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									              An Overview of Change Management Concepts

Change management refers to a transition of a group of people from one condition to another.
It is a concept that is faced by managers in various types of companies.

Use and Function

Handling change properly involves a lot of things, but the most important is commitment to
getting to the new level. A manager’s role and function is to sense any new trends.

Should trends arise, it is your task to prepare your subordinates for the adjustments. This can
be achieved by implementing the right programs.

These programs should focus on the issues. This is necessary so individuals can make the
change needed by the transition. To be an efficient change manager, the effects on individuals
have to be addressed. One of the most pertinent issues will be the resistance to it.

Advantages of Change

It is very important that change management be implemented successfully. Doing so will
make it easier to put into practice a new program. It will result in a more positive outlook and
approach. It is crucial that all issues are resolved quickly. It is going to produce greater levels
of acceptance.

Potential Difficulties

The biggest hurdle here is getting acceptance. It is a multi faceted issue involving various
aspects. They include environmental, cultural, emotional and perception problems. The
perception problem arises when the group fails or ignores the change due to incomplete
analysis. The emotional resistance is born out of fear of failure or fear of change itself.

Other problems may be due to social or cultural aspects. Belief in long standing traditions can
make it very difficult to view the transition properly.

If there are problems with the environment, it can also weaken support for change. If you plan
on implementing change, knowing which issues confront you is absolutely necessary. It is the
first step to resolving the issue and implementing change.

Other Considerations

Different processes will be required depending on the situation and issues being faced. But
whatever you are facing, it is imperative that those affected be involved early. This is the most
effective way to block potential problems.

When proposing the changes, you should keep the following in mind. Be flexible. Be willing
to listen to ideas and suggestions from the others involved. They might have some plans that
can enhance your proposal.
Another important note: be willing to change also. You must be willing to be a part of it. As
the harbinger of change, you must resist the temptation to remain in the present state. Your
idea must be flexible enough to accept modifications.

Simply put, be ready for any new ideas that may arise. You should be willing to accept it.
Focus on the benefits that change management will bring. If there re obstacles along the way,
provide and encourage solutions for it.


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