; MRI of the shoulder: Rotator cuff
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MRI of the shoulder: Rotator cuff


The interconnected supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis musculotendinous complexes constitute the rotator cuff and act as the shoulder's primary functional unit. Because of the rotator cuff's crucial role, RC pathology may lead to considerable limitations in daily routine, work, and leisure/sporting activities. [...]we will present an effective search pattern approach to evaluate the rotator cuff on shoulder MRI examinations.

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									MRI of the shoulder: Rotator cuff

J. Scott McMonagle, MD, and Emily N. Vinson, MD

           inking the axial trunk and        information to guide patient manage-         nous junction. The subacromial-sub-
           upper extremity, the shoulder     ment. This review will cover recent lit-     deltoid bursa, which usually contains
           joint plays an imperative role    erature regarding RC anatomy and the         minimal fluid, if any, drapes over the
in most daily activities, allowing us to     clinical presentation, evaluation, and       supraspinatus muscle and tendon and
position our hands in space. Further, the    management of RC disease. We will            
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