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Think Globally, Eat Locally


[Amy Schiek]'s personal and professional journey has taken her down roads she didn't foresee then. She and her husband moved to Skaneateles several years ago, where she owns and operates Lucky Dogs Canine Services, a pet care and pet-sitting business. "I'm not using my degree," Schiek says, "but I've always had an interest in helping people in other parts of the world.""What I love about it is it's very grass-roots, at the donation level and at the receiving end," says Deborah Monaco, who shares leadership of the Manlius DFW chapter with her friend, Eileen Perry. "At the same time, an advantage I don't think we foresaw is we're trying new foods. Usually one or two women will try to bring a dish native to the country of the charity we're sponsoring."It really is a wonderful thing," Monaco adds. "We're meeting new people. We're eating good food. We're learning about women in other parts of the world and we're learning about their needs."

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