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									_________________________________________________________________________ __________ COMPANY NAME : CARITOR (ITS) -----------------------------------------------------------DATE OF TEST : 2003 -----------------------------------------------------------PLACE OF TEST: -----------------------------------------------------------MODE : Off-campus -----------------------------------------------------------DURATION : _________________________________________________________________________ __________ -----Original Message----From: Arun Dudani Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2003 12:58 PM To: Subject: [CHETANA] (INFO) Caritor Hi! Thanks to all of you people at CHETANA for ur wishes and advice! I got lots of queries regarding patterns in Caritor, so here's the information i have: For freshers their is online test ( C or Java as you choose & Apti). After this their is technical interview round. Interviewer will only ask u questions on topic u r comfortable with. I got interviewed on C,C++ & VC++ and some details regarding to my current project. After that there's HR round. For experienced people their is no online test, directly interview. _________________________________________________________________________ __________ Visit: "" for Previous Papers -------------------------------------------------------------------You have downloaded this Paper from "CHETANA-JOBS" Yahoo Group -------------------------------------------------------------------To directly subscribe through e-mail, just send a blank mail to : -------------------------------------------------------------------To unsubscribe from this group, send a blank email to: -------------------------------------------------------------------To learn more about the CHETANA-JOBS group, please visit: _________________________________________________________________________ __________

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