DEBATE: Advantages and disadvantages of the electronic media by abpoet


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									This is the era of information technology. The old methods of providing information, such as the radio,
newspapers and television are gradually losing their importance in contrast to the computer. Quite rapidly
they are giving way to computers and the Internet, which have also come to be included in the electronic

Not only do these advances spread news and information at the speed of lightening, they also store
detailed information, and millions of facts and theories. There are various kinds of computers for handling
all this work and they are not just being used in offices by businessmen and industrialists, they are also
big with children, housewives and educational institutions. With the turn of a key or by pressing a button
these sophisticated machines can give you detailed information on and about anything in the universe, on
your screen.

You can find out about common diseases and their complications and treatment too. It is now possible for
the patients, too, to themselves consult the best specialists on any disease they may be suffering from.

The radio is also one of the best (useful too) inventions that is also included in the electronic media. And
then there is the television, which is a vast media. It has the ability to bring together diverse groups of
people. Perhaps not as great as the Internet, it too is a good source of information.

But for all the advantages, there are also a few disadvantages. Turning the volume too high on your radio
or television set can lead to noise pollution. Disturbing others while you are having fun isn’t such a nice
thing to do. Then keeping your eyes constantly glued to the screen can also affect your eyesight. The
Internet can be quite dangerous too if you choose to get lost in the huge electronic jungle out there. It’s a
jungle with wolves prowling, and you as innocent as Red Riding Hood. The wolves may sometimes stop
you from reaching grandma’s house! So be very careful to not lose your way and not make friends with

Too much use of the electronic media may also expose the users to dangerous radiation which is lethally
harmful to the human body. Still it would not be right to bring these extremely useful advances to a halt,
as the side effects of these useful developments can be avoided by careful and controlled usage.

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