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									                          EDEXCEL BTEC National Diploma
                  Level 3 – Unit 3: Health, Safety and Security in
                               Health and Social Care

                       Assignment Title:- Look Out Hazards About!

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Student Signature ____________________________________Date_____________
Assignment Launch Date        Wednesday 16 February 2011
Assignment Hand in            Assignment 1               14 February 2011
Dates                         Assignment 2               29 March 2011
                              Assignment 3               6 April 2011

To achieve a pass grade you must      To achieve a merit you must show     To achieve a distinction you
show that you are able to:            that you are able to:                must show that you are able
P1 explain potential hazards and
the harm that may arise from each
in a health or social care Setting.
P2 outline how legislation,           M1 describe how health and
policies and procedures relating to   safety legislation, policies and
health, safety and security           procedures promote the safety of
influence health and social care      individuals in a health or social
settings                              care setting
P3 carry out a risk assessment in     M2 assess the hazards identified     D1 make recommendations in
a health or social care setting       in the health or social care         relation to identified hazards
                                      setting                              to minimise the risks to the
                                                                           service user group
P4 explain possible priorities and    M3 discuss health, safety or         D2 justify responses to a
responses when dealing with           security concerns arising from a     particular incident or
two particular incidents or           specific incident or emergency in    emergency in a health or
emergencies in a health or            a health or social care setting.     social care setting.
social care setting.

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care                                                       1
Unit 3 Assignment Brief TH FHS 10/11
Assignment 1
Successful completion of this task will allow you to generate evidence to meet
Grading Criteria P1, P2, M1 (February 14th 2011)
You have applied for a new job as a Health and Safety officer. As part of
interview process you have asked to do a presentation on hazards in health and
social care settings and submit a report

Task 1 (P1) – Produce a PowerPoint presentation with notes that explains potential
hazards and the different harm and abuse that may arise from each in various health
or social care settings. You should include:

   a)   the physical environment
   b)   equipment
   c)   infections
   d)   substances
   e)   working conditions
   f)   working practices
   g)   security systems

For each type of hazard discuss the potential harm and abuse it could cause in the
health and social care setting you talk about and the type of service users who may
be affected. Also explore how individuals such as staff, visitors or patients could
cause the hazard.

Task 2 (P2) or (M1) – Produce a written report to submit at the interview about
different health and safety legislation, policies and procedures. To meet Pass criteria
you need to summarise the main points of each and crucially how these things
influence practice in health and social care settings. You need to include sections on
the following:

   a) Legislation and guidelines – HASAWA, COSHH, RIDDOR, Data protection,
      manual handling etc.
   b) Safeguarding – vulnerable adults (POVA) and children and young people etc.
   c) Policies and procedures – accidents, disposal of body waste, storage of
      medicines, fire, security, cleaning, food safety etc.

Please make sure you clearly outline in section c) how each policy and procedure
reflects the requirement of legislation and guidelines. Throughout each section you
need to discuss the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees of
services as well as other individuals like visitors and relatives.

To achieve a Merit you need to describe how health and safety legislation, policies
and procedures promote the safety of individuals in a health or social care setting.
This involves you returning to hazards that you identified in Task 1. Addressing each
hazard you need to explain how legislation, policies and procedures you discuss can
minimise the risk for service users, workers and visitors

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care                                        2
Unit 3 Assignment Brief TH FHS 10/11
Assignment 2
Successful completion of this task will allow you to generate evidence to meet
Grading Criteria P3, M2 and D1 (March 29th 2011)

  You are a health and social care student studying at university who is about to go out
  on a number of mini work placements as part of your degree course. Your
  placements include a residential nursing home, a hospital, a play centre and a
  secondary school. As part of your health and safety module you have been asked to
  look into risk assessment procedures whilst on placement.

  Task 1 (P3) – carry out a risk assessment in a health or social care setting. Fill in the
  school’s risk assessment form that identifies hazards, the risk and level of harm, the
  likelihood of any risk and action to reduce possible risks.

  As you complete the risk assessment photographs taken can be used as evidence

  Task 2 (M2) To achieve M2, you need to assess the hazards you identified in your risk
  assessment. Please produce a report that reflects on the health, safety and security
  issues in the school environment you have assessed. Please explain in detail the level
  of harm that each hazard might cause and to which type of service user. You should
  also assess the probability that this danger might occur. Please form a conclusion about
  the acceptability of any risk to service users in the school. Finally make sure you support
  any explanations you make with referenced facts and data from official sources like the
  Health and Safety Executive and RoSPA.

  Task 3 (D1) Please write an action plan that explains possible ways of reducing risk
  to users in the school where you carried out your risk assessment. Remember to
  think about all the different activities that can take place in all the areas at different

  Think back to your P2 work. Consider all the different ways of reducing hazards and
  risks such as the application of legislation, safeguarding and policies and procedures
  in the setting. Discuss the role and responsibilities workers may have to undertake.
  Make sure that for any action you take you justify why you have done this.

  BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care                                           3
  Unit 3 Assignment Brief TH FHS 10/11
Assignment 3
Successful completion of this task will allow you to generate evidence to meet
Grading Criteria P4, M3 and D2 (Wednesday 6th April 2011)

TASK 1 - (P4) Produce an incident report that explains possible priorities and
responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health or
social care setting. Please consider two of the following:

a) Incidents of suspected/actual abuse – How to deal with disclosure of abuse
b) Exposure to infection/chemicals
c) Intruders
d) Fire
e) Major Disasters (floods, loss of water supply, terrorist attack)

Please make use of referenced photographs if possible to enhance your work.

Task 2 (M3) – For Merit you need to discuss health, safety or security concerns
arising from your two specific incidents or emergencies. This requires you to look
back to your work on hazards and risks you have previously covered. Highlight any
relevant legislation, policies and procedures in your explanations and include clear

Task 3 (D2) – For Distinction you are required to justify any responses to a
particular incident or emergency you have discussed. Why do you think such action
is necessary? What are the strengths and weaknesses of making these responses?

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care                                         4
Unit 3 Assignment Brief TH FHS 10/11
For each coursework task you must include the majority of the content below. Please cross
off each item as you write your work then tick in the right column when finished.
Assign           Task               Required Content (cross off as you write)                    Done
                Task 1          Hazards: relating to the physical environment,
                                equipment, infections, substances, working
                                conditions, working practices, security systems
                                Harm and abuse: possibility of, eg abuse, injury,
                                acquired infection, psychological distress,
                                inappropriate care planning, exposure to danger,
   1                            stress, loss of/damage to, eg belongings, premises

                                Setting: types, eg residential care, hospital, day care,
                                pre-school, infant school, childminder, clinic, surgery,
                                any location where an individual receives care
                                services (including in own home or the community);
                                public environment, eg retail area, swimming pool,
                                public park, sports ground, beach, transport

                                Individuals: those receiving care; workers in a
                                setting: care staff (based in setting, visiting setting),
                                support staff (eg caterers, cleaners, administrative),
                                visitors (eg relatives, friends, volunteers)

                                Users of health and social care services: as
                                relevant to setting, eg patients, older people, people
                                with learning disabilities, young people, young
                                children, babies, those with physical disability or
                                sensory impairment, people with mental health
                 Task 2         Legislation and guidelines: relevant sections for
                                home country, eg Health and Safety at Work Act,
               (P2 or M1)
                                Food Safety Act, Food Safety (General Food Hygiene)
                                Regulations, Manual Handling Operations
                Report          Regulations, Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and
                                Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), Data
                                Protection Act, Management of Health and Safety at
                                Work Regulations, Care Homes Regulations, Control
                                of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations
                                (COSHH), Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Care
                                Minimum Standards (various supplements)

                                Safeguarding: vulnerable adults, children and young
                                people; enhanced disclosures, Independent
                                Safeguarding Authority, Protection of Vulnerable
                                Adults (POVA)

                                Influences: staff, eg staff-service user ratios, training;
                                premises, eg location, facilities, access; practices
                                (policies and associated procedures)

  BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care                                             5
  Unit 3 Assignment Brief TH FHS 10/11
                             Policies and procedures: for, eg safeguarding,
                             health and safety, reporting accidents, disposal of
                             body wastes, storage and dispensing of medicines,
                             fire evacuation, lone working, security of premises,
                             possessions and individuals, cleaning, food safety

                             Roles: employers, employees, care staff, users of
                             services, local authority, National Health Service
                             Trust; other individuals, eg visitors, relatives,

                             Responsibilities: according to legal and
                             organisational requirements; for, eg following
                             organisational safety and security procedures, making
                             risk assessments, minimising risks, dealing with
                             incidents and emergencies, working with others to
                             ensure health, safety and security, reporting of and
                             maintaining records of incidents and emergencies,
                             understanding limits of own responsibilities, keeping
                             self safe

2            Task 1          Risk assessment: hazard identification, potential
                             severity of harm resulting from each hazard,
                             likelihood/ probability of each hazard causing harm,
                             critical controls, eg HACCP in food safety
             Task 2
                             Calculating the degree of risk: likelihood of
              (M2)           something happening, scale of 1 to 5 (1 is not very
                             likely; low
             Task 3          risk, 3 moderate risk, 5 means very possible or even
                             Controlling the risk: deciding what needs to be done
                             to reduce or remove the risk

                             Monitoring how the risk is being controlled: taking
                             precautions to reduce risk; clear instructions from
                             health and safety officer

                             Reappraising the risk: risk reduction; regular
                             evaluations by the health and safety officer
3            Task 1          Incidents and emergencies: types, eg incidents of
                             suspected/actual abuse, accidents, exposure to
                             infection/ chemicals, spillages, intruders, aggressive
             Task 2          and dangerous encounters, fire, major disaster (eg
              (M3)           flood, loss of water supply, civic emergency), other
                             critical incidents
             Task 3
              (D2)           Responses: maintaining respect and dignity;

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care                                        6
Unit 3 Assignment Brief TH FHS 10/11
                             minimising risk, accessing support for the incident or
                             emergency, working in partnership (eg with
                             emergency services); others, eg dealing with
                             suspected abuse, dealing with disclosure of abuse,
                             role of first aid, evacuation procedure, reporting of
                             accidents, follow-up review of critical incidents and
                             emergencies, accessing support for own emotional
                             reactions after an emergency

                             Priorities: when dealing with incidents and
                             emergencies, eg ensuring safety of people, property,
                             environment, review of policies and procedures
                             following critical incidents, implementing
                             for the future

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care                                        7
Unit 3 Assignment Brief TH FHS 10/11

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