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					_________________________________________________________________________ __________ COMPANY NAME : CARITOR (ITS) -----------------------------------------------------------DATE OF TEST : 2003 -----------------------------------------------------------PLACE OF TEST: -----------------------------------------------------------MODE : Off-campus -----------------------------------------------------------DURATION : _________________________________________________________________________ __________

-----Original Message----From: satya1010 Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 4:43 PM To: Subject: [CHETANA] (Job) I got through Caritor (formerly IT solutions) (pattern) Hi guys First of all i would like to thank chetna for wonderful work they are doing. frds ,i made it to IT solutions ,got offerletter yesterday , i ve to join monday 24 bangalore, their recruitment pattern is online test, followed by GD and tech inteview, written 30 ques aptitude,30 ques c or c++(u ve choice) one hour duration,paper was simple aptitude RS agg kind ,c,c++ basics (lot of ques on pointers ),but written i guess was there main elimination round ,out 600 wrote test last fri sat only 53 got through ,after that GD ,groupof 8 , they will allow the group to select the topic, they will give the chance for tech interview even if u were not too good in GD ,out of 8 ,5 got call for tech interview from my group, tech interview was morelike HR ,but make sure u write only those things in ur resume what u know, i had written compiler design in my resume (that we normally do to increase no of pages ) he asked two ques from that ,though smple ,but more or less they will check basic skills, they r also strict abt soft skills,if u got through it,u ll get offer letter. and last but not the least package is good 2.4lk (20 k per month) cool isnt?? it seems their requirement is in numbers (chk news /event) for test.Best of luck. happiness always Satya

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