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					Episode #: 612

“The Promised Land”

LOST “The Promised Land” #612 TEASER 1 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – DAY 1

We open on several JUGS OF WATER resting against a wall, panning across the floor of the Elizabeth's main cabin to find a foot tapping idly on the ground as the soft, repetitive waves lap against the boat outside. We now JUMP CUT TO: SUN KWON adjusts the curtains on the windows, carefully preparing them for something. 2 EXT. THE ELIZABETH – SIMULTANEOUS JIN KWON walks across the boat, carrying a thatch crate with some fish in it. As he reaches the hatch to enter the cabin, he looks to the ocean before entering. 3 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – A LITTLE LATER 3 2

Jin lays the fish out of the ship's cutting board, carefully cutting out a small fillet and moving it towards the simple stovetop grill. As he cooks, he looks out the window towards the Seoul harbor in front of him. A old sailing vessel is docked nearby. Sun walks up behind Jin, standing next to him. SUN (Subtitled) 'Morning. JIN (Subtitled) 'Morning. Jin kisses Sun lightly on the cheek as she walks around him, noticing the ship as well. (CONTINUED)

2. 3 CONTINUED: SUN (Subtitled) Mind if I join you? JIN (Subtitled) Please. Sun takes a seat at the table behind Jin, lightly rapping her fingers on the table as he keeps preparing the fish. SUN (Subtitled) Nothing ever changes here, does it? (Off Jin's look:) On the boat. We have a pretty set routine. I think Ji Yeon is getting bored. JIN (Subtitled) We could leave here. SUN (Subtitled) Where would we go? JIN (Subtitled) To the Dharma Initiative. Jin turns around now, stopping his cooking to look over at Sun. Sun looks away, uncomfortable with the subject. SUN (Subtitled) We can't risk being seen. JIN (Subtitled) Ben told you to go there. (CONTINUED) 3

3. 3 CONTINUED: SUN (Subtitled) And he's a liar. Jin sighs, taking a seat across the table from Sun. JIN (Subtitled) He took us off the Island. Sun gets up, heading back over to the stove. SUN (Subtitled) You don't want the fish to get overcooked for tonight. (A beat, then:) Do you really think they'd do it for us? JIN (Subtitled) Sawyer would. (Off Sun's look:) I worked with him for three years. He changed. (A beat, then:) I have to go back for Sawyer. Sun looks away towards the ocean, realizing that Jin is determined to head for Ann Arbor. And off of this tense scene, we CUT TO: 4 EXT. THE TEMPLE – FRONT EXTERIOR – DAY Jack and Richard drag Hurley away from the Temple. Hurley is nearly beside himself as he reaches out towards the destroyed Temple in front of him. Sawyer! HURLEY Sawyer! Sawyer! (CONTINUED) 4 3

4. 4 CONTINUED: JACK Hurley, he's gone . . . HURLEY Sawyer! RICHARD We have to go now, there might be more of them! Tears welling in his eyes, Hurley allows Jack and Richard to take him away from the Temple. As they head into the jungle, we PAN OUT to see that there is no one left around the Temple, nothing left at all save for the smoking rubble of the formerly great structure. 5 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – SIMULTANEOUS FLOCKE stumbles away from the Temple, nursing a small gash on his arm. As he reaches the clearing, he kneels on the ground, ripping off the bottom part of his pants leg to wrap around the cut. As Flocke finishes bandaging himself up, ADAM, one of his Others, enters the clearing. ADAM So, you can get hurt? Flocke turns around, barely regarding Adam with a curt nod. FLOCKE Hello, Adam. Adam enters the clearing, staring at Flocke angrily. ADAM I've never seen you get hurt before, Jonah. We didn't think it was possible. FLOCKE Well, it is. Adam is now standing right behind Flocke. (CONTINUED) 5 4

5. 5 CONTINUED: ADAM So, if that's true, do you have a soul? Flocke turns around, staring at Adam quizzically. FLOCKE What are you talking about? ADAM What you did . . . was indefensible. Flocke returns to his bandages, blowing off Adam's condemnation. Adam now stares daggers at him, slowly taking out his pistol. FLOCKE You knew the risks when you followed me, Adam. You all did. ADAM Well, we sure as hell do now. why we're leaving. FLOCKE What are youBefore Flocke can even turn around, Adam hits him on the head with the butt of his gun, sending Flocke falling against the ground, unconscious. Adam stands over Flocke for a moment, amazed at what he has done. However, he quickly snaps out of this, checking his gun. One bullet still remains, and Adam resolves himself to ready the gun, click the safety off, point it straight at Flocke's skull. And just as he lays his finger on the trigger The sounds of the MONSTER begin to sound around Adam, and he looks around in confusion and fear, lowering his gun slightly as he tries to pinpoint the source of the Monster's sound. But before he can determine this (CONTINUED) That's 5

6. 5 CONTINUED: MALE VOICE (O.S.) Don't. Adam spins around to find, standing right behind him MR. EKO. Dressed in the outfit of a priest, walking slowly into the clearing. He looks at Flocke, then at Adam. ADAM Who are you? EKO I don't believe you have a word for what I am. Some call me Cerberus, some call me a disciple, but lately I've been known as the Monster. Adam now backs away slightly from the Monster, but it does not advance any further. Instead, it draws Adam's attention to Flocke. EKO (CONT'D) I want you to leave him there. Go back to the jungle, to whoever among your people is still alive. ADAM Why do you need him? EKO Because what you believe about him is correct. (Off Adam's look:) He must now answer for what he has done. Adam stares at Eko in disbelief, then nods, leaving the clearing. Now alone, Eko steps forward towards Flocke. END OF TEASER 5


BENJAMIN LINUS gasps quietly in pain as ILANA uses makeshift pliers to extract a bullet from his shoulder. BEN I suppose Jacob taught you all of this. ILANA Well, it was stearylized when he did it. Ilana extracts the bullet, tossing it carelessly on the ground next to her and taking out a needle and thread to stitch up the wound. As she starts to sew up the wound, Ilana looks over around the camp to see a few of the OTHERS milling around, on guard, waiting for any news. Behind her, KATE AUSTEN and DESMOND HUME enter the clearing, looking around in fear at the small group assembled. Desmond walks over to Ilana. DESMOND Where is everyone? ILANA This is everyone. KATE What about Jack? Hurley? Sawyer?

Kate is answered by the arrival of Richard, Jack, and Hurley, who trudge into the camp, defeated. Richard looks around glumly at the few who made it back from the battle as Jack turns to Kate, walking up to her and embracing her warmly. Kate holds Jack in the embrace for a moment, then breaks apart, looking up at him fearfully. KATE (CONT'D) Sawyer? (CONTINUED)

8. 6 CONTINUED: 6

Jack simply shakes his head. Desmond looks down at the ground in mourning as Kate steps back from Jack, reeling from the news of Sawyer's death. Tears well in her eyes as Jack moves in to comfort her, but Kate breaks away, shaking her head slowly, moving off to be alone. Jack lets her go, turning back to face Richard, who has gathered the Others around him. They stare at him, some expectant, some frightened, some mutinous. RICHARD Everyone. I want to talk to you for a moment about what happened, and what we're gonna do next. (A beat, then:) I know we've lost a lot of our people, but the enemy's lost more. We've won. JACK Won? Won what? Richard turns around slowly to face Jack, who steps forward. RICHARD We won the battle, Jack, and that means we won't have to worry about them finding us. Killing us. JACK Sure, Richard. Now all we have to worry about is the volcano. There's no way to fix that, and it's going to blow any day now. Many of the Others stare at Jack in fear, their suspicions about the volcano now confirmed. Richard glares at Jack, but cannot say anything now to stop him. Jack knows this, and he keeps going. JACK (CONT'D) Now half of us are gone. And we're no safer than we were before. (CONTINUED)

9. 6 CONTINUED: RICHARD I don't know about you, Jack, but we're here to protect the Island. Your friend Sawyer that it was worth dying for. JACK Well, if people still believe that now, I guess you're the one to follow. But it's an Island, and I say if it keeps finding ways to kill us, maybe it's better to leave. Most of the Others nod in agreement with Jack's sentiments; Richard notices this, and after a moment, he reluctantly acquiesces to Jack's argument. RICHARD Then I suppose you're the one to follow. Ilana stands up, her mouth wide open as she watches Richard back away, allowing Jack to move into the center of the circle, to become the leader. Jack steps forward slowly, unable to believe Richard's concession. JACK OK. OK. I'm going to go with Richard to the volcano, if he'll take me. (Richard nods, so:) In the meantime, the rest of you should head for the beach. It'll be the safest place if anything happens. I'll be there as soon as possible, and then we'll figure out what to do. The Others nod, agreeing to Jack's plan. leave as Ilana walks over to Richard. They get ready to 6

ILANA I can't believe you're just letting him take over. (CONTINUED)

10. 6 CONTINUED: RICHARD He's right. (Off Ilana's look:) Ilana, all of us will probably die here. ILANA Then I want to die with you. coming with you. I'm 6

Richard nods, but Ben looks at Ilana impatiently. BEN What about me? ILANA What about you? (Off Ben's look:) So, come with us. I'll fix you up on the way. Ben nods reluctantly, getting up and following Richard and Ilana. Meanwhile, Jack looks towards Kate as Desmond, Hurley, and the Others get ready to leave. He walks toward her, nodding towards Hurley and Desmond. JACK You should go with them. will keep you safe. Desmond

KATE And who's gonna keep you safe? Jack grimaces as he and Kate share a tender kiss. After a long moment, Kate breaks away, heading over to join Hurley and Desmond on their way out. Jack turns back to Richard, Ilana, and Ben, nodding to them as he sets off into the jungle. After a moment, they follow him. 7 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – SIMULTANEOUS Flocke opens his eyes to see Eko right over him. (CONTINUED) 7

11. 7 CONTINUED: EKO Hello, Jonah. Flocke nods grimly at Eko, immediately recognizing that he is speaking with the Monster. FLOCKE What is it that you want? EKO (Sternly) I want to talk to you about what it is you have been doing these past few days. Flocke stares at Eko angrily before getting to his feet, stepping forward confrontationally. FLOCKE Are you judging me? EKO Yes. FLOCKE Things happened that were out of my control. I did what I had to. (Eko says nothing, so:) You would have done the same thing. EKO No, Jonah, that's not true. Eko starts walking into the jungle, motioning for Flocke to follow him. After a moment's hesitation, he does so. 8 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – FOLLOWING 8 7

Eko leads Flocke through the jungle, explaining to him what happened. (CONTINUED)

12. 8 CONTINUED: EKO I knew what you knew. I knew Juliet Burke detonated the bomb, and I set up provisions to make sure everything still went to plan. I used Eloise Hawking to make sure they all still came back here, that they didn't choose to change things. FLOCKE And you didn't tell me. EKO There wasn't time. FLOCKE You went rogue? EKO I did what I had to. I thought bringing them back here would allow you to win this war. FLOCKE And I tried to. EKO By throwing some dynamite at the Temple? It was desperate. And cheap. (A beat, then:) You didn't play by the rules, Jonah. Even Jacob did that. Flocke glares at Eko for a few moments, then walks away, exasperated. He turns around, trying to make sense of what Eko is telling him. FLOCKE So, fine. I broke the rules. are you here to tell me this? why Mr. Eko? Why And (CONTINUED) 8

13. 8 CONTINUED: EKO I may lack forgiveness and mercy, but I am not without a sense of irony. I am a priest, and it is time for your confession. Flocke laughs mirthlessly to himself, but Eko keeps his stern gaze level. FLOCKE Confession? You're . . . you're my disciple. You answer to me! Not anymore. now. EKO I answer to the Island 8

Flocke looks at Eko, dumbfounded, as Eko sits down on a nearby log and offers Flocke a seat next to him. In a daze, Flocke takes his seat. EKO (CONT'D) Now, explain yourself, and start from the beginning. Flocke raises his eyes, thinking back to what he considers to be the beginning, as the FLASHBACK WHOOSH kicks in, taking us back in time to: 9 EXT. OPEN OCEAN – NIGHT – FLASHBACK 9

An oar dips lightly into the clear water as the stars twinkle above. We PAN UP to see that a man is holding the oar, a man dressed in the ragged clothes of a slave: JONAH. Jonah looks forward, disgruntled, towards a canoe ahead of him. And as we PAN OUT further, we can see that Jonah is part of an entire fleet of thin canoes drifting lazily through the water. Many of them carry heavy bricks as they float across the ocean. They seem to be populated by SLAVES dressed like Jonah, but the front canoe contains a few well dressed ROYALS. (CONTINUED)

14. 9 CONTINUED: 9

It's hard to tell based on what the slaves are wearing, but the royals' outfits are classically Egyptian in design. So now we know – this is Ancient Egypt. This is where Jonah came from. And off of this realization VOICE (O.S.) (Subtitled) How much further till the shore? Jonah looks over to see, sitting across from him in his boat: JACOB, who rows with some difficulty due to a scar running down his arm. Jonah glances forward towards the ocean, shaking his head and looking back to Jacob. JONAH (Subtitled) I don't know. I can't see anything. JACOB (Subtitled) They don't know where they're going. The overseers. They don't know what they're doing at all. They're lost. JONAH (Subtitled) You should not doubt them. Jacob shrugs, angrily forcing his oar back into the water. And now we're starting to get the sense of a very different dynamic between these two . . . At the front of the caravan, one of the ROYAL OFFICIALS turns around, addressing the crowd. ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) It won't be much further until our final hike to the Pyramids! Until then, be patient! (CONTINUED)

15. 9 CONTINUED: JONAH (Subtitled) Almost there? 9


Jacob ignores Jonah's comment, looking around trepidatiously as a quiet suddenly extends across the ocean. Many of the others notice it as well, ceasing their rowing. The entire fleet of boats come to a halt, still in the water. The now well-known electromagnetic hum starts as Jacob and Jonah look around nervously, and a white light starts to fill the screen as the official whips back in panic. ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) Keep calm! Everyone keepAs Jonah and Jacob stare at the official in terror, he is suddenly cut off by A BURST OF WHITE LIGHT that consumes the entire screen, remaining for a few moments before FADING TO: 10 EXT. NORTH BEACH – DAY – FLASHBACK 10

JONAH OPENS HIS EYE, slowly getting up and looking around. The boats all lie around him, with many of the slaves and officers still in them, unconscious or in shock. Jonah ignores them, gazing instead towards the untouched, pristine beach lying ahead of him. Behind it, a light breeze blows across the trees in the jungle. Jonah takes in this scene before turning to Jacob, who still sits right next to him, looking at his arm. Now, the scar has MIRACULOUSLY DISAPPEARED. Jacob stares at this for a moment, then scoops up some sand and looks up at Jonah. JACOB (Subtitled) Where are we? END OF ACT ONE

16. ACT TWO 11 EXT. NORTH BEACH – DAWN – FLASHBACK Jonah sits alone on the beach, staring out at the ocean. Jacob walks up behind him, taking a seat next to him and offering him a sea urchin. Jonah gratefully accepts. JONAH (Subtitled) What do you know? JACOB (Subtitled) They sent people out to scout the perimeter three days ago. Last night the scouts lit a signal fire saying they'd be back today. JONAH (Subtitled) Do they have any other plans? Jacob grimaces, tossing back his sea urchin before tossing it onto the sand. JACOB (Subtitled) Of course not. JONAH (Subtitled) Why don't you believe them? JACOB (Subtitled) Because I see how they treat us. What we are made to do. (A beat, then:) I can't. Jonah looks at Jacob hopelessly, then downs his own urchin, setting it down on the sand. (CONTINUED) 11

17. 11 CONTINUED: JONAH (Subtitled) If you do not believe in them, you must believe in what we are doing here. The purpose we are serving. (Off Jacob's look:) The will of the gods. Jacob studies Jonah for a good long moment before sighing, looking away towards the ocean. JACOB (Subtitled) I wish I could be like you. (Off Jonah's look:) Simple. Unquestioning. JONAH (Subtitled) I am not a simple man. I just choose to see the good in people. JACOB (Subtitled) And there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. JONAH (Subtitled) You can tell me why it is you think the way you do. Jacob gets up, turning towards the main camp a few hundred feet away, then offering a hand to Jonah. JACOB (Subtitled) It doesn't matter what I thought, does it? Nothing matters now that we're here, and I don't think we'll be leaving for a long time. (CONTINUED) 11

18. 11 CONTINUED: Jonah takes Jacob's hand, getting up and following Jacob towards the main camp. JONAH (Subtitled) Why do you say that? JACOB (Subtitled) Listen to what they have to say. As Jacob and Jonah draw closer to the main camp, it becomes clear that a large number of people have gathered around the ROYAL OFFICIAL, who speaks loudly with an important message. ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) The vizier has spoken to the scouts, who have told us that this place is indeed an island, and there are no apparent means of departure. The people around the royal official begin to murmur in fear and suspicion, but the official raises his hands, quieting the crowd. ROYAL OFFICIAL (CONT'D) (Subtitled) But the vizier believes that there was a purpose to us coming here. That the gods have brought us here for a reason. (A beat, then:) He believes we have work to do. Whispers now arise within the crowd, and USI, a timid young man, asks: USI (Subtitled) What work? (CONTINUED) 11

19. 11 CONTINUED: ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) We are to build a civilization here. Start anew. MESKHENET, a strong-willed woman who stands near the front of the crowd, pipes up angrily. MESKHENET (Subtitled) And why must we do that? ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) Because this place is special. You can all feel it. This island . . . is a land that has now been promised to us. The vizier and I agree that we must use it. MESKHENET (Subtitled) Why can't the vizier tell us all of this himself? Where is he? ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) He is resting now. I must speak for him. Meskhenet steps back, somewhat unsatisfied with the official's response. However, many of the others seem convinced by the official's words, including Usi. USI (Subtitled) And you are sure there is no way we can leave? ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) That is why we must build. (CONTINUED) 11

I am.

20. 11 CONTINUED: 11

Most of the other Egyptians nod in agreement, consenting to the official's plan. At the back of the crowd, Jacob and Jonah look on worriedly. JONAH (Subtitled) You think he's right? JACOB (Subtitled) About us? No. But about this place? (A beat, then:) Absolutely. Jonah nods, turning back to hear the official's plans for the next few weeks. And as a society is created, we FADE TO BLACK: TITLE CARD: TEN YEARS LATER 12 EXT. ANCIENT RUINS – DAY – FLASHBACK 12

The ancient Egyptians move quickly and efficiently around the newly-constructed camp, busying themselves with chores or heading off in small groups into the jungle. We MOVE ACROSS the new society, to one tent inparticular, where Jonah tries to sling a large bucket over his shoulder. He finds it difficult, however, to position the shoulder strap correctly . . . until MESHKENET swoops in and helps him get it over his shoulder. Jonah smiles at her in thanks. JONAH (Subtitled) Thank you. Meshkenet returns the smile, KISSING Jonah lightly on the cheek before heading back into the tent. MESHKENET (Subtitled) You don't have to thank me, Busirus. (CONTINUED)

21. 12 CONTINUED: BUSIRUS. So now we know that Jonah was not always Jonah. JONAH (Subtitled) You'll be at the Temple? MESHKENET (Subtitled) Of course. Do you know where Sokkwi is taking you? JONAH (Subtitled) I will. Jonah waves farewell to Meshkenet before heading out of the tent, away from the village and towards the jungle. 13 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – LATER – FLASHBACK 13 12

Jacob stands with the royal official, overlooking a giant team of workers who are finishing construction on the statue of Tawaret. JACOB (Subtitled) So this is what's been keeping you so busy. (The official nods, so:) A statue, my lord? ROYAL OFFICIAL (Subtitled) We are building a new empire. New society, new rules. We need a symbol, a marker of our place here. We need a pinnacle. The royal official steps forward proudly onto the beach. Jacob follows him, standing directly behind him. (CONTINUED)

22. 13 CONTINUED: JACOB (Subtitled) I do not believe this was 13

Sokkwi. wise.

SOKKWI (Subtitled) I did not ask for your permission. JACOB (Subtitled) You don't have to ask for anyone's permission anymore. Not since the vizier left for the jungle, all too conveniently, I might add. Sokkwi turns around, hanging his head in shame before looking back up at Jacob. SOKKWI (Subtitled) There's something I must tell you. Something I know I can trust you with simply because you clearly despise me. (Jacob nods, so:) When we first came here, I found the vizier's staff floating in the water. Nothing else. He must have been one of the ones who died when we arrived. (Off Jacob's look:) I lied. Before Jacob can respond with anything more than an open jaw, Jonah – Busirus - appears on the beach, heading straight for the pair ahead. He stops when he sees the statue, however, immediately amazed by its powerful aura. JONAH (Subtitled) My lord . . . (CONTINUED)

23. 13 CONTINUED: SOKKWI (Subtitled) Do you like it? Tawaret. fertile land. 13

For our

Jonah smiles gratefully, taking Sokkwi's hands in his. JONAH (Subtitled) It is a masterpiece. Tawaret . . . she has blessed us so much. (Off Sokkwi and Jacob's looks:) Meshkenet is pregnant. Sokkwi congratulates Jonah loudly, but Jacob remains fairly subdued, his mind still roiling over Sokkwi's revelation. 14 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – LATER – FLASHBACK 14

Jacob and Jonah walk together through the jungle, a shovel in each of their hands. JONAH (Subtitled) You seemed distant about the beach. You didn't appreciate the statue? JACOB (Subtitled) Of course I did. Jacob's voice is distant, something Jonah picks up on immediately. He shrugs it off, however, as the pair reach a clearing. Jonah pushes away some branches as he enters. JONAH (Subtitled) Well, we can see the statue more once we're finished here. Jacob nods, following Jonah into: (CONTINUED)


Jonah and Jacob emerge from the thicket to find a simple dirt clearing, save for a small section of rope rising from the ground. Fans of the show may recognize this rope as the same one that Sawyer held in “LaFleur” after the final time shift, and therefore know what lies below: the Orchid. But Jacob and Jonah regard the rope carefully, clueless as to what it is. JONAH (Subtitled) Where do you think it came from? (Off Jacob's look:) For years, nothing. Then one day, it just appears. JACOB (Subtitled) For years, I had a scar down my arm. Then one day, nothing. The day I came here. Jacob smiles roguishly, but Jonah grimaces, setting down his shovel in the dirt before bending down to examine the rope more closely. JONAH (Subtitled) If you don't care about where it came from, you should at least care about where it goes. Jacob nods, lifting up Jonah's shovel and handing it back to him. JACOB (Subtitled) There's only one way to find out. Jonah nods, and we JUMP CUT TO: (CONTINUED)


The sun sets behind Jacob and Jonah as they make serious progress on the dig, now working a ways beneath the ground surface. Jonah tosses some dirt up, wiping his brow over at Jacob, who works diligently. JONAH (Subtitled) I've never seen you so committed to something. JACOB (Subtitled) I have a purpose now. Something for myself. JONAH (Subtitled) It's digging a hole. JACOB (Subtitled) You'd be surprised how much influence the tiniest of actions can have. The tiniest of decisions . . . Jacob fades off, continuing with his work, but Jonah presses forward, setting down his shovel. It sinks into the ground a bit, as if it has hit something. And since this is the Orchid, something is most likely a pocket of energy. JONAH (Subtitled) Is that why you don't trust anyone? JACOB (Subtitled) Why do you always ask the questions that have no answers? JONAH (Subtitled) This rope, your scar may not have (CONTINUED)

26. 16 CONTINUED: JONAH (CONT'D) (Subtitled) answers. Or at least none that we can understand. But you are a man, and therefore you must. JACOB (Subtitled) The wisdom of the gods. (A beat, then:) Keep working, Busirus. Jonah looks at Jacob for a moment, then grabs him, shoving him back a bit. Jacob's shovel falls quickly to the ground, laying flat, as if pulled in by some force. JONAH (Subtitled) Why do you not trust them?! do you not trust me?! JACOB (Subtitled) Why does it matter to you?! JONAH (Subtitled) Because I have to know! 16


So, why?!

JACOB (Subtitled) Because they are weak! All of them! Their desires, their needs, they change with the winds, whichever wind points to their own success! (A beat, then:) These people don't care about anyone but themselves. And they consume and destroy everything around them to service themselves. How I could not hate them? (CONTINUED)

27. 16 CONTINUED: JONAH (Subtitled) They are not all like that. JACOB (Subtitled) I believe they are. JONAH (Subtitled) But you believe in this place. As Jacob speaks, the electromagnetic hum begins to sound around them. At first, Jacob and Jonah are too busy in their debate to notice. JACOB (Subtitled) This place is judgment and truth. The hum grows louder as Jonah leans in, spitting his words out to Jacob. JONAH (Subtitled) Why is it that you have faith in that? JACOB (Subtitled) Because I've looked into the eye of this Island, and what I saw . . . was beautiful. And just as Jacob finishes his argument against Jonah, just as he speaks the words that will be echoed by John Locke, millenia later . . . The earth below opens up, releasing a massive pocket of electromagnetic energy that consumes Jacob and Jonah in a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT. END OF ACT TWO 16


The same chamber as we have always seen, although now it is simply a room covered in snow and ice. No hole in the wall. No hieroglyphs. And no wheel. Jacob, now dressed warmly, tinkers with a mechanical gear in the center of the room. Many parts lie around him, some connected to each other, some strewn carelessly about the chamber. Jacob suddenly stops his work, looking up towards the entrance of the chamber to find Jonah climbing down the rope. As he reaches the ground, he hops off, walking towards Jacob, his eyes on the gears. JONAH (Subtitled) What are you working on? JACOB (Subtitled) Trying to build something that will harness the energy here. JONAH (Subtitled) Harness it? To do what? JACOB (Subtitled) We shall see. Jacob gets up, moving over to the wall where the wheel will one day be placed. He runs his hand over the ice for a moment, then takes a small ice pick and jams a hole through it, revealing a bright white light coming from within. Jonah stares forward in wonder, but Jacob smiles to himself. JACOB (Subtitled) I knew it. (CONTINUED)

29. 17 CONTINUED: Jacob turns back to Jonah, nodding to the rope. JACOB (CONT'D) (Subtitled) That's enough for today. We can go back up now. Jonah nods, heading back for the rope. As he reaches it, he rubs his arms, looking back at Jacob questioningly. JONAH (Subtitled) Have you ever wondered why this place is so cold? JACOB (Subtitled) It is deep underground. And the energy here might change things. JONAH (Subtitled) Like it changed us? Jonah has clearly touched a nerve, and Jacob steps forward uncomfortably, heading past Jonah and grasping the rope. JACOB (Subtitled) That was five years ago, and we agreed to never speak of it again. JONAH (Subtitled) We don't even know what happened! How canJACOB (Subtitled) We're done here. (CONTINUED) 17


30. 17 CONTINUED: Jacob starts climbing up the rope again. Jonah reluctantly follows. 18 After a moment, 18 17


Jacob and Jonah gently place the final few bricks on the well over the hole, stepping back and admiring their work. JONAH (Subtitled) What now? JACOB (Subtitled) We're expected at the Temple. Jonah nods, following Jacob off into the jungle. 19 EXT. THE TEMPLE – FRONT EXTERIOR – LATER - FLASHBACK Many of the Egyptians mill around the Temple as Sokkwi speaks with Usi. Jacob and Jonah approach them from a distance, eventually coming within earshot of their conversation. USI (Subtitled) My lord, I do not doubt the splendor of the new village. But I worry that it is too close to the volcano . . . SOKKWI (Subtitled) That mountain will not erupt anytime soon, Usi. (Off Usi's look:) The gods have told me this. Usi now turns to Jonah, desperate for someone to agree with his position. (CONTINUED) 19

31. 19 CONTINUED USI (Subtitled) Busirus, do you believe him? (Jonah nods, so:) And you? Usi now turns to Jacob, who shrugs his shoulders dejectedly. JACOB (Subtitled) Of course not. But then, nobody believes me. Jonah's eyes wander away from the conversation, over towards Meshkenet, who stands with a young boy and a baby girl. Jonah bids farewell to the others, then heads over towards his family, greeting them all warmly. JONAH (Subtitled) It is good to see you. MESHKENET (Subtitled) We were wondering when you were coming back from the jungle. JONAH (Subtitled) I can always return to the Temple. This place is a haven for us. Jacob looks over towards Jonah, picking up his last words as he speaks with Sokkwi and Usi. Meshkenet takes Jonah's hand, bringing it down to her stomach. MESHKENET (Subtitled) I prayed for Tawaret to bless us with this one as well. (CONTINUED) 19

32. 20 CONTINUED: 20

Jonah smiles at Meshkenet, but is interrupted by a crash and a scream from inside the Temple. Many of the people standing outside the Temple, including Jonah and Jacob, run inside to see what happened. 21 INT. THE TEMPLE – MAIN CHAMBER – FOLLOWING 21

Jacob, Jonah, and many others crowd around to see two men lying around a collapsed piece of rock from the ceiling. One of them lies motionless, a gash in his head; the other screams in pain, clutching his bleeding leg. Most of the Egyptians remains still, horrified at the scene in front of them. But Jacob and Jonah spring into action, heading over to the two men. Jacob moves in front of the man with the wounded leg, asking the man questions as he tries to find a way to stop the bleeding. JACOB (Subtitled) What happened? WOUNDED MAN (Subtitled) Some of the ceiling fell . . . hit his head and my leg . . . GHOST (O.S.) (Subtitled) We cannot stop it . . . Jacob whips around to see a SPECTER of the man whom Jonah is attending to. Dressed in clean, white garb, he stands motionless several yards away from the crowd. Jacob stares at the specter in amazement for a moment, long enough for Usi to follow his gaze. Sure enough, Usi sees the specter as well, but before he can even blink once, it is gone. Jacob is left in awe before he is broken out of his reverie by the cry of the wounded man: WOUNDED MAN (Subtitled) Help me! (CONTINUED)

33. 21 CONTINUED: Jacob turns back to the wounded man, laying a caring hand on his knee. JACOB (Subtitled) I will do whatever I can to help you. The wounded man nods, closing his eyes in pain. Suddenly, he gasps loudly, and Jacob looks down at his leg, which miraculously begins to heal. The gash closes, invisibly stitching itself up and leaving an uninjured leg in its wake. Jacob and the injured man stared down at the leg for a moment before the injured man lifts up his pants leg, staring at his healed wound in wonder. He looks up at Jacob, amazed, thankful, even a little afraid. WOUNDED MAN (Subtitled) Who are you? Jacob is left speechless by his sudden healing power as Jonah lifts his hand up from the other man's neck and rises slowly. JONAH (Subtitled) He is dead. The crowd bows their heads in mourning, but Jonah's eyes wander over to the wounded man's healed leg. His eyes then dart up to Jacob, amazed at his work. 22 EXT. JUNGLE – CREEK – LATER – FLASHBACK 22 21

Jacob kneels by the creek, washing the blood off his hands. He splashes some water on his face, trying to understand what just happened. Jonah walks up behind him. JACOB (Subtitled) Where is everyone else? (CONTINUED)

34. 22 CONTINUED: JONAH (Subtitled) Back at the village. (A beat, then:) What are we? Jacob turns around to face Jonah, at a loss for words. After a moment, he turns back to the stream, but Jonah walks down to him furiously, getting in Jacob's face. JONAH (Subtitled) You still don't want to talk about what happened at the well? Five years, and neither of us has aged a day. And now this. JACOB (Subtitled) This Island must have given me a power to use for the greater good. (A beat, then:) He is healed, Busirus. Is that not the work of the gods? JONAH (Subtitled) You truly believe that? JACOB (Subtitled) Faith is all I have. Jacob turns around, shaking his head in confusion as he slowly walks away. Jonah remains where he is, shouting at Jacob lividly. JONAH (Subtitled) And what if you are wrong?! What if – stop! Don't walk away from me! (CONTINUED) 22

35. 22 CONTINUED: 22

Jonah is letting his emotions get the better of him, and he now takes a few steps towards Jacob. JONAH (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Stop! Stop!


Jacob turns around, ready to confront Jonah again, only to step back in fright when he sees THE DEAD MAN. Right where Jonah was standing a moment ago. The man looks confusedly at Jacob, then down at his own hands, gasping in horror when he sees them. He runs to the creek, looking down at his reflection and screaming in fright. And now we CUT TO JACOB, who stares in terror and awe at the scene transpiring before him. Because when we cut back to where the dead man was - WE FIND JONAH ONCE MORE, kneeling at the creek. And now we know the source of their powers. over to Jonah slowly. JACOB (Subtitled) How did you . . . JONAH (Subtitled) I don't know. I don't know how this happened. Or why. Jonah sinks down to the ground, in misery, but Jacob walks over with a calm hand. JACOB (Subtitled) You must have faith in something greater than yourself. JONAH (Subtitled) I can't. (CONTINUED) Jacob walks

36. 22 CONTINUED: 22

And before Jacob can say anything in response, a distant rumble is heard. Jacob and Jonah look up into the jungle, then take off, heading for the disruption. As they run, Jacob shouts out to Jonah: JACOB (Subtitled) I think it came from the village! Jonah picks up the pace, terrified of what lies ahead. 23 EXT. JUNGLE – CLIFFSIDE – A LITTLE LATER – FLASHBACK 23

Jacob and Jonah burst through the trees to emerge on a cliff overlooking the new, grandiose village . . . DIRECTLY BELOW THE ERUPTING VOLCANO. Lava belches out from the mouth of the mountain, raining down on the helpless villagers below. Jacob can barely take in the scene, but Jonah is immediately reduced to a wreck, running forward as if to jump off the mountain and help. But Jacob extends a hand, stopping him just as he starts off. JACOB (Subtitled) We cannot help them now.


Jonah is forced to watch helplessly as Meshkenet and the children run in a panic, looking towards Sokkwi, who stands at the front of the village, helpless. Many run towards the jungle, but are quickly engulfed by the fire. Jonah looks away, unable to keep watching the death of his wife, his children, everyone he knows. But Jacob watches one figure: Usi. Usi, who runs amongst the sick and wounded, trying to help them escape. Jacob stares down in amazement at the man's bravery for a few seconds before he, too, is finally engulfed in the flames, leaving the village a smoking ruin. Jacob takes this scene in as Jonah cries softly by his side. END OF ACT THREE

37. ACT FOUR 24 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY – FLASHBACK Jacob drags Jonah out from the jungle, running for the shoreline. As they reach the base of the statue, the two collapse on the sand, taking a moment to catch their breath. Jonah can't even absorb what just happened, but Jacob slowly sits up, staring out towards the ocean pensively. After a moment, Jonah catches his breath, looking up at Jacob murderously. And so Jonah LUNGES FORWARD, GRABBING JACOB BY THE THROAT and forcing him back against the sand. Jacob reacts quickly, kneeing Jonah in the groin and sending him falling back against the sand. Jacob gets up, standing over Jonah. JACOB (Subtitled) Why are you attacking me? JONAH (Subtitled) You stopped me! I could have saved them, and you held me back! JACOB (Subtitled) Don't blame me for what happened. Jonah slowly gets up, circling Jacob and working himself into a frenzy never seen from him before. JONAH (Subtitled) You? No, why should I blame you? Why shouldn't I blame everyone?! Sokkwi, Usi, all of them?! They all went there, with their glory and the empire, and nowJonah can't bear to go on any longer, sinking down into the beach, left alone with his grief. (CONTINUED) 24

38. 24 CONTINUED: JONAH (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Why do you not blame them? JACOB (Subtitled) I should. It was their fault. Everything I feared about them came true. But then I saw Usi. He could have escaped, but he did what he could to help the others at the cost of his own life. (A beat, then:) He was a good man. And he can't be the only one. Jonah rises once more, staring daggers at Jacob. JONAH (Subtitled) So, now when I need you, when my faith is lost, yours is magically found? JACOB (Subtitled) I'm sorry. But if you do not believe I am right, then prove me wrong. (Off Jonah's look:) If you think there is no good in humanity, find a way to show me conclusively. JONAH (Subtitled) How? JACOB (Subtitled) By bringing people to the Island. (CONTINUED) 24

39. 24 CONTINUED: JONAH (Subtitled) Impossible. Why shouldn't I just kill you? JACOB (Subtitled) We are beyond that now, Busirus. Jonah, angry as he is with Jacob, realizes that on some level, he is correct. He will not gain victory over Jacob unless he truly proves him wrong. And as he nods reluctantly, we FADE OUT TO: TITLE CARD: THREE HUNDRED YEARS LATER 25 INT. FROZEN DONKEY WHEEL – DAY – FLASHBACK 25 24

And we're back in the chamber, although now it looks much more like the chamber that we know. The hole has been carved in the wall, the wheel placed inside. Jacob tinkers with a few final arrangements, making sure the wheel is perfect. Behind him, Jonah slides down the rope, hopping down into the chamber. JONAH (Subtitled) This is how you're leaving the Island? JACOB (Subtitled) The energy in this chamber is unique, and I believe I have discovered how to harness it for myself. JONAH (Subtitled) I thought you wouldn't trust yourself with that kind of power. (CONTINUED)

40. 25 CONTINUED: JACOB (Subtitled) I probably shouldn't. And when you knew me, I wouldn't. But now . . . I'm doing what I believe must be done. Jonah nods, walking over and reading the hieroglyphs on the walls. JONAH (Subtitled) Travel . . . time . . . resurrection. JACOB (Subtitled) What I believe we can control here. What I believe this wheel is the beginning of. (Off Jonah's look:) Once I turn it, I think I'll be able to travel off the Island. Of course, it may also dislodge the Island from time, but that's an unlikely chance. One in a thousand. JONAH (Subtitled) How do you know all this? JACOB (Subtitled) Guesswork, feeble attempts to try to understand a force much greater than myself. But I've had a long time to guess. And a long time to build this wheel. To steer the Island. (A beat, then:) At any rate, I'll get to know the world before I come back and put our little war into motion. (CONTINUED) 25

41. 25 CONTINUED: JONAH (Subtitled) And what is it you plan on doing? JACOB (Subtitled) I bring people here. Let them rule themselves. If they succeed, I will be right. If they don't . . . JONAH (Subtitled) How many times will this happen? JACOB (Subtitled) As many times as we need. Jonah laughs at the unfair nature of the arrangement, but his confidence blinds him to the possibility of Jacob being proven right, so he counters with: JONAH (Subtitled) You'll never be right. Jacob smiles his roguish smile, walking over to the wheel and turning it. A bright white light encompasses the room, and when it dissipates, Jonah is left alone. FADE OUT. TITLE CARD: ONE THOUSAND YEARS LATER 25 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY – FLASHBACK Jonah walks up the beach, past the statue to find Jacob hopping out of a canoe and setting his pack on the sand. JACOB Hello. JONAH Hello. (CONTINUED) 25 25

42. 25 CONTINUED: JONAH (CONT'D) English, then? JACOB I liked it the best. (A beat, then:) How do you know English? JONAH I turned your wheel and spent some time off the Island myself. It's not Busirus anymore, it's Jonah. And now I'm ready. I hope so. in tomorrow. JACOB The first trial comes 25

Jonah nods, turning around and heading back up the beach. JACOB (CONT'D) If you need me, I'll be here. (Off Jonah's look:) It's cozy. JONAH Very well, Osaze. JACOB It's Jacob now. JONAH Jacob. Jacob in the promised land of Sodom. Jacob smiles ruefully to himself, and Jonah heads away from the beach. 26 EXT. TEMPLE – OUTER WALL – LATER – FLASHBACK 26

Jonah walks towards what remains of the Temple wall, then goes through the passage under the Temple. (CONTINUED)


The catacombs, what we know as the Monster's chamber, much as they were the last time we saw them. The same pillars. The same hieroglyphs. But now no grate stands at the front of the room; there is no indication that the Monster inhabits this place. Jonah meditates alone in the center of the catacombs, speaking quietly to himself. JONAH (Subtitled) They are coming tomorrow, Meshkenet. But they will not stay here. None of them will. I will avenge your death and will prove him wrong. (A beat, then:) I love you. MESHKENET (O.S.) (Subtitled) Then why did you let me die? Jonah jumps up, spinning around to find the GHOST OF HIS WIFE behind him, looking as she did the day she died. JONAH (Subtitled) Meshkenet . . . no, I tried to save you. I would have jumped into the flames. The others are responsibleMESHKENET (Subtitled) You are just as responsible as everyone else. But you are more guilty, for you do not see your wrong. You did not save me. And now you plan to murder so many more in my name. How could I have ever loved you? Meshkenet advances aggressively as Jonah backs away in despair, his wife's venomous words cutting him like a knife. (CONTINUED)

44. 27 CONTINUED: And now other spirits appear, of all the other villagers, chanting one word as they close in on Jonah . . . SPIRITS (Subtitled) Guilty . . . guilty . . . guilty . . . The Egyptians have now nearly overwhelmed Jonah, sending him into a frenzied state, backing into the corner, at the end of his rope. And still they march forward. JONAH (Subtitled) No! No! No! 27

Stop it!


Jonah cries out, extending his body forward, unleashing all his power, his grief, his rage, in one instant. And the spirits scatter, disappearing, replaced by a new figure: JONAH'S SON. Jonah's son, who walks forward, taking his father's head in his hand and smiling in a way that no child should smile, a falsely benevolent smirk that belies an inner evil. JONAH (Subtitled) You are not my son. (He shakes his head, so:) What are you? JONAH'S SON (Subtitled) I am what you made me to be. And with this, the hand on Jonah's face dissolves into smoke, encircling him. Jonah closes his eyes, accepting the smoke's touch, and by the time he opens his eyes, his son is gone, replaced by black smoke swirling around him, consuming him, enveloping him, embracing him. This is the birth of the Monster. END OF ACT FOUR


Jack and Ilana walk across the thin platform to the mouth of the volcano. It is now hard to see anything with the gasses billowing upwards, but Jack turns back towards Ilana. JACK How long do we have?! ILANA I've told you all I know aboutJACK I want a number! If we're going to leave the Island, how long do we have? When do we need to start getting ready? Ilana looks down at the gasses for a few moments, then up at Jack glumly. ILANA Yesterday. And off Jack's reaction to this news, we CUT TO: 29 EXT. VOLCANO – BASE ENTRANCE – DAY Jack and Ilana exit the volcano to find Richard and Ben waiting for them. They rise, looking at the pair questioningly, but Jack stares at Richard rabidly. RICHARD Well? JACK You've killed us all, Richard. You both have. Jack walks away from the pair only to stop short when he sees, coming out from the jungle (CONTINUED) 29

46. 29 CONTINUED: KATE. Jack walks over to her angrily, but his expression starts to soften before he even reaches her. KATE I had to come. I'm sorry, Jack, but after Sawyer, I couldn't loseKate breaks off, but Jack nods, and the two embrace tightly. 30 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – EVENING Sun walks down the ladder into Yeon wait expectantly. Behind walks into the cabin, his eyes the son whom he thought he had Jin . . . Jin smiles, walking forward to embrace his father. Both men are reduced to tears at the emotional reunion. And now we JUMP CUT TO: 31 INT. THE ELIZABETH – CABIN – LATER The dishes dry next to the sink as Jin and Mr. Kwon sit together at the table, chatting. MR. KWON (Subtitled) And now you want to go to America? JIN (Subtitled) We can help our friends who are still on the Island if we go. Mr. Kwon pauses, placing his hand on Jin's shoulder as Sun walks back into the room. She remains by the door so as not to intrude on the two men. Consequently, neither notice that she is there. (CONTINUED) 31 30 29

the cabin where Jin and Ji Sun, JIN'S FATHER MR. KWON immediately locking on Jin, lost, only to find again now.


47. 31 CONTINUED: MR. KWON (Subtitled) When you were a child, I did my best to give you everything you needed. I may not have succeeded, but I always tried because you were my son. I loved you, and wanted to help you in any way I could. That is what you do for family, and you have a family here. Jin nods, understanding his father's advice. After a moment, however, he looks up, responding with: JIN (Subtitled) The people still there . . . they are like family to me. Not like my wife, or my daughter, or you. But I care for them. I can't abandon them. Mr. Kwon is moved by Jin's words, patting his son on the shoulder and embracing him tightly. Sun, too, understands where Jin comes from, and as she slips back into Ji Yeon's room, she is already reconsidering her stance. 32 EXT. DHARMA BARRACKS – NIGHT Flocke and the Monster emerge in the Dharma barracks as Flocke finishes telling his story. He looks over towards Ben's house, smiling in remembrance. FLOCKE That's where I built the chamber to call you. 700 years ago. (He looks around, then:) So much has changed. EKO But you should not have. You became concerned only with bloodshed, with war. You lost sight of your goal. (CONTINUED) 32 31

48. 32 CONTINUED: FLOCKE That was always what was supposed to happen. What I knew would happen. EKO But not by your own hand. Eko pauses in the middle of the barracks, unnecessarily breathing in the night air. Flocke stops as well, looking at him angrily. FLOCKE What do you want me to say? I'm human. (Off Eko's look:) I was. Part of me still is. EKO To fight the war you wanted to fight, one of ideology and belief, you needed to be more than that. FLOCKE Maybe I couldn't be. EKO I can see that now. That is why you lost. And that is why you must be punished. FLOCKE And you're the one to do it? EKO It is not my place. You created me. (A beat, then:) Although, perhaps not. Perhaps it was the Island. If it does even have a will of its own. (CONTINUED) 32

49. 32 CONTINUED: Eko starts to walk away from Flocke into the darkness. EKO (CONT'D) Maybe that is what the war should have been about. (A beat, then:) You have been judged, Jonah. Eko keeps walking away, but Flocke remains still, staring at him furiously, helplessly. FLOCKE Hey, stop! Stop it, don't you walk away from me! As Flocke pulls out his gun, Eko disappears into the night. Flocke looks around at the now-empty area in terror. Suddenly, a distant creak is heard behind Flocke, and he spins around, firing a shot into the night. He turns around, firing another. Another. Another. Madly, blindly, the moves of a desperate and fearful man. And just as the last bullet is shot off, as the click of an empty gun is heard, as Flocke turns around once more A KITCHEN KNIFE SAILS THROUGH HIS RIBCAGE, PIERCING HIM THROUGH THE HEART. Flocke, now Jonah again, stares up at his attacker, his murderer, and falls to his knees just as he sees him. As he lies on the ground, his fingers numbly brush the grass, plucking a single blade before he dies. And as we PAN UP from his body, as his killer walks into the light, we see his feet, his torso, his face, with an expression of awe, horror, even thrill: JOHN LOCKE. CUT TO BLACK: END OF EPISODE 32

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