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					        Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

   Facebook Frenzy

How To Get 1000s of Facebook Cash in 24
 Hours And Start Making Instant Cash!

                 Imran Naseem
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

If you are looking for viral traffic then the only place to look is
Facebook. I know FB has been being billed as the best thing
since sliced bread. The problem most courses have is that they
require you to spend a ton of money to get started.
I can tell you right now the best way to make a ton of money on
Facebook is to create a fan page and make it go viral. The
problem that everyone has is that they can never get their Fan
Page off the ground. I don’t have exact numbers but I would be
willing to be that 90% of Fan Pages have less than 50 fans!
There is no money to be made with a fan page that has very
few fans. The key is to get around 1000 fans as soon as
possible. Once the initial 1000 fans roll in the page usually takes
on a life of its own. It starts to get seen and goes “viral”.
Now, not every single Fan Page will be a home run. This is just a
fact. The good news is that they are free to set up and I am
going to show you how to add 1,000-2,000 fans to each and
every fan page that you set up.
You can continue adding 1,000-2,000 fans every single day to 1
page if you want. That would leave your fan page at around
30,000-60,000 fans at a minimum after 30 days.
Not too bad. Let’s hop right into the details of how to do this
100% hands free. You will need to spend around 5 minutes
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

setting everything up ONCE and then you can repeat this again
and again.
The site we are going to be focusing on is http://twiends.com .
Now I suggest that you spend the $2.50 and buy a new
Facebook account to get this whole thing started.
Don’t get your personal account mixed up with marketing. You
will want to keep everything separate. The accounts that these
people sell for $2.50 is 1 of the best deals I have seen online.
They rock when it comes to Facebook.
Now, lets take a look at my Twiends account real quick:
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

As you can see, I have 4687 available SEEDS to use to get
people to like my Facebook Fan Page. I spent a total of 2
minutes getting this many credits.
Let’s talk really quick about how seeds work. You offer the
Seeds to people who like your Facebook Fan Pages. The way
you get the Seeds is to either pay cash for them or to like other
peoples Fan Pages.
The minimum you can offer for someone to like your Fan Page
is 2 seeds. So in theory I could get 2300+ people to like my Fan
Only offering 2 seeds per like will make your offer blend into
the background with all the other people who are offering
Seeds. For this account I would offer 4 Seeds per like.
If you check out the image, the Fan Pages that appear at the
top of the page are those that offer the most Seeds! Offering 4
Seeds will usually get your offer on the top line of most pages
so that more people see it and more people BECOME FANS.
These are not going to be laser targeted likes for any page.
Unlike us, a lot of the people who use this site add their own
fan pages to it to get likes. To add their own fan page they need
to be the admin on that fan page.
That means that the majority of people will use their personal
or business accounts to acquire Seeds. This is all good news for
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

us. These Fans are going to be our “Getting Started” fans that
will put our fan page on the map!
Now, clicking the Like button enough times to get that many
Seeds would of driven me crazy. I probably would of stopped at
10 seeds and moved on. Good thing is that we can automate
this whole process.
What I do is set everything up, 2 minutes max once it is set up
once, before I go to bed and let everything run while I am
asleep or when I leave for a while.
I have included a .zip file called Auto Mouse Clicker. Open it up
and run the application. There is a picture below that shows
you what the app looks like when you open it up. To find the
locations that you are going to need, simply click on the locate
button and then click on what you want clicked.
It will give you the x and y coordinates that you can use to
make the app run on autopilot.
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

Let’s make it run a simple routine of clicking on the like button
of the 1st 36 fan pages listed:
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

To find the location, simply click on the Locate button. Then
hover over the like button and click on it. This will lock in the
location on the app that is running.
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

As you can see, the location of the like button on my screen is
located at 522 and 393. This will be different for everyone
depending on screen size, resolution and browser.
Once you do that you will need to change the click interval to
between 6000 and 8000. That will give the new fan page time
to load before the app clicks on it again.
Now let’s make the app run 38 times through. This will click on
the Like button for every fan page that it is showing:

Now, once we run the app it will go and click the like button for
every fan page showing. Once it is done, click close on the box
and you will be taken back to the Twiends site. Make sure that
you grab the coordinates of the Reload button that you see
here. We will be using it to automate this whole process.
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

Before I ran this app I had 4687 Seeds available. Let’s see how
many I have now:

I added just under 100 seeds by doing 1 minutes work!
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

The problem that we now have to deal with is that using the
automated clicker and just focusing on the like button, it will
only run through the whole process once and be done.
Let’s make this whole thing run all night long. You can loop it
around 1000 times if you want!
We need to get the coordinates for 5 different spots on the
screen before we automate it.

The 1st location you need is the top left green button that says
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy


When you get the coordinates of the Like button, make sure
you get the one at the end. The reason for this is that if the title
of the fan page runs over onto 2 lines and your clicker clicks the
top of it, it will click the title of the fan page and screw
everything up.
So make sure you get the Location of the very bottom of the
like button.
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy


This is just a precaution I take. Sometimes a page will load that
you have already liked. If you don’t have a function built in to
skip that page then the whole process will break down.
So we need to get the location of the “Ok, I like the page, let’s
move on…” link. We will be mixing it into the whole process.
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy


We need the location of the Close button so that at the end of
the process we can close out of the “pop up box” and be able
to start the whole process over again.
The last location that we need is that of the Reload button that
I talked about before. To get that location, you will need to like
all the pages at 1 time so that you can close out and get the
location of the Reload button.
                 Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

Now let’s put this all together. On the app, Click
Options  Configure Mouse Events
Then click on the Add Event till you have 8 events loaded. The
flow of this will go like this:
  1. Click Twiends to get started
  2. Click Like 10-12 times
  3. Click the “Ok, I like this page” button once
  4. Click like 10-12 times
  5. Click the “Ok, I like this page” button once
  6. Click the like button 12-14 times
  7. Click the Close button
  8. Click the reload button
That will take the whole process and run it through as many
times as you want without you having to touch it at all!
Let’s look at what the whole thing will look like. Here are the
locations/coordinates that I came up with:
Start: 278 657
Like: 522 400
Ok: 791 707
Close: 455 707
Reload: 575 600
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

Now lets add them to the Auto Mouse Clicker:

As you can see on the right hand side, I have everything lagging
at least 6 seconds. The reason for that is it allows the site time
to load everything before it starts clicking. The 1st event needs
some time to load because when you click Reload at the end of
the events, it takes a few seconds to reload the page and allow
the script to start all over again.
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

I also have it click either the Like or the “Ok, I like this page”
button over 36 times. Each page loads has 36 Fan Pages loaded
each time. I add a few extra clicks in case it misses once or
Last thing that you need to do is add how many times you want
the whole process to loop.
Once you have the whole process all set up you can save the
xml so that you can load the whole event whenever you want it
to run. Just make sure that the screen resolution and
everything stays the same.
The other way that you can do the same thing is using
something called iMacros which is a FireFox plugin that will
record your actions and automate them.
I don’t use it for this but if you want to learn how to use it you
will be amazed at what you can automate! It is an amazing
plugin that is very versatile and can save you a ton of time.
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

Once you have all these seeds, all you need to do is add your
Fan Page to the site and set how many Seeds you want to give
away for people to become fans.

All you need to do is go to settings and it will pull up all
FaceBook Fan Pages that you are an admin on. You must be the
admin of any page that you want to add Fans to.
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

The more seeds you give out for each Fan, the faster you will
get fans and the more exposure that your site/fan page will get.
That is all it takes to add 1000+ every single day to any fan
page that you want to. It is easy to get 5000+ Seeds every single
night just by letting your computer stay on and the auto Clicker
run wild on Twiends.
Making Money With Fans:
If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of services popping up
where people are offering GUARANTEED FANS instead of just
invites. Just inviting a ton of people is becoming a lot less
effective then it used to be.
The easiest way to get started selling FaceBook Fans is to go to
Fiverr.com and open up a sales thread and offer anywhere from
200-300 Fans for $5.
You will need to state in your sales thread that you will need
admin rights to the Fan page to add the Fans to the fan page.
People understand and most will have no problem with this.
Who wants to jack a Fan Page that has very few fans? Lets
check out some Fiverr.com sales threads and see what is going
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

523 buyers have rated this sales thread and they have 11
orders in the queue.
26 buyers have rated this sales thread and they have 82 orders
in queue! He is stating that he needs Admin rights to the page
and he has 82 orders in the queue!
75 buyers have rated this sales thread and they have 52 orders
in queue!
These are some serious numbers to put some cash in your
pocket! As with everything online, getting feedback is the key
to getting a ton of orders. I will go over that here shortly.
Before you go out and start selling this service, I would suggest
that you take a few days and build up a ton of Seeds in Twiends
so that you can have a surplus to get going with as soon as the
orders start coming in.
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

If you have a spare computer that you aren’t using, why don’t
you turn that thing on and have it running 24 hours a day doing
nothing but acquiring seeds from Twiends?
I haven’t run into this but if someone scales this up you might
run out of pages to like on Twiends to acquire more Sees. I
haven’t run into this but I guess it could happen.
To get around of this you will simply need to buy a new
Facebook account and do the same exact thing with the new
account. You will want to clear your cookies on your computer
so that you can log into Twiends with a new FaceBook account.
Then you can build up the Seeds in this new account and be
able to like the same amount of pages as you did in the last
Building up a surplus of Seeds before you start your sales
thread isn’t 100% necessary but I highly suggest that you do
Now, how to get some initial feedback on your gig. Once it goes
live I would suggest you visit some forums and offer people a
kick ass deal if they buy your gig.
An example would be to visit an IM forum and offer 2x’s as
many fans for those who will buy your gig and leave you
feedback. To do this you will have them buy your gig and then
you get them the amount of Fans that you promise in your
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

sales thread. Then once they leave you some kick ass feedback
you go ahead and double their order. They will be getting an
amazing deal and you will be getting the feedback that your
thread needs to get off the ground.
Another way to get some initial traffic is a little grey hat but it
works like crazy. Visit any IM forum where someone is offer
mass invites or guaranteed fans.
Find out who is commenting in the thread and send them a PM
on the forum. Tell them exactly what you are doing and what
you are offering. Leave them a link to your Fiverr.com gig and
wait for them to get back to you.
To track what forums people are responding to tell them to
send you a message once they buy the gig that tells you what
forum they are from. So if you message people on the WF have
them leave you a message saying that they found out about
your service on WF.
Do you think that the people who are commenting on that
thread would like 250 Facebook Fans for $5? How about
doubling that to 500 Fans for $5?
                Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

Did you see what he is charging for Guaranteed Fans? Those
are the prices that people are charging and people are buying it
up like crazy!
The last way to get some initial traffic is Press Releases. I love
this form of traffic because you can outsource it very cheaply
and have the PR blasted all over the internet!
As you can see there is a ton of potential here to make some
real cash right into your Paypal. Using Fiverr.com, as soon as
the gig is completed and the buyer signs off on it you can get
your money! $20-25 a day is nothing to laugh at. That totals up
to $600-$750 a month.
That comes out to $7000-$9000 a year. All this for very little
If you want a hands off approach to exploding your fan page,
there is currently a kick ass Rags Special Offer going on right
now that is offering guaranteed fans for very cheap compared
to what everyone else is charging. Check it out here:
I can vouch for AJ and his service. He knows what he is doing
and he adds fans to Fan Pages like crazy. The easiest way to get
a fan page going viral starting today is to visit the thread above
and just have AJ take care of it!
               Imran Naseem – Cash Cow Report – Facebook Frenzy

I hope you enjoyed this cash cow report ;)

Imran Naseem

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