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					            FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1922

A::~JrM     J. S. HOWARD                                                    PHONI
152 S. Los Angeles St.                                                     ANAHEIIli
                    18               ANAHEIM CITY DIRECTORY
WHEN YOU                          ANAHEIM
PLUMBING                                       embracing
                  A Directory of the City Government, Churches, Schools, Busine,t
      and                Buildings, Societies and Miscellaneous Organizations

     GAS                          ANAHEIM CITY GOVERNMENT
                                       BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                          Elected at Large
 FITTING          Wm Stark Pres, H E Gates, Fred A Backs Jr, F N Gibbs, C H Manl
                  Regular meetings 2d and 4th Thursday of each month at 8 :30 p m
                                            CITY OFFICERS
   PHONE 29
                 Attorney-H GAmes
                 City Manager-O E Steward               -
                                                            L· Ooca
                 Clerk-E B Merritt                            ::D\
                 Community Nurse-Miss M A. Kuehl        '1I0~r\ I
    H. H.        Electrician-V W Hannum
                 Engineer-O E Steward                     \
                                                               'I "
                                                                '1'" ")
  Armbrust       Gas, Plumbing and Sewer Inspector-O E Stewaro
                 Health Officer-Dr J W Truxaw
 "T.he Leading   Justice of the Peace-J S Howard
                 Marshal-N F Steadman
   Plumber"      Power Plant Supt-V W Hannum
                 Rate Collector-W A Wallace
  143 NORTH      Recorder-J S Howard
 LOR ANGELES     Street Supt-O E Steward
                 Tax~ and License Collector-N F Steadman
   ANAHEIM       Treasurer-C A Boege
                                           Board of Education
                           W H Chambers Pres, E F Metcalf Clk, G W Sloop.
                                    High School Board of Education
   FIXTURES       S D Winters Pres, C H Mann Clerk, Henry MAdams, E A Spark
                      H E Carner
                                             Library Board
                  F A Backs Jr Pres, A B McCord V-Pres, E Kate Rea Sec-Trea
 SHEET METAL         J D Lavin, M Alice Grimshaw.
    WORK                              BUILDINGS, HALLS, ETC.
                 Cassou Building-120 W Center
                 Central Building-I07% E Center
 OIL BURNERS     City Hall- E Center cor Claudina
                 Concordia Hall-3I8 S Los Angeles
                 Dreyfus Building-104 W Center
                 Eagles Building-202 Chestnut
 Water Heaters   Eisenhauer Building-C~nter sw cor Clementine
                 Elks Building-N Los Angeles, sw cor Sycamore
  ESTIMATES      First National Bank Building-110 S Los Angeles
  FURNISHED      Fisher Building-133 % W Center
                 Golden State Bank Building-I07 E Center

FIR E       INSURANCE SERVICE                                             CASUALT1

                   J • E. RODDEN
215 First National Bank Bldg.,            Telephone 71                       ANAHEII
                  FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1922

         Tires, Supplies, Accessories, Garage Service
21·131 W. Commonwealth                              fULLERTON

                                                                      SALES and SERVICE

                  ANAHEIM -CITY DIRECTORY                    •   19
fartman Block-E Center nw cor Olive
Iotel Valencia Building-182 W Center
CisNeI' Building-209-215 E Center
Cnights of Columbus Hall-215 E Center
Craemer Building-lIO E Center
.amb Building-328 W Center
.ibrary Building-241 S Los Angeles
iIasonic Temple-106 Emily
Ilitchell Building-Center nw cor Los Angeles
Ilullinix Building-104 E Center
~agel Building-146 E Center
)dd Fellows Building-I33 W Center
'ressel Building-243 W Center
Vilson-Bever Building- 148 W Center
                  CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
larry D RileyPrej;, Henry M Adams V-Pres, H H Benjamin Treas,.         "Service
    Malcolm A Fraser, Sec, 132 N Los Angeles, Phone 665.                that insures
:hristian Church-W Center ne cor Helena, Rev Loren Howe, Min-                will
'irst Baptist Church-W Bway se cor Lemon, Rev Max Leuschner,
'irst Church of Christ Scientist--125 N Phila.                          YOU
'irst M. E. Church-S Phila ne cor Bway, Rev J A Geisinger, Pastor
irst Spiritual Church-204 N Los Angeles.                                MONEY
·erman M E Church-W Bway ne cor Clementine, Rev R W Taut-              by insuring the
     enhahn, Pastor.                                                       lowest
·race Lutheran Church-S Palm se cor Elm, Rev J H Peters Pastor.
resbyterian Church-E Cypress nw COl' Claudina, Rev! T H Walker,         ULTIMATE
     Pastor.                                                              COST
t Boniface (Catholic) Church-W Center nw cor Palm, Rev Patk
     Browne pastor.                                                     Consultation,
e Michales Episcopal Church-E Adele ne cor Emily, Rev G R
     Messias Pastor.                     .                             Design, Super-
alems Church of the Ev Assn -W Center sw cor Helena, Rev                vision, Plans,
     F H Doescher pastor.     .                                        Estimates, Sur-
eventh Day Adventist Church-703 E Adele, Wm Abbott elder.              veys, Maps, etc.
panish M E Church-S Helena se cor Oak, Rev Enrique Narro pastor
ion Evan Lutheran Church-Emily se cor Chartres, Rev H G
     Schmelzer pastor.                                                      If It's
            MISCELLANEOUS ORGANIZATIONS                                 ENGINEERING
naheim Concordia Inc-John C Cordes pres, Richd Krastel sec, meet         We Do It
   2d Friday eve in month at 318 S Los Angeles.
naheim Ebell Club-Meets 1st Monday afternoon of each month              Suits 1316
      Masonic Temple, Mrs J H Garnett Pres, Mrs B H Sidman              Washington
naheim Farm Center-C M Hollingshead Pres, J BEaton Sec-Treas
naheim Health Center-Miss M A Kuehl nurse in charge, 255 E             PHONE 60463
   Center.                                                              Los Angeles
naheim Municipal Band-E A Beard Mgr, 204 E Center.

)ANNON PHARMACY                                                       YORBA
    A COUNTRY DRUG STORE THA 7 GIVES                                  LINDA
              CITY SERVICE
31 Main Street                                              Phone (Plac.) 217- d
                  FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1922

                         MABLE McGEE
          Real Estate-Insurance-Notary
Suite 4          Sewell Building       BREA              Raw and Improved Lands

                      20              ANAHEIM CITY DIRECTORY
                    Anaheim Parent-Teachers' Assn-Meets 1st T;;-u-e-s"d-ay-o-f;;--m-o-n--;-th~il\_
                         Fremont School, Mrs Bertha Austin Pres, Mrs Grace E M Rell4
                         Sec.                                                                '
                    Anaheim Red Cross Assn-Meets at 129 S Olive, Mrs Eva H Bo:
                    Central Labor Union-C C Kinsler Pres, C Concle Sec-Treas,2 i
                         N Los Angeles.
                    Japanese Assn-M Kato Sec, 218 Oak
                    Kiwanis Club-Meets every Tuesday in High School, G R Messi
 HOLDITCH                Sec.
                    Mother Colony Club-Eagles Bldg, W E Alexander Pres. J H Wh
                         aker Sec.
    &               Northern Orange County Mutual Welfare Assn-J H Whitak
                         Sec, 205 Fisher Bldg.
                    Orange County Building Trades Council-Meets 2d and 4th Mo
 WILLIAMS                day of month at 204 N Los Angeles, W C Read Sec-Treas.
                    Orange County Central Labor Union-Meets 1st and 3d Monday 0:
                         month at 204 N Los Angeles, L M'Hopper Rec Sec.
                    Rotary Club of Anaheim-Meets every Wednesday noon at 122 I
                         Center, H H Benjamin Sec.
  MOTOR             W C T U-Meets 2d Wednesday of each month by appointment, Mr
                         L C Yeoman Pres.

     CAR            Young Mens Christian Assn-407 S Phila, Chas Eygabroad Pres.
                                 SOCIETIES, SECRET AND FRATERNAL

  SUPPLIES                                Alianza Hispano Americana
                    Lodge No 76 meets 2d and 4th Sunday P M in Odd Fellows Hall,1
      AND               J M Ochoa Sec.
                                                American Legion
   SERVICE          Anaheim Post No 72 meetsIst and 3d Tuesday of month at I33!;!! ~
                        W Center, W P Webb Jr Commander, J, J Hunt Adjt.
                                   Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
                    Anaheim Lodge No 1345 meets 2d and 4th Wednesday evening in
     Auto               Elks Bldg, J L Swope Exalted Ruler, L P Bonnat Leading
  Electricians          Knight, H H Benjamin Loyal Knight, A H T Osborne Leet·,
                        uring Knight, MCGoff Sec, F A Backs Jr Treas, W W Marte-l
                        net, Wm Schumacher, David Jesserun Trustees.
                                       Brotherhood of American Yeornan
  Accessories       Roma Homestead No 2150 meets every Monday eve in Odd Felloq
                       Hall, Mrs Ida C Lake Correspondent.
                                                 Fraternal Brotherhood
      Tires         Meets 2d and 4th Thursday eve in Odd Fellows Hall, Mrs Elsie              II
                        Borth Sec.
                                     Independent Order of Odd Fellows
   323 SOUTH        Anaheim Lodge No 199 meets every Tuesday eve in Odd Fellows Hall
  SOS ANGELES           H A Mang Rec Scribe.
     STREET                                 (Encampment)
   PHONE 246        Meets 2d and 4th ,Friday eve in Odd Fellows Hall, F S Gates

           DAN O!lHANLON
                 310 N. Spadra (above So. Oalif. l'dison Co.)
Res. Phone 162                     FULLERTON                        Office Phone 24S
                     FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1922

ELECTRIC                            Reid-Farley Electric Co.
  LAMPS, HOUSEHOLD                         Complete Power and Lighting Installations
LABOR SAVING DEVICES                310 N. Spadra        FULLERTON               Phone 404
                  ANAHEIM CITY DIRECTORY                 Z1
Lois Rebekah Lodge No 268 meets 1st and 3d Friday eve in Odd              H.    l.             BRISCO
     Fellows Hall, Elizabeth F Mang Sec.
                         Knights of Columbus
                                                                          General Contractor
Anaheim Council No 1154 meets 1st and 3d Wednesday eve at 215             Estimates Furnished
    E Center, L J Sheridan Grand Knight, L A Muckenthaler Fin
    Sec.                                                                  Building done by day
                          Knights of Pythias
Anaheim Lodge No 105 meets every Wednesday eve in Odd Fellows                  or Contrac,
    Hall, J N Saenger K of Rand S, Everett Hatfield M of F.                                                 t-- '.
                          La Union Suprema                                Investigate mJ
S L BoniIlas Pres, C D Lazano Sec, 204 N Los Angeles.                      syst.m b.f....
Anaheim Lodge No 207 F & A M meets 1st Monday of month in                   JOu let Jour
    Masonic Temple, 106 Emily, F L Hoag Sec.                                  contract
Anaheim Chapter RAM meets 3d Thursday eve of month in                           '-"',.
    Masonic Temple, David Jessurun Sec.                                                  ...:..........-
                   (Order of the Amaranth)                                     PHONE 584·J
Liberty Court (U D) meets 1st and 3d Wednesday eve in Masonic
    Temple, Mrs Blanch Daniels Sec.                                       117 E. Sycamore St.
                   (Order of Eastern Star)                                   Anaheim, Cal.
Chispa Chapter No 151 0 E S meets 2d and 4th Monday in Mas-
    sonic Temple, Mrs Adele Kellenberger Sec.
                    (Masonic Temple Association)
A Alexander Pres, H 0 Henderson Sec-Treas, 106 Emily.
                                                                          PHONE                       370
                     Modern Woodmen of America
Camp No 10236 meets 2d and 4th Monday eve in Odd Fellows Hall
   E R Deering Sec.
                       Neighbors of Woodcraft
Anaheim Circle No 614. meets every 4th Wednesday afternoon at 129
    S Olive, Mrs Eva H Boyd Clk,                                               EISENHAUER
                          P E ·0 Sisterhood                                        and
Meets 2d and 4th Wednesday by appointment, Mrs Minnie Ward                     BAHRENBURO
    Pres, Mrs Daisy Mann Rec Sec
                     Royal Neighbors of America
Rosewood Camp No 6250 meets 2d and 4th Monday afternoons in
    Odd Fellows.Hall, Mrs Eva H Boyd Recorder.                              PRESCRIPTION
                           Sons of Herman                                    SPECIALISTS
Anaheim Lodge No39, Hans Lasch Pres, Richd Krastel Sec, meets 1st
    and 3d Thursday eve of month at 318 S Los Angeles.                            FREE
                        Woodmen of the World                                    DELIVERY
Ideet 1st and 3d Thursday of month at Odd Fellows Hall, A D Erick-        144 West Center Street
     son Sec.
~ha8.   R. Selover                Phone Pla:entia 32-J-3                 Evan C. Townsend

                     BmLDERS' HARDWARE - PAINT - PLUMBING
                 FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1922

RECHARGING   Brea Ignition Works
                       Generators, Stanen, Magnetos Repaired
             116 N. Pomona Ave" Opposite Baash·Ross Tool Co.
OF BATTERIES      When in Trouble Phone (Fullerton) 344.R    Guaranteed 2 Years
               FULLERTON CITY DIRECTORY                        153

           FULLERTON                                                    Brea
   MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION                                          Electrical
A Directory of the City Government, Churches, Schools, Business
                                                                       J. A. LEUIINGER
      Buildings, Societies and Miscellaneous Organizations.
              FULLERTON     CITY    GOVERNMENT
                       Board of Trustees
                       Elected at Large
W F Coulter Pres, R R Davis L P Drake Robert Strain R A Marsden            HOUSEHOLD
    Regular meetings every Tuesday evening                                 ELECTRICAL
                          City Officers                                    APPLIANCES
Attorney-Albert Launer
Clerk-F C Hezmalhalch
Community Nurse-Lucille Frederick                                      Repairs and
Electrician-J F Kryder
Engineer-B F Dupuy                                                       Supplies
Fire Dept-R R Davis chief
Health Officer-Dr J H Lang                                             118 S. Pomona Ave.
Justice of the Peace-Wm French                                             Phone Fullerton 192-R
Librarian-Minnie A Maxwell
Marshal-A L Eells
Park Supt-J G Seupelt
Plumbing and Bldg Inspector-E S Richman
Recorder-Wm French
Street Supt-A G Barnes
Treasurer-Fred Fuller
                                                                            FRfO S.
Water and Sewer Supt-Geo Witty
                       Board of Education
G W Finch Pres, 0 M Thompson Sec, Mrs Belle J Benchley
                        Board of Heaith
Dr G C Clark Pres, Dr J H Lang Health Officer, Dr E T Hall, Mrs
    Carrie E Ford, Mrs Mary B Rothaermel Sec                                EXPRESS
                    Community Nurse Assn                                         AND
Meets first Monday eve of each month in City Hall, Mrs Myrtle V
    Stueckley Sec
                   Fullerton Board of Trade                                TRANSFER
Directors meeting every Tuesday noon, banquet and meeting 3rd
    Wednesday eve of month in Fullerton Club rooms, F C Krause
    pres, J Chas Thamer and L E Plummer v-pres, W M Irwin sec               PHONE
                High School Board of Education
L B Steward Pres, J C Travers Sec, Rev F M Dowling (Placentia)
    J D Sievers (Brea) S C Hartranft                                  Piano Moving
                         Library Board                                540 Chestnut St.
~ a r Pres,       H W Daniels Sec, Mrs Anna Sherwood, Dr Jesse                ANAHEIM

SAN PEDRO LUMBER CO.                                                          E.~~~~~ER
                          YORBA LINDA
Lumber, Cement, Sash and Doors                          Lime, Plaster and Roofing
              FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1922

A::~~rM     J. S. HOWARD                                                  PHONE
152 S. Los Angeles St.                                                   ANAHEIM
                   154             FULLERTON CITY DIRECTORY
WHEN YOU                            BUILDINGS AND HALLS, ETC.
                  Amerige Block-105 E Comwlth
  NEED            City Hall-223 N Spadra
                  F & M Natl Bank Bldg-Spadra se cor Amerige
PLUMBING          First National .Bank Building--Spadra nw cor Comwlth
                  Fullerton Improvement Bldg-219~ N Spadra
                  Masonic Temple-505 N Spadra
      and         Odd Fellows Hall-105 W Comwlth
                  Public Library-E Wilshire nw cor Pomona
     GAS                                     CHURCHES
                  Christian Church-Wilshire ne cor Spadra, Rev J T Houser Pastor
 FITTING          First Baptist Church-N Pomona se cor Wilshire, Rev W M Perry
                  First Church of Christ Scientist--E Chapman sw cor Pomona, Miss
                       Mable McGee First Reader
   PHONE 29       First Presbyterian Church-W Comwlth ne c.or Malden, Rev E J
                       Statom Pastor          .
   H. H.          Methodist Episcopal Church-N Pomona sw cor Amerige, Rev H B
                       Clark pastor
 Armbrust         Santa Maria (Catholic) Church-W Comwlth se cor Malden, Rev
                       M J Galvin pastor
 "The Leading                   MISCELLANEOUS ORGANIZATIONS
   Plumber"       American Legion, Fullerton Post No 142, meets every 2d and 4th
                       Tuesday eve at 109 W Amerige, Frank Ruble sec
  143 NORTH       Boy Scouts of America, E J Statom scout master, headquarters rear
 LOS ANGELES           303 W Amerige
                  Fullerton City Band, A E StuelkeMgr, meets 223 N Spadra
   ANAHEIM        Fullerton Club, J Chas Thamer Pres, D L Ellis Sec, 219 ~ N Spadra
                  Fullerton Ebell Club, meets 1st Friday of month in Odd Fellows Hall,
                       Mrs Lulu C Launer pres, Mrs Stewart Smith corr sec, Mrs A H;
                       Bradford rec sec
   FIXTURES       Fullerton Health Center, Lucille Fredericks nurse in charge, 115 W
                       Amerige, Apt 1
                  Fullerton Parent-Teacher Assn, meets every 2nd Wednesday of month
                       in Grammar School, Mrs Katherine Hampton pres, Mrs Lorena
 SHEET METAL           Douglas sec
    WORK          Fullerton Red Cross Suzanne Dean sec, 115 W Amerige, Apt 1
                  RAM Club, Angus McAulay sec, meets Masonic Temple

                                    Brotherhood of American Yeomen
                  Fullerton Homestead No 6230, meets every Friday eve in Odd Fel-
 Water Heaters         lows Hall, Mrs Lottie Dyckman correspondent
                                         Daughters of Veterans
  FURNISHED       Meets 1st and 3d Monday afternoon in Odd Fellows Hall, Mrs Anna
                      French sec

FIR E         INSURANCE SERVICE                                         CASUALTY

                    d. E. RODDEN
                           Telephone 71                                   ANAHEIM
215 First National Bank Bldg.,
                 FPL Launer Local History Room - City Directories - 1922

          Tires, Supplies, Accessories, Garage Service                 SALES and SERVICE
'21·13' W. Commonwealth                              FULLERTON
                FULLERTON CITY DIRECTORY                         155
--------=F=-r-a-"te·-rn-al~B=-r-otherhoodLodge No 81
Meets in Odd Fellows Hall, Wm French treas
                Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Fullerton Lodge No 103, meets every Monday eve in Odd Fellows
     Hall, 0 S Compton sec
Fullerton Rebekah Lodge No 341, meets 1st and 3d Wednesday eve
     in Odd Fellows Hall, Mrs MacGlaze cor sec                          Service
                        Knights of Pythias
Fullerton Lodge No 294, meets 1st and' 3d Thursday eve in Odd Fel-
     lows Hall, I Ralph Cleaver K of Rand S                             Company
                             Masonic                                          renders
Fullerton Lodge No 339, F & A M, meets 1st Saturday eve of
     month in Masonic Tmeple, E A Rhynalds Sec                          "Servioe
Fullerton Chapter No 90, RAM, meets 1st Tuesday eve of month               that insures
     in Masonic Temple, E A Rhynalds Sec                                   Permanence"
Fullerton Commandery No 55, meets 1st Wednesday eve of each                  therefore
     month in Masonio Temple, Dr Jesse Chilton com, E A Rhynalds                will
                   (Order of the Eastern Star)                           SAVE
Fullerton Chapter No 191, meets 2nd and 4th Saturday eve in              YOU
     Masonic Temple, Mrs Luvena McBride sec                              MONEY
                         (White Shrine)                      by insuring the
Fullerton Chapter No 6, meets 2nd Wednesday of each month in     lowest
     Masonic Temple, Miss Lucy Arey sec                       ULTIMATE
Masonic Temple Assn, W L Hale pres, E A Rhynalds sec, 505 N·     COST
                  Modern Woodmen of America
Walnut Camp No 8260, meets 1st and 3d Tuesday eve       111   Odd Fel- Design, Super-
    lows Hall, J H Tennant elk
                                                              vision, Plans,
                        P E 0 Sisterhood                     Estimates, Sur-
Chapter Y, meets by appointment at members houses, MrS Ethel veys, Maps, etc,
    Wickett pres, Mrs Dora Littleton rec sec, Mrs Anna Chapman
    cor sec                                                                 If It'.
                   Royal Neighbors of America                            ENGINEERIIIG
Fullerton Camp No 8399, meets 2d and 4th Tuesday eve in Odd Fel-
     lows Hall, Mrs Pearl Clever oracle                                   We Do It
                     Woodmen of the World                                  Suits 1316
Fullerton Camp No 789, meets 2d and 4th Wednesday eve in Odd               Washington
     Fellows Hall, H 0 Hand elk                                              Bldg.
                                                                        PHOIIE 60463
                                                                         Los Angeles

OANNON PHARMAOY                                                        YORBA
      A COUNTRY DRUG STORE THA 7 GIVES                                 LINDA
                CITY SERVICE
231 Main Street                                                Phone (Plac.) 217·"