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									 Optimizing WANs for Branch Office IT
 Consolidation & Virtualization

 WAN Optimization for the Evolving Enterprise

   Central Virginia Datacomm

                                         Expand Networks Confidential and Proprietary
Expand Networks Confidential and Proprietary
Expand Networks
Leaders                              Worldwide
 Deploying WAN optimization for
  over a decade

 50,000+ Units installed in 100+

 4,500 Customers worldwide

 Industry’s largest deployment:

 Global sales, support & services   Pioneers
 A Leader in Gartner Magic           Pioneered byte-level caching methods
  Quadrant                            Unique “Virtual Proximity User
 Aberdeen Group
        “Most Complete Offering”      Innovators of Virtual Accelerator
 Best of Interop winner 2009         Only “HIVE Technology” Mobile Client

 Market Observations
The Way Businesses Use WAN Infrastructures Is Changing!
 Consolidation, Centralization & Virtualization
    – Complete desktop virtualization (virtual desktop infrastructure)
    – Server based computing (application centralization)
    – Webified applications
    – Branch office server replacement through virtualization
 Bandwidth cost, availability, throughput & latency challenges
    – Satellite availability and Cost
    – International links
    – Remote, roaming & isolated users
    – Meshed networks (MPLS), any to any traffic, Monitoring and Control
 The distance between the user and the application is growing
 WAN infrastructure & cost directly impacts the ROI-TCO of other IT projects

Proximity Gap Analysis
The key causes of WAN application performance issues:
   DATA CENTER                                             BRANCH OFFICE

   Not enough bandwidth capacity             Transport & application
                                               protocol chattiness

   High latency & / or packet loss       Lack of visibility & control of
                                                  WAN traffic

  Without solving all four challenges, user experience will not improve

What Expand Can Do For You…
 Expand Networks provides optimization for all TCP & UDP
  applications over the WAN
   – The industry leader in enabling ”Branch Office IT Consolidation &
     Virtualization" by providing WAN optimization for.......
       • Server Based Computing
       • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures
       • Branch Office Server Consolidation & Replacement
   – Transparent integration into your existing network in your choice of
     virtual or physical platforms
   – Mitigate problems caused by low speed, congested, high latency or
     poor quality links
   – Optimize any branch office WAN link including the industry’s best
     performance over Satellite
   – Enable complete visibility and control to your Applications over any
     WAN; ensuring greater ROI and reduced TCO

Virtual Proximity - Business Benefits
 Maximize user productivity
 Renew ROI & Reduced TCO on existing
  WAN infrastructure:
  – Avoid bandwidth upgrades
  – Existing bandwidth cost savings
  – Routers, network, WAN, servers
 Enable IT efficiency
 One investment : many solutions
 Stretch IT budgets further
 Predictable business SLA’s

Your Branch Office

                                    Branch Server

           Foundation WAN Optimization

Virtual Proximity - Technology

Virtual Bandwidth Gains

Virtual Proximity User Experience Gains

Industry's most complete deployment options
 Accelerator deployment options
      Appliance Accelerator
      Virtual Accelerator
      Mobile Accelerator client
 All products interconnect for simple mixed environment deployments
 Mobile client terminates on same device as other accelerators
 ExpandView is a single intelligent & easy to use management platform
  supporting all Accelerator product offerings

Industry’s Most Complete Offering

                   Complete end to end
                    WAN optimization
                  ‘Virtually Everywhere’
Requirements for complete WAN Optimization
  Triple Play Branch Office IT Consolidation & Virtualization
Application Centralization        Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Terminal Server
Desktop Consolidation             VDI optimization, broker integration & support
Server Consolidation              File, print services & complete server removal

                         Branch Office Deployment
Physical Accelerator              Not session based, license upgradable
Virtual Accelerator               Re-purpose existing branch servers, Green IT

                             Data Center & Deployment
Data Center                       Physical or virtual, complete HA, Green IT
Transparency                      Firewall, router, MPLS, existing visibility & control
Ease of Deployment                Simplified via ExpandView deployment manager
Visibility & Control              Layer 7 auto discovery, monitoring and control (QoS)

Real World Results – Energy Company
Branch Office: Oil Rig

Real World Results: Shipping
Branch Office: Oil Rig
512Kbps Satellite Link with 500ms Latency

Satellite Challenge in Iraq – USMC
Challenge - USMC was trying to run COOP and DR
 over a 1.5Mbps satellite link with 1000ms of
  – 100kbps of effective throughput
  – Mission could not be accomplished
Solution - Implement TCP Acceleration and Caching
  – Latency Mitigated
  – Effective bandwidth increased to 6Mbps.
Mission Accomplished

 Latency Challenge - International
Challenge – Insurance company trying to run RDP to process
  documents over a 2Mbps link with 200ms of latency between US
  and India.
   – It would take 8 remote users in India over 60 seconds to scroll
     through a 10 page PDF document.
   – Significant loss of productivity caused by waiting for PDF
     document pages to load.

Solution - Implement TCP Acceleration and Caching
   – Latency Mitigated
   – Page scrolling time reduced to 5 seconds per PDF document
   – Amount of users sharing the link was doubled

Mission Accomplished



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