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					                BE YOURSELF
May 22, 2012

                                   Can I like who you are and still
                                   be myself?
               I adore this little book. It is short    same. Hands immediately started          new. You would just look at the same,
               and sweet and powerful. With just        to raise three pages into the story      same things.
               one line per page, a story unfolds       with thoughtful, reflective
               of friends who greatly admire one        comments regarding the                     What powerful thinking from
               another. The artistic rabbit and         characters’ yearning to be just like       these clever little minds. We
               pig gaze at one another while            their friend.                              quickly followed up with
               working at their easel and express,                                                 Genevieve Cote’s Without You, a
               “ I wish I were just like you.” They     - If you be like each other, nothing would book that follows the same
               start to use art materials to look         be different.                            characters through the realization
               like their friend. Though the text       - Nothing would be fun.                    that you may become frustrated
               is brief it is actually quite lyrical:   - Life wouldn’t be good.                   and disagree with a dear friend
               “My tail would be as                     - You won’t see another beautiful person. from time to time and want to be
               curly as a lemon twist.”                 - You won’t know who’s who.                without them. It turns out,
                                                        And my personal favorite....               however, that most things that you
               The girls were immediately               - If everything and everyone was the       can manage to do alone are much
               engaged in the fact that it would          same, you would never learn anything     more fun when you enjoy them
               be just awful if we were all the                                                    with someone special.

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