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Project Contract Management Module


									Project Contract Management Module
Project Management Control Systems

                                                              Enable our client to document the project buyout process and
                                                              then manage every single contract from award to closeout. This
                                                              will require documenting all type of changes; estimated, proposed,
                                                              pending, disputed and approved against every contract. In
                                                              addition, document all progress payments made to each contract.
                                                              Moreover, the client needs to capture the details of all bonds and
                                                              insurances required against each contract.

Scope of Services
< Developing the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that will be used to decompose the project price into work packages for
  which a cost control will be carried out. Categorize work packages into discrete, level of effort and apportioned.
< Develop the Contract Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS) for the project bid package scope that will be outsourced.
< Develop the estimated contract value for each bid package. Document the prices received for each bid package.
< Identify the control accounts that the project budget and commitments will be managed and controlled
< Post the project price to the original budget for each cost control account.
< Post the awarded bid packages prices including purchase orders and inter-company contracts to the original commitment for
  each cost control account.
< Manage all changes to all contracts. Changes include estimates, proposed, pending and approved.
< Maintain detailed register of all Early Warning Messages (EWM) that might affect the project budget.
< Document payment request details for payments issued against the project budget contract and those received against
  commitment contracts.
< Develop and manage the cost worksheet that will capture all budget and commitment contracts details including all type of
  changes for all contracts.
< Maintain updated log of bonds and insurances for all contracts and purchase orders
< Maintain updated register of snag lists for handing over and accepting contracts.
< Implement Earned Value Management to manage and control project earning and spending efficiency and variance as well as
  develop realistic forecast at completion for the project budget.
< Develop a Project Contract Management Plan that will document the different roles and responsibilities, processes, reports and
  forms, and other deliverables.

Project Contract Management Plan
CMCS team will develop a Project Contract Management Plan that will become the basis for developing the project budget,
identify bid packages to be outsourced, procurement strategy, procurement estimate and contract selection, contract
management, change orders management and progress payments. The document will cover the objective of the project
contract management plan, roles and responsibilities, responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), project buyout processes,
scope changes and approvals. The plan will detail the different forms and reports that will be produced during the
project execution including when they will be issued and who will receive.


                                                                                                       A World Without Failed Projects
Professional Development
CMCS team will provide the client with the option to select from a number of one-day training courses that are focused on
building planning and scheduling knowledge among their team members. The one-day training can be offered during normal
working hours, off-working hours and weekends. The client can select the areas of knowledge that he thinks is best needed by his
team. Although training material is in English, CMCS can also provide training in English; Arabic and French and other languages if
there is a requirement.

P822 Documenting the Changes to Contracts
This course provides details on how to document and capture details of contract changes. The course provides details on the type
of change documents that are common to engineering and construction projects. The course also provides details on the types of
forms and reports used to communicate those documents.

P823 Documenting the Project Buyout
This course provides details on how to document the process of project buyout or how to tender out the project scope of work.
It covers the steps followed in identifying the bid packages that will be used to procure subcontract and supplier contracts. The
course provides details on the types of forms and reports that are used during this process.

P825C Developing Project Control Procedures
This course provides details on how to develop standard operating procedures for the project management control system as
it relates to Project Contract Management. It will explain how to build the responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) and how to
develop processes that relate to project contract management.

CMCS will provide the client with the tools required for developing the cost worksheet, project budget, contracts register, change
orders register, bonds and insurances, progress payments and others. CMCS will use Oracle Primavera Contract Manager for this
  Under this scope of services, CMCS provides the client with the option of only acquiring software licenses, attend certified
software computer-based training, implement the software tool and/or provide the qualified resources to run the software tool
on behalf of the client.

Software Tools that CMCS Supports
Primavera Contract Management (PCM) keeps construction projects on schedule and on budget
through complete project control. It manages documents, supervises job costs and is a field controls
solution. Construction project management involves groups of people representing different
disciplines, from project managers, contract managers, and division managers to subcontractors,
architects, engineers, suppliers, and owners—all trying to collaborate on a multitude of issues and changes while juggling
multiple documents and contracts. Controlling your construction project’s plan, budget, forecast costs, and deliverables is vital to
the success of your project and the future of your business.

Software Certified Training that CMCS Offers
P201 Primavera Contract Manager
This three-day course provides hands-on training for Primavera’s Contract Manager solu-
tion, focusing on project cost control and document management. Additional topics in-
clude: the logging and tracking of submittals; recording project communication; awarding procurement items and using contracts,
purchase orders, and trends. Numerous workshops reinforce new functionality and skills.

P203 Infomaker Course
This one-day course reviews how to customize forms, reports and create graphs using InfoMaker. Knowledge and training with
Primavera Contract Manager is a prerequisite of this course.

Tools Implementation
The successful implementation of any software
tool including Oracle Primavera Contract Manager
requires following a systematic approach                                         Develop
                                                         Defined    Develop       Forms     Prototype    Role-based    and Final
in developing and implementing the same.               Requirements Solution       and       Testing      Training    Assessment
CMCS adopts the concept of Joint Application
Development (JAD) for which our project team
works closely with the Client in developing a
solution that best fulfils our Client’s requirements.
    CMCS’ 6-Step approach which will be led by one
of our certified Primavera Consultants starts with
assessing the client’s project management software needs and requirements. CMCS team will then work jointly with the client
team in adjusting, customizing and implementing the software. This will be followed by conducting a role-based training for the
client’s different team members who will use the application.

Subject Matter Expert
CMCS can provide the client with the professional resources who can develop the procurement strategy, review contract
agreements including terms and conditions, prepare the request for proposals (RFP) for the contracts to be procured, administer
the contract award process, manage contracts including periodical progress payments and changes, managing bonds, insurances
and warranties, prepare snag list and final accounts. Maintain issues files with all relevant documents.

                                                                                           PROJECT CONTRACT MANAGEMENT MODULE | 3
About CMCS
Our Passion                                                                                                                Our Accreditation Partners
To help the world to get rid of failed projects and achieve what we strive for “A World                                               APPROVED
without Failed Projects”.                                                                                                             EDUCATION PROVIDER

Why It Should Matter To You
Failed projects are failed investments for which your organization not only did not
get the desired return on investment but have deprived other much needed projects
from such funds. Funds spent on projects are sunk costs that cannot be recovered
once spent.

Our Mission
Design, develop and implement value for money enterprise portfolio project and risk                                           Our Technology Partners
management solutions that will enable project centric organizations to build their
own enterprise project and risk management capacity, knowledge and capability.

Industries We Serve
Project and risk management is generic to all organizations regardless of what
industry they belong to, what the nature of their project is and what tangible
or intangible their project deliverables are. CMCS have served more than 2,000
clients representing industry leaders in Engineering and Construction, Oil and
Gas, Power and Utility, Government and Non Government Organizations, IT and
Telecommunication, Financial Services, Education and Media.

Projects We Support
CMCS project and risk management solutions are applicable to all capital asset
projects such as infrastructure, buildings, plants, refineries, downstream and
upstream facilities; information technology and telecommunication; events and
exhibitions; organizational change and professional development; restructuring,
mergers and acquisitions, and IPO offering; new product or service development;                                                Our Strategic Partners
media including movies and shows; crises and relief aid; lobbying and political
campaigns; logistics; new regulations and compliances; professional services;
corporate social responsibility.

Regions We Cover
CMCS has 15 offices in 14 countries that have helped us to offer our services in more
than 25 countries over the GCC, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.
As of today, CMCS has offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman,
Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, India, Kenya and Italy.

Our Relation with Oracle Primavera
CMCS’ relation with Oracle Primavera is unmatched. Since 1984, CMCS has received
                                                                                                                              Our Training Partners
49 awards for their performance including the first and only Primavera Four Million
Dollar Club award.


                                               A World Without Failed Projects

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