Smartphone Applications and Accessories

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Smartphone Applications and
Smartphone Applications :
1. Security application
2. Productivity application
3. Cloud -sync application

Smartphone Accessories:
1. Portable chargers
2. Bluetooth Headsets
3. Pico Projectors
Smartphone Applications :
1. Security application :
A Smartphone consists of lots of
personal and confidential
information like documents,
presentations, files and many more. A
reliable security application however
fights against all the malicious
applications and makes sure the
smartphone is protected.
2. Productivity application :
Peoples who want to create simple to do
listings and want to pen down their
thoughts can do it with the help of
productivity application.
3. Cloud -sync application :
Though all smartphones working on iOS
platform and Windows have an in-built
cloud syncing, there are a few external
cloud sync applications that are available
for use in all kind of smartphones.
Smartphone Accessories:
1. Portable chargers :
A Smartphone needs lots of power and for
that it requires a portable battery charger.
The battery of Smartphones generally
drains faster because peoples carry out
lots of activities with it. People who are
frequent travelers require a portable
battery charger.
2. Bluetooth Headsets :
The market has different varieties of
Bluetooth headsets to provide to
Smartphone users. A Bluetooth headset
lets peoples conduct conference call,
discreetly check voices mail etc.
3. Pico Projectors :
The Jawbone Era headset which is a Pico
projector case lets people’s task
presentations while traveling. Apart from
this it as well protects smartphones.
Different Smartphone users can buy
different Pico projectors suiting their
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