Pre- & Post-Trip Inspection Sheet

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					                        PRE- & POST-TRIP INSPECTION SHEET

Date:                Vehicle:                             Drivers:                      /
                                                                           AM                 PM
Beginning Mileage:
Shift Change Mileage:
Ending Mileage:

Route #

A. Exterior          B. Interior                          C. Engine, Driveline        D. Miscellaneous
1. __ Lights         1. __ Lights                         1. __ Engine                1. __ Child Safety Seat
2. __ Reflectors     2. __ Warning Lights,                2. __ Transmission          2. __ Rain Coat,
3. __ Tires, Rims           Buzzers                       3. __ Driveline                   Umbrella
4. __ Mirrors        3. __ Next Stop                      4. __ Service Brakes        3. __ Fire Blanket
5. __ Doors          4. __ Mirrors                        5. __ Park Brakes           4. __ Transfer Pad
6. __ Windows        5. __ Gauges, Instruments            6. __ Fluid Levels, Leaks   5. __ Broom
7. __ Wipes          6. __ Radio                          7. __ Hoses, Belts          6. __ Waste Basket
8. __ Fresh Body     7. __ A/C Heaters,                   8. __ Steering              7. __ Registration,
      Damage                Defrosters                    9. __ Other                       Insurance
9. __ Cleanliness    8. __ Lift                                                       8. __ Witness Cards
10.__ Warning        9. __ Restraints                                                 9. __ Route Maps
      Devices        10.__ Emergency                                                  10.__ Other
                     11.__ Destination Sign
                     12.__ Damage
                     13.__ Other

                                                                           5-Minutes Engine Cool Down

FASTEN SEAT BELT                                 Time Started:             /Time Ended:
                                                 Time Started:             /Time Ended:


Driver’s Signature                                        Mechanic’s Signature

05/22/12                     d8dcb1e9-0538-4d76-a5ae-c314af6ed5ba.doc                                1/2
                                              Inspection Procedures
Please write legible when notating comments. Date, Vehicle, Mileage, and Passenger Count are very important.
Make sure these four areas are completed on mechanics copy to insure mechanics have proper identification of
vehicle so repairs can be performed. Check () problem areas only. Post-trip: make sure vehicle has been swept,
and high idle switch and lift power switch have been shut off before shutting vehicle down. Do not shut coach
down in high idle. Also, note starting and ending time of 5-minute cool down.

A. Exterior
   1. Lights: check headlights; clearance lights; signal lights (front, rear and side); emergency flashers; kneel
       and lift lights; lift door light; exterior stepwell light; and backup lights.
   2. Reflectors: side, rear
   3. Tires, Rims: do tires meet DOT standard 4/32 minimum tread depth on front, 2/32 minimum on rear; check
       for foreign matter in tires which could cause further damage; check sidewalls for cuts and wear; check rims
       for damage or cracks; check lug nuts.
   4. Mirrors: adjust mirrors before leaving shop; note damage; check bracket tightness.
   5. Doors: do front and rear doors operate properly; note damage, including and damage to door glass.
   6. Windows: check for damage; graffiti
   7. Wipers: check wiper blade condition; check operation of wipers.
   8. Fresh Body Damage: note any areas that look to be new damage (scratches, scrapes, etc); old damage or
       rusted out areas need not be noted.
   9. Cleanliness: general cleanliness of the outside of the coach.
   10. Warning Devices: backup beeper; lift and kneel beepers.
   11. Other: any item which may not be specifically listed on 1-10.

B. Interior
   1. Lights: instrument lights; interior lighting; stepwell lights; any light not associated with the safe operation
        of the coach (letter box destination sign, etc.)
   2. Warning Lights & Buzzers: any light or buzzer which may indicate a problem (oil, volts, temp, etc.); also
        includes turn signal indicators, brake retarder, window buzzers, etc.
   3. Next stop: check light and buzzer; also make sure switch is on (pre-trip) or off (post-trip).
   4. Mirrors: all interior mirrors; check for damage, loose brackets, etc.
   5. Gauges, Instruments: are all gauges functioning – fuel gauge, water temp, voltmeter, tachometer,
        speedometer, trans temp, air gauges.
   6. Radio: Turn on (pre-trip) or off (post-trip); radio should be set on Channel 2; Base One does not come on
        until 8:00 a.m. (9:00 a.m. on Saturday).
   7. A/C, Heaters, Defrosters: are all functioning; are thermostats set; are driver’s fans functioning.
   8. Lift: check lift for proper and safe operation; note any structural defects.
   9. Restraints: are all wheelchair locks in good working order; check belts and restraints for fraying; put
        restraints away neatly and properly.
   10. Emergency Equipment: first aid kit; fire extinguisher, triangle reflectors; emergency help sign; body-fluid
        kit; horn; emergency windows.
   11. Destination Sign: check for proper operation; set both sign and route color box for appropriate route.
   12. Damage: check seats, driver and passenger, and note damage or any other problem; check flooring,
        modesty panels, and grab rails for damage or loose areas.
   13. Other: any items not identified in 1-13.

C. Engine, Driveline
   1. Engine: check for exhaust leaks, fluid leaks; all clamps and brackets should be tight; set fan switch.
   2. Transmission: shifting properly, retarder functioning.
   3. Driveline: driveshift, driveline guard.
   4. Service Brakes: working properly; does coach pull to one side.
   5. Park Brakes: holding properly.
   6. Fluid Levels, Leaks: check sightglass for coolant level; note any fluid leaks as well as air leaks.
   7. Hoses, Belts: note loose or worn belts; also check condition of air hoses, radiator hoses, heater hoses, and
   8. Steering: check steering; note excessive free play.
   9. Other: Any items not identified in 1-8.

D. Miscellaneous
   1-9 are all items that should be on you coach. Some items, such as 1-3, are on Paratransit Vans only.

05/22/12                            d8dcb1e9-0538-4d76-a5ae-c314af6ed5ba.doc                              2/2

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