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NAME contract tracking software


									NAME:                               Jeff Sutton
DATE OF BIRTH:                      7th March 1975
NATIONALITY:                        New Zealand, Australian, British
ADDRESS:                            130b Pukemapu Road Oropi, RD3
                                     Tauranga, New Zealand
PHONE:                              (07) 5431314
MOBILE PHONE:                       0211049487

Aspect Computer Training Centre – New South Wales
Educom Information Technology Business Collage – New South Wales
TAFE – New South Wales
Beacon Hill Technology High – New South Wales
Scots School Bathurst – New South Wales
Ela Beach International – Papua New Guinea
Raumati South – New Zealand

HCP – Hummingbird Certified Professional - DOCS Open
MCP – Windows NT 4 Workstation
MCP – Windows NT 4 Server
MCP – Windows NT 4 in Enterprise
MCP – Implementing and Supporting Windows 95
MCP – Internetworking with TCP/IP
MCP – Networking Essentials
CNA – Novell Netware 3.12
RFP – Trade certification in reinforced plastics

Upgrading Skills from NT to Windows 2000 – Aspect Computer Training Centre
Hummingbird Fusion 3.x
SAMS – XML in 21 days – self study
Getting ready for Windows 2000 – self study
Windows NT Server 4 – Educom
Windows 2000 MCP

June 2002 – Current Employer until December 2002:- University of Waikato
Main Duties Involved:
   Optimization and Redundancy of the servers
   Deployment of Windows 2000 desktop
   Research and design
   Administration of the Active Directory
   User support
University of Waikato has established a Tauranga campus. I’ve been employed three days a week to help with the
deployment of the a secure desktop environment, implementing server optimization and redundancy, general day to
day I.T. administration and user support. Securing the desktop environment involves building and deploying
Windows 2000 Professional workstations in an environment in which they are accessible by hundreds of users.
(For more information on the University please visit

March 2001 – June 2002- Employer: “Hummingbird” (formerly Educom)
Main Duties Involved:
   Second and third level support of Hummingbirds range of software throughout Australasia. Hummingbird make
    a diverse range of software primarily Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence and Connectivity. I
    worked on supporting the Knowledge Management range of products. The software, known as Fusion and
    DOCS Open, stored documents on a file server and tracked information relating to the documents (meta data)
    on SQL databases such as Microsoft, Oracle and Sybase. The software also had a web front end, which installed
    on IIS. The architecture was a client server with both the client and server components able to be installed under
    a number of different systems – Windows 95/98, NT4, 2000 and NetWare. The client end integrated with many
    of the common desktop applications – Office 97/2000/XP, Acrobat, Visio, Internet Explorer and Netscape
    Navigator. The day-to-day work involved identifying bad configurations, bugs, user training issues and logging
    enhancement requests. Dealing with other systems engineers in cities all across Asia with such a diverse range
    of configuration options gave me a lot of experience in high level troubleshooting. I commonly used file
    trackers, process/dll monitors and error logs to troubleshoot bugs.
(For more information on the company please visit

October 2000 – February 2001 Employer: “”
Main Duties Involved:
   Design of HTML Pages
   Graphics Editing
   Data entry
   WAP Research
   SMS Research is a small startup company, which delivers information on nightclubs, bars and bands throughout
Australia. I was responsible for the design and layout of the pages for the venues and bands that are listed on the
site. This included editing HTML 4.0, CSS files (cascading style sheets) and J-script. I used Allaire Homesite to do
this and become more efficient at editing web code. I also provided creative input for ideas on how to attract more
(For more information on the company please visit

May 2000 – October 2000 Employer: “E-business Australia”
Main Duties Involved:
   MIS Management
   National Helpdesk
   E-commerce Systems Management
   E-commerce Support
   R&D for E-Infrastructure
   E-Infrastructure Setup
E-business is a division of Drake with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. I was the responsible for the operation of
all information systems, including the corporate WAN and LANs, desktop support for all staff, the roll out of new
workstations, the building testing and support of the infrastructure to roll out e-commerce applications onto and
including staging environments as well as production web farms. I liaised with integrators; software and hardware
specialists to find a scalable load balanced solution to house the applications being developed at E-business. Other
duties included maintenance of the company firewall strategy, increasing bandwidth and router configuration.

June 1999 – March 2000 Employer: “Dresdner Klienwort Benson”
Main Duties Involved:
   E-commerce help desk set up
   Set up and development of Knowledge Bases
   Setup of call tracking Software
   Answering e-commerce related support calls
   Presales work with e-commerce marketing
   Site implementations of business to business e-commerce applications
   Recruitment of E-commerce Support Engineers
   Training of new recruits
   Set up of e-commerce help desk in Japan
I was recruited as a contractor by Dresdner Klienwort Benson’s London office to help set up and run their electronic
commerce help desk. My tasks were varied and many. The job was supporting their in-house designed business-to-
business e-commerce applications. This started with four applications, of which the most used was a Foreign
Exchange currency trader. Soon there were more applications being written, all of which used the same methods of
Internet security that we were already supporting (Public Key Cryptography an Secure Sockets Layer). We took on
the support of these other applications also. Access to the applications was administered using personal certificates
referencing a Netscape Directory Server, which uses LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol).
The help desk also did presales work with the marketing team until things got busy enough to justify a fulltime
presales role. This meant configuring the applications to run on a client site through a range of proxy servers and
network configurations.
After setting up and working on the London e-commerce help desk, I accepted an offer to go Japan to assist in
setting up the help desk there.
(For more information on the company please visit

1997 – 1999 Employer: “Educom Australia”
Main Duties Involved:
   LAN Administration
   WAN Administration – frame relay / ISDN / Remote troubleshooting
   Internal user training and support
   National Help desk – Windows NT, Office
   Second Level Support for knowledge management products
   Onsite site consulting work
   Web site design and maintenance
Starting at Educom as a Network administrator, I was responsible for a seventy-user network running a combination
of network operating systems, protocols and software. Educom had at least one of everything, ie Unix, NT, Netware,
and Lotus Notes Server. During my time as a network administrator one of the major projects I worked on was the
roll out of NT4 Workstation and the hardware upgrade of all desktop machines. I have also repaired notebooks at a
hardware level.
After ten months I was moved to second level support for a Knowledge management product called DOCS Open.
This involved dealing with the on-site engineers to resolve faults and mis-configurations, identify user-training
issues, log bug and change requests. Occasionally I went on site. One of these on site visits was providing first level
Knowledge Management and desktop support, including Notes and Office for two hundred users. This was a six-
week contract in as legal environment.
The last eight months at Educom were mostly second level support with some internal network design and systems
administration. This included setting up Internet connections and the configuration of Microsoft Proxy Server.
(For more information on the company please visit
1995 – 1997 (part-time) Employer: “Queenwood School for Girls”
Main Duties Involved:
   Support of a Netware 3.12/4 Environment
   Workstation connection and configuration
   Network print server configuration
Queenwood had three LAN segments with a fibre optic backbone and around two hundred clients that were
Windows 3.x and Windows 95. Some projects that I completed here were component level hardware and upgrades,
installation of the Netware 32-bit client and diskless workstation set up. I also did some end user support on foot,
visiting the users.
(For more information on the company please visit

Systems and Servers
Proficient in:                                          Understanding of:
MS-DOS                                                  Windows 2000
Windows 3.x                                             Netware 3.1x, 4.x
Windows 95/98                                           Lotus Notes 4.x
Windows NT 3.51/4.0                                     MS Terminal Server
Windows 2000                                            Unix
MS Exchange 4, 5.5                                      SQL Anywhere
MS SQL 6.5, 7                                           MS SQL 2000
Macintosh 9.x
Red Hat 7.x

Knowledge Management
Proficient in:
DOCS Open 3.x
DOCS Routing
DOCS Imaging
DOCS Binder
Fusion 4 / CyberDOCS 4
E-Commerce Technologies
Proficient in:                                          Understanding of:
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)            Java
Public Key Cryptography / Secure Sockets Layer          J-Script
Internet information server 4/5                         Web Sphere
Proxy server 2                                          XML
TCP/IP                                 Active X
HTML 4                                 Netscape directory server 4
Internet Explorer v4.x / 5.x           WAP
Netscape Navigator 4.x                 SMNP
Web Trends Monitoring software         Microsoft Site Server 3

Web Design and Graphics Applications
Proficient in:                         Understanding of:
Allaire Home Site 4.5                  Macro Media Dream Weaver 2
Net Objects, Fusion 4/5                Corel Draw 9
Microsoft FrontPage 98
Adobe PhotoShop 5
Digital Photography

Desktop Applications
Proficient in:                         Understanding of:
MS Office 4.x/95/97/2000/XP            Word Perfect

Workstation Installation Tools
Proficient in:                         Understanding of:
Power Quest Drive Image                Wininstall
Image Caster

Call Tracking
Proficient in:
Clarify 9
Qintas – CustQ.
Remote Administration Tools
Proficient in:
PCAnywhere v 8 / 9
Terminal Server
VNC Viewer

Sue Crafts - University of Waikato
(07) 5775301

James Roberts - Hummingbird

Lachlan Frances -

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