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									March 9, 2010 • Professional Development Center

                NOTES & HIGHLIGHTS
Welcome and Review of Agenda

Principal Discussion Items
The district’s current cell phone contract does not allow texting. The contract is being re-
negotiated; texting will be included in the new contract.

Principal PLC Report-Outs
    Elementary Schools – Request an elementary principals ‘meet and confer’ with Supt. Rounds,
       Dr. Sanchez, and Mr. Torres to discuss a list of 19 items. Collegial coaching happening, PLCs,
       best practices.
    Middle Schools – Budget; 183rd day clarification; transfer student listings to principals;
       planners are being ordered.
           o Geometry class instruction delivery. Some parents are pleased with the IDEAL-NM
               delivery and others are not. Live video conference feed-to-feed is another option we
               are reviewing for Geometry delivery. The district is not liable for lost or stolen cell
           o Dog sniffing at middle schools. A letter will be going out requesting principals’
               permission to bring in drug-sniffing dogs for an awareness demonstration. Actual
               searches will be unannounced. If the dog alerts on a staff member, he or she will be
               immediately removed from campus and placed on administrative leave pending a
               complete investigation.
    High Schools – Discussed senior awards ceremony dates. They also discussed staffing and
       have a proposal for consideration.
    Retirement dinner is scheduled for May 12, 6-8 p.m., Hotel Encanto. Requesting principals
       attend and say a few words about their retiring staff.

Superintendent Discussion Items
183rd day professional development. Principals must prepare a form (there is no standard form)
listing staff members who did not complete 6.5 hours of professional development. There will be an
incremental reduction in pay based on the number of hours not completed which will be reflected on
the April 15 payroll. A code will be designated in Subfinder for principals to use. Instructions will be
sent by Finance/HR to principals. A validation sheet must also be sent to Terry Dean. Principals are
the recordkeepers.

A grant writer was at LCHS for a workshop on March 13. Ms. Haines invited principals to ask their
staff to attend if they need to clock professional development time. Supt. Rounds clarified that staff
may not waive the 183rd day requirement by using personal leave, sick leave, or any other type of
leave. This 183rd day PD process will most likely be replicated next year.

2010-11 Budget
Principal small group activity – How are you shrinking 5% of your budgets?
The real dilemma is staffing.
     High School and middle school staffing proposal: put all teachers together and reduce 5%
       from the total. What we propose is the group get together, look at present staffing and see

       who has more teachers per student; make staffing formula and meet the cut working as a
       group to reach equal staffing.
    Supt Rounds does not approve of a staffing formula because student needs are not the same
       and special education loads vary. He does agree with collaboration. Principals may come up
       with a metric that ensures equity. Ms. Haines suggested principals utilizing a metric as a
       base and then review specific issues within buildings.
    If schools go above a 5% in 2010-11, credit will be given in the 2011-12 year.
    Class sizes will grow next year, i.e.: Kindergarten: 17-1, open a new classroom at 23. Look
       intuitively at specific needs at schools.
    Needs assessment for supplies and materials
    SB97 allows district flexibility
    Principals want clean student demographic data before finalizing staffing. Supt. Rounds
       directed principals to articulate their best guess and anticipate incorrect levels of staffing
       because of new schools, transfer, etc.
    Central office administration will report back to principals regarding a deadline to accept or
       reject transfer requests. Best guess right now is 5-7 following April 15. Central office will
       provide each principal ARC building capacity data.
    Legislators gave the governor authority to reduce appropriations from his desk for the
       remainder of this year.
    Review of actual classroom size will be taken into consideration when raising class size. The
       question will be “what will the classroom hold”?
    Principals were instructed to work with staff on the budgeting process. Inform them about
       the requirement to downsize by 5%. Middle school: suggest reviewing classes with less than
       optimal enrollment.
    Review EHAs (shrink contracts), increments.
    Terry Dean will send a budget template to principals. Use the template from last year in the
    Nurses, nutritional services are exempt from reduction. Custodial services reduction requires
       prior consultation with the superintendent. AES facilitators will be given additional class
       instructional time. District is reviewing highly qualified status of AES facilitators. Security
       staff are assigned to buildings, but budget comes out of operational budget so it is possible
       that they may not be included in the 5% reduction.
    Supt’s cabinet may meet with principals for individual budget reviews. Some schools have
       more to give then others. Net 5% reduction is the goal.
    Title 1 funds can be used as leverage, but the superintendent urged being careful how you get
    Waiting for shifts in enrollment before providing principals with Title 1 allocations.
       Principals will be notified by the end of April at the latest.

2010 Legislative Session
Overview of Legislation
Dr. Sanchez - some will affect us more than others.
Governor Richardson’s State of the State Address:
     $150 million in stalled capital improvements projects were cancelled
     12% reduction in higher education
     budget cuts are not an excuse for cutting quality in public education
     courses taught by highly qualified teachers increased from 67% to 98%
     NM pre-K students scored higher on early literacy and math tests
       Students attending full-day kinder entering 3rd grade outperformed 3rd graders in previous
     Hispanic Education Act
     Graduate NM Initiative – bringing back 10,000 kids who did not graduate
     Aggressive interventions in lower-performing schools – kids enrolled in CTE have higher
     Innovative charter schools
     Accountability
     Financial training for school boards
     Do what we can to stop fraud and abuse
     If we have to cut bureaucracy, we should begin in district administration
Bills Signed by the Governor
        HB 64
Bills Passed by both Houses (not yet signed by Governor)
        HB 21 allows for military active duty students to be enrolled in the last school they attended
        HB 24 LCPS resolution that looks at inequities students face and allows for adjustments
        HB 44 Health Education credit requirement – may be offered in 8th grade
        HB 53 Districts may develop a financial literacy class which will count as part of the four
        units of mathematics required for graduation
        HB 69 defines process for reporting drop-out rate
        HB 71 codified the first year teacher mentorship program
        HB 74 requires more oversight by the chartering authority
        HB150 Hispanic Education Office created within PED
        HB227 Districts must establish a finance subcommittee of the governing board
        HB230 We must serve the needs of dyslexic students as part of the regular education process.
        *Dr. Marrufo is developing a task force to study implementation.
        HB 247 LFC oversight of federal fund expenditures
        LFC given more oversight into district budgets
        SEC substitute for SB 1 – enacts a new section of Public School Code for improving school
        athletics safety
        SB 78 allows for clarification in the use of a student teacher to be assigned to a class under
        the supervision of a cooperating teacher
        SB 85 establishes School Leadership Institute
        SB 87 delays the implementation of the 180-day school calendar for one year. Dr. Sanchez
        will resurrect the calendar the board approved last year.
        SB 97 allows public school districts the same waivers allowed charter schools for 2 years
        SB 165 Delays school athletics equity act reporting requirements for one year
                SJM 12 – school calendars study
                SJM 25 – autism and school services study
                HJM 16 – reading curricula in teacher education study
                HJM 22 – high school science labs improvement
                HJM 34 – licensure in behavior health study

    Rep. Cote and Sen. Fischmann introduced a bill that would allow districts to opt out of
       assessments that are not federally mandated or required by state statute. Secretary Garcia
       agreed to allow for the waivers of assessments if legislators didn’t try to push the bill
       forward: Dibels, NMSBA science except for 1 at elementary, middle and high and the Work
       Force College Ready assessments. Dr. Sanchez has a call into Dr. Cross Maple to clarify
        Dibels because it’s in statute. LCPS has requested a waiver for all assessments. Next year, we
        will be 100% MAPS district, K-10. This does not mean that if we find a student that has a
        problem we can’t pull from our arsenal of good assessments to design a good program.
       MAPS for Spanish – right now it is only in mathematics. We are pushing them for the
        English version.
       ACCESS training – Dr. Sanchez will sit down with Bilingual Department to prepare briefing
       March 31 – textbook inventory is due. PED will audit LCPS next year, so our inventories
        must be correct. We are working on developing a tracking software to make life easier.
       EPSS district self-assessment is due March 31. Central office will be coordinating parent
        focus groups.
       April 6-7 - Web EPSS training. Electronic EPSS. Dr. Marrufo passed out the schedule for
        training. As we heighten the level of activity in federal programs, one of the things you will
        find is that the web EPSS is really a very powerful tool. It allows you to link to data, and it
        coordinates with the budget process. Contact Dr. Marrufo with questions.
       Tier II schools - MAPS delivery is at the discretion of the building.
       MAPS and NMSBA will interface. Electronic data in other forms will interface. COGNOS
        software will be up and running April 1, allowing staff to run student reports that include all
        district-wide data.
       Helpful to rewrite SIP to interface with COGNOS – IO, Wes Baker

Instruction Announcements
     Bilingual education task force is being established to study issues K-12 from sheltered
       content down to programs. Directors and six principals reviewed district EPSS and
       determined that we do not have an articulated system. Dr. Sanchez will author a white paper
       based on the review in order to guide the work of the task force.
     Acceleration document is complete and Dr. Sanchez will brief principals at the next meeting.

Operations Announcements:
    April 1 Census: Saturday, March 13 is Countdown to Census Day. Census forms should be
       received in homes by the middle of March. Encourage staff and parents to return the forms.
       Census Awareness Day is April 1. Accurate census counts are critical for funding schools
       and governmental entities
    Summer schedules – principals will receive an electronic update on what is scheduled in
       buildings. Contact Operations Department if changes or omissions are noted.
    Facility use controversy is slowing down. Questions or comments should be referred to Mr.
       Torres. A fee structure will be reviewed over the next year for non-profits.
    Transportation: bus contractors’ budgets were reduced in the current year by 4%. They are
       not funded on previous year counts. First Student took a 4% hit on a $5 million budget. In
       addition, they reported less mileage and ridership this year which amounted to a $1million
       reduction. They asked for renegotiation of their contract with the district. All they have to do
       is give the district a 60-day notice for contract termination. We are in the process of
       negotiating resolution with First Student. The outcome of the negotiations may impact
       summer busing; not ancillary or field trips (separate contract).
           o      Magnet transportation is included in to-and-from formula for this year. We were
                  informed that PED will not fund it next year. LCPS has not made the
                  determination about magnet busing yet.

Principal Effectiveness Surveys
The window will open on Monday, March 15 and will close at 11:45 p.m. on Friday, March 19.
Karen Robles will e-mail the Survey Monkey link to principals, which principals will forward to
their staff. This will be the initial effectiveness survey for Highland, MacArthur and White
Sands interim principals. For everyone else, it will be the second administration of the survey.

Principals were asked to notify Tracie O’Hara if they want to use the same evaluation tool for
assistant principals.

April 13 Principals’ Meeting (cancelled) Dr. Sanchez suggested inviting the superintendent into
April leveled meetings.

Policy KEF – Concerns/Complaints About Curriculum Materials, Classroom Activities or
Dr. Sanchez will send the policy electronically to principals for review and comment. Staff input is
also requested. Send comments to Mike Cook. The Board specifically asked that principals and
teachers review the policy. Library materials are also included in the policy.

Superintendent Rounds: “We are going to be okay. We are so much better off than other districts
because of principals’ hard work. You talk to each other. That’s how we are going to get through all
this. We’re trying to take as much off your plate as we can.”

Teacher of the Year packets will be delivered to schools this week.

Notes taken by Karen Robles.


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