buy for the creme of the society.