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					                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012


This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
Jan. 1 and March 31, 2012. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital
Association in conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

            Name                City         Stage         Amount            Investors          Business Description

                                                                       New Leaf Venture     Manufactures and
                                                                       Partners, Three Arch distributes vascular closure
AccessClosure              Mountain View Later Stage        $2,795,000 Partners             devices

                                                                       Domain Associates,
                                                                       Third Rock Ventures, Develops medicines to treat
Afferent Pharmaceuticals   San Mateo      Early Stage       $5,000,000 undisclosed firm     chronic pain

                                                                       GBS Venture
                                                                       Partners, Heron
                                                                       Capital, Prolog
                                                                       Ventures, Vivo
                                                                       Ventures, Western
AirXpanders                Palo Alto      Early Stage      $10,308,000 Investment            Medical device company

                                                                       Bay City Capital,
                                                                       Canaan Partners,
                           South San                                   Novo A/S,             Biopharmaceutical drug
Altheos                    Francisco      Early Stage       $9,999,900 undisclosed firm      developer

                                                                       Canaan Partners,
                                                                       Kaiser Permanente
                                                                       Ventures, U.S.
                                                                       Venture Partners,     Treatment for Peripheral
AtheroMed                  Menlo Park     Early Stage       $4,479,000 Vertical Group        Arterial Disease

                           South San                                                         Therapeutic protease
Catalyst Biosciences       Francisco      Later Stage       $7,000,000 Undisclosed firm      products

                                                                       Technology Ventures,
                                                                       Canaan Partners,
                                                                       Foundation Medical
                                                                       Partners, Radius     Gastroesophageal reflux
EndoGastric Solutions      Redwood City   Later Stage      $10,890,000 Ventures             disease surgery equipment

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                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                        Claremont Creek
                                                                        Ventures, Decheng
                                                                        Capital, X/Seed    Bacterial detection
GeneWeave Biosciences     San Jose        Early Stage       $12,000,000 Capital Management platforms

                                                                        Kaiser Permanente
                                                                        Ventures, Mohr
                                                                        Davidow Ventures,
                                                                        New Leaf Venture
                                                                        Partners, Synergy     Diagnostic monitoring
iRhythm Technologies      San Francisco   Expansion         $12,180,000 Life Science Partners solutions

                                                                        Affinity Capital
                                                                        Management, CHV
                                                                        Capital, De Novo
                                                                        Ventures, Johnson &
                                                                        Development, Prism
                                                                        VentureWorks, Three
iScience Interventional   Menlo Park      Later Stage        $2,759,000 Arch Partners       Microcatheter technologies

                                                                        Canaan Partners,
                                                                        Domain Associates,
                                                                        Frazier Healthcare
                                                                        and Technology
                                                                        Ventures, MPM
                                                                        Capital, New Leaf
                                                                        Venture Partners,
                                                                        OrbiMed Advisors,     Antibiotics for the treatment
Kalidex Pharmaceuticals   Menlo Park      Startup/Seed       $6,499,900 undisclosed firm      of serious infections

                                                                        Greenhouse Capital    Molecular diagnostic
Linkage Biosciences       San Francisco   Expansion          $1,954,000 Partners              products for genetic testing

                                                                        Frazier Healthcare
                                                                        and Technology
                                                                        Ventures, Gilde
                                                                        Healthcare Partners
                                                                        BV, Morgenthaler
                                                                        Ventures, New
Moximed International     Hayward         Expansion          $1,770,000 Enterprise Associates Medical devices

                                                                        Accuitive Medical
                                                                        Ventures, De Novo
                                                                        Ventures, Medicis
                                                                        Capital, Nexus
                                                                        Medical Partners,
                                                                        Saratoga Ventures,    Medical devices for facial
MyoScience                Redwood City    Early Stage       $33,000,100 undisclosed firms     rejuvenation

                                                                        Claremont Creek
                                                                        Ventures, Lightspeed
                                                                        Venture Partners,
Natera                    Redwood City    Later Stage       $20,000,100 Sequoia Capital      Genetic testing Company

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                              Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                       De Novo Ventures,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins
                                                                       Caufield & Byers,
                                                                       Latterell Venture
                                                                       Partners, MedVenture
                                                                       Associates, Montreux
                                                                       Equity Partners,     Medical devices for the
                                                                       Odlander, Fredrikson treatment of pulmonary
Pulmonx                   Redwood City    Later Stage      $10,000,000 & Co. AB             disorders

                                                                       Canaan Partners,
                                                                       Emergent Medical
                                                                       Ventures, New
                                                                       Associates, ONSET     Therapeutic solutions to
Relievant Medsystems      Redwood City    Later Stage      $30,000,000 Ventures              treat lower back pain

S.E.A. Medical Systems*   Santa Clara     Early Stage       $3,000,000 JK&B Capital          Medical device company

                          South San                                    Index Ventures, Mohr
Sequenta                  Francisco       Early Stage       $8,460,000 Davidow Ventures     Biotechnology company

                                                                       Fisk Ventures,
                                                                       JAFCO Co., OrbiMed
                                                                       Advisors, Prolog   Biotechnology-based
Singulex                  Alameda         Later Stage      $15,336,000 Ventures           diagnostic products

                                                                       Alta Partners, SV Life
                          South San                                    Sciences Advisers,
Sutro Biopharma           Francisco       Later Stage      $16,500,000 undisclosed firm       Protein pharmaceuticals

                                                                       Sanderling Ventures,
TheraVida                 Mountain View Early Stage         $1,800,000 undisclosed firm     Pharmaceutical company

                                                                       Burrill & Company,
                                                                       Khosla Ventures,
Virdia                    Redwood City    Early Stage      $20,000,100 undisclosed firm      Biotechnology company
            Name               City          Stage         Amount            Investors       Business Description

                                                                       August Capital
                                                                       Baseline Ventures,
                                                                       Ventures, ONSET       Provides loyalty programs
Adara Media               Mountain View Expansion          $12,399,900 Ventures              to customers online

                                                                       Accel Partners,
AdRoll                    San Francisco   Expansion         $3,999,900 undisclosed firms     Online advertising solutions

                                                                       Bessemer Venture
                                                                       Partners, Crosslink
                                                                       Capital, Venrock      Online business-to-
Bizo                      San Francisco   Expansion         $9,999,900 Associates            business marketing

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                         Charles River
                                                                         Ventures, Felicis
                                                                         Ventures, SV Angel,
Blueprint Labs*            Palo Alto       Early Stage        $1,000,000 undisclosed firms      Applications developer

                                                                         Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                         Benchmark Capital,
                                                                         Duff Ackerman &
                                                                         Goodrich, Index
                                                                         Ventures, Khosla
                                                                         Ventures, New
                                                                         Associates,          Payments service for online
Boku                       San Francisco   Expansion         $35,000,000 Telefonica           purchases

                                                                         ONSET Ventures,
                                                                         Rembrandt Venture      Website and applications
BuySight                   Palo Alto       Early Stage        $8,000,000 Partners               promotional services

                                                                         New Enterprise
                                                                         Associates, Presidio   Real-time precision
Compass Labs               San Jose        Expansion          $6,000,000 STX                    targeting services

                                                                                                E-marketing strategies and
                                                                         Mission Ventures,      offers digital marketing
Eveo Communication Group   San Francisco   Later Stage        $9,162,000 undisclosed firm       solutions

                                                                         Norwest Venture
                                                                         Partners, Redpoint
                                                                         Ventures, Shasta
                                                                         Management, Trident
Extole                     San Francisco   Expansion         $10,000,000 Capital             Online marketing company

                                                                         Comcast Ventures,
                                                                         Foundry Group,
                                                                         Liberty Global         Performance-marketing
Integrate                  San Francisco   Early Stage       $11,000,000 Ventures               technology and solutions

Integrated Plasmonics*     Palo Alto       Startup/Seed       $3,538,000 Partnership            Products and services

                                                                         Andreessen Horowitz, Online and mobile payment
Jumio*                     Mountain View Early Stage         $25,556,000 undisclosed firm     solution

                                                                         Pond Venture           Online video advertising
LiveRail                   San Francisco   Expansion          $4,000,000 Partners               platform

                                                                         Almaz Capital
                                                                         Partners, Doughty
                                                                         Hanson & Co.,
nScaled                    San Francisco   Expansion          $6,999,900 undisclosed firm       Recovery-as-a-Service

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                           Benchmark Capital,
                                                                           Globespan Capital,
                                                                           Sigma Partners,
oDesk                        Redwood City    Later Stage       $15,000,100 undisclosed firm        Online workplace

PaperG                       San Francisco   Expansion          $2,312,000 LaunchCapital           Online advertising

                                                                           BV Capital, Freestyle
                                                                           Capital, Harrison      Billing solutions for
                                                                           Metal Capital, Polaris subscription-based
Recurly                      San Francisco   Early Stage        $3,706,000 Venture Partners       businesses

                                                                           Motorola Solutions      Hyperlocal marketing
RetaiLigence                 Redwood City    Early Stage        $2,600,000 Venture Capital         platform

                                                                           Javelin Venture
Skytree*                     San Jose        Early Stage        $1,500,000 Partners                Data analytics company

                                                                                                   Provides social networking
Thismoment                   San Francisco   Expansion            $500,000 Sierra Ventures         and media sharing services

                                                                           Atomico Ventures,
                                                                           Battery Ventures,
                                                                           Draper Fisher
                                                                           Jurvetson, Duff
                                                                           Ackerman &
                                                                           Goodrich, Greylock
                                                                           Partners, Index
                                                                           Ventures, QuestMark
                                                                           Partners, T. Rowe
                                                                           Price Threshold     Transactional advertising
TrialPay                     Mountain View Expansion           $39,999,600 Partnerships, Visa  solutions

                                                                           New Enterprise
                                                                           Associates,             Data management
WibiData*                    San Francisco   Startup/Seed       $6,974,000 undisclosed firm        solutions and services
            Name                  City          Stage          Amount             Investors        Business Description
                                                                                                   Online outdoor trail
AllTrails                    San Francisco   Early Stage          $990,000 CampVentures            information services

                                                                           Polaris Venture         Retirement income
ARIA Retirement Solutions*   San Francisco   Expansion          $4,000,000 Partners                solutions

                                                                           Ventures, KLab
                                                                           Ventures KK,
Beatrobo*                    San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $600,000 undisclosed firm        Online music community

                                                                           O'Reilly Alpha Tech                San Francisco   Expansion            $189,000 Ventures                Online retail store

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                        Foundation Capital,
                                                                        Insight Venture
                                                                        Partners, Kleiner
                                                                        Perkins Caufield &
                                                                        Byers, Lucas Venture
                                                                        Group, undisclosed Online textbook rental
Chegg                      Santa Clara     Later Stage      $24,982,800 firms                services

                                                                        Azure Capital
                                                                        Partners, California Online educational Holdings     Redwood City    Expansion         $3,500,000 Technology Ventures resources

                                                                        Kleiner Perkins
                                                                        Caufield & Byers,
                                                                        New Enterprise
                                                                        Associates, Stripes    Platform for online
Elance                     Mountain View Later Stage        $16,000,000 Group                  employment

                                                                        Felicis Ventures,
                                                                        Foundry Group,
                                                                        SoftTech VC, True
Fitbit                     San Francisco   Expansion         $2,069,200 Ventures               Fitness solution

Henley-Putnam University   San Jose        Later Stage       $1,500,000 Liberty Partners       Online degrees

                                                                        Shamrock Capital
                                                                        Advisors, undisclosed Distribution and marketing
Isolation Network          San Francisco   Later Stage       $5,000,000 firm                  services for content owners

                                                                        Aberdare Ventures,     Social network and digital
Jiff*                      Palo Alto       Early Stage       $7,500,000 Aeris Capital AG       health applications platform

                                                                        500 Startups,
                                                                        Comcast Ventures,
                                                                        Consigliere, Felicis
                                                                        Ventures, First Round
                                                                        Capital, Mayfield
                                                                        Fund, undisclosed
Kiwi Crate                 Mountain View Early Stage         $5,000,000 firm                  Hands-on activities for kids

                                                                        Big Sky Partners,
                                                                        Greenhouse Capital     Infant products and
Lifefactory                Sausalito       Expansion         $3,081,000 Partners               playthings

                                                                        Merus Capital          Online marketplace for
                                                                        Investment,            luxury designers and
ModeWalk                   San Mateo       Early Stage       $1,800,000 undisclosed firm       craftsmen

                                                                        TL Ventures,           English-language learning
Moonshoot                  Palo Alto       Expansion           $360,000 undisclosed firm       services for children

                                                                        Catamount Ventures,
                                                                        Catterton Partners,
Nest Collective            Emeryville      Expansion           $500,100 Prolog Ventures     Food products for kids

                                                                        ATA Ventures,          Interactive and engaging
PixyKids*                  Menlo Park      Early Stage       $3,000,000 undisclosed firm       social media platform

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                         Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                    Benchmark Capital,
                                                                    Duff Ackerman &
                                                                    Goodrich, Goldman
                                                                    Sachs & Co., Matrix
                                                                    Partners, undisclosed
Polyvore             Mountain View Expansion            $14,000,000 firm                  Online fashion community

                                                                                           Web-based Electronic
                                                                                           Medical Record system to
Practice Fusion      San Francisco   Expansion           $2,165,000 Undisclosed firm       physicians

                                                                    Charles River
                                                                    Ventures, Greylock
                                                                    Partners, Madrone
                                                                    Capital Partners, TPG Financial services for
Progress Financial   Menlo Park      Expansion          $18,400,000 Capital LP            Hispanic families

Quake Labs*          Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        $1,000,000 True Ventures          Products and services

                                                                    Draper Fisher
                                                                    Jurvetson,             Online personalized
Redux                Berkeley        Expansion             $960,000 undisclosed firm       entertainment

                                                                    Founder Collective,
                                                                    Freestyle Capital,
                                                                    Lerer Ventures, SV     Community-driven
                                                                    Angel, undisclosed     marketplace for sharing
Reloveit*            San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,299,900 firms, Y Combinator    rides

                                                                    DBL Investors,
                                                                    NewSchools Venture School food products and
Revolution Foods     Oakland         Expansion          $12,750,000 Fund, Westly Group services

                                                                                           Online legal services and
                                                                    Investor Growth        retail legal software
Rocket Lawyer        San Francisco   Expansion          $10,794,000 Capital                products

                                                                    Crosslink Capital,
                                                                    First Round Capital,
                                                                    InterWest Partners, Classmate network online
schoolFeed           San Mateo       Startup/Seed        $1,750,000 SK Telecom Ventures company

                                                                    Adobe Systems,         Web-based project
Scrybe               San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,009,000 undisclosed firm       management tool

                                                                    Bain Capital, Bain     Extended warranty services
SquareTrade          San Francisco   Later Stage       $238,000,000 Capital Ventures       for electronics

                                                                    Founders Fund,         Online platform for beauty
StyleSeat*           San Francisco   Early Stage           $775,200 undisclosed firms      and wellness professionals

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                          Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                    AOL Ventures, Alara
                                                                    Capital Partners,
                                                                    Baseline Ventures,
                                                                    True Ventures,
TastemakerX           San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,799,700 undisclosed firms   Social game platform

                                                                    Javelin Venture
                                                                    Partners, MHS
                                                                    Capital Management, Marketplace and review site
Thumbtack             San Francisco   Early Stage        $4,500,000 , undisclosed firm  for local services

                                                                    Novak Biddle Venture
UniversityNow         San Francisco   Early Stage        $2,000,000 Partners             Online education services

                                                                                           Online real estate
VivaReal              Sebastopol      Early Stage        $3,699,900 Undisclosed firm       marketplace

                                                                    Forerunner Ventures,
                                                                    Greylock Partners,
                                                                    Harrison Metal
                                                                    Capital, Polaris
Wantful*              San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,500,000 Venture Partners     Online gift-giving service

                                                                    Fontinalis Partners,   Automotive sales and
Wheelz*               Palo Alto       Early Stage       $13,700,000 undisclosed firm       leasing services

                                                                    Angels' Forum & the
                                                                    Halo Fund, Kohlberg
                                                                    Ventures, U.S.      Locks that use word
Wordlock              Santa Clara     Expansion            $300,000 Venture Partners    combinations

                                                                    Capricorn Investment
                                                                    Group, Charles River
                                                                    CrunchFund, Draper
                                                                    Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                    Emergence Capital
                                                                    Partners, Founders
                                                                    Fund, Khosla
                                                                    Ventures, Meritech
                                                                    Capital Partners,
                                                                    Partnership, U.S.
                                                                    Venture Partners,    Social networking services
Yammer                San Francisco   Expansion         $85,000,400 undisclosed firm     for enterprise
            Name           City           Stage         Amount            Investors        Business Description

Ardica Technologies   San Francisco   Later Stage        $1,875,000 Undisclosed firm       Engineering company

                                                                    Band of Angels,
Defixo*               Menlo Park      Startup/Seed         $200,000 undisclosed firm       Tablet products

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                              Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                        DCM, Sofinnova
ENOVIX                    Fremont         Expansion         $13,117,000 Ventures               Lithium-ion batteries

                                                                        Aeris Capital AG,
                                                                        DBL Investors,
                                                                        Keating Capital,
                                                                        Qualcomm Ventures,
                                                                        Scale Venture
                                                                        Partners, TransLink
                                                                        Capital, VantagePoint Paper-based multimedia
Livescribe                Oakland         Expansion          $3,300,000 Capital Partners      pen-top applications

                                                                        Braemar Energy
                                                                        Ventures, Low          Provides network-controlled
                                                                        Carbon Accelerator,    lighting management
Lumenergi                 Newark          Expansion          $6,200,000 Noventi                solutions

                                                                        U.S. Venture
                                                                        Partners, undisclosed Lithography products
Maskless Lithography      San Jose        Later Stage        $2,812,000 firm                  manufacturer

                                                                        DFJ Athena, Mitsui &
                                                                        Co. Global
                                                                        Investment, Samsung
                                                                        Venture Investment,
MoBeam                    San Francisco   Expansion          $1,500,000             Patented technology

                                                                        New Enterprise
                                                                        Associates, Northern Multitouch interface
Sentons                   Sunnyvale       Startup/Seed          $75,000 Light Venture Capital technology
             Name              City          Stage          Amount            Investors        Business Description

                                                                        Andreessen Horowitz, Noise cancellation
AliphCom                  San Francisco   Later Stage       $24,318,000 Khosla Ventures      technology

                                                                        Clearstone Venture
                                                                        Partners, Kleiner
                                                                        Perkins Caufield &
                                                                        Byers, True Ventures,
AOptix Technologies       Campbell        Later Stage       $42,050,900 undisclosed firm      Adaptive optics technology

                                                                        Cipio Partners, Core
                                                                        Capital Partners, Intel
                                                                        Capital, Morgan         4G backhaul and gigabit
                                                                        Creek Capital           wireless connectivity
BridgeWave Communications Santa Clara     Later Stage        $9,746,000 Management              solutions

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                            Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                       Foundation Capital,
                                                                       GGV Capital, New
                                                                       Associates, Pelion
                                                                       Venture Partners,
                                                                       Time Warner           Video distribution via
Conviva                 San Mateo       Expansion          $15,000,100 Investments           Internet

                                                                       Atlantic Bridge,
                        South San                                      Crescendo Venture     Multi-screen Video-Over-
Envivio                 Francisco       Later Stage         $1,500,000 Management            Internet Protocol delivery

                                                                       Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                       Ignition Partners,
                                                                       undisclosed firms, Y Enterprise technology for
Flotype*                Berkeley        Early Stage         $1,400,000 Combinator           real-time messaging

                                                                       Relay Ventures,       Cloud-hosted messaging
PubNub                  San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,500,000 undisclosed firm      service

                                                                       Firelake Capital
                                                                       Investor Growth
                                                                       Capital AB, Meritech
                                                                       Capital Partners,
                                                                       Mobile Internet
                                                                       Capital, Motorola
                                                                       Mobility Ventures,
                                                                       Sequoia Capital,
                                                                       SingTel Innov8 Pte,
                                                                       Sutter Hill Ventures,
                                                                       T-Venture Holding,    Technologies and products
                                                                       TELUS Ventures, WK for the home media network
Ruckus Wireless         Sunnyvale       Later Stage        $21,699,700 Technology Fund       market

                                                                      Relay Ventures,        Mobile travel-related
WorldMate               Palo Alto       Later Stage          $505,000 undisclosed firm       services
            Name             City          Stage           Amount           Investors        Business Description

                                                                       GSR Ventures,
                                                                       Phoenix Venture       Transparent electrode
C3Nano                  Hayward         Early Stage         $6,700,000 Partners              materials

                                                                       Samsung Venture       Electronic materials for the
Cambrios Technologies   Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $5,000,000 Investment            display industry

                                                                       Mitsui & Co. Global
                                                                       Ventures, TEL
                                                                       Venture Capital,
EnerVault               Sunnyvale       Startup/Seed        $7,000,000 undisclosed firms     Energy storage solutions

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                        Band of Angels,
Fin Quiver*                 Fremont       Expansion          $1,000,000 undisclosed firm       Snap lock fasteners

                                                                        3M New Ventures,
                                                                        Clean Pacific
HydroNovation               Santa Cruz    Early Stage        $3,050,000 Ventures               Water treatment company

                                                                        Firelake Capital
                                                                        Management, Kleiner
                                                                        Perkins Caufield &
                                                                        Byers, VantagePoint Copper indium gallium
MiaSole                     Santa Clara   Later Stage       $54,999,900 Capital Partners    diselenide solar cells

                                                                        Aeris Capital AG,
                                                                        Mohr Davidow
                                                                        Ventures, OnPoint      Thin film solar cells and
Nanosolar                   San Jose      Later Stage       $20,000,100 Technologies           panels

                                                                                               Renewable energy through
Pasteurization Technology                                                                      wastewater disinfection
Group*                      San Leandro   Expansion          $1,000,000 EIC Ventures           process

                                                                        Greener Capital
                                                                        Partners, New Cycle Energy monitoring and
People Power Company        Palo Alto     Early Stage          $989,000 Capital             control solutions

                                                                        Chrysalix Venture
                                                                        Capital, Foundation    Clean solutions for the
Purfresh                    Fremont       Later Stage        $4,000,000 Capital                global food supply chain

                                                                        Technology Ventures,
                                                                        Draper Fisher
                                                                        Jurvetson, New
Solar Junction              San Jose      Expansion         $19,200,000 undisclosed firm     Solar cells and receivers

                                                                        DBL Investors, J. F.
                                                                        Shea Co., Silver
                                                                        Lake, undisclosed
                                                                        firm, Valor Equity     Solar power system
SolarCity                   San Mateo     Expansion         $66,000,000 Partners               installation services

                                                                        Acero Capital, DBL
                                                                        Investors, Trident
Solexant                    San Jose      Expansion             $30,000 Capital                Solar cells

                                                                        Brightpath Capital
                                                                        Partners, Firelake
                                                                        Capital Management,
                                                                        Greener Capital
Sungevity                   Oakland       Expansion         $11,991,000 Partners            Solar panel installer

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                            Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                       Accel Partners,       Intelligent energy
Vigilent*               El Cerrito      Later Stage         $6,700,000 undisclosed firm      management systems

                                                                       Invus Group,
Zero Motorcycles        Scotts Valley   Expansion           $2,200,000 undisclosed firm      Electric motorcycles
            Name              City         Stage           Amount            Investors       Business Description

                                                                                             Energy management
Akros Silicon           Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $2,000,000 U.S. Venture Partners semiconductor devices

                                                                       DCM, VantagePoint     LED lighting technologies
BridgeLux               Livermore       Later Stage        $40,925,000 Capital Partners      and solutions

                                                                       Benchmark Capital,
                                                                       Duff Ackerman &       Software for electronic
D2S                     San Jose        Expansion          $12,663,000 Goodrich              products

                                                                       InterWest Partners,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins       Visualization technology for
Invuity                 San Francisco   Expansion           $2,000,000 Caufield & Byers      the invasive surgery

                                                                       August Capital        Silicon, modules, software
Magnum Semiconductors   Milpitas        Later Stage         $2,000,000 Management            and Internet protocol

                                                                       Ventures, Sequoia
                                                                       Capital, Sigma
R2 Semiconductor        Sunnyvale       Startup/Seed       $10,058,100 Partners              Semiconductor chips

                                                                       Harris & Harris
                                                                       Group, Phoenix
                                                                       Venture Partners,
Senova Systems*         Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $6,699,900 undisclosed firm      Solid state ph sensor

                                                                       Oak Investment
                                                                       Partners, Worldview Software-configurable
Stretch                 Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $5,068,000 Technology Partners processors

                                                                       Highland Capital
                                                                       Partners, Juniper     Scalable flash memory
                                                                       Networks, SAP         array for data center
Violin Memory           Mountain View Expansion            $32,346,000 Ventures, Toshiba     storage
            Name              City         Stage           Amount            Investors       Business Description

                                                                       Crosslink Capital,    Social technologies for e-
500Friends*             San Francisco   Early Stage         $5,986,000 Intel Capital         commerce Websites

                                                                       500 Startups,
                                                                       CrunchFund, Felicis
                                                                       Ventures, Kapor
955 Dreams*             Mountain View Early Stage           $3,250,000 Capital, m8 Capital   Mobile publishing company

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                              Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                         Cardinal Venture
                                                                         Capital, Clairmont
                                                                         Capital, Monitor
                                                                         Venture Associates,
                                                                         Norwest Venture
                                                                         Partners, ONSET        Business management
Adaptive Planning         Mountain View Later Stage          $22,127,000 Ventures               solutions

                                                                         Adara Venture
                                                                         Partners, Trident      Security information and
                                                                         Capital, undisclosed   event management (SEIM)
AlienVault                Campbell        Expansion           $8,000,000 firm                   solutions

                                                                         Granite Ventures,
                                                                         Shasta Ventures
                                                                         Management,            Cloud-based modeling
Anaplan*                  San Francisco   Expansion          $11,408,100 undisclosed firm       platform

                                                                         GGV Capital, General
                                                                         Atlantic, Sequoia    Software-as-a-Service
Appirio                   San Mateo       Expansion          $60,000,000 Capital              solutions            San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,000,000 Foundry Group          Email software

                                                                         Foundation Capital,
Averail*                  Menlo Park      Early Stage         $6,000,000 Storm Ventures         Mobile applications

                                                                         Undisclosed firm,
Ayla Networks*            Sunnyvale       Startup/Seed        $5,500,000 Voyager Capital        Cloud connectivity solutions

                                                                         Azure Capital          Social games for online and
Breaktime Studios*        San Francisco   Early Stage        $11,538,000 Partners               mobile platforms

                                                                         Altos Ventures,
                                                                         Battery Ventures,
                                                                         Illuminate Ventures,   Search Engine Optimization
BrightEdge Technologies   San Mateo       Expansion          $12,600,000 Intel Capital          (SEO) Management

                                                                         Accel Partners,
                                                                         Felicis Ventures,
                                                                         Greylock Partners,
                                                                         Morado Venture
                                                                         Management, SV         Application programming
                                                                         Angel, Webb            interface for the payment
CardSpring                Palo Alto       Early Stage        $10,000,000 Investment Network     network

                                                                         Ziegler Alternative
Certify Data Systems      San Jose        Later Stage         $3,359,000 Investments            Data exchange solutions

                                                                         JAFCO Co., Kleiner
                                                                         Perkins Caufield &
Devicescape Software      San Bruno       Later Stage         $2,970,000 Byers                  Wifi offload company

                                                                                                Electronic health records
drchrono                  Mountain View Early Stage           $2,799,900 Undisclosed firms      platform

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                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                       Pitango Venture
DudaMobile*              Palo Alto       Early Stage        $6,000,000 Capital                 Mobile-friendly websites

                                                                       Harmony Partners,
                                                                       NewSchools Venture
                                                                       Fund, Tugboat
                                                                       Ventures,          Blended learning solutions
Education Elements       Palo Alto       Early Stage        $6,000,000 undisclosed firms  for schools

                                                                      Rembrandt Venture        Infrastructure development
Electric Cloud           Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $598,000 Partners                 process tools

                                                                       Founder Collective,
                                                                       LaunchCapital,          Technology platform
Employ Insight*          San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,050,000 undisclosed firm        developer

                                                                      NewSchools Venture Platform for teachers,
Enome*                   Mountain View Early Stage           $250,000 Fund               parents and students

                                                                       Alloy Ventures, Bay
                                                                       Partners, QuestMark Carrier management and
Ensenda                  San Francisco   Later Stage        $1,800,900 Partners            logistics services

                                                                       August Capital
                                                                       Management,             Builds next-generation
Free Stream Media*       San Francisco   Early Stage        $7,837,000 undisclosed firm        television experiences

Glooko*                  Palo Alto       Early Stage        $3,500,000 undisclosed firm        Applications developer

                                                                       Foundation Capital,
                                                                       Mohr Davidow
                                                                       Ventures, Trinity
GridIron Systems         Sunnyvale       Expansion         $13,000,000 Ventures                Plug-and-play systems

                                                                       Capricorn Investment
                                                                       Group, U.S. Venture Software for cardiovascular
HeartFlow                Redwood City    Expansion         $10,000,000 Partners             applications

                                                                       Allegis Capital,
                                                                       Private Equity          Direct sales and technology
                                                                       Investors, Sid R.       solutions to the wine
Inertia Beverage Group   Napa            Later Stage        $3,500,100 Bass Associates         industry

                                                                       Rembrandt Venture       Software-as-a-service
InsideView               San Francisco   Expansion             $62,000 Partners                company

                                                                       Benchmark Capital,      Machine-to-machine mobile
Jasper Wireless          Mountain View Later Stage         $20,000,000 Sequoia Capital         operator

                                                                       Seapoint Ventures,      Broadband access
                                                                       Sutter Hill Ventures,   networks to mobile
Kineto Wireless          Milpitas        Later Stage        $3,003,000 Venrock Associates      operators

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                        Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                  Granite Ventures,
                                                                  Shasta Ventures
                                                                  Management,           Search solution
Lucid Imagination   Redwood City    Expansion          $6,000,000 Walden                development platforms

Machine Zone        Palo Alto       Expansion          $8,000,000 Menlo Ventures        Mobile games

                                                                  Benchmark Capital,
                                                                  Crosslink Capital,
                                                                  Duff Ackerman &
                                                                  Goodrich, SAP
                                                                  Ventures, Temasek
                                                                  Holdings Pte,
                                                                  Triangle Peak         Search management
Marin Software      San Francisco   Expansion         $30,000,000 Partners              applications

                                                                  ATA Ventures,
                                                                  Oakstone Venture
                                                                  Partners, Thomvest    Social networking
Milyoni             Pleasanton      Expansion         $11,000,100 Ventures              applications for retailers

                                                                  Hummer Winblad
                                                                  Venture Partners,
                                                                  Lightspeed Venture
                                                                  Morgenthaler          Integration platform for
MuleSoft            San Francisco   Later Stage       $15,000,000 Ventures              cloud and enterprise

                                                                  Metamorphic           Indoor micro-location
Nearbuy Systems     Menlo Park      Early Stage        $1,532,000 Ventures              solutions

                                                                  Altos Ventures,       Online search-based
NetBase Solutions   Mountain View Later Stage          $3,100,000 Thomvest Ventures     research tools

                                                                  Javelin Venture
                                                                  Partners, Menlo
                                                                  Ventures, Razor's
                                                                  Edge Management,
                                                                  Sierra Ventures,
Nexenta Systems     Santa Clara     Expansion         $21,000,000 TransLink Capital     Storage software solutions

                                                                 Austral Capital,
                                                                 Madrona Venture        3D electromagnetic
Nimbic              Mountain View Early Stage           $444,000 Group                  solutions

                                                                  Lightspeed Venture
                                                                  Partners, Norwest     Cloud networking software
Pertino*            Cupertino       Early Stage        $9,113,000 Venture Partners      company

                                                                                        Instant voice messaging
                                                                                        services to mobile phone
Pinger              San Jose        Expansion          $7,500,000 T-Venture Holding     users

                                                                  Cardinal Venture
                                                                  Capital, Coral Group,
                                                                  Menlo Ventures,
                                                                  Scale Venture         Mobile entertainment
PlayPhone           San Jose        Later Stage       $67,247,200 Partners              content provider

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                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                        New Enterprise          Online application service
SCI Solutions             Los Gatos       Later Stage        $1,013,000 Associates              provider

                                                                        Draper Fisher
                                                                        Jurvetson, Westly
Scientific Conservation   San Francisco   Expansion          $8,000,000 Group                   Energy efficiency software

                                                                                                Data management, storage
SenSage                   Redwood City    Later Stage          $179,000 Canaan Partners         and analysis platform

                                                                        Coral Group, Draper
                                                                        Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                        Hatteras Venture
                                                                        Partners, Hercules
                                                                        Technology Growth
                                                                        Capital, Sigma          Multimedia software
Sharpcast                 San Mateo       Expansion         $15,000,000 Partners                platform

                                                                        Foundry Group, True
Sifteo                    San Francisco   Early Stage        $3,000,000 Ventures            Downloadable games

                                                                        Lightspeed Venture
                                                                        Partners, Matrix
                                                                        Partners, Trinity
                                                                        Ventures, Verizon       Mobile web browser
Skyfire Labs              Mountain View Expansion            $7,270,000 Ventures                technology

                                                                        Mayfield Fund,          Free social recruiting
SmartRecruiters*          San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,000,000 undisclosed firm        platform

                                                                        Bain Capital
                                                                        Ventures,               Social commerce game
sneakpeeq                 San Francisco   Early Stage        $2,670,000 undisclosed firm        software

                                                                                                Cloud-based testing
Soasta                    Mountain View Expansion              $964,000 Canaan Partners         solutions

                                                                                                Social productivity
                                                                        Undisclosed firm,       networking tool used by
Spigit                    Pleasanton      Expansion          $7,200,000 Warburg Pincus          companies

                                                                        True Ventures,          Web-based software for
Stitch Labs*              San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,102,000 undisclosed firm        designers

                                                                        Flybridge Capital
                                                                        Partners, New
                                                                        Associates,             Identity access control
Stormpath*                San Mateo       Early Stage        $1,500,000 undisclosed firm        service

                                                                        Greylock Partners,      Information technology and
                                                                        Sutter Hill Ventures,   security management
Sumo Logic                Mountain View Early Stage         $15,000,000 undisclosed firm        services

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                            Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                                      Azure Capital
                                                                      Partners, Canaan
                                                                      Partners, StarVest    Software company offering
Switchfly               San Francisco   Later Stage       $15,000,000 Partners              travel products

                                                                      Bullpen Capital, True
                                                                      Ventures,             Software-as-a-service and
Tello                   Palo Alto       Early Stage        $1,299,900 undisclosed firm      mobile application company

                                                                      August Capital
                                                                      Management, Coates
                                                                      Myer & Co., Tenaya
                                                                      Capital, U.S. Venture Fraud control device
ThreatMetrix            San Jose        Expansion         $18,000,000 Partners              solutions

                                                                     Horizon Ventures,      Internet information
Trapit                  Palo Alto       Early Stage         $425,000 SRI                    discovery services

                                                                      500 Startups, SV
                                                                      Angel, undisclosed
                                                                      firms, venture51
Trigger*                San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,000,000 Capital Fund          Mobile applications

                                                                      Bertelsmann Capital,
                                                                      Teachers' Private    Gaming software and
Trion Worlds            Redwood City    Expansion         $85,104,000 Capital              original entertainment

                                                                      Alloy Ventures,
                                                                      Citicorp Venture
                                                                      Capital, Draper Fisher
                                                                      Jurvetson, EDB
                                                                      Investments, First
                                                                      Data, Motorola
                                                                      Mobility Ventures,
                                                                      Motorola Solutions
                                                                      Venture Capital,
                                                                      Nokia Growth
                                                                      Partners, SingTel
                                                                      Innov8, undisclosed Wireless payment software
ViVOtech                Santa Clara     Later Stage        $4,772,000 firms                  and chips solutions

                                                                      Blackstone Group,
                                                                      Gemini Israel Funds,
                                                                      Shasta Ventures
                                                                      Management,          Document control, tracking
WatchDox Technologies   Mountain View Expansion            $9,000,000 undisclosed firm     and protection services

                                                                      Lightspeed Venture
                                                                      Partners, Pitango
                                                                      Venture Capital,
WeFi                    Menlo Park      Expansion          $9,999,900 undisclosed firm      Open Wi-Fi networks

                                                                                            Management tools for cloud-
XDN                     San Mateo       Early Stage         $669,000 Canaan Partners        based service

                                                                      Rembrandt Venture
Yoink Games             Redwood City    Early Stage        $1,496,000 Partners              Gaming software

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               Venture Capital Funding Survey, First Quarter 2012

                                                        First Round Capital,
                                                        Harrison Metal
                                                        Capital, Intel Capital,
                                                        Physic Ventures,
                                                        undisclosed firms,      Food-oriented social
Yummly     Palo Alto      Early Stage        $5,999,700 Unilever Ventures       networking site

                                                        Rembrandt Venture      Mobile device management
Zenprise   Redwood City   Later Stage          $130,000 Partners               software provider

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