Sandy Triad and the adrenalin kick - Featuring dune buggies, quad bikes and the Dubai desert tour

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					Sandy Triad and the adrenalin kick - Featuring dune buggies, quad bikes and
the Dubai desert tour

The desert has an important role to play in the tourism landscape of Dubai. A century ago, Dubai
was just another hamlet in the sands. Nomadic Bedouins and pearl divers made up the demographic
landscape and there was little else to do. Fast forward to some decades later, when the erstwhile
rulers took over the reigns of Dubai and charted out a growth path that has placed it firmly at the
top of the tourism destination charts the world over.

Being the tourism hotspot that it is, Dubai truly offers an experience that few other places around
the globe can match. Uber-luxury resorts and spas, exciting shopping vistas, contemporary arts and
crafts avenues and a lot more – that’s Dubai for you. One thing that is inseparable from the
quintessential Dubai experience is a trip onto the sands for something that is known as ‘dune
bashing’. Popular among the tourists that throng here, dune bashing involves large 4*4’s or four
wheel drive vehicles. These are piloted by ace drivers who show off the skills and prowess of their
vehicles as well as their own talents in mastering these high powered machines.

A regular, road going vehicle would perhaps flounder as it were to begin tackling the sand.
However, there are alternatives to the regular four-wheel drive options for those who seek a more
personalized experience. Most of the major Dubai desert safari tour operators offer a purpose-
filled dune buggy on rent for a few hundred AED, for those that wish to get closer to the sands.
The basic premise of a dune buggy is a high powered, high torque engine that is fitted to a basic
roll cage fitted chassis and comes with extra-lift suspension and large, wide tires. The dune buggy
movement essentially began somewhere in the sixties, when certain individuals began running in
what was then a modified Volkswagen Beetle. Since then, the dune buggy phenomenon has taken
on a more organized setting. Operating solely on the fun quotient, dune buggies are a great way to
enjoy the desert sands, either in pairs or fours. Clichés say that good things come in small
packages. Cringe if need be, but it fits the quad-biking genre to a T. Quad-bikes offer a great
experience for solo riders looking to tackle the desert dunes from close quarters. Small, four
wheeled, fun vehicles, riding a quad-bike is an experience that one is likely to remember for quite
some time to come.

A word of caution in this adrenalin powered tale. In recent times, there have been a lot of
unscrupulous entities that claim to offer Dubai Desert Tours. However, one needs special licenses,
paperwork, insurance and dedicated infrastructure to offer any such kind of tours. So when you get
bitten by the desert bug next time, remember to choose wisely and enjoy the desert sands to the
best that you can.

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