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									                                 The Compass
                                   LOS ALTOS YMCA ADVENTURE GUIDES

                                   M A Y   2 0 1 2

                              Expedition Navigator’s Message
         THIS ISSUE:
                              Greetings Adventure Guides Friends          Oakes as their new Camp Director. So
          Navigator       1   Camp Surf was fun as always. The            while we’re sad to see Sam leave, it’s a
          Message             weather on Saturday was perfect and I       great opportunity for him and we’ll still
                              don’t think I’ve ever seen as many peo-     get to see him at Camp Oakes. No pres-
         Reminder         1                                               sure Sam, but we are expecting big things
                              ple in the water surfing, boogie board-
                              ing or just having fun as this past camp.   from you at Camp Oakes.
         Huff ‘nPuff      2
                              The Gaga Ball pit was packed as usual.      Also, as our program year winds down,
         Huff ‘n Puff     3
                              Camp Fox is coming up in a few weeks        let’s start thinking about next year, and
         Focus On..       4   and please note that the boat               spread the word to friends and acquaint-
         Focus on...
                                                                          ances that might be interested in starting
                          5   is leaving at 6 pm this year. Rumor has     a new circle next year, or joining an ex-
         Circle Chat      6   it that Camp Fox has built a Gaga Ball      isting one. They are more than welcome
                              pit too. If you haven’t signed up yet but   to attend our year end pool party in June
          Webmaster       7
                              are interested in going, check with Sam
                                                                          at the YMCA.
                              – I think there still may be a few spots
         Community        8                                                                                            .
         Service              open.
         Points ,         9
                              On a sad note, we’re losing Sam
         Calendar             Albrecht, our YMCA Outfitter at the                                      Rob Berry
                              end of this program year. The Camp                                Cuddlefish Circle
                              Director at Camp Oakes has retired
                                                                                               Expedition Leader
                              and Sam will be returning to Camp
 Have questions or need
   info? Contact Sam

 Albrecht at the YMCA
    (562) 596- 3394

                                                           WEDNESDAY, MAY 23rD
                                                             7-8 PM AT THE YMCA
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                         Recent Events….
                               Fun at the
Our Official Starter
          ↓                   huff ‘n puff!

                                    Head Chef and Griller– awesome job!!

           THE      COMPASS
MAY   2012   PAGE   3
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                                       The Brave Velociraptors
When the Brave Velociraptors get together, who has more fun? The sons or their dads?

If you asked our sons, they would probably tell you about any one of the many amazing first time experiences that they have
done while part of the program. From sleepovers to campouts, from waterfalls to long hikes, or from crafts to rifles and ar-
rows. Our kids come back from the outings with many memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

However, if you ask the dads in the circle, I think you will get a resounding response. We have a great group of men who
have all come together to teach and guide our sons through this journey. We are all discovering how to be better fathers while
rediscovering what it is like to be a child again. Bottom line is the dads are enjoying this just as much as the boys.

The Brave Velociraptors came together for the first time in 2009. Founded by a small group of fathers who’s sons were in
school together at school at St. Joseph’s Elementary. Since then our group has grown to 12 families including boys from
other local schools. Our group is made up of boys around 7-8 years old but we have recently been joined by younger brothers
and cousins. We plan to pass this circle on to this younger crew.

The Brave Raptors have been well known at the camps for our campfire songs. Our songs have really brought all of us to-
gether as a circle. Before our first trip to Camp Oaks, my son and I were trying to figure out a fun thing that our circle could
perform at the campfire. I was strumming my guitar and I asked my son “What do you like most about Adventure Guides?”

He responded “I like the things we make”.

“Hmmm” I thought to myself. I hummed it back to a “D” Chord.

“What else do you like about the adventure guides?” I asked.

He replied “I like the time we spend together.”

“Ok”. I followed it with an “A” Chord and paused. I grabbed a pencil and starting writing furiously.

The gears were rolling in my head and shortly after our first circle song called, “Big Bear Woods” was written. We has been
performed it at Camp Oaks each year since.

Big Bear Woods – Brave Raptors Camp Oaks Song

  I like the things we make                       Away from school and moms                    Chorus
  I like the times we take                        We are growing strong                        Raptors are dinosaurs
  I like the times we have                        We are Brave Raptors now                     who grow up big and strong
  Hanging out with our dads                       Learning things and how                      Just like our dads
  On a weekend trip to the Big Bear woods         On a weekend trip to the Big Bear woods      We are moving along

Since then our circle has created a Camp Fox song that all of the kids help write (See Below). They performed it last year for
the first time at Camp fox. This May will be the Raptors first time at Camp Surf. We will have to see what we come up with
for campfire.

I have such fond memories of the camping trips, hikes and outings that I did with my dad in the Indian Guides programs. I
never realized how much my father must have enjoyed it until I experienced it as a father. I am thrilled that I can give my son
and the other boys in our group the same kind of experience and memories that I had from this program when I was young.
Charlie Stockwell

            THE        COMPASS
VOLUME           1,   ISSUE       1                                                                        PAGE       5

Camp Fox Song
                                                       Of all of the places that I have been,
Wherever I go, I'll take the memory of this place.
                                                       I'll remember Catalina and hanging out with my   “Our songs
Sunny Catalina, A camp Fox day.
                                                                                                        have really
Wherever I am, I will always have these friends.
                                                       Dad, can we come back again next year,
Thanks to our dads for bringing us to camp again.                                                       brought all
                                                       With all of my friends, I will meet you here.
                                                                                                        of us
I caught my first fish from the pier today,            Repeat Chorus
                                                                                                        together as
My dad helped me bait the hook with the smelly bait.
I swam in the cove, oh it was so cold.                                                                  a circle”
My dad he wouldn't go in, he said he was too old.

I shot an arrow for the first time today,              Repeat Chorus
I even hit the target it was a bale of hay
We are Brave Raptors, one and all.
We like hanging out, we are having a ball.
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                 Circle Chat


                   Wolf Rangers are getting a head start on Mother's/Father's
                   Day gifts at Paint n' Glaze off Studebaker and Carson.

     THE      COMPASS
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                                  The Webmaster

Greetings all Compass                                     If you join, you will also be automatically noti-
                                                         fied of upcoming events, base camp meetings,
Readers,                                                 deadlines, as well as when new content is

Over the past program year, as a webmaster, it has       You may also order a printed copy of the Camp
been my goal to improve the Los Altos Adventure          Oaks Group Shot. Just navigate to the linked
Guides Wikipages site.                                   photo and choose, “Order Prints”, from the
                                                         Shutterfly website. An 8x10 is only $3.99.
Please visit the site at:                                Camp organizers are going to take a group shot
http://losaltosadventureguides.wikispaces.com.           at all future camps, so start collecting the
                                                         memories today.
The goal is to make this the starting point for exist-
ing members as well as a tool to solicit new mem-        Also look for the “Buy T-shirts and other
bers , for information regarding joining an existing     LAAG Products” link on the LAAG website
circle or forming new circles. Please share this site    or go to:
with your friends, families, teachers, administrators    http://cafepress.com/losaltosadventureguides.
of your schools or other community leaders to dem-
onstrate to them, all that Adventure Guides has to       You can purchase “Growing Stronger To-
offer.                                                   gether” t-shirts, mugs, or bags. Each product is
                                                         printed to order and is very high quality, and
Spread the word about the program and the site by        long lasting.
using the Facebook button on the homepage to
share with your social network. Also use the             Submit your own custom designs or ideas for
Google+ button to share with your Google friends.        designs and I will make a product set just for
                                                         your circle.
As we know, the Adventure Guides is an amazing
community program and if you have spent any time
at any of the camps and events at the local YMCA,        Feel free to make suggestions regarding the
you undoubtedly have met other great members in          website. My email is nautique84@gmail.com
this community of ours. In order to share memories,      and is also posted at the bottom of the LAAG
photos, videos and more with this community, I           website homepage.
have created a Members Only– Shutterfly page.
You can request access by following the “Photos–
Member Only” link on the LAAG Website or by              Sincerely,
going directly to :                                      Charlie Stockwell (aka, “The Webmaster” )
This allows you to share your memories of Camps
and other outings and keep it in the community of
our members.
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                                        This month we feature Beach Cleanups..
                                        More community service opportunities will be featured
                                        in next month’s edition

1. Seal Beach Save Our Beach conducts a Monthly Beach Cleanup, normally, on the 3rd Saturday of the
month from 9:00 am to Noon at the beach parking lot at the end of 1st Street, Seal Beach. Check in the parking lot at
the Blue Canopy.

Please bring garden/work gloves, reusable water bottle and trash grabber so that we make less trash. Our trash
bags were donated bywww.everybodygreen.com and were made from recycled plastic bottles. You'll need to bring the
bags back to the blue canopy and take out recycle items and then empty remaining trash into the blue dumpsters.

2. Long Beach - Save our Beach First Sat. of month:
One Piece At A Time conducts a Monthly Beach Cleanup, normally from 9 a.m. to Noon where Termino Ave.
meets the sand in Long Beach..

Take Termino Ave. South until you enter a parking lot and park. Look for blue canopy and you're there. (Location is
between the Belmont Pool and the Belmont Pier).
Use the map at right for directions.

Please bring garden/work gloves, reusable water bottle and trash grabber so we make less trash. Please bring
trash bags back to the blue canopy so we can consolidate bags and reuse them.

3. Justin Rudd’s Monthly 30-Minute Beach clean ups

WE MEET on the 3rd Sat. of each month at 10 a.m. at 1 S. Granada Ave. (@ Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 90803) in Belmont Shore, to help rid the beach
of trash and debris. Free parking. (next clean up June 16th)

You are welcome to show up by yourself or with your group. Average attendance each month is 200 participants and all ages are well represented.

STUDENT VOLUNTEER forms are available upon request at the conclusion of each cleanup. These forms can be returned to your school officials to
help satisfy required volunteer service hour credits.

are provided by the Community Action Team (CAT). And, please bring a recycled bag if you can.

Volunteers are asked to wear shoes and sunscreen. We will meet RAIN OR SHINE.

                     THE       COMPASS
  MAY     2012                                                                                                             PAGE    9

                                                                     We want
Circle of the Year Summary
                                                                   your photos!
As of:                                   5/18/2012
                               # in
                                                       mun.        We want to feature your awesome pic-
Circle                                     Points      Svce
Wild Wahines                                  509                  tures from Camp Surf and Camp Fox in
Tongva                                        447                  the next issues of the Compass. Share
Tomahawks                                     409
Cuddlefish                                    401                  the fun and special memories by up-
Brave Raptors                                 350                  loading your pictures to our Shutterfly
Pioneer Princesses                            341
Blue Halite                                   283                  site (as described in the Webmaster ar-
Ocean Girls                                   280          X       ticle on page 7) or emailing directly to
Red Strikers                                  280
Wolf Rangers                                  260                  me at wendyc66@verizon.net.
Pathfinders                                   259
Snow Flakes                                   209
Dukes                                         175
Adventure Sisters                             150
Shadow Monsters                               125
Tiger Lilies                                   85                     Expedition Officers 2011‐2012
Cheetah Girls                                  70
                                                                      Navigator- Expedition Leader
Riptides                                       70
                                                                        Rob Berry- (Cuddlefish)
                                     0       4703                          lrberry3@gmail.com
                                                                      Elder - Previous Expedition Navigator
 Calendar of Events                                                     Gary Farmer (Playanos Princesses and Komodo Dragons)
 Wed, 5/22/12            Base Camp at YMCA        7-8 pm
                                                                      Log Keeper – Records Meeting Minutes and Tracks Points

                                                                        Brad Denger (Pioneer Princesses & Pathfinders) -
 Fri-Sun 6/8 - 6/10/12   Camp Fox (Catalina) boat departs at 6pm          brad@bealeash.com
                         Campfire:                                    Event Coordinator – Coordinates Circle Sponsors for Events
                                                                        Vacant Position
 June    TBD             Final Adventure Guide Event TBD
                                                                      Compass Newsletter Editor – Compiles Newsletter Articles

                                                                        Wendy Chavis (Totally Terrific Tomahawks)
                                                                      Webmaster - Updates Program Website

                                                                        Charlie Stockwell (Brave Velociraptors)

                                                                      Outfitter – YMCA Staff Liaison

                                                                        Sam Albrecht (562) 596- 3394
      FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY                                              Mailing label here

      Los Altos YMCA Adventure Guides
      1720 Bellflower Boulevard
      Long Beach, CA 90815
      Contact: Sam Albrecht
      Phone: (562) 596-3394
      E-mail: Sam.Albrecht@lbymca.org


Adventure Guides Compass Points
The Adventure Guide program is based on the adventures of a parent and child and their Circles and Expeditions. At
the forefront of the program are the Compass Points, which give members a sense of direction and an inspiration
for activities. These points are broad enough in scope to allow for variety and creativity in designing activities.

The four main points on the compass are the essential components of the program.

   The Family is True North – the focal point of the program.

   Nature and the camping experience are integral parts of the program.

   The spirit of the program is experienced through belonging to a small Community, called a Circle.

   Fun is the magic of the program.

The YMCA Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility make up the other directional points.

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