of Pine River Pond and its environs by bAOnvJK


									                                                               are used by multiple households, and we don’t have any
                                                               problem with multiple members from a household. We all
                                                               share the lake and have many common concerns.

                                                               BURNING PERMITS:
                                                               Required for brush burning. Permits are available from Chief
                                                               Todd Nason on St. Anthony’s Ave in Sanbornville and
                                                               Rhodie Haskell at State Line Garage on Rte 153 in E.
                                                               Wakefield . Generally one can only burn brush WITH A
                                                               PERMIT if it is raining. Campfires require seasonal permits
                                                               too. It’s free, but fines can be imposed if you don’t have one.
             P. R. P. Association, Inc.                        GOLF TOURNAMENT:
          P.O. Box 98, E. Wakefield, NH 03830                  Friday, July 7, 2005 8:00 a.m. start. This fun event will be
            Website: www.pineriverpond.org                     held at Province Lake Country Club. 8:00 a.m. shotgun start.
                                                               Scramble format. For information and signup call Don
            “Dedicated to promoting the welfare                Cormier 603-522-3292. Field is limited to 72 so don’t wait
            of Pine River Pond and its environs.”              until the last minute! It’s always a great time. Prizes too!

 President              Jim Guiod               522-6588       ADAM GOLDSMITH MEMORIAL TRIATHLON:
 1st Vice President     Don Cormier             522-3292       This second annual event will be held on the Sunday of
 2nd Vice President     John Sullivan           522-6762
                                                               Labor Day weekend (9/3/2006). More details in next
 Corresponding Sec’y    Teresa Haley            522-3858
 Recording Sec’y        Laureen Sullivan        522-6762       newsletter or contact Erika Lee at tri4adam@yahoo.com
 Treasurer              Howie Knight            522-3097
 Newsletter Editor      Bob Lundgren            522-8235       ANNUAL MEETING: Sat., July 8, 9:30 a.m.
                                                               This important meeting will be held in the yards of Mary
             MAY 2006 NEWSLETTER                               Richards and Goldsmith’s on Olde Pine Road. We have a
                                                               wonderful association and this gives a great opportunity to
GOODBYE WINTER:                                                meet friends, neighbors and hear first hand what’s happening
After a cold, snowy start, with a few inches even before       in our special neighborhood, PRP clothing, maps, books and
Thanksgiving and more cold and snow in early December          assorted literature will be available. Be sure to bring your
the winter ‘wimped out’. The cold was followed by two or       own chair and dress for the weather for comfort.
three ‘thaws’ with little additional snow. Snow sports were
limited with some snowmobiles and cross country skiis          PRP BOARD NOMINATIONS
never leaving storage. The good news was that with high        The current PRP Board’s term is expiring this year and a
energy costs it made heating bills more bearable.              Nominating Committee (consisting of past PRP Presidents) is
                                                               looking for candidates for board positions! Please advise
WHAT HAPPENED THIS SPRING?                                     Mary Richards (522-8527) of your recommendations.
With minimal snow-pack, there was concern there would
be inadequate runoff to fill the lake. As a result boards      FIREWORKS - Saturday July 8 – Rain date: July 15:
were placed in the dam earlier than normal. The Water          Mark the date and hope for favorable weather. We will use
Resources Board makes the final decisions about the lake       the Michawanic Village Beach again, which is the ONLY
level and it’s always tricky. If the lake comes up too fast,   suitable place on the lake to have this annual show. Thanks
the ice sheet can roam around and damage docks. If the         for their hospitality! Chairman for this event is Pete
lake is brought up too slowly we could experience a low        Congdon (522-6635) who agreed to coordinate this for a
lake all summer IF the Spring is not rainy. Anyway the lake    seventh year. As many know, this is can be a tough event to
was down nearly two feet in late April but bit by bit it is    plan and the actual shoot can be cancelled as late as midday
coming up.                                                     depending on weather conditions.           As always, the
                                                               Association tries for bigger and better – as this is such a
JIM McROBBIE MEMORIAL ICE OUT CONTEST:                         crowd-pleasing event. Last year was outstanding!        It all
Dave Lee, “Ice Out Chairman” reported the ice went out         depends on your donations – so when you are making out
April 2. A winner, Bob LaPointe was announced but later it     your dues check, please consider making a generous
was discovered that Ken Jeffrey was closer being within        fireworks contribution at the same time and send it EARLY.
minutes of the announced ice-out. The Officers graciously      We have contracted for a $6,000. show, but if enough money
awarded first prize to both men.                               comes in we can up the ante up to a week before. Last year
                                                               we had a $7,000 show.
Enclosed is a preprinted membership renewal form. The          ICE CREAM & More at the PRP “STORE”:
“easy-to renew” format encourages its quick return along       Boni McRobbie introduced the sale of ice cream from her
with your dues and fireworks contribution. Treasurer           place three summers ago and she’s decided to bring it back
Howie Knight noted that each year fireworks contributions      again this year! So, you may wish to start carrying a bit of
grow. However, those road associations that collect dues       change in your boat for a cool treat on a hot summer day.
for the PRP Assn as well as their own, might NOT               Stop by when the OPEN flag is flying on the dock. As
necessarily collect fireworks money or at least not on a       always, the “Store” will have fresh stock of tees, sweatshirts,
timely basis. Therefore for those who wish to support the      jackets, etcetera. New tee colors: pastel yellow and
fireworks, please mail in your contribution directly to our    lavender. New this year: logo embroidered pullover hooded
PO Box as soon as possible. Thanks! One of the headaches       sweatshirts in navy and grey – adult sizes S-XL. Always
for the fireworks organizers is not knowing how much           popular are tee shirts, sweat shirts, polo shirts, hats, canvas
money to commit. The more money we have in hand two            totes (all with PRP logo) in an assortment of colors and sizes.
weeks prior to the fireworks the better the show.              Check out all the offerings on the website at
                                                               www.pineriverpond.org. Original water color artwork and
We’d like to e x p a n d our membership base. If you have      prints by Maureen McCarthy will be offered together with a
a new neighbor, spread the word! Also since many cottages      Seven Lakes Coloring Book for Kids.
Other surprises may appear by Summer! Boni and her               intersection ‘sight lines’ will likely be improved this fall.
family provide a wonderful volunteer service to benefit our      This involves altering the hill on the N.E. corner of the
association. Please be sure to thank them when you visit!        intersection to improve view of traffic.
Questions, special request? Call Boni at 522-6881 or 978
352-6098.                                                        The recent fatal accident on Rte 16 at this intersection did not
                                                                 involve traffic entering or exiting Pine River Pond Rd., but
E-MAIL SERVICES :                                                indicates that this stretch of Rte 16 is extremely dangerous
Contact Dave Lee Sr and he will “broadcast” information .        and that there is an ‘an accident waiting to happen’ at this
Simply e-mail        him at      prpassociation@rcn.com.         intersection! We informed Mr. Morrill that we were
Appropriate requests would be “lost and found” or other          extremely displeased with the lack of progress on this project.
time-sensitive information and must be lake-related. To be       Lois has really worked hard on this major safety concern and
added to or deleted from the e-mail “tree”, simply e-mail        a motion was passed unanimously at our Spring Meeting, that
Dave. If you want a PRP Assn membership application              yours truly should write a letter to senior officials in Concord
Dave can e-mail it to you or it can be accessed from our         stating the safety concerns and our displeasure with the lack
website.                                                         of progress on this approved project. More to follow!

New PRP WEBSITE: ( www.pineriverpond.org)                        BOATING & FISHING READINESS:
Check it out and put it on your list of favorites. Dave Lee      Don’t forget to register your boat and comply with safety
JR did a wonderful job and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.           requirements. See www.nhmarinepatrol for details. If you
                                                                 fish, get your license for that too. Info on laws and fees is
LOON REPORT:                                                     available at www.wildlife.state.nh.us . Please note that the
The loons are back! I understand they were first spotted         town clerk can handle both of these transactions.
even before the ice was off the lake. Since Baron Fryer and
his wife Sally retired to Florida, “Loon Ranger” duties will     MILFOIL AND EXOTIC PLANTS:
be organized by Judy Congdon & Barbara Pinch.                    Fortunately we still remain free of exotic plants but we must
                                                                 continue to be vigilant. It is believed the most common way
BOATING SAFETY COURSE:                                           these spread are by weed remnants on boats and trailers that
Completing this course and possessing a certificate will be      are brought in to PRP after having been on infected lakes.
MANDATORY by 1/1/08 for all. This will be required to            PRP has no public access but many private access points. Be
operate a boat with power in excess of 25 HP. Those born         sure those who use your site have cleaned their trailers, hulls
on or after 1/1/57 must now be certified by 1/1/07. There        and motors, especially if they have recently been in another
are classes given in various towns but also can be done          lake. We’ll have another weed watch in July which will be
ON-LINE, via a home study option, plus other variations          explained in the next newsletter.
for visitors or exemptions for holders of out-of state
NASBLA approved certificates. Call 888-254-2125 or log           LIGHT POLLUTION:
onto http://state.nh.us/safety/ss/boatedla.html for details on   Please look at the position of your outdoor lights to see that
all the boating laws. This is too complex to address in the      too much light doesn’t shine out onto the lake. Excess light
space provided here.                                             interferes with night vision if one is driving a boat plus the
                                                                 beautiful night sky is obscured.
The following articles on mercury & Rte 16 were submitted by
Jim Guiod, President PRP Assn:                                   WAKEFIELD PRIDE DAY
                                                                 If you’re around on Saturday May 20, drive down to
MERCURY UPDATE                                                   Sanbornville and check out the goings-on in town. Events
A year ago, Robbie Nason contributed a perch and Howie           happen all day with a late morning parade. Watch the local
Knight delivered to Dept of Environmental Services (DES)         papers for details.
in Concord for mercury testing. We were told that test
results would be available at the end of the year but that       WATER TESTING DATES:
didn’t happen! Apparently DES was really backed up with          Barry Fryer, Baron’s son will facilitate private camp water
hundreds of samples waiting analysis. Anyway, after some         testing. Call him for sterilized bottles and instructions.
prodding, we finally got a report from Scott Ashley/DES          Normally he needs the water the day before the testing dates.
that the perch tested at a ‘wet mercury weight of .333           Testing dates are to be determined. His phone is 522-8555.
mg/kg’. I compared that sample with others samples taken
from PRP over the past ten years. This perch tested as one       TRIVIA:
of the lowest mercury samples taken from our lake since          Who makes the longest drive to PRP on a regular basis?
1995 and therefore does not place PRP currently in the top       Don and Nancy Gray on Camp Road drive from North Haven
quartile of mercury test results for lakes in NH.                CT nearly every other weekend! Can you top that? E-mail us!

However, this was not an extensive sample as it was just         PASSAGES:
one fish and regardless of test results, caution and             Our condolences are extended to the families and friends of:
limitations when eating all freshwater fresh still apply. We     Ray Ayers of Lake Road died after a long illness. Ray was
will have a representative from NH DES present at our            one of the founding fathers of the PRP Association as well as
annual meeting to talk about this and other environmental        being active in the Lord Road Assn and Seven Lakes
issues. For more information on lake environmental issues,       Snowmobile Club.
check the DES website: www.des.state.nh.us.                      Dick Doyle of Olde Pine Road died in April after a long
                                                                 illness. Dick, originally from Beverly, MA was a long-time
RTE 16 & PINE RIVER POND RD INTERSECTION                         lake resident. In recent years was very active in the Seven
Lois Bryant reported at the spring meeting that all wetlands     Lakes Snowmobile Club.
permits had now been completed and the NH Highway                “Woody” Follette of Windy Point Road died during the
Dept now had a green light to present alternative for            winter.
managing safety issues and traffic flow at this dangerous         PLEASE GET YOUR APPLICATION, DUES AND
intersection to the Wakefield Board of Selectmen. Lois           FIREWORKS $$ IN TODAY. Thank you!
says the project was funded several years ago and had been
waiting for the permits. The initial phase of the project,
according to Mark Morrill, DOT District Engineer is that
                                                                 Bob Lundgren             Newsletter Editor

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